"Sex Stories" What I Envision For My First Stranger Experience

Sex Stories What I Envision For My First Stranger Experience
This isn't true, at least not yet. It's quite what I envision though, as I prepare to meet with my husband a man for my first experience. I will tell it as if it is happening. My husband and I had been fantasizing for a long time, he had fantasized about me actually fucking a black man, or an older man without a condom on, and letting him dump his baby seed deep into my pussy, and making a cream pie in me. Being raised to be Chaste, this idea, although making me horny at times, was something I was not ready to do for real in the least bit, although it did turn me on a bit, and honestly I don't know that my husband would allow it to truly take place.

His other fantasies included the glory hole, one which did turn me on, as well as another more recent one he hadn't mentioned in some time, meeting with an older man and me giving him a hand job, and letting him play with my tits, and even suck them. One night while "Playing" and fantasizing he brought this fantasy up, and he pulled out a stuffed pair of jeans and laid it on the bed with the knees over the edge. Then he placed my cock sucking chair in front of it, and had me sit before it. He said, "His Cock is in the right place, pretend it's the real fantasy instead of just talking about it" So I began to rub his pants, as hubby watched, I unzipped and pulled out his cock, which was a average size dildo we have, and went to town on it. I have to tell you, I got off on it and got wet! After I had him pretend cum, my husband and I fucked hard! It was great, then we talked about seriously doing it. I told him he could place an ad on-line, no facial pictures though. So he did the very next day. (Porn Stories)

Within 3 days there were about 20 responses. I ruled out the married guys and guys younger than 50. A couple guys even left phone numbers! We ruled out anyone living to close, within 15 miles. Then I chose 3 "Finalists" and one happened to be on line at the time, and we responded, he wrote back immediately, and give his phone number, he was a 62 year old widower, he had a nice cock picture, long, fairly thin, he was balding, and kind of thin, without any facial hair. He said we could come to his house, and even gave us an address. We then consented to talk to him on the phone, my husband called, and talked to him for a few minutes, then handed the phone to me. I talked to him, and eventually was getting excited, so I began to tell him what I would do to him, I got so excited, as was he and my husband, just listening! We made a date to do it next Friday evening! I was so hot all week I could barely stand it!

Friday at the appointed time of 8:00 we arrived at his home, and I was so nervous, and so horny, it was ridiculous. I had gotten my hair permed did my makeup just right, had a manicure on my fingers, and a pedicure, I wanted to look just right for him, and my husband. The man hadn't been with a woman since his wife died, and I would be the first, his wife died six years prior to our meeting. We rang the door bell, and he answered, letting us in. We went in, and sat in the living room. He sat in a recliner, and my husband invited him to sit on the couch next to me, as we took our coats off, he readily agreed. I sat near him and moved over to him a bit. My husband let me discuss the "Rules" I had, and surprisingly I left a couple out that I had insisted on, but I was comfortable with him, he was as nervous as me I think. One of the things was kissing. My husband was ok with whatever I decided, although he had "VETO" power at any time. I put my hand on the back of his neck and gently began to rub my fingers through his hair, after about 3 minutes of talking my husband vanished from the conversation. About 5-10 minutes later as our eyes were contacting his hand was in my hair, and I leaned forward a bit, waiting for him to kiss me, I was soaking wet, and I couldn't believe it! 

Soon, my other hand began to unbutton his shirt and rub his chest, it was fairly smooth, as I soon was sliding his arms out of the shirt like an old pro it seemed, as I leaned forward more as he leaned back a bit and his other hand went to my back and after a short massage went up my blouse to my bra buckles without any trouble at all. I leaned to the upright position and lifted my arms allowing him to take off my blouse, and unclasp my bra revealing my large "D" cups to him, with their large areolas and pointed thick nipples so pert and perky. 

As he touched them and kneaded them with his hands I unzipped his pants and asked him quietly to stand up, as he did I slid his pants down after unbuttoning them, and massaged his cock through his boxers for a couple minutes before sliding them to the floor as well revealing his fairly long but not very thick penis. I was impressed with it. It was a tiny bit longer than my husbands cock, not nearly as thick, very suckable, and very worthy of a good hand job, as I had him stand in front of me as he squeezed my breasts firmly, pinching my nipples as I peeked at my husband who had his penis in his hand, watching me playing with the man's cock, as he played with my titties. This of course made me even more excited knowing it really did excite my husband to see me with another man and his cock! 

I soon switched places with the man, and had him sit with his legs spread as I took his cock in one hand, and cupped his balls in the other and began to jerk him off, feeling his balls and talked to him, I soon put the other hand over the head of his cock, then licked the hand and put it back, twisting. I did this again and again before putting it on the shaft too, and then twisting in the opposite direction as the lower hand at the same time. This drove him crazy! I put my lips on the tip of his cock, for just a minute, and lifted my tits between my arms and squeezed them together telling him I wanted him to CUM on my tits! His cock was right there, this lasted for a few minutes as I teased both him and my husband as the man said he was about to cum, I smiled and said, "Give it to me baby, do it, I want your Cum" Then I added, "Shoot your cum on my titties" then I moaned for him, "Please give me your creamy cum, I want your sperm on my nipples, Oh baby, please give it to me, I have to have it, Finish on me Please!" Just then, he erupted all over my neck, my large round jugs, and shot onto my nipples as he thrusted, and I sqeezed and tugged his cock till every drop of semen flowed out of his cock. I rubbed the last of it on my cheek, and smiled at him, then at my husband! Then I stood up, and held his cock, I turned around and squatted on him, rubbing his cock head all over my wetness, getting his cock head all over my vaginal opening so my husband would be SUPER EXCITED! It didn't go in past the mushroom head, but I wanted too, my vows of being chaste and having sex with my husband only kept me from going further with this man, although I did get hot enough to definitely think about it! I know he would love to see that man cum deep in my womb, but the fact is my husband is the only man have ever cum into my vagina, and as far as I am concerned, that will never change, no matter how bad he wants it.