"Sex Stories" Toilet Training

Sex Stories Toilet Training
Emma vividly recalled the woman, Jenny, and their first meeting. It had been in a nightclub celebrating her eighteenth birthday – surprising the bouncers, with whom she’d been flirting regularly for well over a year. She’d been kissing some guy in a bar earlier and hoped that she might bump into him in the club. As she scanned the dance floor for him, the woman caught her eye and held it for a moment too long. Like Emma she was tall, with cascading curls and a toned figure. Moments later, she was by Emma’s side.

She didn’t say hi, but she beamed a huge smile that immediately set Emma at ease. She leaned in close and Emma inadvertently glanced down into a terrific cleavage. The newcomer said, ‘ever had sex in the toilet here?’ Emma recoiled, but the woman was smiling, so she didn’t take the question seriously. ‘No’, she laughed, ‘but it is my eighteenth birthday so maybe I’ll get lucky yet!’ The girl laughed. ‘My name’s Jenny. I remember my eighteenth, even though it was – hmm – a couple of years ago now! Let me get you a birthday drink and we’ll see how lucky you get!’ Laughing, they made their way to the bar and ordered cocktails, before retreating to a booth. Emma jumped in with Jenny following her, seated to Emma’s right. Turning to face Emma and folding a long leg underneath herself, she let her left hand d**** the back of the sofa.(XXX Stories)

They sat together for some time, giggling and joking, imbuing Emma with the distinct impression that the Jenny’s opening gambit revealed rather a lot about her true intentions. She started to imagine what it would be like to kiss a woman whilst stealing d***ken glances at Jenny’s cleavage, something Jenny noticed every time. Soon the conversation steered round to sex, and Jenny asked if Emma was a virgin.

“No, of course not!” she laughed.

“Well, I wasn’t sure, you look so innocent!” Again they laughed. “Ever had sex with another girl?” Again, a strenuous denial from Emma. “But have you ever thought about it?” enquired Jenny.

The question left Emma taken aback. “No,” she whispered, “have you done it?”

Jenny ignored her. “What do you imagine it would be like?” Emma took another long sip through her straw while she considered her answer.

“Well, I imagine it’s different from sex with a boy, slower and more intimate. I imagine that two girls take their time a lot more, spend longer on foreplay and stuff. Girls don’t fall asl**p after they’ve come!” They both laughed. “What else?” Jenny probed. “What do you think a girl feels like?”

“I bet… I bet a girl is warm and soft… I bet a girl feels nice when you touch her.”

“What do you think it would be like for a girl to touch you?” Emma caught her breath for a moment after Jenny’s question.

“Girls touch themselves, so when a girl touches another girl they must know what they’re doing… I mean, when you let a boy touch you, they need to be told what to do, then they still get it wrong… when you let them touch you, you know, down there, you’re just about to come and they stop, or they change it, and you have to start again…” She was so carried away thinking about it her eyes closed, and it hardly registered when Jenny’s hand moved up to the top of Emma’s thigh, taking what little there was of Emma’s dress with it. Jenny’s voice, soft and assured, was so quiet that Emma had to lean closer to listen to her.

“That’s exactly right, Emma, when men touch you they hardly know what they’re doing. Most of the time they just want to get inside you as fast as possible. Ever have an orgasm just from a cock being inside you? I know I haven’t. Men just don’t realise that women have other bits that needs to be worked on first.”

“Like your-”

“Like your mind, Emma, men don’t realise how horny women can get just from thinking and talking about the right things. Isn’t that right?” Emma was about to answer when, for the first time, she became aware of Jenny’s hand. Rather than rest lightly on her knee, it was now tucked between Emma’s thighs. Her tiny dress had ridden – or, rather, been pushed – right up, so looking down Emma could see the vee of her white panties, with Jenny’s hands just millimetres away. Positioned behind a table, if anyone looked at them it appeared as though they were just two girlfriends enjoying a gossip over cocktails. She tried to open her mouth to answer, but was silenced as Jenny’s feather-light touch closed the short distance to her panties. She became aware of Jenny’s finger running lightly up and down the lips of her vagina, slowly, softly, and always falling short of her clitoris. A gentle, deliberate movement that caused Emma to stop breathing for a few seconds. Jenny said nothing for a while until Emma’s breathing returned. Their eyes met, and Emma’s lips formed into a wanting pout, but Jenny held back, holding the same considered pattern. Emma’s hands gripped the edge of the cushion.

“A woman’s mind needs to be engaged first Emma, don’t you agree? She needs to have her interest piqued. Once the mind is interested in sex, the body will follow.”


“You’re so right, what you said about a woman understanding where another woman wants to be touched. When you give oral sex to another woman, you know precisely where she wants to be licked, and where she doesn’t. You know how fast, and for how long… even if you get it wrong at first you understand the signs and correct it immediately.” Jenny’s fingers worked the edge of the sodden material, gently pulling it aside and taking Emma’s breath with it. Jenny paused for a split second before making the same motion directly onto Emma’s pussy lips. Emma’s nerve endings were screaming at the merciless teasing she was receiving. If Jenny knew exactly how a woman wanted to be touched, why the hell didn’t she get on with it?

“Foreplay is important too, you’re right about that. For example, I could just work your clit now (she rubbed it briefly while saying it, causing Emma to moan and close her eyes) and bring you off straightaway, but wouldn’t it be more fun to postpone it, wait for it, work for it a little?” She stopped rubbing Emma’s clitoris, returning to the same patient strokes on the younger girl’s pussy lips. As Emma’s excitement, her vaginal lips parted almost indiscernibly, and with each caress Jenny’s fingers worked into the gap, just a fraction more each time. “I imagine that if you wanted to, you could come pretty much right now, and all we’ve done is talk about sex for a few minutes, with a few little touches thrown in. Am I right?”

“Oh, hell, yes-”

“But why rush it? And as you also pointed out, men are quite selfish, whereas I find women are altogether more altruistic. I could make you come right here and now, but what have you done for me?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Now that’s more like it. The first thing is, very slowly, very carefully, I want you to take off those knickers. Slowly now, don’t attract any attention.” Emma gulped, but the mixture of alcohol, being close to her orgasm and Jenny’s upfront sexuality left her so intoxicated she could not refuse. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slid them down as far as possible, using her heels to finish the job. She stooped to pick them up, and then sat upright, beaming; an apt pupil.

“Well done that girl. Now, let me have them.” Emma handed them over, and slightly surprised when Jenny stuffed them into her handbag. “My trophy!” she grinned. “Right, follow me.” They eased themselves out of the booth, Emma conscious all the while that with one ill-judged move she would be displaying her wares to everyone. “I fancy a dance”, Jenny explained.

They bustled their way to the middle of the dance floor. The floor was shaking, and both girls felt like they could feel the bass resonating throughout their body. They began to dance, grinding their bodies together to create quite a spectacle. Emma was faintly aware that a small clearing had appeared around them on the dance floor and a few men were actually cheering them on. Jenny took the lead, positioning herself so that she had a leg between Emma’s. As they danced Emma realised she’d done it on purpose, her clit coming directly into contact with Jenny’s thigh every few seconds. The movements quickly become unbearable, and Emma was mentally begging for Jenny to finish her off. They continued in that vein for several more minutes, with Jenny ensuring the younger girl never got too carried away. She leant into Emma, her mouth so close to Emma’s ear that her tongue was practically inside it.

“Had enough of dancing?” She breathed. The pleading look in Emma’s eyes was answer enough. She took the younger girl’s hand and led her through the cheering male audience.

They fought their way through to the toilets. Once inside, Jenny pushed open a cubicle door, forcing Emma in before locking it. Jenny collapsed onto the seat, hoisting up her skirt before pulling Emma down so she was sitting astride her. Their mouths met, a kiss that was not at all soft and tender, but urgent and passionate. Their tongues touched and Emma bristled at the sensation. They kissed for several minutes before Jenny pushed her away.

“Right, this is your chance to do something else for me,” she said with a wicked smile. Emma took the hint, sliding gracelessly down Jenny’s lap and going down on all fours. Emma nibbled at Jenny’s knees, kissing them, before rubbing her hands up Jenny’s thighs and making sure that her skirt was firmly up around her waist. She planted tiny kisses along the inside of both of Jenny’s thighs, hesitating slightly upon reaching the tight red lace stretched across Jenny’s pubic mound. After one or two tentative kisses on the material she began to run her tongue up and down the well-defined outline of Jenny’s labia. Jenny thrust her groin forward into Emma’s face. More importantly, she thrust it up, off the seat, and the unspoken command was clear; take them off.

Emma did as bidden, sliding them slowly down Jenny’s long, tanned legs. She began again with teasing kisses, getting only so far before an unceremonious grab at Emma’s hair f***ed her to get to the point rather more quickly. Although being so close to another woman was new to her, she took to it quickly, her tongue working ably in and out of Jenny’s hot, wet hole. Sensed the right time she settled on the clitoris, taking it between her lips, rolling it around, teasing it with the very tip of her tongue. She fell into a rhythm, gauged from the rise and fall of Jenny’s breathing. Emma took heed of Jenny’s advice earlier, keeping the same rhythm, the same pace, the same place. Taking two fistfuls of her blonde hair Jenny pulled Emma close. She responded by increasing the pressure on the clitoris, driving Jenny towards the edge. She threw back her head and squealed, her hips bucking in an uncoordinated way as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. She bit down hard on her bottom lip to stifle a full-blown scream, and pushed Emma’s beaming face away while she recovered her breath. Emma smiled a smug sort of smile, feeling very proud of herself.

That smug look was more than Jenny could stand. She sprang to her feet, spinning Emma around and forcing her face first against the cubicle wall. Taking a handful of hair she pulled back Emma’s head, leaving her neck exposed. Emma cringed, for her neck really was her weak spot – she’d be reduced to jelly after a few kisses. Seeing Emma’s eyes screwed up tight in quivering anticipation, Jenny took the plunge, holding the tip of her tongue rigid and running it lightly up and down the left side of Emma’s neck. Emma moaned audibly, using her arms to brace herself against the wall, legs shoulder width apart. Jenny planted firm kisses up and down Emma’s neck, using her tongue more and more. She pulled Emma’s head back even further so they could exchange deep French kisses. Emma felt a hand on her left breast, rubbing the already straining nipple through the flimsy material of her dress. Slowly, the hand worked its way down, rubbing Emma’s aching pussy through the material. Emma’s chest was heaving, her heart thundering at the feelings shooting through her body.

Jenny broke away from the kisses and pushed Emma forward against the wall. Too late Emma realised what was happening, as the zip on the back of the dress was pulled down, and the silky dress disappeared from Emma’s shoulders. She wasn’t wearing a bra under the low cut dress, and as her knickers had long since been removed, she found herself standing in the cubicle with a woman she’d known for an hour wearing only high heels and an ankle chain.

Jenny spun her round again so she was facing the toilet, before pushing her head down and making her bend over it, in an inverted L shape. She kicked the inside of Emma’s ankle lightly, forcing her legs apart. Jenny knelt down and buried her face in Emma’s soaking pussy from behind, working two, then three, then finally four fingers frantically in and out of her tight young pussy. She could feel how much she was stretching Emma’s young pussy to the limit, could hear Emma’s combined yelps of pain and pleasure. She changed tack, working Emma’s clit with the whole length of her pierced tongue, and soon Emma was moaning, begging to be allowed to come, but Jenny kept holding back, teasing her. Soon Emma had had enough, and broke free of Jenny’s grip. The two girls grappled for a few seconds, but soon settled on a position where they were both stood up and had access to each other’s clitoris. They worked furiously at each other, fingers rubbing at clits while tongues wrestled together. Emma put one high-heeled foot on the toilet seat, and with that Jenny found the perfect angle. Moments later, Emma screamed as her orgasm took hold, swiftly followed by Jenny’s second. They took a few minutes to catch their breath; Emma sat astride Jenny on the toilet seat, enjoying a few long, luxurious kisses. Smiling, Emma stood up and retrieved her dress. They tried to make themselves look decent, before emerging from the cubicle to find they were in the men’s toilet! Several men gave them incredulous looks, and it was all that the girls could do to scurry away, bowed heads failing to disguise that ‘cat got the cream’ smile that they both had.