"Sex Stories" Theater fun

Sex Stories Theater fun
This happened a few years ago when aids wasn't around. After discovering my bisexuality I started visiting adult book stores and theaters. I lived in the San Fernando Valley and there were plenty of adult bookstores around but I had to be somewhat discreet because none of my f****y or friends new of my sexual desires. 

Back in those days adult movies were advertised in the newspapers including gay movies. I used to read through them and see what was playing and maybe getting away to visit one of those theaters. Anyway there were a few gay theaters in Hollywood not far from where I lived. So I would make up a story about visiting someone and go and visit one of these theaters. 

So one Sunday I headed to Hollywood. When I left the house I would be properly dressed but once I got to the theater parking lot I would change into the least possible cloths I could get away with. In the summer time it would be these very small loose shorts no underwear and a to large tank top and sandals. The shorts had a pocket just large enough to carry a few dollars and a bottle of poppers. I love poppers but that's another story. (XXX Stories)

So I walk up to theater and I could feel people looking at me as I pass them on the street probably because of the way I was dressed. My cock and balls were almost visible because of the shorts I was wearing and I really don't have a big cock or balls. Just the shorts were very small and my ass was kinda hanging out. Once in the theater I noticed a few guys milling around in the lobby. This theater had the restrooms upstairs so the first thing I do is go up there to take a leak. They have a mens and womens restroom and kind of a small lounge area. Being a gay theater there usually aren't any women around so the men use both restrooms. As I walk up the stairs I turned around to see who's looking at my ass and there are a couple of guys looking and smiling. I'm sure they could also see some balls and cock. In the mens room there are two urinals and they are occupied but in the womens there is no one there. There are two stalls with doors so I go into one to take a leak and as I'm pissing a guy pushes the door open and starts to feel my ass. I start to get a hardon and I tell him to cool it. I don't want to get off this early. I just paid 6 bucks and I want to get my moneys worth and I wanted to see what I could find in the main theater.

When I finally enter the main theater it is very dark. I walked in during an intermission and they didn't have much light. I stood just inside the swinging doors to get used to the dark. As I'm standing there I feel a hand go up the back of my right leg and up to my ass. It starts to rub my ass and I start to get hard again. He starts to rub my crack and feels between my legs to my balls. I spread my legs to give him better access and he continues to bub me. His hand is warm and he is so gentle and if felt so good I spread my legs further apart. By now my cock is hard and sticking out of my shorts. My eyes are starting to get used to the dark and I look down to see who is making me feel so good. It turns out to be a little old man. I was in my twenties at the time. He starts to pull me closer and reaches with his other hand and pulls me around so that I was facing him. He has his left hand behind my right leg and ass and with his right hand he grabs my cock and pulls it into his mouth. It felt so good. I thought I was gonna cum right then but I still wanted to wait. I let him suck me for a couple of minutes and then pulled away and started to walk down the aisle with my cock leading the way. My eyes are no used to dark and I can see that the theater is pretty full. I walk all the way to the front and then back up to the rear just checking things out and I see all kinds of sex going on. There are even a couple of guys naked. Behind the left and right side rows of seats there is a standing area so I stand against the wall and wait for the movie to start. There is a guy on his knees sucking a cock. He's got both his hands on the guys ass and pulling him in so that he has the cock down his throat. I started to stroke my cock and than I felt a hand on my ass again. I figured I better find a seat or I was going to get my nut too soon.

I find a seat in the last row close to the guy that was sucking me earlier. By this time I could see everything in the theater and there were guys having some kind of sex all over the place. The old guy was calling me over to sit next to him and on my right there was a guy on his knees between a someones legs sucking him off. The movie started and people started cruising around. The old guy at the end moved out of his seat and I moved into it before someone else did. I was sitting there watching the movie and there was a guy standing in the aisle next to me. I felt his hand on my head pulling me towards him. I turned my head and he had his cock out and it looked like a pretty good size. 

I opened my mouth and took him in. As I sucked him I turned by body towards him and knelt on the seat so that I could suck him off better. He has both hands on my head and is fucking my face and I have my hands on his hips trying to keep him from choking or gagging me. As I'm sucking him I feel hands on my ass again. I don't stop or turn around and just let the hands have their way. The hands move under my tank top and then back to my ass. I feel my shorts being pulled down. I'm kneeling on the seat so they don't go down very far. The guy I'm sucking lets go of my head and reaches down to pull my tank top off of me. I let go of his hips and my top comes off. He just throws my top on the floor. I had to let his cock out of my mouth for a second but then I'm sucking again. The hands feeling me up are now rubbing me all over and it feels so good. The hands start pushing my body off the seat and when I move my knees he slips my shorts off and my sandals come off at the same time. Now I'm naked and I have a hardon that starts to hurt. I'm pushed to my knees and into the aisle in front of the guy I'm sucking. 

My knees are on the dirty sticky floor and the guy fucking my face tells me he's going to cum and I suck harder. I feel his cock start to pulsate and then his cum fills my mouth. I swallow it all and keep sucking until he starts to get soft. He pulls his cock away and leaves. I'm on my knees in the aisle and the guy that was feeling me up is now sitting in my seat. I now notice that we have gathered a crowd. I stay on my knees in the aisle when a cock hits my shoulder and I turn to take it in. The guy that took my seat is still feeling me up and he has his cock out and stroking it. I don't know how many guys are standing around but I cant see the movie screen or anything else, only people standing around me. The guy sitting in my seat grabs my shoulders and pulls me to his lap. I see he has pulled his pants and underwear off. He pulls my head to his cock and I start sucking him. He smells good even his sweat. The guy I was sucking moves in closer so that I can suck both of them but the guy sitting wont let me suck anyone else and he spreads his legs hanging one over the arm of the seat and pulls my mouth to his balls. I start licking his balls and he scoots lower and lifts his other leg to spread further apart. I start licking lower towards his ass and he scoots further down. He tells me to eat his ass. 

I can barely reach his ass with my tongue so I put both my hands under his ass and lift him. He grabs himself under his knees and pulls even further to give me better access and I bury my face in his ass and lick like it's my last meal. I stick my tongue in as far as it would go and slurp at his honey hole. He is very clean (if you believe that) and I suck at his hole as he moans "Eat me". I can't see whats going on around me because I have my face full of ass. I love eating ass so I'm in heaven. I'm trying to get my face and head in his ass when I feel warm liquid pouring on my back. I lift my head and look to see a guy pissing on my back. This is the first time I have ever seen anyone pissing in a theater and it was a surprise but I am into water sports so I was loving it. As I look up I open my mouth and he aims his piss at it. I try and catch what I can and it taste pretty good. My face chest and back are now wet with piss and the floor is soaked as well. A couple of the guys that were watching and jacking off start to shoot there cum all over the place. One guy shot onto my back and the other was too far away. I go back to eating out the tasty ass when he tells me he's going to cum. I let him down so that I could get his cock in my mouth and he lets out a loud moan as he shoots in my mouth. 

I suck him as long as I can when he tells me he cant take anymore. I let him get up and get his pants on and leave. I'm still sitting in the piss soaked floor and I start to get a little cold. I start to get up and look for my cloths but I cant find them. I sit in the seat and lean over still looking for my cloths. I guy stands in front of me and tells me to suck him. I tell him that I'm looking for my cloths and he says I'll get them back when I suck him. So I take him in my mouth and try to get my third load. He tells me that he wants to fuck. So I get up to turn around and he grabs me by the arm and drags me down the aisle to the front of the theater. Here I am naked walking down the aisle of a public theater and loving it. I forgot about my cloths and am so horny now that I don't care what happens. The movie is still going so there is enough light for everyone in the theater to see me being dragged down the aisle. He leads me down to the very first row of seats in front of the movie screen. He finds a seat and tells me to kneel on it. 

Now I'm facing the back of the theater and he starts to finger fuck me. I feel something cool and I assume its some kind of lube in my ass. Then I feel his cock and he is sort of gentle and shoves it in my pussy ass. I moan as he starts fucking. We have a pretty good crowd now and as he's fucking me a couple of guys find their way in front of me so that I can suck their cocks. This is too unreal. I just can't believe my good fortune. How could I have missed all this before. I was in heaven. The guy fucking me turned me around and had me sit so that he could lift my legs over my head and fuck me while one of the guys that I was sucking held my ankles. It didn't take that long before the guy was cumming in my ass. He started fucking me hard and then stood still while he unloaded. When he was done he walked away while the holding my ankles stood there waiting for someone else to stick their cock in me. No one else wanted to fuck so I was let down. I could feel the cum leaking out of my ass onto the seat so I got up and walked back to rear of the theater to look for my cloths. 

I still had not got my nut and my hardon would not go away. As I walked to my seat I noticed that little old man sitting in it. He patted the seat next to him and told me to sit down so I did. He says I have your cloths. I asked him where they were and he told me safe. I told him to give them to me but he wanted me to sit with him a while before he gave them back to me. I told him I was cold (I lied because by now I was all warmed up again) but he said don't worry you'll get your cloths. He reached over and took my hardon and stroked it for a little bit and then told me to stand. I did and he took my cock in his mouth and started giving me the best blowjob I have ever had. He was gentle yet f***eful. I am not cut so I am very sensitive but he was so good it was better than a any real pussy I have ever had. He held my nuts and fondled them with his soft warm hands. As he reached under my nuts he felt the cum dripping out of my pussy. He reached back there and suck a finger in and it got soaked with cum. He brought his finger to my mouth and told me to lick it clean. I grabbed his had and sucked his finger like it was a cock and cleaned the cum off it. He did it again only with two fingers and I cleaned them off too. I was having a good day.

I usually cant cum while getting a blowjob. I get close but never to the limit. I have to finish my self off after being sucked but this guy was getting me over the hump. He was so good with his mouth and when he started to finger my pussy and have me lick them clean it was enough to get me over the top. Maybe it was also all the hands that were feeling me up again but before I could say anything I was shooting my load down this little old guys mouth. And he drank it too. After I cum my cock is so sensitive I don't want anybody touching it but this guys would not let it go but it didn't matter because his mouth was so soft and tender it was like having your cock in warm pudding. When he was finally done he pulled the skin over the head and told me nice cock. Just the way I like them.

I sat down much to the disappointment of a few guys standing around wanting to get some of this free stuff but I was a little tired. I got my cloths back and my car keys were still in the pocket of my shorts and so was the few bucks I had plus the bottle of poppers I still hadn't used. The cloths were wet from the piss and I actually liked that. I put them on and sat down to rest and than head home. I had been there a couple of hours and did more than I thought I would do.

As I sat at the back of the theater I dosed off. I woke up to someone rubbing my right leg..........