"Sex Stories" Unexpected enjoyable night

Sex Stories Unexpected enjoyable night
My wife is in her 30s, she’s a very sexy lady, loves to dress up in sexy provocative clothing.
This all started with a webcam and has gone on from there, we used a webcam website to have some fun.

Over the course of a few months we have been playing on webcam, we have quite a few regulars that would tune in when we where up for playing.

This one guy Rob is always a regular and a complete fan of my wife, with out fail when my wife was on our bed legs open sexy panties on with the webcam pointed between her legs, Rob was there watching among the many viewing.(Sex Stories)

Over time we have got to know Rob, finding out he’s in the Army serving abroad 
Seems like a very decent honest type of guy from what we can best tell.
Robs a very good looking guy this does help with the added bonus he says he’s well hung 8” plus, so I’m trying convinced my wife to find out if this is true.

He’s due back over Christmas so I have arranged for the three of us to meet at a pub in Bristol for a meal and a few drinks payment he calls it for all the enjoyment my wife have given him on webcam.

Robs staying in the area for a few nights in a hotel, so we all could land up there after for a few nightcaps.(Erotic Stories)

The day come, I insisted my wife pamper herself ready for the evenings fun, hair cut new outfit and of course some cute little underwear.
I didn’t see my wife much that day I kept out of the way while she got herself ready for the evening.
So it was a complete surprise when I sore her “wow” we where in for a good night.

We got to this pub about 7ish, Rob was due 7.30/8ish so this enabled us to find a nice secluded table hidden from everyone, there was also a pool table so I could enjoy watching me wife bend over the pool table taking that rather hard shot that I had set up for her!!!, this gave me a little time to get my wife into the right frame of mind as we where both very nervous, not sure if this was nervous excitement maybe.
After all we had never met this guy in the flesh so to speak!!.

One pint and two Bacardi and cokes later I could sense my wife was starting to relax and go with the flow, it was then I decided to pop to the bar and text Rob to arrive, knowing that he was only 5 minutes away, as I new where he would be waiting for my text.

After getting another couple of drinks and an extra drink it was then it hit me this was about to happen, it’s a very strange feeling, my wife noticed I had got 3 drinks instead of two. So she popped to the toilets to touch her makeup up I guess!!.

Rob arrived while the wife was in the toilet. I set the pool up table two minutes earlier
We both where stood around the pool table when she returned, and got a pleasant reaction when my wife walked past, I think she was very pleased with the way Rob looked, Rob spoke and just said Hi, before she returned to the seat to watch us play.

The winner would get to play with my wife next game, So I decided to lose! Too watch my wife in action.

I set the pool table up and flipped a coin to see which one of them would break, hoping it would be my wife. She had a short skirt on with tights I was not sure what underwear she was wearing, I could not wait to find out, maybe she had none on, it was time to find out, my wife won the break.

Rob stood next to me while my wife got herself ready to take the break right in front of us, she slowly bent over the pool table to take the break taking her time to get the right pose. 

Our Eyes where blessed with the most amazing view, my wife bent over the pool table legs open pointing this most fantastic fuckable arse in our direction she was wearing cute little white sheer panties, she gave us a cheeky wiggle turned to look at us and asked was that too our liking!! Then she broke the balls. I had a feeling ours would be breaking against my wife’s fine arse later if we get our way over the course of the evening.

Rob then took his turn, my wife walked over to me and whispered in my ear” I would like to find out how large Robs cock is “PLEASE”.
I gave her a massive grin” Are you sure?” Yes I want to feel this huge cock that Rob’s got deep inside me.
I couldn’t argue with that as this was what I wanted to happen, to see my wife fucked by a stranger’s large cock, then maybe join in.

We continued to play pool and tease my wife for the next 45minutes while enjoying a few more drinks.
Rob was staying at a well known Hotel very close to the bar that we where in, plus he new the doorman very well so the three of us could join him for a night-cap back at his hotel. 

We walked outside the bar and hailed a taxi as it was raining, I sat next to Rob on the back seat while my wife sat with her back to the taxi driver with her legs open for us to see how excited she was.

5minutes later we pulled up at the Hotel, Rob climbed out of the taxi first and paid the taxi driver, I then climbed past my wife and asked her if she was ready and still wanted to find out what Robs cock was like. She grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs and said” What do you reckon?” I could feel how warm and moist she was between her legs, “that’s a Yes then”.

There was a four poster bed in his room the plan was to get my wife’s arms and legs tied to the posts so she was spread and exposed on the bed for us both.

We had another drink then, took my wife by her arms and laid her on the bed and gently tied her arms to the posts.
I then opened her top to expose her hard nipples, we both sucked on her nipples very gently while running ours hands over her body 

We slowly started to remove her tights, now seeing how sodden her pussy really was, there was no hiding how wet she was, her panties where completely see thru from all the excitement.

After tying my wife’s legs to the posts, Rob asked if he could have the wet panties, I don’t see why not I replied, gently ripping them of my wife , he placed them on the bedside table. I pointed out he could also have more than just her panties, she was after your cock.

I finished of by placing a blindfold on my wife , she looking absolutely fantastic tied to the bed top open with a very swollen red looking pussy that was just begging to be taken care of .
I let Rob go first as I had dinned regularly on my wife’s pussy, he placed his tongue on my wife’s pussy, and she nearly cum on the spot her whole body lifted of the bed while Rob tasted her juices.

I got down to my boxers while Rob was teasing my wife with his tongue, but I new it was his cock she was after.

Rob removed his clothes, he was not lying !!! He was blessed down below!! My wife picked up on my reaction and started to thrust her pussy out , which by now was dripping hot for some cock .

He climbed between my wife’s legs and placed his cock between her pussy lips and pushed his cock up and down letting her feel his length, his cock was now so wet from her pussy.
Slowly letting his head start to slid in, at this moment she could not control herself lifting and thrusting herself on the entire length , she had the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have she was moaning so hard , I started to suck on her swollen clit while Rob was still giving her his entire length , making her cum hard again .

Rob couldn’t hold back and pumped his cum deep into my wife’s pussy.
He then climbed of, I untied my wife she could hardly stand, she put on a spare pair of panties, and we left.
I had still not cum so when I got her into the lift I hit the top floor button, I had probably 45seconds till the doors opened again.

I pulled my wife’s spunk filled panties down and unzipped my trousers and slipped my cock into her cum filled pussy and pumped mine deep into her, making her cum at the sometime, just as the lift door opened at the top floor, no one was there thankfully!! 

We got ourselves together then left the hotel, having had the best sexual experience of our lives.