"Sex Stories" Vampire Quest

Sex Stories Vampire Quest
Why did life have to be so hard? That question kept running through Rhiannon's head as she walked by the McClintock Cemetery. She kept asking herself this as her witch senses went into overdrive.

"Did you just realize I was standing here? I thought you were the best vampire hunter around. People need to get their stories in order," she heard behind her.

Natasha jumped from her ledge. "And you need to know when to learn that I don't want to deal with you tonight," Rhiannon retorted, as she looked at the vampire. She couldn't help noticing her straight black hair and the way she walked and presented herself.

"Now, now. Is that anyway to address your mortal enemy? I thought we were beyond the reason for attitude," Natasha stated.(Sex Stories)

"I'm not in the mood for formalities. If you're going to fight me, just do it," Rhiannon stood staring at her nails, as if bored.

"Now, why would I do that? Knowing that is what you want. How about I just do this?" Natasha stepped forward, kissed her and disappeared before Rhiannon could react. 

Now why did she do that? Rhiannon couldn't get that kiss out of her head. She knew she was a lesbian but no one else did. That is what she had been contemplating when Natasha had made an untimely entrance. She knew hat she needed to tell her f****y but she was scared of their reactions.(Porn Stories)

She sensed a presence over the hill. As she walked over the hill, she heard a scream, that alone sent her into a run. 

As Rhiannon approached, she saw a couple of men chasing a young woman. Rhiannon ran over and hit the closest guy in the back of the legs. He turned to her and went to hit her across the face. She blocked the hit and shoved him away. She grabbed her knife from her boot and slashed at him. When she realized that he was just a distraction, she plunged the knife through his heart and watched him fall to the ground to burst into a pile of ashes. Sometimes she hated vampires, they aggravated her allergies. 

Rhiannon ran to where the other vampire had dragged the woman and kicked him away. He turned to her and hit her across the face. She reacted with a kick to the groin. As he fell to his knees, she took out her knife and stabbed him through the heart, without waiting for him to fall to dust, Rhiannon turned to the girl. 

"Are you alright?" Rhiannon asked, holding out her hand to help the woman up.

"Yea, I think so. What was that?" the woman asked Rhiannon, wiping off her clothes of the dirt and leaves.

"You really don't want to know." Rhiannon answered.

Now, why had she kissed Rhiannon? She really didn't needed anymore trouble. She really didn't need to fall in love with someone who never could love her back. Hadn't she learned that lesson five hundred years ago? She appeared in front of her f****y's manor and walked through the big double doors. 

"Mama, I'm home," she yelled from the foyer.

"I'm in here, Tasha," her mother, Valeriya, yelled from the kitchen. As Natasha walked in she saw her mother finishing the dishes. 

"Mama, why do you do that?" Natasha asked, gesturing to the sink, "We have servants to do that for us."

"What if I don't want to forget where I came from? I used to be as lowly as a sewer rat. Besides, there are never that many to do," her mother started to argue.

"Ma, you shouldn't have to remember any of that. You should be glad of the accomplishments you have made," Natasha tried reasoning with her mother, placed her hands over her mothers.

"Yes, but it took me...us almost two hundred years to get this far. This is why I do menial labor, to help me to remember, to never forget." Valeriya explained.

"Alright, Mama," Natasha gave in, "I'm tired. I think I'll head to bed. I couldn't find a kill tonight."

"And why is that? Was someone to busy watching a certain person," her mother asked with a knowing look on her face.

"No, I actually got to see her face to face. It's the oddest thing. She looks just like Tanya. My heart aches and my brain just stops," Natasha explained, "Why do we have to be cursed? Why can't I just love her? Why is what we had so wrong?" her voice broke on that last question. Her mother just opened her arms for Natasha to walk into. 

Just then Natasha felt a tingle on the back of her neck. 

"How are my two favorite ladies?" her father, Innokentiy, asked. He hadn't realized that Natasha had been crying. 

"I'm fine," she answered her father, wiping her eyes before turning to her father, "but talk to your wife. She's washing dishes again."

As Natasha headed out, she heard her father start with a "now, honey." Hearing that Natasha scurried from the house, knowing her mother, that phrase was enough to start a full fledged argument. 

Natasha sat on the back porch, feeling the sun rising above the horizon. Many questions kept running through her head. Why did Rhiannon look just like Tanya? Was it a sign or was life just cruel? She closed her eyes and just sat, remembering Tanya's smile, the way her eyes shined with both mischief and malice, the way her laugh seemed to bring light into the world, no matter how dark the shadows. Was she falling in love with Rhiannon because she looked like Tanya or because she really cared for her? She couldn't help wondering if Gaia was trying to help her to find love again. She looked just like Tanya, right down the long, black curly hair and gracefulness portrayal of her body and herself.

Ok, now to tell her parents she was a lesbian. Just what Rhiannon needed, another argument with her parents, they would just blame each other and then it would fall to her to feel sorry for herself. She walked into the f****y house and sensed her mother in the library.

As she walked in, she saw her mother over near the bookshelf, looking for something else to read. 

"Evening, mother. Where is the rest of the f****y? I need to call a meeting." Rhiannon asked her, sitting on the loveseat. Rhiannon felt that her heart was beating so fast that her mother could hear it. 

"So call a meeting. You know what to do," her mother Michaela replied never looking up from where she was standing.

"Yes, mother. I am not five. I just don't have the energy for it. I don't want to use power I don't feel that I have," Rhiannon replied. 

"Fine, I'll call them," her mother said, sounding as if she could care if her daughter ever got anywhere in life. Michaela closed her eyes, went into a trance and communicated with the f****y through their minds. "There, they should be here shortly," before she even finished her sentence her b*****r Adrian and her father Andreas walked into the room.

"Now what was so important that I had to leave a very wonderful woman I just met?" Adrian asked.

Her father walked in and place on a kiss on his wife's cheek and hugged Rhiannon.

"I had mom call a meeting. I need to talk to all of you. Now we are just waiting for..."before Rhiannon could finish her sentence, her s****r walked into the house to fall into the seat beside her. Rhiannon sneezed. "Sabine," she said. Vampire dust, why did it only bother her? 

As her f****y settled into the seats near her, she started to explain why she called a f****y meeting. 

"I called you all here because I wanted to talk to you. I have a secret that has been nagging at me for some time. I have only just admitted to myself. I am a lesbian," Rhiannon stated. 

Her mother just stood up and left the room. 

"Look at what you did to your mother. You destroyed her. Now, how do you feel?" her father, Andreas, yelled at her as he followed Michaela out.

Sabine looked at her for minute with puzzlement and then broke into a big grin, "At least now I know why none of my match making skills ever worked. You know I'll always be there for you." 

Adrian walked to her and gave her a one arm hug, "I'll love you always. No matter who you love."

They both left the room. Rhiannon sat on the loveseat and wondered why life had to give her so many ups and downs. First, she was falling for a vampire and now her parents hated her. But she just couldn't care that her parents probably hated her. She felt that they had hated her for years anyway, so why would it be any different? She knew she should go talk to them without Sabine and Adrian around. She slowly walked from the study to the upper hallway where her parent's suite was located. As she neared their room, she heard her parents arguing. This wouldn't have come as a surprise, considering they argued a lot but they were arguing about her.

"Don't you see, its happening all over again. I thought that it was all a myth. That it wasn't to happen. Why us, why our f****y?" her mother seemed to be yelling at her father.

"You knew it was bound to happen. The curse has been waiting five hundred years to come into effect. It wasn't about to just disappear. When the old ones did that they knew what they where doing. They know that their magic would last for thousands of years if they needed it to," her father explained.

Rhiannon knocked at her parent's door. Her father opened the door and looked at her with disgust.

"What do you want," her father asked angrily. "I would like to talk to you and mother," Rhiannon replied with just as much venom in her voice.

Her father stepped back and allowed her entrance into their room. She saw her mother standing at the bay window. As she stepped in, her mother turned to her.

"You are not to hunt. For now, we would like for you to stay here at home. Before you start to argue, I want you to know that it is nothing personal and we accept what you have told us," her mother explained," Have you set a date for the wedding with Carsten?"

Rhiannon looked at her mother with shock and disbelief on her face. "Did nothing I said penetrate? I'm not marrying Carsten. I don't love him," Rhiannon just about screamed at her.

"You will marry Carsten and you will stop with this so called acceptance of who you think you are. No daughter of mine will be a lesbian," her father said with a harsh tone. 

Rhiannon turned to her father and said, "Well, then I guess I'm not your daughter. I will be out of the house by morning. I will talk to Carsten on the morrow and explain to him I can't marry him."

"You will do no such thing. I will have no one know of my daughters fall from grace, her abomination. This f****y is respected. I will not have you sullying our good name," her father yelled at her. 

"If I am not your daughter, then there is nothing stopping me. Nothing you can do," Rhiannon retorted, "I'll be out of here by morning."

She turned to leave the room but found that she couldn't move from where she was standing.

"Let me go," she yelled, "you have no right."

"I have every right," her mother stated, "You will listen to your father or by Gaia, I will punish you. You know what I can do. Now you will marry Carsten and forget the nonsense you sprouted tonight."

Rhiannon lashed out at her mother with an energy surge, breaking her concentration, "I will never marry Carsten. I don't love him. You can't make me. I'm of consenting age and I will never consent."

"You will have no say in it. You will marry him or be stripped of your powers," her mother plainly stated.

"Then strip them. I never wanted them. I hate being a witch. I want a normal life, with normal friends. I want to stop worrying that I will have a knife through my back. So take them, good riddance," Rhiannon screamed at her mother. 

Rhiannon knew that her mother wouldn't take her powers, knowing that was what she wanted. She knew the moment her mother gave up because she felt the power in her body lessen and finally leave her.

"I will be out of here come sunrise. I will also tell Carsten the wedding is off and the real reason why," Rhiannon said, walking from the room.

Natasha knew the moment the sun rose over the horizon. Well, she could go out in the sun to work or sl**p until the sun once again left the sky.

She decided she would work in the garden before the sun was to high and to hot. As she walked from the house, she fell to the ground. Her chest hurt so much. What was going on? Rhiannon. She concentrated on where Rhiannon was and appeared near her.

She heard Rhiannon crying in the secluded forest.

"Who's there?," Natasha heard Rhiannon ask.

"It's only me," Natasha answered.

"What do you want? I can't deal with you right now," Rhiannon retorted, wiping her eyes.

"What if I was wondering what was wrong? Nothing more, nothing less," Natasha said, sitting down, near where Rhiannon was standing.

"I don't believe you. Vampires are always after something," Rhiannon replied and started to walk away.

"The only thing I'm after is you. Can't you feel it? The attraction, the need," Natasha told her, as she lay back on the forest floor. 

Rhiannon stopped in her tracks, "Why do you say that? I don't feel anything like that towards you."

"Then stay. There is nothing here that will hurt you," Natasha said, closing her eyes.

Rhiannon scuffed, "Yeah, and you don't count."

Natasha's eyes flashed to Rhiannon, "If I had wanted to hurt you. I could've done so already."

Rhiannon couldn't argue with that so she sat down next to Natasha.

"Now, see that wasn't so bad," Natasha said, with a smile in her voice.

A though just dawned on Rhiannon, "How is it that you can be in the sun? I thought vampires died in the sun." 

"I would to if I had ever killed a person or taken what wasn't offered freely," Natasha replied.

Rhiannon looked over at her and saw the truth," Why though? Don't you ever feel the need to kill, to take life?"

"I do, but then I remember a promise I made years ago to a very special person," Rhiannon noticed the sadness in her voice. 

"What happened to her?" Rhiannon asked. 

"Her f****y killed her rather then see her with another woman," Natasha said as she turned from Rhiannon.

Rhiannon touched her shoulder, which brought Natasha's face up a Rhiannon saw the tears there and maybe, no it couldn't be... love. Rhiannon leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Natasha's slightly parted lips. She could taste the saltiness of her tears and best of all Natasha herself.

Natasha pulled from the kiss first. "Why are you doing this? I thought you said you didn't feel anything for me. Is it pity, sadness? Because if it is then I don't want any part of it."

"What if I told you I lied?" Rhiannon said, " that your all I think about, dream about."

"What is going on here?" They turned to see a man walking from the shadows. Rhiannon recognized Carsten. Turning to Natasha, "Go, get out of here. I'll deal with him." "No, I won't leave you," Natasha argued. "Please, go," Rhiannon begged.

Natasha looked at Carsten who had a look of disbelief on his face. Natasha kissed her and disappeared.

"Rhiannon. What is going on? Why are you with her? A vampire to start," Carsten questioned.

"Carsten, please let me explain," Rhiannon started to say.

"No explanation required. I heard enough. Was I just a play toy to you? Did you sit in your room and laugh at me? Thinking I was someone you could play, hurt," Carsten was ranting," How do you think this makes me feel? Betrayed, angry. Not even close. Why me? Was I that gullible? Why didn't I see?"

"Please try to understand. I never meant to hurt you. I just admitted to it myself. I thought I could grow to love you, to feel more then friendship. But I figured out that it would never work. I never thought that you would get caught in the cross fire," Rhiannon tried to explain.

"That's just it. You didn't think. Ever. You hurt me. Why would you do that to me? Why? When your mother told me that you wanted to talk to me, I never expected to see you kissing another woman, let alone a vampire," Carsten said with hurt in his voice.

"Wait, my mother told you that I wanted to talk to you," Rhiannon asked.

"Yeah, I stopped by to see you and she told me you wished to speak to me," he answered," Which is why I showed up here."

When Carsten looked at Rhiannon, he saw a face of pure venom and murder.

"Carsten, we'll have to finish this later. I have to speak to my mother," looking at him," I hope one day you will be able to forgive me."

Rhiannon turned from her meeting with Carsten and appeared next to the f****y home. She found her mother in the library, sitting in an overstuffed armchair.

"We need to talk," Rhiannon stated.

"I think we said everything we needed to say last night," Michaela answered.

"Not if you're going to start interfering in my personal life. Why did you tell Carsten that I wanted to talk to him? I told you I would talk to him but on my time, not yours. Stay away from me and out of my life. I'm done. You are not my mother, because my mother wouldn't do this. You are not my bl**d, my f****y. I hate you, never come near me again. This was the last straw," Rhiannon turned to walk out.

"You never were my daughter. Not of my flesh. I thank Gaia for that everyday. Ask your father who your mother is. She is not even a witch. Oh, you were never to know. Your father forbid me to tell you but I could just care less anymore. Leave me, I never want to lay my eyes onto you again," Michaela picked up the book she had been reading and turned her head from Rhiannon.

Not her mother. Was she telling the truth? Rhiannon sat in her room contemplating that question for over an hour. She seemed to be no where nearer the answer. Only one person could tell her and that person was her father. But was she ready to talk to him? If Michaela was telling the truth then what was going to happen? Where would she go from here? She wouldn't be able to be in the same house anymore. She wouldn't be able to live here knowing about the lies that had been told to her. Rhiannon decided that it was time to talk to her father, to sort through the mess that was now her life. She found him in the kitchen. 

"Father, we need to talk. Mother just told me something. I would like for you not to lie to me. If you do, I will know," she turned from her father and looked out the window at the beginnings of a sunrise, "she told me she wasn't my mother and that you swore her to secrecy."

Shock and disbelief passed over his face and seemed to land on despair. 

"She was telling the truth. You were never to know. She will have to be punished for this. I thought only to protect you from the feelings of loss," her father tried to explain. 

"Then who is my mother? Don't tell me she was a witch. Michaela has already said that she wasn't one. She seemed to relish in the fact that she had turned my life upside down. If I ever see her again, I will kill her. I don't care for her. I never did," Rhiannon seemed dejected at the idea of her life going to hell. 

"Your mother wanted to save you from the ridicule of the life you would've led if anyone were to know," her father started to explain, "She didn't want you to be condemned to a life of darkness and death. Your mother is Alina."

"Alina, meaning the queen..." Rhiannon couldn't get the rest of the sentence out of her mouth.

"The queen of all vampires." Her father finished for her. 

"Why not tell me? Why keep it a secret? I can understand why you didn't tell me when I was younger. But why keep it for so long? You knew that I hated Michaela, why not tell me?" Rhiannon's voice broke as she questioned her father. 

"I thought it was for the best. Alina gave you to me because she didn't want you to be condemned," her father told her.

"Why didn't you tell me when I was old enough? Why couldn't I decide for myself? Why keep me in the dark?" she asked.

"We... I thought it would be the best. You seemed to be doing fine the way you were. I didn't want to hurt you any further. I thought it was best. I'm so sorry," her father explained. He turned to leave the room.

"Well, next time, don't. I need to leave, to think," she turned to her father.
I only did what I thought was the best," her father told her sadly.

"I know, which is why I don't hold it against you," Rhiannon said, "I love you. Thank you for the life you have given me." She walked past her father and out of the house.

Why had she left? For all she knew, Rhiannon was hurt or worse, dead. 


What was that? Where was it coming from? Natasha thought that maybe she was finally going insane. She knew of mind talking, her f****y used it but she didn't recognize the voice.

Natasha, its Rhiannon. Can you meet me near the cemetery? I need to talk to you.

Natasha didn't even hesitate. She concentrated on the cemetery and where Rhiannon was and appeared near her.

"Oh, good. I didn't think the connection would work? But then again, why wouldn't it?" Rhiannon started as soon as Natasha arrived. Natasha noticed she was rambling. Rhiannon walked to her and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Baby, what's wrong? What happened?" Natasha questioned, "You scared me. For a minute I thought I was going insane."

"I wanted to see if the connection worked," Rhiannon explained, "to much has happened. Just hold me." 

"That's all you ever have to ask," Natasha told her as she wrapped her arms around her. Rhiannon buried her face in Natasha's neck and wrapped her arms around her waist. All of a sudden, Rhiannon had the urge to cry.

"It's ok, baby. I'm here. Nothing can ever happen to you." Natasha promised Rhiannon. 

Rhiannon backed away from Natasha and started pacing the ground, "You may not say that when I am through with what I am about to tell you."

"Make yourself comfortable, well as comfortable as you can be sitting on the ground," Natasha told her as she lowered herself to the ground. 

Rhiannon followed suit, "Ok, don't stop me because I don't know if I can continue if you do. You know how my parents are as you have probably seen them as you hunted and spied on my f****y. Well I got into it with them over the fact that I am not marrying Carsten, now or ever. When I said that I was going to explain it to him and the reason why. My parents told me that I was not to do it because they were respected. They didn't want this to tarnish their good name. Well, I told them that no matter what they said I was going to do what ever I wanted, with no worrying over what I was going to do them. My father then told me that if I did then I was no daughter of his and my mother," Rhiannon said that last bit with enough poison that Natasha was surprised that her mouth didn't drip with it, "said that she would strip my powers. I don't take well with being told what to do, so I told her to do it. I didn't care. I never wanted these powers to begin with. I have hated them from the day that I found that I had them. Well, I knew she would not do it now because that is what I wanted. She told me that I would marry Carsten or I would get out of the house, no longer part of the f****y."

Natasha leaned forward and wiped the tears, which had started falling, off Rhiannon's cheeks. 

"Then I went to the forest where I found you, and told you how I felt. Then we ran into Carsten, and you left while I confronted him. He told me that I had hurt him and that he thought that I had laughed at him for not realizing that his fiancée was a lesbian. I tried to explain to him that I had only just admitted it to myself. He then let it slip that my mother told him that I wanted to talk to him. She even located me for him and told him where to find me. That is when he found us, so I went home to find my mother and confront her and tell her to stay out of my business. I told her to stay out of my life and she was no longer my mother. I think that mothers don't do that to their. That is when she informed me that she wasn't my mother. She had never been my mother and she hated me. Well everything she has ever told me I have taken with a grain of salt. So I confronted my father and he told me that it was true and then he told me who my real mother was." Rhiannon stopped and turned from Natasha. 

Natasha moved behind Rhiannon and wrapped her arms around her, kissing the side of her neck. "It will be ok. You'll see, everything happens for a reason. I just wish that it hadn't happened to you."

Rhiannon moved to look at her, "Why? Do you think that I am not strong enough for this? That maybe just maybe, I am not grown up enough to handle shit that life throws at me." Rhiannon pulled from Natasha's arms, "Don't feel sorry for me. Never feel sorry for me." Rhiannon started crying, "Oh, by the goddess Gaia, you hate me. You never cared for me. You just feel sorry for me, just like everyone else."

"No, baby. I would never feel sorry for you. I feel anything but sorry for you. I am just sorry that your f****y has to do this to you. Your f****y should accept you no matter who you are, whether your red, green, blue, purple or goddess forbid a lesbian," Natasha explained to her. 

"You think I don't know that. I have tried to understand where they are coming from but I can't. They tell me that they love me and then in the same breath tell me that I will marry a man I don't love and have no choice in the matter. Do you really think they care how I feel?" Rhiannon asked. She started pacing as she fought the urge to breakdown and cry. 

Natasha walked to her but Rhiannon held up her hands to block any comfort that Natasha might have bestowed. 

"Baby, what's wrong?" Natasha started to ask. 

"Just don't. I can't deal with all of this right now. I have to much going on to see if I am doing the right thing or the wrong thing. You tell me you want to be with me but you don't show any way that you want to be. For all I know this is some sort vampire mind game and I'm falling for it, hook, line, and sinker. I want to find someone to spend the rest of my life with and I wish that I could know it was you. But my head is overruling my heart and I don't know how to stop it. I want to be here but at the same moment my mind is saying that you are a vampire and everything you do is to benefit yourself, no one else. Why do I feel this way? Why do I see you and my heart races, my mind blurs, you become my only reason for breathing," Rhiannon stopped to turn from Natasha to start to walk away. 

Natasha tried to grab Rhiannon's hand as she stepped away. 

"I know why you feel the way you feel. Its not your fault and I wish I could explain everything but you would have to come with me," Natasha started to explain, "But you may not be able to trust me enough to understand where I am coming from." Natasha finished that thought rudely to show that she would not deal with Rhiannon's out of the whack logic. 

"How do I know you aren't just luring me to my death?" Rhiannon asked.

"If your mother really is a vampire then I can't kill you. It is physically impossible for me to hurt you. I can't lay a hand on you to hurt you unless it is in defense. You know that. Or at least I thought you did from all the teachings that you had to go through for you to become a hunter in the first place." Natasha explained. 

"Fine, show me. I can guarantee that you can't surprise me. I have seen all and heard all," Rhiannon informed her.

"Oh, yea. Have you heard the one where you might be a reincarnated vampire hunter," Natasha retorted. Natasha loved the look of astonishment on Rhiannon's face.
I might be a what?" Rhiannon couldn't help sounding incredulous. She didn't want to believe Natasha but how else could she have these thoughts and feeling. Could they be from a previous life? She had heard about previous lives before but the people who had experienced them had always died, "What do you mean? Reincarnated. You know what happens with past lives. They kill people; the f***es cause the body to overload. No one I have ever read about has survived," she started pacing across the ground, "Why are you telling me this?"

I told you this because you have a right to know. I also knew the woman you were reincarnated from. Her name was Tanya. I saw you one day and thought she was back. It was a jolt to my system," Natasha turned from Rhiannon and wiped the tears from her eyes, "Would you like to know more?"

"Yes, I would, please." Rhiannon answered. 

"Then follow me," Natasha started walking across the cemetery at a fast pace.

Rhiannon had to walk at a slower pace because she couldn't see the low headstones. She took a step forward and felt herself start to fall, but she never hit the ground. Instead she felt a pair of arms around her waist and felt herself be put upright. 

Natasha felt Rhiannon's body against her own and wondered if she would be able to keep her hands to herself. "Are you ok?" she asked.

"Yes, I am. Thank you. I'm sorry. I seem to be slowing you down." Rhiannon told her. 

"No, it's my fault. I forgot I was with you. I can see the stones so I don't trip but you can't see without the moon or sun." Natasha explained. 

"So, it would seem we are both at fault," Rhiannon replied. 

"Yes, it would seem so. Come on, take my hand. I know of a way to get there faster," Natasha held out her hand. 

Rhiannon placed her hand in Natasha's and felt a flare of heat right to her core. "Where are we going" she asked. 

"You'll see. Just trust me." Natasha thought of Alina's castle and seemed to disappear from the cemetery and appear somewhere in the mountains. A select few knew exactly where Alina's castle was. Alina had a spell put on it to make sure that anyone who was there that was uninvited would forget the location as soon as they left the land and they had no way of communicating it to anyone outside of the property line. 

Rhiannon stumbled as her feet met the ground and a queasy feeling entered her stomach. She felt like she had just gotten off of an upside down roller coaster. 

"Did you have to run so fast?" Rhiannon asked.

"I'm sorry but I couldn't risk being followed. Many would love to overthrow Alina and take her place as queen or king of the vampires. I can not risk it." Natasha replied.

"Alina...My mother, Alina." Rhiannon felt as if the air had been sucked from her lungs. 

"Yes, Alina. She is the only person who can explain all of this." Natasha turned to go inside. 

Rhiannon followed at a slower pace, looking at her surroundings. Her mother didn't spare any expense. The yard was full of many different types of flowers and shrubs. They were in bloom which was confusing being on a mountain surrounded by snow. 

"Are you coming or are you going to stand there staring?" Natasha asked from the doorway.

"Yeah, I'm coming. I was just looking around. It's so beautiful." Rhiannon told her.

"I know. It never fails to amaze me that she made it this far." Natasha replied. "Come on, this way. We have to hurry. If I know Alina then she already knows you're here and why."


"You would guess right, Natasha. I knew you were here before you ever crossed my borders. My seers told me to expect a special guest." Rhiannon turned to see a beautiful woman with long auburn hair with red streaks through it, walking toward them. As the woman got closer, Rhiannon saw aquamarine eyes and a small, sloping nose. She looks just like me, Rhiannon thought.

"Rhiannon, come here, c***d." Alina asked her, not knowing what was going on inside her head. 

Rhiannon walked to her mother, wow, her mother. It didn't seem real. 

"You seem troubled, c***d. What is going on inside that head of yours?" Alina asked her. 

"I didn't know about you. Now looking at you is like looking at my reflection. I could be looking at a mirror for all I knew. Why did you agree to keep me a secret? Do you know what I had to endure from her? Didn't you love me enough?" Rhiannon couldn't help what she was saying. It didn't dawn on her that you don't talk that way to royalty. She was too pissed to care. 

"Never think that I didn't regret my decision every day of my life. I loved you. I didn't want you to grow up ridiculed and laughed at. You are different. You can walk in the sun whereas most of our kind is pushed to the darkness. Your friend here" gesturing to Natasha, "is one of the lucky few who can bask in the daylight and not die. I wanted you to have a different life." 

Alina turned to walk away, "Wait, I need your help." Rhiannon called after her.

Alina turned back, "I know. Follow me. There isn't much time. Midsummer is almost here. That is when all will unfold."

Rhiannon knew that Midsummer was one of the most powerful days of the year and that it multiplied a witches and vampires power almost tenfold. 

Rhiannon followed her mother into the solar where she saw tempered glass. So that is how many vampires were able to sit in their houses with the windows uncovered. Rhiannon felt a presences behind her, turned and almost walked into Natasha. 

Natasha put her hands on Rhiannon's arms, "Are you Okay?"

"Yeah, I wasn't paying any attention. I thought I saw something in the windows. Almost like a shadow or something you see out of the corner of your eye and when you turn to get a better look, it disappears." Rhiannon told her. 

The look on Natasha's face seemed to be of fear. "Alina, you need to come here."

Alina came back to where they were standing, "What is going on? You look as if someone walked over your grave. Oh, bad choice of words."

"Well, I was just telling Natasha that I thought I saw a shadow cross over the window but when I looked again, it had disappeared." Rhiannon explained.

Alina suddenly turned and almost ran from the room, "This is worse then I thought. We need to hurry. Someone is here and they are not welcome but that doesn't seem to stop them. They want you and I won't let them have you."

They walked from the room and followed Alina through the house and many secret passage ways until Rhiannon couldn't remember where to go to get back to the entrance. 


Finally, they reached a dark room. Natasha saw Alina searching for the light switch. She knew that Alina didn't need it but Rhiannon did. Some things she may have inherited from her mother but that wasn't one of them.

"What are we doing here?" Natasha asked.

"This is where all of the visions are seen from the seers. Every single one of them is recorded into a database for future reference." Alina explained. 

Alina finally found the switch. Illuminating the room, Natasha looked around and saw protective markers on all of the walls and doors. In the center of the room, a woman sat in the lotus position on a high rise section. 

"Welcome all who enter my domain. I see that we have a few issues to discuss. But one is one important then the others." The woman said as she opened her eyes. Natasha saw that they were a milky blue, the woman was blind.

"Yes, Natasha, I am blind. I was not born this way though. Just cursed I guess, to be made this way when my powers became too much." She answered. 

"How did you..." Natasha started to ask.

"Know. I see all and hear all. Even the thoughts that you don't say out loud. They are as clear as your sight." The woman moved to stand, "But enough of that. I see that you are in need of some guidance."

Rhiannon walked to her and stopped short. "What do you mean guidance? All I want to find out is why I was told that I may be a reincarnated vampire hunter. I know what happens to people who are plagued by their past lives. They die and no one has figured out how to stop it from happening. I just want to be normal. I hate the fact that I was born to be both a vampire and a vampire hunter. There is a little irony in that. How can I be both?"

"Just as the one who came before you was. She knew what she was and she knew that she would never be able to be both. So she chose. Now it is you turn to choose. You need to pick, night or day. Your life has been planned out this far but this is you destiny. To chose a life with the f****y who condemns you or the woman who cares for you"

"Choose... What do you mean? I can't choose between my families? That's like asking me which hand I like better, my left or right." Rhiannon replied and turned to leave.

"If you don't make a choice then you will die. You have one week and then you will be at war in yourself to make the choice that will change your life forever." The woman said and went back to her high rise section to resume her lotus position. 

Rhiannon stormed from the room and started to walk down the hall when she realized that she had no idea where she was going. She turned to see Natasha right behind her.

"Are you alright? That is quite a blow to find out that you have to make a choice between the darkness and light." Natasha asked her.

"At least you have never had to choose. You have always had both. Now I have to choose and I can't have both. Why me? Why can't I just be normal? That is all I have ever wanted." Rhiannon started to cry.

Natasha didn't know what to do. She took a step towards her but Rhiannon seemed to shy away. 

"Don't, I don't need your pity. You only want me because I look like the other woman. You don't want me for me. Just leave me alone." Rhiannon yelled at her and started to walk away.

"How can you say that? You don't know what goes on inside my head. Don't ever presume to know what I am thinking. I barely know what I am thinking. There is only one thing that I know. I can't get you out of my head. You are always there and I am always thinking about you, the way you look, your lips, your eyes. It never goes away. Do you want to know how I feel? This is how I feel." Before Rhiannon could react, Natasha pulled Rhiannon to her and kissed her. At first Rhiannon was too stunned to react but she soon wrapped her arms around Natasha's neck and started to kiss her back.

If kissing Rhiannon when she wasn't getting into it was bliss, then when she was into it, was absolute torture. Natasha backed her into a wall and started running her hands over Rhiannon's body. Rhiannon broke the kiss and let her head fall back as she allowed the sensations of Natasha's hands take over.

Rhiannon moaned as she felt Natasha's fingers move over her taut nipples. 

Natasha, all of a sudden, moved away. Rhiannon looked at her with concern.

"What's going on? Why did you stop?" Rhiannon asked.

"I can't make love to you when your mother could walk out here and see us. I...We need to find a place where we can do whatever we want and take as long as we want." Natasha explained, walking to Rhiannon and kissing her. Once again, Natasha seemed to be pulled into the kiss. With the last of ounce of her will, Natasha pulled away from the kiss and wrapped her arms around Rhiannon.

"So we find a place. Now before I explode from the sensations that you have started." Rhiannon grabbed her hand and started to walk back the way she came. 

"If you want to..." Natasha started to say, but was cut off as Rhiannon pulled her into their room. "I take it you have no objections to this or us" Natasha asked her.

"I want you to make love to me until we can't move." Rhiannon told her as she shut the door to the room. 

Natasha moved her hands down Rhiannon's body and up under her shirt, pushing the shirt over her head, revealing a blue Chinese dragon tattoo that went from her nipple to wind around and end at her belly button. Natasha stepped back and just looked at the beautiful woman in front of her. She stared at Rhiannon for so long that she made her very uncomfortable. 

Finally Rhiannon couldn't take it anymore, "What?" she asked.

"Nothing, you're perfect." Natasha replied. She ran her hands over Rhiannon's upper body. She couldn't believe how soft she felt. She started to lead her to the bed but all of sudden; her hands just seemed to push completely through Rhiannon. She watched as Rhiannon just started to disappear before her eyes. She had no idea what was going on.

"RHIANNON! What is going on? Where are you going?" Natasha started to yell. 

"I think it's a spell. I will be back, my love. I promise." Rhiannon was able to get out before she disappeared. 

Natasha ran from the room screaming for Alina. She started to frantically mind talk looking for her queen.

"What? What is going on? Where is Rhiannon?" Alina asked as she appeared right next to Natasha. 

"She disappeared right before my eyes. She said something about a spell and that she would be back. What is happening? Who took her? Why?" Natasha asked. 

"It was probably her coven. They have probably been searching for her. Her high emotions probably made it very easy for them to locate her." Alina explained. 

"How are we to find her?" Natasha asked. She started to pace back and forth as she became very agitated when nothing seemed to be getting done. 


Rhiannon waited until the spell was done before she tried to move around. What she saw was unbelievable; her entire coven was standing around in a circle with her father in the center using amethyst to bring her to them.

"What is this?" Rhiannon demanded. She looked at all of the surrounding witches and they each bowed their head, as if afraid of her. 

"We have brought you here to ask you what it is you think you are doing." Her father demanded.

"What do you mean? What I am doing? I am finding out about my life. You know the one you forgot to inform me of. Where I find out that my mother is queen. How I am reincarnated from a person in the past." Rhiannon told her father, as she started to fix her clothes, as to not flash anyone who didn't need to see anything.

"I understand that you have many questions and I don't have many answers. I just wanted you to have a normal life and to not be condemned to a life of darkness. I understand that it was selfish of me to want to keep you from your past but you have to understand that it was not just my choice. Your mother had a say in it also. Don't just blame me." Her father informed her.

"Why couldn't you tell me when I got older? When I was able to make up my mind for myself. I had every right to know who my mother was and who I was. I had every right to make that choice for myself. I fell in love with a vampire and I feel that I should've been told what was happening. I feel as if my emotions are not really mine. It is as if another person is in me and I have no choice but to follow where she leads me," Rhiannon informed everyone, "how many of you knew what I was and who I was destined to be?"

She looked at every coven member and they could not meet her eyes. She felt ashamed to have ever known any of them. 

"You are supposed to be my f****y. Yet you sit here, having lied to me my entire life. I am in love or feel as if I am. There isn't anything that I can do. I have to follow my heart and if that leads me to the dark then that is where I will go. It is my life and my choice. None of you can make it for me." Rhiannon told them. 

"You will support your f****y. You were born a witch and you will die a witch. If you walk away from us then you will be marked for death. I will not have a traitor for a daughter." Michaela informed her. 

"You are not my mother. You never cared for me. How could you agree to raise your husband's lover's c***d? How could you subject yourself to it? Did you really believe that he could love you?" Rhiannon demanded Michaela. 

"You are right. You are not my daughter but I did raise you. I saw you as my daughter because I loved your father and thought that if he could see that I was willing that he would leave that tramp in the dark and come to me in the light. But later I saw that the only one he had ever cared for was you and your whore of a mother." Michaela stated. 


"Natasha, we must be going. I know where she is. But if we want to save her then we must leave right away. We have to get beyond the hill so that we can phase to her." Alina told her as she rushed into the room. 

"Why are you going? You know that if you die then the vampire race will be in grave danger. You are the salvation of our people. Stay. Just tell me where to go." Natasha tried to plead with her. 

"She is my daughter. I can not leave her at the mercy of those that she used to call f****y. I love her and will try to save her until my last breath if I have to. I gave her up once; I will not do it again." Alina told Natasha, "But come, we must hurry."

They ran down the stairs and out the front door. As they reached the hill, Natasha sensed others phasing out to follow them to help if it was needed. 

As they appeared, Natasha could hear chanting and yelling. She moved closer to the noise and saw Rhiannon surrounded by her coven. 

"You can do nothing to me. You have already destroyed everything that I ever supported in this coven. I make my own decisions and will follow my own heart. I want nothing to do with any of you ever again." Natasha heard Rhiannon tell the crowd around her. 

"I don't choose any of you. I choose the one I love." Rhiannon continued to tell the coven. 

"You would choose someone you barely know, instead of your f****y," Carsten asked her.

"Yes, if I want to be happy and have my own life then I choose her." Rhiannon informed him, "I was chosen for you. I had nothing to do with being with you. I want my own life, with my own choices. If it doesn't work with her then at least I know. I have feelings for her. I don't know if it is love yet but I know that they are strong and I will regret it if I don't follow through with them." 

"If you leave this coven, you will be considered an outsider for the rest of your life. If we see you, you will be killed on sight. You will have no part of this life anymore. You renounce your f****y, your magic and your heritage." Her father informed her. 

"Fine, then that is what is going to happen. I choose her and my mother over any of you. At least I feel accepted with them, instead of the outsider that everyone made me. I always knew I was different, I just didn't know that everyone was afraid of me. Afraid that I was going to attack. Well, I am going to walk away from this calmly and quietly unless I am attacked and then there is nothing you can do to stop me from protecting myself." Rhiannon informed everyone. 

She turned to leave and she felt a rise in power. It was like a ripple across her skin. She turned to see Michaela raise her hands and start to say a spell. She didn't let her finish. She sent a mental wave of power that knocked her down. 

"You didn't listen to a word I just said. I would attack if I was provoked. Don't make me repeat myself." Rhiannon told her.

She stepped into the darkness that had surrounded the covens spell area. She tensed up when she felt a presence move from the shadows into her field of vision. 

"Thank god, your okay. I was so worried." Natasha stepped forward to wrap her arms around her. Rhiannon stepped back and Natasha could see that she was afraid. 

"What's wrong? Why do you pull way? You know that I care for you. You just told your entire coven that you cared for me. Was that a lie? Did you use me to get away from them?" Natasha went to step away and disappear when Rhiannon reached out to her with her hand. Rhiannon stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Natasha and just started to cry. She was shaking and seemed very scared all of a sudden.
"Come we must leave here before they realize that we are here. We don't have enough power to go against an entire coven." Alina informed them.

"Are you ready to go?" Natasha asked Rhiannon. She felt Rhiannon nod against her shoulder. Natasha wrapped her arms around her and concentrated on going home. 

She appeared near her home and carried Rhiannon into the house.

"Wait here. I have to let my mother know that I am home and that you are here" Natasha told her as she stepped away. Rhiannon moved out of the way and just stood waiting for Natasha to return from talking to her mother. 


"Mama, I'm home." Natasha yelled into the house.

"Tasha, I'm in the library." Valeriya told her.

Natasha walked along the oak hallway and went to a wall where a secret doorway was located and stepped through it. 

"I need to talk to you. I have found Rhiannon." Natasha started to explain to her mother, "But she is in rough shape. She just was disowned from her entire f****y. I don't know how she will take it once the shock has worn off. Is it alright that I brought her home? She had no where else to go."

"You know as well as I that even though you asked, you would have her here even if I said no. She is allowed as long as she doesn't try to hurt my f****y.

They heard a crash from the other room. Then yelling and what sounded like fighting. Natasha rushed from the room to find her s****r trying to kill Rhiannon. 

"NO...Stop this at once." Natasha could hear her mother yelling. 

She watched her s****r pull a knife and start to try to stab Rhiannon.

"Dariya, stop it right now," Valeriya yelled again.

Natasha saw the knife heading right for Rhiannon's heart and Rhiannon wasn't moving fast enough to get out of the way. Without thinking, Natasha stepped in front of Rhiannon and felt the knife enter her instead. It seemed as if the entire world slowed down as she fell to the ground. 

"Oh, god. Oh, god. Don't die. Please, baby. I can't lose you when I just found you." She vaguely heard Rhiannon as she knelt next to her. 

Dariya and Valeriya both watched as tears ran down Rhiannon's face as she tried to save Natasha. They seem to have both misjudged what both of them were feeling. 

Natasha looked at her as she felt the bl**d leaving her body, "At least I got to see you again before I died."

"No, No. You are not going to die on me." Rhiannon stated as she lifted Natasha up and put her mouth near her neck, "I need you to drink from me." She cut a small part of her neck to get Natasha to drink. 

"NO. I will not. I won't let you have this curse." Natasha screamed at her, trying to push her away. 

"I love you and will do anything to save you. Please. I choose you. I don't want to lose you now that I have found you. That is like asking me to live without my soul which is what you are. You are the complete part of me. If you die then I will also. Please let me do this." Rhiannon begged. 

Natasha felt her life slipping away but she didn't want her love to have to live in the darkness that was her life. She could never do this to her. 

Rhiannon took it upon herself to make Natasha bite her, she took out her knife and cut her throat near the jugular and pulled Natasha to her neck, "Drink, save yourself and save me."

Natasha's base instincts took over and she bite into Rhiannon's neck. She couldn't believe how wonderful she tasted. It was like heaven and hell. It seemed as if she was drinking forever when she felt Rhiannon's life start to drain. She pulled away and cut her wrist and put her wrist to Rhiannon's lips and let her take some of her bl**d into her body. As Natasha felt her love's heart slow and stop, she felt her wound on her chest heal and close and she moved to take Rhiannon to Natasha's room. She needed to be near her when she awoke.