"Sex Stories" Training Cathy

Sex Stories Training Cathy
It was about two years ago that he finally built up the nerve to tell his beautiful wife of thirteen years about his secret fantasy. As they made love one night he was thinking those same erotic thoughts that he always did when they had sex. He was visualizing her as she became the nasty girl of his dreams. 

He was getting so fucking hot just thinking about really telling her, that he almost came inside of her sweet strawberry blond pussy. He slowed his pace and tried to think about something else, but he couldn't. He was so consumed by this desire, he knew he had to tell her. 

Suddenly, almost as if in a dream, he started to say to her the words that were to forever change the course of both of their lives. (Sex Stories)

"Oh Cathy", he began as he pushed his cock as far inside her tight pussy as he possibly could, "I want to watch you fucking another man..." 

He had actually said it, or to be more accurate he had said part of it. 
There was more he had to tell her. He had to come clean and tell her everything. It had been burning so deeply inside of him, and for so long that he had to tell her what he wanted more than anything in the world.
"I want to watch you fuck another man. Oh, Cathy... I want to watch you fucking Black men!" 

Immediately after he said what for so long had only been fantasy, he had the strongest orgasm of his life. He came so much, so hard, and for so long, that Cathy knew her husband of over a dozen years was more than just a little excited about his sudden announcement. She didn't know exactly what to think about her husband's revelation. She was a little confused about the whole idea, and wondered why her husband wanted to watch her as she was being fucked by another man. And not just any man, she thought, but a Black man. 

Beyond fantasy, she had never considered the idea of screwing anyone besides her darling husband. And, she certainly had never considered the idea of fucking a Black man. But she knew that many men had fantasies about watching their women fucking other men. She never dreamed her husband was one of these men. (Porn Stories)

He knew his wife, and he knew that to get her to become the naughty girl of his dreams, he was going to have to be patient and make a slow and subtle introduction of his Black fantasies during foreplay and sex. He knew that he had to go slow until she started to become excited about his idea. He knew that if he went to fast at first and scared her off, that he would never stand a chance of seeing his desires become a reality. 

He had formulated a plan of slowly incorporating the idea of watching her being with Black men during their dirty talk when they were having sex. He knew that this was the necessary first step in the evolution of his beautiful blonde wife, if she was to someday become the naughty slut of his dreams. 

Over the next few weeks, while eating her sweet pussy during foreplay, and fucking her soon thereafter, he would tell his wife how he wanted to watch her fuck a Black man. He told her that he wanted to watch her face as she would cum all over a big Black cock, like she had never cum before. He kept up the dirty talk, making it as erotic as he could. He could tell that Cathy was slowly becomming more and more comfortable - and a little excited - with his fantasy talk during their lovemaking. In fact, she was staring to have stronger orgasms whenever they talked about Black men during sex. 

She was ready for him to take the next step in his long thought out plan, and he brought a normal sized chocolate brown, realistic rubber dildo into their sex lives. 

He went to an adult book store and purchased an 8" realistic model rubber dildo, making a concious decision to buy a Black dildo that was larger than his typical white man average six inch dick. The Black phallis was around eight inches in length, and thicker than his dick by at least an inch in diameter. He knew that he had to start her "training", as he hoped they would some day call it, by being slow and cautious. 

Although he really wanted to see her enjoy the largest Black dildo he spotted at the porn shop, he didn't want to risk scaring her off if he pulled out a new sex toy the thickness of a beer can! He hoped that maybe someday he would be able to watch that largest of Black dildos fill up his wifes pretty silky pink pussy slit. And from then on, every time he went down on her, eating her delicious sexy pussy, he would make sure that 'her' Black toy was within his reach. This way, as she would become hot and wet from his tounge, he would grab 'her' new toy and slowly slide it into her pussy. The first time she saw it she really didn't act surprised at all. After a month of him telling her how much he wanted to watch a Black cock slide in and out of her pussy, she probably expected him to get her one. 

He delighted in watching that big Black cock disappear inside of his pretty wife's pussy. She came to enjoy it just as much, and perhaps even more than her husband. She would cum on that Black dildo like she had never cum before. She would cum quickly as she felt the combination of her husband's tounge on her clit, 'her' Black toy pushed deep inside of her, and the growing thoughts of someday actually having a big Black stud put his Black cock deep inside of her. 
'Her' toy was deeper in her pussy than any man had been before, certainly deeper than her "small" husband, and soon she began to need her Black toy. It was able to scratch a growing itch she had deep inside of her womanhood, a Black itch that her husband could not even come close to scratching. 

To make sure his wife's interest in Black cock continued to grow inside of her, he made a point that whenever he rented porno movies for him and his bride, that the only movies they would watch were videos of white women being fucked by Black men. And, as he would eat her now stretched out pussy, sliding 'her' Black dildo in and out of her, he would have her watch the movies and describe what she saw and what she liked. She had suddenly become very comfortable with their Black fantasy, and she even admitted to her husband that she recently had found herself attracted to, and was now fantasizing about, a Black man who was the father of their babysitter. 

This encouraged her husband, and he began to suggest to her even more erotic ideas. He told her to say, "I love Black cock", over and over, whenever she was about to cum, as he licked her clit and scratched her Black itch with 'her' Black toy. The first time she did this, she came so hard that her husband almost came himself, from the excitement of knowing that he had unleashed within his wife an a****l like sexuality which had now completely overpowered her. 

He would tell her to, "say the magic words louder", and she did without hesitation. Each time she said, "I love Black cock", she would say the words louder and louder, until she almost screamed them as she would cum, over and over. There were times when he was sure that she had screamed of her Black love so loudly, that their two c***dren must have heard their mother screaming out her new love for Black cock! He didn't really care, because he was so excited knowing that she didn't care. All she wanted was to cum over and over again, as she thought about fucking a real Black cock. She didn't care who 
could hear her profess her new found love. 

He knew that it was time to buy his now sexy, naughty, slutty wife another, even larger Black dildo which he would use on her as he continued her 'training'. He located one that was longer than her first toy, a full 12", very realistic, but this new toy was quite a bit thicker, to say the least. Her new Black 'toy' measured seven inches in circumfrence, at it's fat Black head. He remembered that this was the same dildo he had seen before, when shopping for his wife's first toy a few months back. He remembered how he had wanted to buy her this larger dildo in the begining, but knew he shouldn't. Now he was glad he waited, because he knew that this new Black thickness would soon be stretching his wife's pussy out more than she had been stretched out since she gave birth to their son almost five years ago. 

At first she acted a little doubtful that her new Black cock was going to fit inside of her. But between her husbands eating her stretched out pretty pink pussy, her growing lust for her new Black cock toy, and a little bit of slippery oil, it was deep inside her before she knew it. She fell in lust with her new Black toy and was cumming all over it in no time. She openly told her husband that she liked her new Black cock more than her first one. This made her husband happy, as well as excited as he pondered that his wife just told him that she liked such a large Black dick more than a smaller 

Black one. And they both knew that the smaller Black toy was actually quite a bit longer and thicker than her husband's cock. They also both knew that there wasn't any comparison between Cathy's new Black toy and the husband's dick, no comparison at all. 

As this new toy replaced her old, they were playing with it almost every day and quite often for hours on end. He would eat her pussy out and slide that big Black cock in and out of her now constantly horny pussy. To her husbands delight, her once tight little pussy had now become this deliciously stretched out, gaping and cavernous pussy. Her pussy had become so stretched out that when she would open her legs just a bit, her pussy would gape open to be about the size of a half dollar! 

When her husband would put his cock into her now 'trained' and stretched out pussy, he could hardly feel the walls of her pussy anymore. She soon admitted to him that she really couldn't feel his cock inside of her pussy either... He just loved to hear her talk like that. Knowing that she couldn't feel him inside of her anymore, he asked her if she liked his white cock or the big Black cock more. Without hesitation she quickly answered that she liked big Black cock more. 

He knew at that moment, when she told him that she liked a big Black cock more than his dick, she was close to becomming the slut of his dreams. He also knew that soon she would be wanting real Black cocks, and that her toys would become a thing of her past. 

In no time he was asking her other questions while he licked her clit and slid the Black toy inside her constantly stretched out pussy. He would ask her what her pussy was made for, and she would reply that her pussy was made for "Black cocks". He would ask her what was the only thing that could make her cum anymore, and again she would answer, "Black cocks!" And it was true, Cathy had to be thinking about Black men and their big Black cocks to have an orgasm. At least an orgasm which would register on the Rickter scale. 

She would still be saying the magic words as she came, her loose pussy muscles grasping around her Big Black cock toy as she screamed, "I love Black cock, I love Black cock, God, I love big Black cocks!..." She would cum now as she imagined a real Black man, with his large Black cock, fucking her the way she now found herself needing to be fucked. And she began to tell her husband that she wanted to feel Black cum inside of her pussy, that she wanted to feel a real Black cock shooting it's Black cum deep inside her white pussy. 

This thought of Black men cumming inside of her unprotected pussy really turned her on, not to mention her husband, and soon she was talking about being gang banged by several Black men, with all of them cumming inside of her. 

She came as she described her anticipation of someday fucking several Black men at once and saying," After all of them got through taking turns fucking me, I would be so FULL of their cum!". And, with her pussy as streched out as it now was, she knew that would be alot of cum. At this point they both knew what she wanted more than anything. She needed a real Black cock, and she would tell her husband this whenever they had sex. She would say that she didn't want any more toys, that she wanted a real Black cock, she wanted it "to be connected to a big Black man."