"Sex Stories" What mom didn't know

Sex Stories What mom didn't know
When I started high school my mom went back to work and mom and dad didn't get home till about five that was ok because I only got home maybe an hour before them. . On our schools first four day week end she and dad had to work and I was ok with that but I guess she wasn't. She called Monday and said that one of the girls she worked with was just going to stop by and check to make sure I was ok she lived close by and didn't mind. I on the other hand was a little miffed at that because she didn't trust me yet, but it was no big problem.

The door bell rang a little after noon and a girl stopped in to see me. She must have been just graduated from high school because she didn't seem that old. Her name was Christy and we got along fine. She stayed forty-five minutes we talked the whole time and it seemed too soon, she had to leave.

The next time we off for the week and that Saturday mom informed me that again I was going to get a visitor. I really had for gotten about her stopping by and to make maters worse mom must have given her a key for the week because I didn't here her walk in and she caught me with a beer. She passed it off saying everyone tries it sometime and she would tell on me. For that I was eternally grateful. She also said she was off tomorrow and Wednesday and asked if she could hang out with me because she really didn't have anything to do. Being that we got along ok and I did owe her one, I welcomed her to come over. I told her there wasn't that much on tv in the day time and I was running out of magazines so she would be welcome company.(Sex Stories)

She showed up about ten the next morning and brought a grocery bag in with her. She had chips, dip,the new teen magazines, some movies and a six pack of beer. The tv was on and we weren't paying any attention to it. We were talking about clothes, boys and stuff when she noticed the pool in the back yard. A swim did sound like a good idea but she was fast to point out she hadn't brought a suit. Her hips were fuller and her top was bigger than mine so my suits were not going to fit, so we settled on panties only. Well her panties turned out to be a brown thong and I had some mini cotton ones on, I thought I was going to be embarrassed but after seeing hers I wasn't now. I swear it didn't look like she was wearing anything because they were a so close to her own hair color, every time she would dive into the pool her bare butt just added to the look. So we splish, splashed and played for around about an hour before I got tired,. I finished my second beer as we went back into the house with towels over our shoulders.(Porn Stories)

Not wanting to get the couch damp I dropped my panties, I'm sure she didn't have to but did anyway. After I had scanned the tv guide and found nothing on she mentioned that had brought over three movies over. I asked her what they were and she read off the first two names, older movies but good ones. I had to pry the third name from her and found out it was a porn movie. She didn't know if I wanted to see it or not. I told her a lie about seeing girlie magazines at my cousins house all the time. Little did she know I was dying to see it yet scared, all at the same time. She put it in

By the time the seconded scene had changed to another couple I as getting the couch wet anyway. I looked over at Christy. Her towel had fallen off her shoulders into her lap and her boobs were full and her nipples were really hard. Her hand was in her lap but the towel was moving. She was starring at the screen. I noticed then my nipples still under the towel were hard to the point they almost hurt. Just then she got up and said she was going to get her other beer.

When she got up there was a wet spot on the couch, just like under me. I heard her open the frig and I took the opportunity to put my towel in my lap with my hand. She was gone a minute or two and I was glad because I was playing catch-up.

I felt her presents more than heard her and my hand froze just pressing that spot. I felt her hands start kneading my neck, I just froze. Her hands slid down my chest and then around the sides of my breasts. I could feel her lift up, taking their weight off me, bringing her fingers and thumbs to my nipples she just stated tugging on them. That only made me wetter. I let my finger move just the slightest to the other side of my clit and the shiver I got with her hands tweaking my nipples and my finger made the pressure to continue to great, my hand started by its self. I couldn't see the screen any more just feel my insides on fire.

Her breath on my neck sent chills to that spot. Her lips were as soft as angels wings on my neck just under my ear. Releasing my breasts but holding my nipples her lips found mine and she kissed me. It lasted but a second and felt abandoned when her hands and her lips left. Feeling her warm breath on my cheek she slid around the other side and she kissed me again. This time her tongue slipped into my mouth and that feeling rose another notch. Her weight was now coming over the back of the couch and with out breaking our kiss.

Her breasts felt warm on my arm, her left hand again on my breast and her right pulling my hand from my lap she placed it on her breast. I could feel the hard nipple scratching in my palm. I move just my palm over it and felt it lean in the direction I was sliding my hand. Her hand left my breast and took my other hand and guided it between her legs. I could feel her heat and wetness on my hand. Placing her hand over mine she guided my hand back and forth over her lips, when she let go my hand continued.

Now she placed her hand on me and did the same thing I was doing to her. I felt her middle finger slide along both lips as she reached the bottom and then press easly as she began her way back up. Her finger was parting me, stopping her hand I felt her finger slide into me sending shivers into me. I couldn't stop the shaking, all I could do was the same to her. My finger felt warm and home

After some period of time she stopped the, in and out motion of her finger, I did not, my finger continued. She began sliding her hand higher until her finger touched my stiff button. My hips pushed hard outward while my all my muscles tightened. I could feel my self tightening around her finger and I screamed. I felt her lay me back farther and cover me in kisses, my breath so raged I couldn't catch it. Her hand just cupping me.

Somewhere there was music and I opened my eyes. I saw the credits play across the tv screen and felt her face leaning on my side, her hair hanging over my chest. With every breath, her hair tickled my breasts in just such a wonderful way. The clock on top of the tv said four-thirty. And I sat up in such a hurry I scarred her to death.

I looked in her eyes and they were filled with tears. I turned to her and kissed her deeply, our breasts mashing together as I held her tightly. Breaking the kiss ever so slowly I said "I love you but its four-forty. She smiled through a tear stained face and kissed me back. Then you never saw two girls clean bottles and get dressed so fast. She ran the empty bottles around the side of the house so she could get them when she left just as my father pulled into the driveway. We were fixing peanut butter sandwiches when he came in.