"Sex Stories" University days freshers week fuck

Sex Stories University days freshers week fuck
The car was packed and I had said my goodbyes to friends and f****y. I was off to start a new chapter in my life. I was looking forward to it but I was also a little nervous, after all I was leaving home for the first time in my life to live with people I did'nt know.

As I arrived there was a hive of activity around the halls of residence carpark. Parents helping their sons and daughters with their stuff, carrying all kinds of things into the halls of res. There was me with hardly anything in my car, just the bare essentials and there was people carrying tvs and pc's and furniture.

As I parked up and got the piece of paper out with had the name of the building and room number I felt excited but was a little lost. I got out and there was a young man who said "hi, welcome do you know where your room is"?. I showed him the piece of paper and he said oh thats easy your on my floor and I am the warden. As he showed me into the door and corridor he made me feel at ease "Trust me we are going to have a great time, especially this week, its freshers week".(Sex Stories)

So an hour later we were sat down having beers, 15 young men all getting to know each other, and the 15 girls on the floor above came to say hi. I was already thinking this is going to be great living here. A few hours passed by as we got through more beers. That night we went out to the student union and we all got d***k, it was a night for bonding.

There was some flirting and meeting new girls but on the whole we stuck together as a group. So back to the halls and we drank till the early hours, this is what it was all about. A few of us ended up going upstairs to the girls floor. There was a few of them up drinking, we sat around the common room with them. Inhibitions started to be let go and the topic of conversation quickly turned to sex.(XXX Stories)

As we chatted and laughed and talked about past sexual experiences it was obvious that the more slutty of the girls wanted a good fucking. One of our group did'nt take long to take his chance and slipped away with a decent looking girl. We heard the moans down the corridor and the other girls laughed when they only lasted for a couple of minutes.

I needed to urinate badly and wandered off down the corridor, I found the girls communal bathroom and went in, went into a cubicle. I was only in there a few seconds when I heard a girl come in and then the shower started. I turned around and saw kate, one of the girls, her towel was d****d over a chair and she was standing in one of the shower cubicles naked.

"Sorry I just needed to go" I said, I was starting to sober up a bit now. "thats ok" kate said smiling. "I just needed a shower" she added. As I stood talking to her I looked at her body, the droplets of water running down her tanned skin. The contrast of her tanned skin next to the white bikini areas. Her nipples were stiff, here breasts small and pert. Her pussy perfectly trimmed into a neat traingle of pubic hair.

"Do you like looking at me?" Kate said. "mmmm" I muttered still watching her as she rubbed soap over her skin. "I think you should join me" she said looking serious.
I did'nt need asking twice, I quickly took my clothes off, the room was cold, my cock was floppy. As I stepped in the cubicle the warmth of the water hit me and we started kissing. My cock went hard and was up against her warm wet skin.

She was very up front, and grabbed my cock and guided me into her pussy, it was tight, she was only 18 or 19. We kissed as I thrust my cock deep into her, she was quite a bit smaller than me and i had to lift her against the wall as I fucked her. She wanted it hard, we stopped to change position. We heard voices and then emma came into the bathroom, she gasped in shock as she saw us fucking and went out. I could'nt care less at that point as I slid my cock into her from behind. 

I remember thinking how tight her pussy was on my cock as i slammed it in while the warm water sprayed us from above, my hand on her breast feeling her hard nipple. I must have been fucking her for a while, I was still a bit d***k and it took a while to cum. I asked if she was on the pill as I thrust harder, deeper into her, "no dont come inside me" she said.

She moaned as I fucked her and I could feel I was going to cum, I pulled out and she turned around, I came on her stomach, she smiled and kissed me. We showered off and then I realised I did'nt have a towel. "It ok come back to my room" she said.

This was a crazy night as I walked down the corridor holding my clothes, there was a cheer and laughing from the common room. As we were in her room and she closed the door i lay in bed watching her dry off, her skin still dripping with water droplets. She rubbed her pussy dry, her pubes springing back to a fuzzy patch. She got into bed and lay beside me, we kissed and then I fell asl**p.

I awoke the next morning, I looked beside me, Kate was asl**p, my cock was stiff, pushing on the bed sheets. I knew that when she woke up I would fuck her again. We spent that whole day in her room, we fucked a few times and watched tv. I had my first proper sex session that day and we both learned a lot from each other. she will always go down as one of my best fucks.