"Sex Stories" Three WAY WITH My Wife

Sex Stories Three WAY WITH My Wife
My wife and I had invited a mutal male friend of ours to our home in fla. We knew him to a "ladies man" of a long time and we also knew that it made no difference to him if they were married or not.

John, was a likeable guy anyway. We had a lot of fun on the tennis court with him and various partners that he brought from time to time so that was really how we got to know him well.

So, he came alone to visit us and we wanted to play a prank surprise on him so I suggested to my wife that when he arrived we would both be naked when we opened the door. It was exciting and fun for us.(Sex Stories)

When John arrived, we threw open the door and we were totally nude. John gasped as he saw us and then broke into laughter and we pulled him inside.

After he got over the shock he said if you two are going to be naked so am I and started undressing. We stopped him only because we wanted to have dinner and then see what happens. He was agreeable to that and we had a big laugh over dinner.

After dinner we had drinks and my wife always gets a buzz on quickly and when she felt it coming on she excused herself and went into the bedroom. John and I talked about old times and when my wife returned with more drinks she had a see-through nightie on and she look terrific. She sat down between John and I on the couch while we had our drinks.

My wife was the center of our attention. Her beautiful body, her tits and seeing her legs spread really turned us on. She started rubbing our legs and we soon pulled out our cocks and she slowly worked our cocks.(Adult Stories)

My wife leaned over and started sucking John's cock. Oh man, that was a huge turn on for me. I was getting really hot watching her give him great head and I could tell she was really into it. 

I got up and pulled off my clothes and got behind my wife and started licking her ass and pussy. She got hotter than I had ever seen her. She immediately came and she shook all over then I slipped my cock in her pussy. John was in sexual heaven. 

I fucked my wife slowly because my dick was already red hot and I didn't want to cum. I had my wife lie down on the floor then John got up and quickly took off all his clothes then he got down between my wife's legs and started eathing her pussy. I was so hot I knew if I touched my dick I would come so I just watched until I could stand it no longer.

I got down next to my wife and John and put my head next to her pussy. John pulled out of her cunt and it was slick with her juice. All of a sudden I had to suck his dick so I grabbed his cock and pulled it into my mouth. The first time I had ever sucked a cock but I was so hot I could not resist nor did I want to. John got the idea and he would let me suck his cock clean of her juice and then put his cock back into her then pull out and I would suck it again. This went on and on and I was in sexual la la land. 

When John pulled out again I engulfed his cock clear to his pubes and he started coming. I backed off far enough on his cock to let his load of cum fill my mouth. I was like WOW this was way better than I could have imagined. 

John put his cock back in my wife and he still had a few more ropes of cum that he shot into her. He pulled back out and I suck his dick clean. Then I put my mouth on my wife's pussy and licked. She started bucking his ass and I had to hold on tight to keep from getting my teeth knocked out.

John had moved down to my dick and I felt him start sucking my cock. Here I was getting my cock suck while I was eating my wife's pussy. Surely, this was heaven. It didn't take long before I started cumming in John's mouth and when he had taken all of my load he got up and kissed my wife so she could taste my cum. Fantastic and all true.