"Sex Stories" Voyeuring s****r in law

Sex Stories Voyeuring s****r in law
I have known my s****r-in-law since she was 13 years old. She had always been a chubby girl and I longed to see her plump undressed naked body. When she was in her 30s she came to stay with us for a week at our new house, she was still incredibly curvy (size 20 with a G cup bra according to the label) but very attractive & sexy. I now had a chance to fulfil my fantasy. Our bathroom has a key hole which gives a clear view of the exit from the shower. The shower cubicle itself is unfortunately out of view. 

I saw my chunky s****r in law enter the bathroom in her dressing gown and decided to have a peep through the key hole. As she removed her robe, I managed to get a momentary view of her broad rear before she entered the shower. Her firm large buttocks and the back of her thick upper legs were clear for me to see. She went into the shower out of view. I decided to wait and when I heard the shower stop I had another look through the key hole.(Sex Stories)

After a few seconds she emerged completely naked and dripping wet. I got a good sideways view of her big bare belly followed by her sizable uncovered bulbous tits. Whilst she dried her face with a cloth, I enjoyed viewing her vast area of naked flesh, surveying down from her smooth neck to the top of her generous breasts then down the significant curve of her outsized titties to her wide pink stippled areola and bullet like nipples. Tracing down her extensive exposed abdomen, I could see purple stretch marks on her bare tummy and followed the curve of her stomach to where it folded over itself forming a copious apron of body fat. I then scrutinized the profile of her bare ass and big uncovered thighs.(XXX Stories)

She turned towards the door to reach for the towel, giving me an excellent full frontal panorama of her unclothed & unprotected sexy curvy body. My s****r in law was stripped naked exposing every private part of her sexy feminine anatomy unknowingly to me, her b*****r in law of 20 years. Again I was able to examine her nude body intimately from head to toe while she stood facing me drying her hair. Starting from her perfect feet I examined her fine ankles and her surprisingly slender slightly hairy lower legs. Above her knees her legs became thicker leading towards her chubby blotchy thighs. I had never seen her legs uncovered before as she always wore slacks or tights.

Next, for the first time I could see that part of her that I had always fantasized about. A fine but extensive covering of dark brown pubic hair formed a jagged triangle emerging from between her legs enveloping the entire locale. The outline of her vulva was plain to see, the pink flaps of her labia protruding to some extent. I spent some time examining in detail her genital region, detecting various spots, moles and blemishes in the vicinity of her pubic area before moving on to study her waist just above her pubic hair but below her rotund tummy. This part of her podgy midriff was clearly marked with a red line where the waistband of her panties had indented into her adipose tissue, a similar contour could be seen further up on her stout abdomen above her deep broad belly button where the elastic of her tights (pantyhose) had pressed into her flab. Moving up her undressed body I studied in detail her enormous round belly, again observing a significant birth mark, a small scar and her widespread stretch marks. 

Her parted breasts resting on her convex abdomen were now fully in my view, I was able to look at her vast dotted areola and elongated firm nipples, the action of her drying her hair causing them to sway from side to side. She then leaned forward slightly, causing her boobs to dangle free and come together showing her cleavage. She had always worn high necked tops so this was a first.

She started to dry her exposed moist body. I watched her dry her gigantic breasts taking particular note of the soft underside as she lifted them one by one to dry them. She continued down drying her bulky abdomen lifting the apron of body tissue to dry the rather excoriated skin hidden underneath. I also noticed that a thin ribbon of pubic hair ran up to her belly. She then started to dry between her legs, crouching slightly to open her legs to give her better access. This exposed her labia to a greater extent allowing me the first glimpse of the red hood of her clitoris which she gently dried along with her labia lips and furry minge. 

To dry her legs she turned sideways again putting each foot in turn on the toilet seat to enable her to complete this task. Another view of her labia was presented to me from the side allowing me to make out the full extent of her pink extremely personal genital flesh and the coverage of her pubic hair between her legs. She was not finished yet; she turned her back to me and bent over to get something out of her bag. Her vast ass pointed towards me, her hairy vulva revealing itself to me at the top of her legs showing the full extent of her pubic hair which even covered her anal area. She turned with a battery lady shaver in her hand and started to shave her lower legs. Once finished with her lower legs she shaved the inside of her thighs, which I then noticed were hairy too.

She then put on her robe and started to open the door, I quickly stood up and pretended I was about to enter the bathroom. She jumped slightly and joked innocently “if you had been a little earlier you might have seen something you shouldn’t have.” I laughed and wished her goodnight, little did she know!