"Sex Stories" we have all fantasized about aunties

Sex Stories we have all fantasized about aunties
Well where to begin.well we guys always had a great looking aunt(if you didnt then you must have been in the minority).my aunt always looked after me .when i say that i mean from being very young she always seemed to be there.

I would sl**p over at her house to play with cousins .see her regularly(as you do)
she always looked beautiful.blonde hair blue eyes.(never noticed her breasts till puberty hit-----me that is)
i remember her wakening me up one morning and suddenly it was there a full boner rock solid.no other way to describe it the head was throbing just at the touch of her wakening me.
so as the years went past and i became 16.i would still fantasized about fucking her(no finesse with youngsters)i would always notice she would deliberately bend to talk to me(i reckon it was to show me her tits)some of you have aunties who do the same -----right)she got into that tactile mode,you know arms around you touching at the least thing.so looking back on it i should have seen the signs but hey who notices a mature woman when your that age???(Adult Stories)

so time went by and i would regularly wank off to her dreaming, one day i would shag her.not make love just shag her and good----because thats the way younger guys think.

on a visit ----seems like a lifetime ago------to a barbeque on a hot summers night in july.things happened
and i mean happened-------great style .well at least for me!!!

well with all that drink ,good company and friends(notice i dont mention relatives----except my aunt?),magical music and the hot night,thing took a turn for the better for me that is.
helping clear up normally sucks but hey i was still after me aunt.

everyone had left ,passed out or gone to bed.the place was a tip.so super nephew started clearing up.aunt said leave it but its harder in the morning. 
(she was right ,she always is but thats for later)

we started to clear things away when bridge over trouble water was on the stereo(thats how old we were)she suggested we dance.so i agreed .well that slow dance was everything.whether it was the drink ,night or me.i guess it was just the moment.the years of fantasy and wishing all came together at that time.

we moved slowly together to the music.she looked at me like never before.i stroked her hair and looked into her eyes.my penis hardened and i know she could feel me getting harder and harder.i stroked her back and moved to her neck and hair.she pulled me closer, her eyes offered me the rest.i kissed her softly,she responded so i kissed her again .this time harder and not forcing but teastng my tongue into her mouth.there was no resistance.i looked into her eyes and i /we knew what was about to happen.

you know that feeling you get when you are a k** at christmas.opening the best present.knowing what it is but still loving that moment and pleasure.well that was me .all my christmases at once!!!

i slowly unwrapped my present that night.like not wanting to damage the wrapping paper and savoring every second.i was that c***d at christmas except i wasnt a c***d and it wasnt christmas.

i peeled off her top and saw the mountains i was kept from.i kissed one nipple then the other.my hands were shaking.maybe she expected too much.after all i was inexperienced(not a virgin but this was a mature woman)
my main worry at this moment was cuming in my pants.although i had dreamed of it, now was the reality.

i can still hear her breathing in my ear today.she rubbed my head as i kissed her nipples.i licked her body on the way down to her waistband.spending a moment to lick her bellybutton(inny).my fingers were stroking her thighs and i could hear her moan.

i pulled down her shorts and panties all in one movement.like getting to the promised land.seeing that blonde bush set me on fire .i stroked her and she was not just moist but wet.my thumb rubbing her clit.over and over .i opened her legs wider.i wanted to lick and taste her pussy juices.i could see the pinkness of her fanny lips .i rubbed my thumb over her opening.i can still hear her moan.i inserted my tongue opening her tasting her and wanting to fuck her now .

as i licked i stroked and fondled and rubbed her breast and nipples.she rubbed my head and moaned.

she pulled me up and kissed me and now she underssed me .my cock by this time was harder than brick and pre cum oozing .ide never been that excited before or since!her lips were round my cock and my god was this really happening to me ----my auntie sucking my cock and me ---id licked her out--------what more could i ask for!!!???

well i will tell you what more probably the best night of sex and passion ive ever had.

she taught me things no one else has ever done she showed me things to do basically she was a sex godess who taught me all i should know to keep a woman happy in bed

and after spending a great night of sex(cause it wasnt love)we never talk about it.

but all that playing and positions and penetration was worth the ride

thanks for that AUNTIE