"Sex Stories" Waiter holiday that was

Sex Stories Waiter holiday that was
Writing my other stories got me quite horny and judging by response thought Id tell of another that happened to me 5 years ago. I was approaching 30 and went with my then BF (Paul) to Majorca to celebrate. We had been together two years and he was nearly 50 (going thru older guy phase?). Even though I loved him the novelty was wearing off for us both and the break we hoped would put spark back (how right we were).

First few days just worked on my tan and wore really skimpy bikinis. Loved getting the attention from the foreign guys around the pool though especially the Germans and Russians. They just stare at your bits with no shame, they don’t even hide it. Some are big very big older guys too and sit there with huge semis looking at me up and down. I think the BF enjoyed the attention too and my bikinis got skimpier every day. One particular Russian guy who had been eyeing me all week was now behind me in the queue at the bar. He was in tight shorts and I couldn’t help but keep wiggling my bum and teasing him. I could feel him getting closer and closer. I even made out I dropped something to bend down for him. As I stood I felt him get closer from behind and I felt his now erect cock rubbing against my bum through my bikini. I could feel him breathing on my neck and his cock twitching as it grew. As tempted as I was now this wasn’t the time or place so I rushed back to the pool leaving the poor man frustrated. (Sex Stories)

At mealtimes we had a wonderful waiter called Marco, he was local, 24 and quite tall for a Spanish man. All week he had been eyeing up my outfits and winked at me all the time. He flirted when my BF wasn’t there and I loved attention as wasn’t get much from him. I also flirted back and teased him too.

One evening we decided to stay in hotel as Paul wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to be far away. There was also as there was a disco at the hotel that night so we thought we’d give it a try. We had quite a few drinks and I wanted to dance but Paul was never one for dancing which pissed me off. Then my knight in shining armour arrived in Marco. He was by himself as had night off so Paul invited him to join us. The drinks flowed and Marco said he had been stood up on a date and I said she must have been a fool to stand him up. He looked great in light tight jeans nice tight t-shirt and you could see his muscles and bulges through them. I insisted that Marco dance and glad I did as hew was great. He had great rhythm as well as as a great body. As we went back to the table Paul explained that he was feeling unwell and was going back. He said it was ok that I have another drink as didn’t want to spoil my night too. As I was hot after dancing I said I would stay for just a drink or two and not be more than an hour.

Marco got us more drinks and we sat and chatted. I was wearing my cream mini (as in my pics) and a tight white top and had on cream silky thong but with no bra as it was hot. He was getting me really horny as he was very touchy feely. Then some slower records started and he took me by the hand to the back area of the dance floor which was darker. AS we embraced I could feel a surge of energy. He smelt nice and he was breathing heavily on my neck as we swayed slowly. He then place a hand on my bum and pulled me closer to his ever bulging jeans. He now looked huge as I rubbed it with my hand. As we smooched more and more our lips were getting closer too but we couldn’t kiss there. Just then Marco lead from the back of danceflloor to an area around the back. His knowledge was great in working there. He lead me by the hand to the outside area which was all dark apart from the moonlight which in fact was quite bright. He leaned me against the brick wall and started to kiss me. I was so turned on by this fit Spanish waiter forcing his tongue down my throat. His hand was now wandering up my very short skirt. He got to my thighs and then my now wet panties, he pulled them to the side and inserted two fingers quite f***efully and nearly came there and then. He was now pulling my top up and sucking my nipples. I heard him fiddling with his fly and out popped this enormous circumcised cock. The head was purple and so big. It was oozing in pre cum as I took hold of him and pulled him towards me. He pulled my panties to my knees so that I couldn’t pull my legs very far apart. He then plunged into me and as wet as I was I couldn’t take his full length, but he pushed again very hard as was now fully in me. He pounded away and I was cumming to my first orgasm in minutes. Normally its only by hand I cum this quickly but he was grinding against my pussy so hard I couldn’t help it. My legs were weakening and he was now holding me up by the f***e of his cock alone. He then jerked and I felt this huge explosion inside of me. He thrust again and grunted and he came again. As he withdrew I could feel the cum oozing out of me as I pulled up my knickers. We kissed again and said that was just for starters for the holiday