"Sex Stories" Twinks virginity taken by a twink

Sex Stories Twinks virginity taken by a twink
Before I start this story I have to tell you that all parties involved were 18 years of age or older lolz, this is so I cant get my cute ass thrown in jail and ****d cause then my ass would be looser then brittany spears after a line of cocaine and a night in vegas and I ant have that. 

This all started fromn a myspace chat I had with this one k** and we had a little argument about how cute Justin Bieber was and we bacame good friends and then really good friends once we realized we only lives a couple hours away. He just turned 18 about a week ago and I decided to end the trip with him. He was by far the cutest, about 5.7" and he weighs about 120 lbs. Me I am 5.11" and I weigh about 165 and i even brought my video camera along to shoot this. So I arrive in Duluth not too long after and we met up for some food and the first and it was the first time we ever met in person. As I pulled up and saw him for the first time it was like the feeling you get when you see the porn star that you lust after for years for the first time. (XXX Stories)

Perfect lips glimmering under the street light, arms and face with the most perfect tan, smile so hypnotizing I could stare at it for hours, neck so soft and smooth you just wanna suck it right then and there and give him hickies all night. We were both starved so we went to go eat and it took us about 10 minutes to finish before heading off to the motel room. So we get there and we both start to make out right after we closed the door and just fell back onto the bed and I found myself paralized by the beauty of his eyes starring back at me as my lips met his feeling the most soft, tender lips I have ever kissed in my life and as we were kissing each other tongues down each others throats all we could do was stare and after about a while of doing this I decided to take my tongue down to his neck and oh my god was his neck so perfectly soft and delicious and as my tongue met his neck I could feel his boner poe through his shorts and I could feel how much he wanted to fuck me. 

I tore his shirt off, pushed him down and felt every inch of his soft, smooth, tender body beneith mine and just as I started tasting his yummy tummy and chest undoing his pants the words "I am a vigin" spilled from his lips but all he could do is lay there tantilized by the spell my tongue was doing caressing his entire body, hypnotized by my eyes starring up at him as I was tasting and making areas of his body feel pleasures which he had not experienced before and all he did was lay back letting me do whatever I wanted to do to him. As I pulled down his pants there laid a tasty surprise, the biggest dick I had ever seen, about 10 inches big and he wanted to fuck me with it. 

I Put my lips around it and stared into his eyes as I saw a look come into his extremely tender body, the look of completely bliss and pleasure taking over his most passionate part of his body. My tongue running around the shaft of his dick and the head of his dick bieng felt up by my twinkish tongue, then being messaged by the inside of my cheeks, and then workinbg its way down the back of my throught. I couldnt take it any more so I threw him into his stomach and oh my god was his ass nice :P never have I seen such a bubble soft ass and all i could think about was how nice it was gonna be to take that bois virginity. His back all soft and smooth, perfectly toned yet so soft and warm. I stuck my tongue in his ass and started rimming him and seeing the look of complete satisfaction cum upon his face as he stared into my eyes with the most lustfull smile I had ever seen in my life. After about 5 min he screamed as loud as he could " FUCK ME, FUCK ME YOU SEXY BOY, FUCK MEEEEE!!!" I took my 7.5 inches and started to cut into his sexy, young ass with all 7.5 inches and saw a tear run down his face from the pain as I started to go deeper and deerer int the caveties of his ass and for the first time I saw this look come over him, this look of pain, but yet of satisfaction all at the same time and I could see all the thoughts that had manifested into his head about how good it would feel to lose his virginity all come to a climax. After about 7 min I finally got it in him and started to fuck the shit out of him and he that was the hottest ass I had ever felt before. 

It was the tightest thing I have ever felt around my dick and as it sliced into the bois ass I felt the warmest sesation I had eve felt in my life completely take over my dick, and the most tender, soft ass I had ever felt. He started telling me to stop as I was fucking but all he did was lie there with a tear running down his face and his cute face completely red from the intesity of the moment. After about 10 min he started to like it a lot and I went on to pound his ass for about 3 hours holding back and edging till i couldnt edge any more and finally blew the biggest load of my life inside that twink and as I pulled I finally came he felt this warm sensation inside of him as the most intimate parts of our young soft bodies were in eachother. After that we laid there and starred into eachothers eyes and as we just sat there feeling completely hypnotized my dick still rock hard even after cuming, His ass with my cum spilling out of it we just dosed off into slumberland and as I laid there but aked, fast asl**p he saw my ass hole look so inviting and then he took all 10 inches and shoved it into my ass, I woke up screaming in pan ass his dick tore me up inside penetrating deeper then anyhting has ever gone inside of me before and Just as I felt an orgasm come along he came into me and the feeling of that nice warm fluid dripping and shooting inside of me made me finally blow my load again. 

After that we showered and parted ways. I still talk to him every day and I still meet with him every now and then and every time we talk he tells me how I was the best he has everr had and I tell him how he was the hottest I had ever had and that is no lie for either of us.