"Sex Stories" Who are you

Sex Stories Who are you
I'm walking home late at night coming home from a movie alone foolishly through the city park. It's past midnight, and a wonderfully full moon helps the streetlights in the park. Nervously walking, hurriedly along the concrete path in the lightly wooded park. I wish I had remembered to wear a jacket over my what now is too short white skirt and tiny green sweater that barely covers my breasts. I'm twenty-five. I know better than to be this foolish.

A woman chuckled from behind me, "Now Baby, you should know better than to be alone so late, especially looking as beautiful as you do"

I stop turning around seeing you standing there. There was a woman standing under the light on the path wearing dark clothes. Her long sleeved blouse is meticulously buttoned, her arms crossed over her perfect breasts. Her long black hair was allowed to flow over her shoulders as it caught the moonlight, glowing like a halo about her head. We were only feet apart; she could hardly have been over thirty.(Sex Stories)

'How did I miss her standing there?'

"I'm sorry did I scare you?" She spoke with care, not moving, her arms still crossed.

"Yes, oh my god, yes. I wasn't expecting anyone in the park this late. I get so nervous when I'm out." I stammered not understanding why I was telling her so much.

"Would you like me to walk you the rest of the way through the park?" She offered.

"Um, I uh,...I think...I will be fine, but thank you though."

"I would be careful though Baby....you'll never know what might cross your path. I don't think you even know how dangerous this park really is this late at night."

"I know...I usually would drive...I will hurry and get home...thank you." (Erotic Stories)

'Why can't I stop talking and leave?'

"You're a virgin aren't you Baby? That's why you're so nervous?"

"A...a..vir...umm how did you know." Looking at her curiously. "I mean...no...no I'm not a virgin."

"You shouldn't lie to strangers..." She arched an eyebrow.

My young perky breasts rising and falling now as I breathe heavier in nervousness and fear, as I am still walking backwards slowly, while talking to her.

"I'm...I'm sorry I uhhh just don't...know you, I'm uhh...I really should get home!"

She continues, oblivious to the fact I interrupted her. "They have a way of looking deep into your soul." 

"Baby, if you keep walking backwards, you might hurt yourself."

"I know." I let out a nervous giggle. "You have a great night. Okay? Bye." And I turned around to walk faster away from you and closer to my apartment. 

"Hmm..making me chase you all the way home?" I hear her voice calling after me. 

'Chase...' I think as I laugh to myself to keep me from thinking horrible thoughts. 'Um, no.' She was so strange and dark. Why would I ever want her near me?

"You should have me in your bed anyway...." I know she's smiling. I don't know how.

'I should what!?' I'm confused, certain that I misheard her. 

"You're worried about what I said Baby, why don't you come back and look me in the eyes to find out what I've been saying to you."

I talk to myself, knowing full well she can't hear me. "I...really should be getting home...thanks though."

"You shouldn't be afraid of me. I'm not here to hurt you."

"I'm—I'm not afraid...I just really need to get home." I inisist.

"Is there anyone waiting for you at home Baby?"

"A warm bed."

She smiles, though there is about a hundred feet now between us. "Yes, there's always that." She took a careful step forward and then said, "You know Baby, there are many better ways to keep that bed warm."

I shook my head. "What did you say?" I swear her lips didn't move and I heard her say it inside my head.

"Do you want to be alone in that bed tonight?"

"I, uh..No, of course not, but my ...boyfriend is out of town." I did hear her speak that time. 

"Baby, I asked you not to lie to me. You don't have a boyfriend do you? At least not one that you haven't dreamed about."

'How is she reading my mind?'

I stammer again. 'Uh. I do. He's on vacation right now..."

Her eyebrow arched again. "And you're still a virgin?"

"Y..yes of course." I want to cover my mouth, I can't believe I said it out loud to a total stranger who had no right to know.

She looked at her fingernails briefly and then at me. "For an imaginary boyfriend, Baby, you have an idiot and a damn fool. No man would dare go into your bed and leave you a virgin. They can't help be attracted to your body and your innocence. He would want you, to caress you and make you scream as he plunged deep into you over and over again."

Feeling a blush come over my face. "Look...I really have to go...bye" I f***e myself to turn around and continue to the street even faster than before.

'You want to be touched tonight and you want it not to be your own hands don't you Baby?'

I heard her inside my head again. I f***ed myself to ignore it and I kept walking. 

'You can keep walking and you'll find me waiting in your bed. I can see you thinking about how that lock will keep me out. It won't. Not tonight. You'll open your door when I knock.'

I shake my head feeling her inside my mind as if she were moving my thoughts around. I could see her standing there by the light in the black silk she wore. I wondered if she even had a black silk bra while I climbed the stairs to my apartment. Safely inside, I locked the door, dead bolting it and pulling the chain across the top of the door. I turn on the lights in the apartment checking around to see if she's there. She's not. Finally, I sigh, my paranoia in the park was part of my silly imagination. I turn out the extra lights and head to my bedroom, briefly looking at the empty four-poster bed with white sheets. Nothing black but the night coming in around the bed. I chide myself and find my pajamas, a pair of tiny gym shorts that barely cover my ass and a tiny pink tank top with spaghetti straps that seem to never stay on my shoulders. One last look around my room and I slide my legs into the bed. 

'You're wet just thinking about me coming to see you right now. Aren't you?'

My eyes flew open, I thought I had gotten her out of my head. I take a slow deep breath. 

'You can't really be in my mind or even make me think this stuff. It has to be me. I need to stop thinking this way!' I insist to myself and pull my covers over my body all too aware that between my legs, under my white thong, I do feel wet.

Again, I hear her voice. 'You want me to kiss your breasts. You want me to tease your nipples. You so very much want to show me your pussy.'

'You want me to see all of you. And when I do, you'll want to show me your neck."

I lay under the covers, feeling the wetness grow and how I can't stop thinking about her. 

'You want to feel what it is like to scream in passion.' I know she is smiling again.

"Stop. Get out of my head" I sit up and scream at the front door to my apartment. I'm so alone.

'You can't let go of me now Baby. You want to touch me just so I might leave your mind?'

I want to cry. I do want to touch her. Anything, just so I can stop hearing her. 

'You just need to let me in Baby. Like you want to. You do want to don't you Baby?'

Again, I speak out. "Let you in? Where are you?"

As if answering me, there is a knock at my door. My nipples are hard, and my pussy is moist. She's been talking to me all this time. I'm not sure what I am doing, I know she is controlling me right now. I get up from my bed, walking barefoot across the wood floors through the living room and to the heavy oak door. I watch as if in a dream as my hand slides the chain off, it clatters against the door. The dead bolt slides out of the way and my hand is on the knob.

My mind fights one last time as I open the door to her. "You're a stranger. I shouldn't..."

With the door open, she smiles. "I'm no stranger Baby. Not when I can tell you your most intimate thoughts."

"Are you going to let me in so you can stop feeling so wet and horny?" she asks me. 

I hang my head in shame. "I've never thought this way. What are you doing to me?"

"Say it Baby, out loud. Tell me you're wet and horny."

"How...how are you doing this? Mmmmm. I'm wet and horny. Oh!"

"Do you want me to do something about you being wet and horny?"

My mind is unable to fight it and I step aside allowing her to pass and enter my apartment. 

"See now Baby, was that so hard?" she smiles as she enters.

I stood there with my hand on the door, I still feel as if she is in my head. 

Finally she speaks. "Shut the door Baby. We don't need any other interruptions tonight."

I'm breathing heavily, my firm perky tits are heaving, my nipples showing through the thin material.

'It's just going to be you and me.' She tells me as I shut the door and relock it.

She reaches out and caresses my right breast from behind me. I bite my lower lip as I utter a low moan.

"Are you ready to have me in your bed? Or would you like me to tease your body here against the door?"

"Where do you want me?" I ask.

She found my nipple under my clothes and rolled it gently between two fingers. I wimper lightly, my left nipple is now hard and poking out even further. 

'You are very horny Baby. I think I'll take you to your bed.'

"Okay, yes ma'am." I walked past her to her bed, flipping my blonde hair over my shoulder, teasing as I flashed my neck to her.

She smiled again. "Thank you Baby." And she followed me.

'Do you like having a mind control over me? I mean, I've never thought of being with a woman before. Especially not a stranger in my apartment.' 

'Yes Baby, I know you've wanted a woman for some time now.'

"I-I have?" I look at her confused, feeling her in my head, but growing more comfortable with this fact. "Yes...Brian would never go for it, but I'm so glad you're here." 

I sat on the edge of the bed, and lay down with enough room on either side of me. She sat next to me and gently tugged the tiny straps of my top off my shoulders and kissed me.

'You really should be more imaginative with the men you dream about Baby. He is a fool and an idiot to keep you from women.'

"Yes. Yes you did. Where did we meet again?" I moaned feeling her soft kisses on my skin. Forgetting her almost immediately, but feeling her so very close to me, my mind was swirling. She ran a hand under my top to cup my breast and gently lifted my top away.

I gasped feeling her hand on my bare skin. She grew bolder and pinched my nipple hard. I lay there allowing her touch me however she desired, moaning in pleasure. Her hand then crept under the waistband of my shorts. Over my mound and gently parted my delicate, untouched folds feeling how very wet I was. I arched my breasts moaning even more loudly.

Her long finger gently flicked my engorged clit, and then ran around deep in my wetness surrounding my clit. Finally, she pinches it, tugging it forward. Her touch is gentle, I'm not sure why because I want it to hurt.

"Ohhhhhh my God." I whimper, my exposed breasts heaving, "Oh God, what are you doing? Who are you?"

She bent and drew my left breast into her mouth. I ran my fingers through her hair while her fingers played my tight young wet lips. 

'You want more tonight don't you Baby.'

"Anything more. Yes! Please." And she gave me more by sliding one curious finger into my pussy and began stroking inside of me. 

I ran my fingers through her long dark hair; my hands skimmed her neck feeling two very faint bumps. I rubbed there curiously, but I did not look, my eyes closed as I felt her pleasure me, her finger deep inside me.

She kissed my neck and asked me out loud "Anything Baby?"

Lost in my pleasure, "Yes, anything." I was in a total trance as she slid her finger in and out of me, feeling my breaths come with hers and her kisses over my naked body. With her free hand, she tweaked my left nipple and her finger slid faster. 

'Will you give me your virgin bl**d?'

I moaned incoherently. I loved the friction of her moving faster and the pulling of my nipple. The words finally made sense to me. 

'My virgin what?' I lost the question; I was riding the growing crest of my pleasure. She kissed my breasts and slid down, removing her finger, pulling my legs apart to lick my wet pussy.

"Oh my God!" my legs were tense in pleasure as her tongue worked my throbbing clit. "Oh fuck yes. Anything. Anything. Please don't stop!"

Once again she asked, this time out loud. "Will you give me your virgin bl**d?" her tongue dove in and flicked harder. 

I moaned and panted. "Yes more. Yes, anything you want ma'am." Not realizing who she truly was, I said, "Anything you want, you can have me. All of me."

She slid a finger back into my pussy. And I felt her bare skin against mine. I didn't care how she got undressed, but that her nipples were brushing mine made me slide up and down against her. She caught my lips, drawing my tongue into her mouth, I could taste myself there, I groaned and began to lick my juices from her face. I took a free hand and pulled my blonde hair away from my face exposing the pulse in my neck allowing my perfume to waft under her nose. 

'Are you ready to offer yourself to me?'

'Yes please just don't stop please.' I felt the crescendo rising in my body. 

She obliged and slid in two fingers. I tensed my pussy around her fingers. 'I won't stop Baby. It's too late to stop now. I've wanted you all night.'

The sensation of two fingers spreading my lips caused me to moan louder, my panting undeniable, I was certain the neighbors could hear my gasps of pleasure. 

"You can have me Mistress!" I cried out. I don't know why she smiled this time.

'Yes, that's right Baby. Soon you'll understand.'

With my naked body laid out for her on the white sheets, I moaned, panted, my breasts rubbing frantically against hers, I gasped for more air just to moan louder for her.

Again, she kissed my neck, I knew her desire was growing as well. And again, she upped the ante, sliding a third finger inside of me. I felt so full inside, my pussy soaking wet. I moved as she kissed my shoulder and neck. My scent was driving her pleasure. The smell of my lilac perfume, the heady pheromones of sex, and the smell of my untainted virgin bl**d so close to my skin. I screamed in pleasure as she plunged those three fingers deep into my pussy. 

'Yes, you're almost ready Baby.'

"Ready? Ready for what? Please, I think I'm going to cum. Don't stop."

Finally her fingers slid as deep as possible, rubbing even faster. My body arched and moving as I knew I approached my orgasm. 

She took a deep breath, and then I saw her smile change. 

'Yes Baby, you will give me much of yourself tonight.'

'So close...' I drifted off as I began to breath harder, my body jerking and convulsing, her fingers plunged deep inside me. I screamed, feeling my cum all over her hand.

And then the pain came, in my neck; she drove her teeth deep on my right. I screamed, my eyes popping wide open. Her sharp teeth had driven into my neck, sending pain, fear and nausea and all other intense sensations through my body. I felt completely controlled by something else as my body continued to orgasm.

'Relax Baby, I'm here for you.'

As I collapsed after the orgasm, I lay motionless, panting, my tears welling. 'What's happening?'

She removed her lips and fangs from my skin and kissed my tears. 'There is nothing to be afraid of Baby.' She stroked my chin. 

I remained motionless in the bed, feeling drained and tired. I was unable to move, unwilling to speak only breathing and the tears that tumbled down my face as I stared at her wide-eyed. 

'Do you still want me Baby? I can take your soul, or I can take your life. You don't need to still know who I am.'

Finally, she kissed my cheek and closed the blinds in my room. 'Stay out of the sunlight my darling Baby. You will feel better soon.' And with that, she was gone.