"Sex Stories" To Please My Husband

Sex Stories To Please My Husband
I don't know why, but my husband has ALWAYS had this HUGE fetish of watching me with other men, especially the fantasy of me being with a Black Man, unprotected and getting knocked up by him? Ever since I found out, I have dressed up, and played out the fantasy for him with various black dildos and different shades of them. It just turns him on so much, and sometimes I get into it myself to tell you the truth, because it turns him on so much to stand there and tape it then splice it all together into various skits. 

Recently, he has started to tell me stories about it while tying me to the bed and blind folding me, and living out the fantasy for me in my mind while he licks my nipples, kisses me deeply, and even stokes me deeply with penis extension on and a obviously "Fake" black man's voice, to the best of his ability. (Sex Stories)

Last month he asked if I would seriously think about being with another man for him if he set it up? My answer was "NO!" but he didn't give up. He offered a MUCH OLDER MAN, a very YOUNG man, a "Average Man", a Mexican, or a Black man. He seriously wanted me to do this for Valentines day for him. Finally, I said, "You haven't thought about the consequences?" He answered, "Yes I have, It will turn me on so much, I will treasure the memory forever, you can always refer to it in our fantasies, we can watch the video, and I will think about it and be hard in an instant for you, I am so hard thinking about it!" I told him I wanted to see, and he unzipped his pants and took it out, he was gleaming with pre-cum, and he was longer and thicker than usual, he wasn't just hard, he was mega hard! I said, "you are sure about this?" and he was, and he told me he expected me to enjoy myself more than ever before while I played with this man. So I consented. A night at the state line, in a Jacuzzi Suite, I could dress up any way I wanted, act how I wanted, do what I wanted, and enjoy it any way I wanted. All for him, sure, why not, I knew he would bug me about it sooner or later and I made him promise he would never ask me to be with another man again. He would set up the details, and that would be the end of it.(Erotic Stories)

February 13th came and he pounded me like there was no tomorrow, I couldn't believe it! He ate me out like never before and he was superman, it was incredible. We showered in the morning together, and it was fantastic, as he even made ME BREAKFAST! See you after work sweetheart as I gave him a kiss as he left. I began packing my little "Special Kit" before I had to go, took the k**s to day care and left for work myself.

When he got home from work, he packed the car and took the k**s to the neighbors for the night, came home and away we went. I asked if he had everything ready? He said, yes, we should be there about an hour before our guest should arrive. I asked if he knew our guest, and his answer was, yeah, I have met him, I have talked with him, I think he is right up you're alley for what I picture you to be attracted too. Replying I said, oh, what is that? "Oh, very very dark skinned, cocoa nut scented, permed hair, muscular, but not overly muscular, and nice thick lips, and I think you will like his charm". My husband felt my thigh much of the way there, it was only about an hour's drive, and he kneaded my breasts too, I even flashed a couple truckers, something I NEVER DID! I was just getting so horney. 

When we got there, my husband brought our bags in after check in, and up to our room, as I took a shower, dressed up in lingerie, did my permed blond hair, put on make up, did my toe and finger nails in deep red along with matching non-smear lip stick and came out of the bathroom and made myself comfortable on the bed shocking my husband by selecting some Interracial "Porn" on the television set. We never watch porn, ever, other than our own home made stuff, as he continued to set up his camera equipment. He told me how hot I looked, and almost wished I had dressed up for him, and I replied, in reality, I did!

A short time later there was a knock at the door, "There He Is" my husband replied, as he headed for the door, I wondered how he knew which room we were in, he must have called him while I was getting ready, you see I am a little BBW, but very attractive when I want to be, and have that sparkle in my eye! He looked through the peep hole and then opened the door, "James, glad you could make it, what's up guy" I heard through the short hallway to the door, as instantly I smelled coconut scent! "Not much man, where is your sweetheart, man, I have been wanting to tear her up all week long!", Then I heard my husband, "Do her right, or it stops, remember?", "Oh I remember dude, just a figure of speech, I want to fill her with my seed really bad after those pictures you showed me!" Wow, I thought, he showed him some of my nudes! 

I thought they were just for us! As they came into the Bed Chamber our eyes met, he was so attractive and handsome, not at all what I was expecting, my husband picked a Black Adonis! He was gorgeous, and suddenly I felt the damn breaking in my crotch, as My husband introduced us, James this is Monica, Monica this is James, you two just never mind me, and have all the fun two people can have for a few hours. James smiled and said, "I think that can be arranged", boy, he wasn't k**ding! He took my hand and I stood up, as I helped him take off his black leather jacket. The next thing I knew his hands were gliding through my hair, as I looked at my husband one last time, and said, are you sure this is what you want? He replied, Yes, I want you to have sex with James! I thought to myself, "Have sex? This guy is hot! I'm going to make love to him, and take him deep, you fantasize of a black man impregnating me, just wait till you see this!" 

I leaned forward and kissed this man's deep black neck, and ran my hands on his back, and down to his pants right away, unzipping his jeans. At that time his lips met my lips in a very deep and profound lip lock, as our tongues meshed deeply, and our lips pressed harder together. His hands slid up and down my torso as he admired my rather large breasts and nipples protruding through my nightie! I slid his pants down, and he wiggled his hips to get them to fall down as he had already kicked off his shoes, and now stepped out of his pants. I could feel the tip of his erection touching my stomach, as I felt his thighs, I whispered "how many white women have you had?" as he replied, "you are my first!" I couldn't believe it, I was his first white woman, as our lips locked again. 

His hands lifted the straps of my nightie over my shoulders and let my arms slide out so he could reveal my breasts, but I think he was waiting till he got me on the bed, as he slid my G-string down to the floor, and guided me back onto the bed. I couldn't help myself, I was doing this for my husband I thought, now I was mesmerized and captivated by the beauty of this very dark black man who smelled like coconuts, and was shinny, and handsome, as my hand lying with him on the bed now gripped his thick hard long cock. I no longer had the mentality of what will he do to please me, but what can I do to please him, as I began to kiss his neck, then his chest, still squeezing his rock hard cock, moving to his dark shinny stomach as I licked his belly button and now viewing his cock up close with my eyes, my mouth watering like never before to give him a blow job, with my husband and his camera right there watching and waiting in amazement totally excited himself! Soon I was at the base licking and tasting Jame's testicles, and his thighs, pumping his cock with my hand squeezing and releasing, over and over, as my tongue finally took a swipe on a REAL BLACK MAN's penis! Then down I went, deeply, taking his knob into my throat, and getting onto my knees, I deeply inserted it past the choking point, without choking, I wanted to have him deeply as I swirled my tongue around him! 

I did this so deeply for about five minutes before he started to thrust, I knew the point he was starting to get too, what to do? I made up my mind, to take this strange black man's seed into my mouth, as I continued, telling him to cum in my white whore mouth! As I went back down on him, and pumped, and deep throated and swirled my tounge and jerked him, and told him I wanted his seed, as I lifted my head one last time as he said he was going to cum so my husband could get a good angle, James started to spirt right on the side of my face as I went down deep again with a shot shooting into my mouth, as I went back down and let some drip out of my mouth and slide down his shaft for the camera and my husband to capture! After I had taken all of his load I came off of him, and showed my husband and the camera the sticky cum on his penis, which was now shrinking. I went down to clean him completely off, and rebuild this boner to it's former glory! 

After getting him relatively hard I moved up on him, running his penis around my soaking pussy, as I kissed him and fed him my breasts, kissing him again. Soon he rolled me over and began to run his cock on my pussy, as he licked and sucked on my plump breasts with my awesome nipples, which I held in that "Just So" position my husband loves, to show off my assetts, the plumpness of my mellons and protruding nipples, I asked James if he would go down on me, "Please!" and he did, that wonderful tongue, and thick soft lips were so perfect, I was secreting juice in an awesome way. After about 5 minutes I asked him to turn around so I could feel his Cock, and wow, it was at full glory again! I felt him, and touched him, and pet him, and stroked him more and teased him so much to get him harder and harder! Then I asked him to lay down, then I put a condom on him and I squatted over his Circus Big Top Pole and lowered myself down onto him, I grabbed his shaft and ran it around my soupy sloshy slitt, I was so ready to take him, I teased myself and him never taking more than the mushroom head in, he was going insane, so was my husband waiting for me to take him deep into me. 

Then I changed the game plan. "James, I have never had a black cock before, ever, will you get on top and take me? Please, please take me baby, I'll spread my legs for you to insert that deep dark pole into my smoothly shaved vaginal opening! Baby please! I don't want you to use protection, I want you to insert into me bareback, I want to feel your skin on my skin deep in me, I want to feel you explode in me, I want to take your black baby seed, I want to take the chance you and I can create a life together, You are so handsome, I want to see if you can give me a black baby, will you fuck me, and give me a black baby? Please?" He looked at my husband, and then me, you sure, I said, I want you're baby, we want a black baby, I want it to truly be my baby! It will be a love c***d, give me one please, as I laid on the bed, and spread my legs, he kneeled between my legs looking down on me, grabbed the end of his rock hard cock and pulled the condom right off, as he laid over me, my husband got the right angle for Virgin Black Cock Screwing. 

James went to grab his cock to guide it in, but I reached down first, and rubbed it around my vagina, and pleaded with him, "Give Me Your Baby, Please, please knock me up, I want a black baby!" As he eased his thick long cock into my body, slowly at first then deeper, and deeper, and deeper, I couldn't believe the feeling as he pushed farther and farther in, I was so tight on his cock, and squeezed him harder, as he fucked me deep, I begged him to fuck me deeper, to give me his seed, I cried, "Finish in me, Finish in me James, Give me your baby juice, Finish in me, Please, please knock me up!" He began to fuck me harder and harder and harder, "You want me to knock you up? You want my black baby juice?" "You want my Nigger Baby Monica! Tell me you want my Nigger Cum, you want my Nigger Baby Cum!" I couldn't say that, "James, fuck me, give me your seed, knock me up, please knock me up, give me a black baby, give me your black baby!" He continued, "Tell me, tell me Monica, Give me your nigger baby Seed, Give me your Nigger Baby James, Give me Your Nigger Baby!!!" So I gave in, "Give it to me James, please give it to me, give me your nigger baby, give me a nigger baby, I want your baby James, I want a black baby, I want your Black Baby James, Give my your Black Nigger Baby James, Please! Give my your Black Baby, mix that black baby seed with my white baby egg! Make a baby with me!" I don't know what was running through his mind, but it worked, he started POUNDING ME HARDER his sweat dripping in my face, on my tits, on my stomach, I got the message! "Fuck me with that Black Nigger Baby Maker, Give me your Black Seed, Make a Nigger Baby With Me James, Make a White and Black Baby with me James, give me OUR BABY JAMES, FUCK ME WITH THAT BLACK COCK!!! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BLACK COCK! CUM IN MY WHITE PUSSY!!!!! MAKE MY PUSSY YOURS!!! PUT THAT NIGGER CUM IN MY WHITE CUNT, PLANT YOUR BLACK CUM IN ME, MAKE YOUR BABY IN ME JAMES!!! FUCK MY WHITE CUNT, FILL ME WITH NIGGER CUM, MAKE A WHITE NIGGER BABY IN MY WHITE BODY JAMES!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!!!" As I felt his last pound turn into a PUSH AND A FINAL THRUST AS HIS COCK TWITCHED AND KNOCKED INSIDE OF ME with a wave of warmth as I felt him flowing, shooting, spurting his BLACK BABY SEED SO DEEP INTO MY WOMB! He also leaned forward and was locked into a major French Kiss with me! I couldn't believe the sexual chemistry between us! He twitched in me for almost 5 or 6 minutes, with aftershock cum shot and post cum into my white cunt, I barely felt him shrink for a long while as we made out for about 20 minutes. 

We fucked and made out 2 more times before he finally left. After James left my husband and I made love and had sex 2 times, and had a wonderful Valentines day night! I was so shocked I enjoyed it the way I did! I thought I did it just for my husband, I hate to tell you this, and I don't know how I am going to tell my husband who totally got into it, but I would LOVE TO make James a Permanent part of our Sexual Fantasies as far as the "Black Lover" fantasy goes! I never thought so, but I loved it! I could handle a "Black Lover Boy Friend" only having sex with him, and seeing him with my husband present. It would be well worth it! I almost wonder if he has a black girlfriend or wife for my husband? He doesn't know what he is missing, or maybe he does, he has been with black women in the past he claims. I think I will tell him tomorrow and see what he says?