"Sex Stories" The White Place

Sex Stories The White Place
"Beth, everything will be fine....Just...fine..." My mother said hesitantly. Today is the day. The day I lose everything. The day my life will be over. We are heading to the white place, or as girls from school say, the black place. Six years ago something terrible happened in the world. A strange, yet natural plague hit, and spread everywhere. It killed much of the population in the United states, and many other countries suffered great losses. The government came up with the "brilliant" idea to do what they called "project PR". The PR standing for population reconstruction. They implemented a policy in all schools, and in all homes, that 3 months to a year after a girl begins menstruation she must be impregnated. Most girls begin around 13 or 14. Some much earlier, and some much later. Pregnant bellies, and babies were everywhere you went. Each girl could be called to be impregnated any number of times they want, and whenever they want. If you don't show up for your appointment, they arrest you, and take you to the white place. 

I was called a week ago. I was one of the lucky ones. I was a late bloomer. I started my period 7 months ago, and only just a week ago I got the call. I remember when my mother picked up the phone. She happened to be engaged in a hot and heavy session with her lover from next door. I hear them having sex every day. I always listen outside her bedroom door, ever since I was little. I enjoyed listening to the bed banging into the wall, my mother's ear blasting moans, and the neighbors grunting, and sometimes the slapping noises that go along with it. Lucky for my mother, she's too old to get any call from the government. Married people have the option of making c***dren themselves, but single people do not. I was an accident, otherwise I wouldn't exist. (Sex Stories)

You could call my mother a slut, because it's what she is. I remember when she hosted an orgy at the house. I was only 7. I watched from the kitchen as 8 woman, and 13 men began to undress. All of the woman were beautiful, curvy, large breasts, nipples rock hard and succulent. All the men had huge cocks, that I remember well. They all were between 9-11 inches long, and 3-4 inches thick. I didn't know where those long fat swords went, but I stared at them. I wanted to touch them, and see what they did. But I stayed obediently in the kitchen, watching, fascinated. Then they all began to mesh. The men went over and began caressing the woman in naughty places. It made me feel pleasure, but I didn't know what it was then. Some of the men began to eat the woman's pussys, and suck on their nipples, while their hands played with their clits. Other woman were sucking on their huge rock hard cocks. Their tongues were going crazy all over those cocks. Up and down, swirling around, sucking and licking the head. (Erotic Stories)

The men groaned, the woman moaned. It was a beautiful chaos. The cocks started to penetrate the wet pussys. They like to build anticipation by rubbing their cocks on their clits, and pussys. Many woman MMMMed, and ohhhhhed. Then they place the head at the pussy hole, and slowly push it in. The pushed those huge cocks all the way in, and their balls hit their ass. The moans increased, and got louder. I saw every position in the book all at one time. Some chicks were getting pussy slammed from the back, some woman were on top, some men were on top, some were sideways, some were standing up, some were backwards, and everything else. 

Every pussy getting pummeled so hard. Many were getting double penetration, and one woman even got triple and quadruple penetration. I couldn't believe my eyes. Four men gathered 'round her. One man sat down, and she placed his rock hard cock in her ass. Another man came up and stuffed his cock in her ass too. She moaned in pleasure. The third man easily slid his huge cock in her pussy, and the last man stood on the couch, leaned down, and mashed his enormous cock into her pussy too. 2 cocks in her pussy, and 2 cocks in her ass. She screamed in extreme pleasure. I hoped to experience that one day. I remember how juicy it way, I watched all the men pumping their cocks in and out, in and out. Pounding her pussy so hard, and then four groans sounded all at the same time as they came inside her. They pulled away one by one after finishing their entire loads in her ass and pussy. She was dripping with cum, and making a pull on the carpet. I remember my shock when I saw it was my mother. She smiled so hugely, and started putting her hand in her pussy, and licking the cum off her fingers. She told me later that she wasn't on birth control. She didn't get pregnant, strangely. 

The scene of the orgy was running through my mind as we approached the white place, my pussy getting a little wet. We parked and climbed out. The cement was pure white. It shimmered. As we walked toward the building, I was in awe. It was 12 stories high, huge, and everything was pure white. The doors, the windows, the roof, the paint, the wood, the employees cars. Everything was white. Like they were compensating for what went on inside. When we opened the doors, the light and all the white was blinding. As we walked up to the front desk, I looked around. At the end of a hugely wide hallway were doors, evenly spaced apart, on both sides. 

At the end of the hall there was a set of 4 white elevators. We approached the front desk. "name?" A hot little slutty thing was before us. She wore a white lab coat that was unbuttoned, and underneath a white shirt with a slit in the middle that went down to her belly button, her tits were falling out a little. "Beth Marshal." My mother said. The slutty woman looked up my name. "you will be on the 7th floor, in room 32. The man who will be servicing you is William Peterson, he will explain everything to you." My mother nodded, and dragged me to the elevators. 

My heart was pounding. I was about to lose my virginity, and become impregnated by a complete stranger. Flashes of the orgy, and all of my mother's one night stands were racing through my head. We reached the 7th floor, and right outside the elevator, was room 32. I gave one last glance to my mother, and knocked on the door. Almost immediately the door opened, and a handsome ripped young man, probably around 17 or 18, looked at me. "You Beth Marshal?" I nodded shyly. "Great, come on in." Unlike the rest of the building, the inside was laden with chiffon of blue, purple, and red. The bed was a nice rich brown wood, with cream colored sheets, and a colorful quilted comforter. 

There was a lonely chair in the corner. The room was quite small. The bed took up most of the space. He was completely naked. He was stroking his cock, and staring at me. I stared at his cock. It was big. Really big. I wondered how he would get it in my tiny virgin pussy. "Hi, I'm Will. Okay, so basically what happens here, is we have sex, and I cum inside you. You have to lean your ass up in the air against the wall for about 20 minutes, and then you can go. They'll call you in a month to see if you've conceived. If you haven't, you have to come back in. If you don't conceive for 6 consecutive appointments, then your fertility will have to be tested. If your fertility is fine, then often times they'll send you to a room with about 10 guys in it, 10 more chances at once ya know?" I didn't answer, I only looked a little horrified. "Okay....So if you would be undressed, and lie on the bed, we can just get it over with." As I undressed, I felt his eyes on me. 

I went a lay on the bed, and waited. He climbed onto the bed, and got in-between my legs. He rubbed my clit, and put his finger in my wet pussy. I moaned a little. He took his rock hard cock, and slowly eased it in. It was so big. It filled every space my pussy had to offer. He pushed it all the way in my virgin pussy. A little bl**d escaped. It hurt a little, but I was so turned on, I hardly noticed. He fucked me gently at first, and then hard. He reamed my pussy with all his might. In and out, in and out, the juices flowing between us. The bed was banging into the wall, I was moaning with passion, and as his cock slammed into my pussy a slapping noise sounded over and over, faster and faster. It was as if his cock was growing inside me, my pussy was overflowing with cock. Finally, he grunted, and suddenly he pulled out, and came on my tits. He groaned as his huge load came to a close. I was confused. "Weren't you supposed to come inside me?"

"Yes. But I like you. I'm buying you a little more time. When you make your next appointment with them, request me. I can buy you at least 6 months maybe more. I think what they're doing is horrible. I want to help." He smiled at me, with the most sincere, and beautiful smile I have ever seen. I saw my hero. He saved me. He leaned down, pressed his body to mine, and kissed me. "I'll see you next month. Beth."