"Sex Stories" Threesum

Sex Stories Threesum
i was 15 at the time going out with a older boy it was so good because it ment so much more things to do. well one night he decided to try and get me in to our local as he new the landlord. I was abit nervous because iv never met hes friends before and thought id end up showing myself up.

i dressed up to go down there in my short skirt and low cut top as i always like to give the men a good view wich they did when i was on the pool table i could see hes mate looking at me so made sure they could see up there at my small pink thong when my bf went to get the drinks in :)(Erotic Stories)

AS my boyfriend came back with the drinks i could see a concern on hes face wich made me feel really bad. "you ok" i asked him he replyed with a no iv got to go i dont feel very well but you can stay here if you like.

Thats what i was hoping as hes mate where very good looking big muscles lush toned bodys. 

"yeah ok if thats ok with you"

"well tom and dan will walk you home ok"

with that he left i did feel abit bad for not going but it was my first time drinking at a pub. 

so i carried on playing pool with tom and dan i was playing tom hes was beating me as i was soooo crap at it. he endend up beating me and dan asked me to play i said no as i was crap but tom said he would help me so i agreed to play.
i broke bending over alot my bum was on full show and tom got behind me to show me how to hold to cue.

AS he was showing me hes croutch was right up against my pussy and felt a hugh buldge pressing against my tight pussy. wich i got to admit was geting very wet

atrer my should he moved away and i can see just how big that buldge was i couldnt believe my eyes it made my pussy tinkle looking at it. 

well this pool playing contiuned for an hour or so and it was time to leave and just as i thought tom and dan was going to say time to walk u home they said they was drinking more at there flat am i up for it? 

i wasnt to sure but was alil d***k by then anyway and said ok

we arrived at the flat and he made us sum drinks i was abit cold from the walk and asked for a bed cover wich he got for me and sat on the sofa. i was in the middle of them. 

AS WE WATCHED TV I FELT toms hand moving and ended up on my knee with in secs dans hand done the same. i could feel them slowly geting higher in my iner thigh wich felt so good as both hands were cms away from my very wet pussy.
Just as i thought there make a move in my thong they sunddely stop and both grabed my hands and rested them on there cocks wich i was shocked as they had them out.Toms cock felt massive it was like holding a coke can can but longer aswell. i stared stroking both there cocks as there hands started taking off my top and bra showing off my lil 32c with nice pink errect nipples. they lowerd there heads and starting to suck them felt sooooo good i let out a gasp
with tom hearing that he slide a hand into my thong wich was very damp by now and let out a loud moan when one of hes fingers slide in me. 

"god you are so tight dan feel this"

as you could guess he did. they both took me hand and went to the bedroom and saw toms cock for the first time i nearly fainted lol.
we got to the bed and tom placed me on the bed tom followed me on and dan turned me over so i was on my belly and pulled my bum on the air and felt hes warm tongue spreading my lips and tasting my jucies while tom put hes cock to my face to be sucked. i opended my mouth and barley got it in but tasted so great. dan stopped licking and could feel hes dick entering me within a minute of he pounding me i cum so hard on hes dick and was so loud think they was going to cum as they said swap i was alittle scarred of toms dick to be honest he got behind me and i felt my pussy being stretch little by little i had to asked him to be gentel every bit he put in i let out a loud scream as he was doing that i started to suck dans cock a could taste all my cum over hes dick wich made me super horny. i felt dans balls tight and he let out a loud moan and filled my mouth full of come and swallowed it all. then heard tom do the same a filled my pussy up with a gallon on cum thats how much it felt like.

as i got dressed could feel it runing down in my thong they both walked me home to my bfs at 2 ish i got undressed and got into bed with my bf and all night felt toms cum dripping out my pussy lol lucky he didnt wake up and try it on with me lol. 

this is just one experince had afew since;) sorry for the spelling etc im not very good at writing hope u enjoy