"Sex Stories" To happend in vegas

Sex Stories To happend in vegas
My wife and I have been married for 15 years as we are both in our late thirties. We are both professional as Amy is an office manager and I'm an engineer. You could say that we are a power couple and very routine in our every day life with one exception. I was not able to get an erection. This has put quite a strain on our marriage. We never fought about finances or anything about the house but we had fights all the time regarding this. I did n't know what she wanted from me as I saw doctor's, took the pills that he gave me but nothing worked. The doctor said John " I don't see this as a medical issue but rather psychological issue. Something will happen that will stimulate you to such a degree that you will overcome the problem. 

I just looked at him and asked "What will that be? He laughed if I had that answer, I would be a rich man. Amy is a beautiful woman and it very frustrating to me that I can get hard. We have tried various types of role play. Over the past year, we have stopped trying. I think that we both buried ourselves in work. We are both very frustrated with this problem. (Sex Stories)

We came up with the idea of take an extended weekend and fly out to Vegas. We had never gone to Vegas before and why not. At our first night Vegas, we went down for dinner at a Brazilian restaurant in the casino. 

At the next table, we met Jill and Les who were also in their thirties Jill was a fiery redhead, 5'6 with green eyes. Les was 6'4 or 6'5 with broad shoulders, with green eyes as well. I'm not really sure how the conversation started but it never seem to end during dinner. It was hard to imagine but we had so much in common. Les was an controller and he ran the office Nancy was an engineer. We had many common stories about work and life in general. Les stated that he loved to play golf like I did. In fact, "he asked me if I wanted to play around tomorrow morning." I said sure that would be great. The women were talking about their projects in the community. It was so hard to believe that we were so similar, or so I thought
I should have realized that we were different however, Amy had on a plain red blouse and Nancy had a low cut blouse. She had quite a rack and even though I could not do anything about it, it was always good to look. We went to the bar and sat there for hours and we were all wasted. We went up to their room for more drinks. The woman were sitting on the couch just laughing and laughing about stupid stuff. We were all pretty wasted at this point. Then the conversation changed to a completely different subject. (XXX Stories)

I don't know who the subject came up but Nancy stated that they were swingers. She said that they don't have any k**s and they plan on enjoying life. She said that they come out 3 to 4 times a year and they always have a good time.

Amy started laughing uncontrollable, she said "you have met the wrong ones". You have could not have met two square pegs if you tried. Nancy said " oh come on, I don't believe that you are a square peg" Amy said "I'll give you an example, I have never another man's dick, if fact, I have never seen another mans dick. To be honest, I have not seen John's dick in over a year. Nancy just looked at Amy, as Amy continued, so see he has gone soft. I'm in a room with total strangers and my wife is talking about my dick that can't get hard. I thought I had reached a new low but more was to come.

Nancy said "I'll bet you that I can get it hard"? Amy said Listen Nancy, I'm very horny and I need a dick but John can't get it up. Les said okay here is the bet, if Nancy can't get it hard, then I will be your slave and do want ever you want with me. He said that is how much confidence that I have in Nancy. Amy said, your on!!!!!. Nancy said "Amy you will do what comes natural.

Nancy laughed, I will not have do a thing. She gave over and started undressing me. I was down to my boxers. She undressed and stood next to me. She was a knock out but nothing was happening. I had never seen a pussy with no hair, just lovely pink lips.

Okay Amy, said Nancy-take off your clothes and sit on the edge of the couch. Without hesitation, my wife removed all her clothes. From behind the bar comes Les with his enormous erect cock ready for action. He walked towards my wife and stands directly in front of her. Amy did not need any other direction as she placed her left hand on his cock and began moving it back and fourth. She then lowered her head towards his cock and placed it inside her mouth. She bobbed up and down on that cock. I must admit, it was a turn on. I have seen my porn movies in my time in which a guy is getting a blow job but this is my wife with another man's cock in her mouth. 

I started feeling a sensation. Nancy whispered in my hear, look at Amy sucking on that cock. Amy stopped and laid back on the couch with her legs spread open. Les dropped to his knees and began kissing her thigh. He slowly made his way up to her pussy. My wife gave a moan that I have not heard in years. She wrapped her legs around his head to position his head against her pussy. Amy moaned with each lick that Les took. I looked in disbelieve that I was watching another man eat my wife out and she enjoyed every second. Nancy took her hands and moved my boxers. She began rubbing my semi erect dick as this was progress as I have not been like for a while

Nancy kissed my nipples, then my stomach, then she placed my cock in her mouth.

In the mean time, Les had stopped and he placed his enormous cock inside Amy wet pussy. Amy head went back, as she yelled with pleasure, like she was shot between the eyes. With each stroke, I could see the pleasure on my wife's face. This is more than I could handle as I was fully erect inside of Nancy's mouth. Nancy looked up at me with eyes and then proceed to slide my cock in and out or her mouth. She stopped and took my hand as walked into the bedroom. I felt it was my turn to reciprocate. We began kissing passionately as my hand was playing with her breast. 

I could hear from the other room, I'm cumming!!!!! yelled Amy. Nancy went on her back and I started kissing her nipples as my hand played with her moist pussy lips. I then made my way down to her pussy and used my tongue to spread those lips. I took every bit of juice that was coming out of her in my mouth. I could not wait any longer as I mounted her and placed by cock inside of her. I had not had sex for 2 years so my ability to hold out was not very long. I must have had five thrusts inside of her and I was ready to cum. I got up quickly and shot my cum on her stomach. She sat up and wiped the rest of my cum off my cock with her mouth. I had never had that done to me before and it was a kind of thrill. Nancy placed me on my back and put a pillow under my head. I wasn't sure exactly what she was going to do. She went to her dresser and took a blindfold of it. She placed the blindfold on me and started kissing me all over. 

Her soft hands reached my cock as I kept her warm breath on it. The touch of the her lips on the tip of my cock drove my wild as I started to become erect again. I heard my wife Amy begging for more from Les as it seemed that she was having a good time. As Nancy went up and down with those soft lips, I became hard again. She suddenly stopped and yelled at me as I went to remove the blindfold. Don't touch it until I take it off. You will have a pay for that move. I wasn't sure exactly what she was doing but without notice, I felt her pussy on my mouth. She was sitting on my face and I was loving every moment I entered her with my tongue as her juices went all over my face.

I could not get enough of the taste of her pussy. I took my hands and reached around to play with her ass. I could hardly breathe but I didn't care as I had a mouthful of pussy and a finger up Nancy's asshole. Now it was Nancy's turn to moan with pleasure. She moved her hips on top of face. I felt a warm wet sensation on my cock but I was more interested in Nancy's pussy. Nancy got off of me, much to my disappointment, and removed my blindfold. I could not believe it but there was my wife riding my cock like old times. Now Nancy said, you are going to finish us both off. She climbed back on my face and delicious pussy back on my mouth. I wanted to badly to have Nancy cum while on my face. I felt Amy riding me at a quicker pace as she yelled at the top of her lungs-I'm cumming!!!!!. Nancy said oh Yessss as she came and she collapsed on the bed. Here it was, the guy who could not get hard for two years got two woman off. Nancy looked at Amy, lets finish the job. Each woman used their tongue to stroke my cock and within 30 seconds, I was done. It looked and felt like Old Faithful in Yellowstone park as my cum shot up in the air. Amy and I saved our marriage with that trip and your sex life has never been better.