"Sex Stories" Wild oats

Sex Stories Wild oats
It was very hot summers day, i had volunteered to help pull the wild oats from the wheat field on the local farm, i was on holiday from my normal boring job, doing the accounts for a local Lord on a hot day was no fun. The reason i had said i would help was one, to help out my father who ran the farm and two because the job was done by casual labour which was mostly ladies from the local villages, on this day there was Jane, a lady of about 24, she was on reputation a bit wild but good fun, she had boy friends and girl friends , her mate was with her, she was about 27 and went by the name of JJ also there was a older lady called Jean, she was in her mid forties and her daughter Carla who was about 17 or 18. We started the day at about 9.00am with idle chit chat about the weather and anything else you could imagine, the sun was becoming very hot, we started our first walk, two metres apart and in a line we walked the length of the field pulling up from the root any wild oat that was growing amongst the wheat, every body was dressed in clothing for a cooler day but after the first couple of walks we all started to discard some clothing, 

I was down to jeans and t-shirt, Jane was in shorts and crop top, her gorgeous big breast looking lovely, JJ was in a denim skirt and vest top, Carla in jogging pants and a very tight t-shirt, her small breast visible and her mother Jean was down to black cords and a short sleeve jumper, after another two lengths of the field we stopped for a drinks break and got chatting, quickly the conversation turned to sex, Jane been the instigator, she started asking me if it was true i had a big thick cock, i gave my normal response "That's up to you to find out" she smiled at me and said she might just do that, JJ suggested they might catch me and pin me down and have a look, i smiled at her and told her i was going nowhere, meantime Jean and Carla had distanced themselves from the conversation but stood a few yards away laughing, suddenly JJ grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to the ground, i was a little surprised, then Jane joined in and made a grab for my jeans, i decided it was easier not to fight so Jane unzipped my jeans and in went her hand, she looked to JJ and told her it was true, Jane still had hold of my cock which was starting to get hard, i looked at jane and told her to leave it alone, so doing what she was told she let go of my cock and zipped my jeans back up, i looked down and there was a noticeable bulge in the front of my jeans, Jane then shouted to Jean and Carla to look at my bulge, Carla looked but her mother turned her back and started to walk down the field, i suggested we should do the same so off we all went, after another couple of runs it was time for Lunch, Jean was getting picked up by her husband who worked on the farm, so i though Carla would be going with her but Carla decided she would stay with me, Jane,and JJ for lunch.(Sex Stories)

We all found comfy spots around a tree and sat down to have a drink and a bite to eat, Jane said she was at boiling point and asked if anybody minded if she took her top off, i looked at her and smiled, she quickly whipped off her crop top and sat there in a nice black bra, JJ quickly followed her mates idea but to mine and Carla's shock she didn't have a bra on, she sat there naked from the waist up, she had very small breast but very large nipples that quickly became hard in the cooling breeze, i looked at JJ and told her they was lovely nipples she had, Jane them went to her friend bent down and kissed her on the nipples lingering over each kiss, i looked at Carla and smiled, she looked very shocked at what was happening and a little red in the face. I suggested that maybe me and Carla should leave them alone and move to the next tree, Carla quickly said she was fine, Jane and JJ sat very close to each other and whispered into each other ears, suddenly Jane slightly turned towards me and JJ un-hooked Janes bra, she had huge tits, at least 40DD i would reckon, then JJ went in her bag and out came some suntan lotion, she quickly started rubbing this into Janes huge breast.(Adult Stories)

I looked across to Carla who eyes where fixed on what was happening, Jane then took some lotion in her hand and started rubbing it into JJ small tits, then they started to kiss passionatly holding each other tightly, i stood up catching Carlas attention, she looked at me and i pointed away from them, Carla stood up and we started to walk away, then Jane shouted "what you doing, we will need your cock in a minute we aint got any toys with us" i stopped and looked at them, i turned to Carla and asked her if she was ok staying and if not to have a walk, she looked at me with her big dark eyes and said she would love too watch and that she may join in, i was very surprised but very happy so i slowly turned back towards Jane and JJ, jane was now sucking hard on JJ's nipples and had her hand between JJ's legs, seeing this my cock was now rock hard and pushing at the top of my jeans, Carla just sat down a few yards away and watched the two girls, i however moved a little closer and stood a yard in front of them, i could now see that JJ was not wearing pants and that Jane was fingering her pussy, my cock was now ready for some action, suddenly Janes hand left the pussy of JJ and squeezed my cock through my jeans, JJ stood up and quickly had my jeans around my ankles, my cock was bulgeing from my boxers then JJ slowly pulled down my boxers and my hard cock sprang forward, she turned towards Carla "look at this beauty, come and have a look" Carla just smiled sweetly and then made a suprising coment " i prefer women to men" JJ looked almost as surprised as me. Jane took charge of my cock, she had her lips covered in lip balm slideing over my cock whilst JJ stood behind her and played with her tits, then i noticed Carla had her hand down her jogging bottoms, i said nothing to the others but carried on watching her, me, jane and JJ moved and laid in the grass around the tree, Jane took off her shorts, JJ then grabbed my cock and started sucking on it whilst cupping my balls in her hand, suddenly jane demanded she had my cock, JJ held it straigt faceing the sky and Jane lowered herself onto me, JJ stayed where she was and started rubbing Janes clit with very quick fingers, Jane was now starting to ride my thick eight inches with vigour, JJ lifted up her skirt and slowly lowered her wet shaven pussy onto my face, my tongue probed at her pussy lips and started licking her sweet smelling juices from her, i realised that we now had a spectator stood near to us, Carla had made her way to us and was just stood watching, JJ looked at her and suggested she joined in, Carla just shook her head, Jane was now moaning loudly every time she took my whole eight inches, she then shouted "I'm cummin, fucking hell i'm cummin", JJ was now having the pleasure of my tongue licking and flicking her clit, she was so wet, her juices all over my face, she then pronounced she was also cummin and with a shudder and a twitch she suddenly lifted herself from my face, Jane then stood up from my cock and her and JJ had a passionate kiss both of them feeling each others pussy, I looked at Carla and asked her if she wanted her turn now, she looked at me with her mouth open, dont hurt me will you she said, i got to my feet, and slowly pulled her jogging bottoms down, then we noticed her dads car about 200 yards away, she quickly pulled her bottoms back up and the two girls got dressed within seconds, my cock was back in his pants and my heavy balls felt like they wieghed a ton, two girls had orgasms and one maybe but poor old me had a huge stiff cock but no cummin.

Jean arrived for her afternoons work after her husband dropped her off not knowing anything about what had gone on during the luch break, we started walking through the wheat looking for wild oats and Jean suddenly asked did we have a nice lunch, Jane said yes she found something nice in a lunch box, me JJ, and Carla sniggered to our selfs with Jean looking rather puzzeled, at about 3.30 it was time to pack up and go home, the sun was still beating down and i suggested we meet for a drink later in the local pub, Jane and JJ said great idea, Jane only lived two doors from the pub so she was happy, Carla asked her mum if shes was going or if her parents would give her a lift to the pub later, her mother was not certain what they had planned so i gave Carla my phone number and told her to ring me if she had any problems getting a lift, so we all went our seperate ways and made our ways home.

Once home i had a long soak in the bath, a bite to eat and headed off down the pub, Carla hadn't rang so she was either getting a lift or not coming, i arrived at the pub about 7.00pm ordered my pint and sat at the bar chatting to the middle aged lady behind the bar for a while, suddenly the door opened and in walked Jane and JJ, Jane was wearing a short black leather mini skirt and a very tight black top, which looking at her had no bra underneath, her boobs bouncing about underneath, JJ was wearing a short powder blue skirt and a white blouse, i got the drinks in and we sat in a corner of the bar, we chatted about the afternoons events and if we thought Carla would turn up or not, JJ said she fancied Carla and would love to get her tongue in her pussy, i quickly quipped i would also love to get my tongue in her pussy, Jane sat saying very little for a change but started to rub my left thigh getting ever nearer my cock, JJ noticed this and started to rub the other side and whispering what she would like to do with my cock into my ear. It was just gone 8.00pm and still no Carla, we decided to get another drink in so i made my way to the bar, i had a semi-hard on but hoped that my long shirt which i was wearing outside my jeans would hide the fact, i approached the bar and the barmaid kept her eyes fixed on my groin area which was a little strange, i asked for the drinks and handed over some money and told her to get one for her self, this she did, handed me the change and leaned across the bar and asked if i was pleased to see her, i must have gone crimson, i smiled back at her but said nothing, picked my drinks up and went back to the corner to find Jane and JJ whispering to each other, this time i sat opposite them, Jane looked at me and sniggered "did the barmaid see your hard cock" yes i replied, suddenley the door opened and in walked Carla, she looked so different, her dark hair all curles, a short black skirt and a lovely pink glittery top which was low cut, i went to greet her and bought her a drink, she made her way to the corner and sat down rather nervously, we sat chatting about general things for a while nobody bringing up the afternoons events, then JJ suddenly spoke quietly "I'm still so fucking horny from earlier, anybody fancy going back to Janes and having some fun" nobody spoke for about 20 seconds but we all looked at each other, then i said it sounded good and looked at Jane she was ready and willing that just left Carla, fancy some fun Carla? asked JJ, yes please replied Carla to everybodys relief, so we all put some money in a kitty and bought some beer and vodka from the pub and we left to walk all of 20 yards to Janes house which she shared with her b*****r.

Once inside the house Jane got some glasses and snacks and we started on the booze, i asked Jane where her b*****r was and the reply was that he was away visiting friends for a few days. We all sat in the living room and put a music station on TV, i sat on the sofa with JJ on one side of me and Carla on the other, Jane sat on the rug in front of the fire place, JJ suggested we play some games or watched a video, we decided on the video, so Jane got a handfull of videos from a draw in the room, theres five here she said, Carla give me a number between one and five, one been the top one and five been the bottom, Carla replied with number 3, thats good said Jane i like that one, so i asked her what it was, it's just some porn i bought at a car boot sale she replied, i must have looked a little shocked, i turned to Carla and asked her quietly if she was ok with this, she just nodded her head, Jane put the video into the player and on it came, there was two guys giving these three ladys a good fucking, after watching for a couple of minutes JJ started strokeing my leg moving quickly on to my cock, i was semi hard, she looked at me and slightly opened her legs, i moved my hand and pulled her short skirt a little higher and my hand slipped between her legs, again she was wearing no pants i could feel her pussy which was moist. Jane had now moved from the rug and was perched on the chair arm next to Carla, watching both what me and JJ was doing and looking at Carlas boobs, Carla noticed and looked up at Jane and smiled at her, Jane grabbed her hand and lead her into the kitchen, JJ now started to unzip my jeans and her hand went inside, i told her it was easier to just take them off so i stood up unfastened my belt and kicked of my shoes and took my jeans off, i sat down just in my boxers and shirt, her head fell into my lap and she started kissing my hard cock through the boxers, i looked up and could see Jane and Carla in the kitchen, Jane had Carla pressed aginst the wall, there mouths locked together and Janes hand between Carlas legs, i tapped JJ on the shoulder and pointed to the kitchen, JJ looked at me and said shall we go and join them, i said no lets just watch for a minute or two, so there we sat, Porn on the tv and Jane and Carla in the kitchen, suddenly Jane moved away from Carla and took of her top, Carlas head dropped down and she started sucking on Janes nipples, then Carlas hand was between Janes legs, JJ suddenly walked towards the kitchen and asked if anybody could join in, they both stopped what they was doing and looked at JJ, lets all go upstairs and have an orgy said JJ with a slightly raised voice, i shouted that they could count me in, so we all moved upstairs into a large bedroom with a very large double bed in it takeing the drinks with us. 

Once in the bedroom i suggested that we all get naked, so i took of my shirt and boxers, my cock in a semi-hard state, Jane was soon naked, JJ slowly took off her clothes and Carla looked a little taken aback with three naked people in front of her, JJ offered her some help by undoing her skirt and pulling it down whilst Jane lifted Carlas top over her head, there she stood in her nice lacey white underwear looking like a startled rabbit in the car headlights, i suggested she keep them on and to take them off when it felt right, she nodded her head in agreement, i went up to her and kissed her on the cheek and told her to do nothing she didn't want to do, she smiled and took a large mouthfull of vodka from her glass and topped the glass up again, we turned round to find JJ and Jane in a 69 along the middle of the bed, Janes mouth eating at JJ's pussy whilst JJ was fingering and eating Janes pussy, we both stood and watched them for a while, the slurping sound coming from Jane who was eating pussy for all she was worth, I looked at Carla who was looking very nervous at what she was watching, i put my arm around her waist and quietly asked her if she had ever been with a man or a women, she turned to be and whispered into my ear she had been fucked before but never had a women but always fancied her best mate and wanted to try it, i told her to just relax and she giggled and took another large sip of vodka. Jane and JJ now had each other moaning loudly their hot bodies clamped together as they licked and licked at each other pussy, JJ shouted she was cummin and told Jane to stop, Janes head laid flat on the bed now whilst JJ lickked and finger fucked her, suddenly with a loud moan jane started to shake and a huge orgasm went through her body, she was breathing heavy, JJ moved off the bed and walked over to me and Carla, she Kissed Carla full on the lips and Carla kissed her back, i moved away and went to Jane on the bed, my cock was rock hard after watching the girls perform.

Jane rolled over and laid with her legs wide apart, i moved myself between her thighs and slowly pushed my cock into her soaking pussy, she moaned as i pushed deeper into her, i picked up her legs and put then onto my shoulders whilst lifting her ass off the bed, i f***ed deep into her, my balls slapping against her ass, then a hand came from behind me and started squeezing my balls gently, i glanced over my shoulder to find Carla to my surprise been directed by JJ, after ten minutes of pumping my cock deep into Janes pussy i could feel my self getting close to shooting my load, i'm going to be another 30 seconds i stated, Jane said take it out, so i withdrew from her soaking pussy, JJ quickly jumped on the bed and took my pussy juice covered cock in her mouth, within seconds i shot my huge load into her mouth, she pulled away from me with a smile and let the cum dribble round her lips and onto her chin, Jane turned to her and they kissed with my cum swapping from mouth to mouth, i had never before seen that done. Carla still looked like a fish out of water, but was quickly getting d***k, i noticed that she was half way through the vodka bottle and had become very giggly, Jane asked her to come to the bed so she slowly moved to the side of the bed and sat down, Jane unhooked her bra and took away her bra, then she pulled her down onto the bed and started to kiss her lovely young breasts, JJ then knelt at the side of the bed between Carlas legs and slowly started strokeing her thighs, then she slipped a finger inside her white pants and started to finger her pussy, Carla just laid there motionless except for a slight opening of her legs, JJ started kissing her inner thighs and slowly moved to her pants, Carla lifted her ass up slightly and JJ had her pants off in no time, she spread her legs wide and started licking at her pussy, Carla was now starting to moan slightly, i just stood and watched my cock getting harder every second, Jane was still kissing and sucking on Carlas boobs, i moved behind Jane and started rubbing her pussy from behind she was very wet,i decide i wanted to lick this pussy so i laid on the bed behind where Jane was kneeling and slowly moved my head under her pussy, i pulled her down onto my mouth and started licking her clit, Carla was moaning loudly now with JJ's head still between her legs and Jane sucking on her tits, Carla started to whimper and moan even louder, suddenly she twitched and shouted she was cummin, Jane was also starting to moan loudly i had my tongue deep up her pussy and my fingers rubbing her clit, her juices running down my fingers and arm, Carla shouted " stop, stop i can't take anymore" JJ moved from between her legs and Jane moved back from her tits, Carla stood up and left the bedroom, when she was gone JJ comented she was the juciest pussy she had ever licked and she had licked some pussy in her time, Jane shouted for me to keep licking, so i did, then JJ climbed on my hard cock and slowly rode me for a good ten minutes whilst my tongue was deep inside Janes pussy who was now at the start of her third orgasm and was so wet. The door slowly opened and in walked Carla, JJ still rideing my cock asked if she was ok, Yes came the reply that was brilliant your the first person to give me an orgasm, JJ was now bouncing up and down on my cock like somebody out of control, she shouted" fucking hell i'm cummin" and jumped of my cock, she lay on the bed with her legs wide apart, grabbed hold of her own ankles and rolled onto her back with her pussy in the air," Carla lick my pussy" she demanded, Carla moved forward and started to lick her pussy and clit, Jane then demanded i stop licking her so i moved away with her juices all over my face,Jane stood up and left the room. Carla was on all fours, her cute ass faceing me, i moved behind her and started rubbing her with my fingers her pussy was still very wet, i moved behind her and slowly pushed the tip of my cock between her pussy lips, she slightly pushed back at me, so i slowly pushed into her very tight pussy, my eight inches pushing in a little at a time, she was very tight i only dare push slightly in fear of hurting her, i managed to get about six inches into her and slowly started to fuck her with short hard thrust, she was still licking JJ's pussy and JJ was screaming the house down, JJ then told her to stop and that she couldn't cope with her pussy been licked anymore, Carla, moved away from me and my cock dropped from her pussy, she turned to me and said sorry, i smiled back at her and said it was fine, JJ looked at my cock and said dont waste that and rolled her self into a ball again her pussy pointing upwards, fuck me hard Andy she demanded so i got partly on top of her and rammed my thick cock into her juicey pussy, she had a tight pussy and great muscle control, within ten minutes i could feel my self cummin, i told JJ, she said to pull out and come on her pussy and ass, i pulled my cock out in time and my cream shot all over her pussys and ass, she was covered in my cum, Jane had been watching unknown to me and quickly moved between JJ legs and licked off all my cum.

Carla suddenly got in a panick, she was ment to get picked up from the pub 10 minutes ago, she quickly got dressed, Jane put a dressing gown on and walked her the few yards to where her mum and dad was waiting to pick her up, Jane came back in the house laughing to herself, whats up with you we both asked, nothing it's just i can't believe we met her this morning at work and now we have all had a piece of her, JJ asked if we wanted another session in the bedroom or not because she was knackered and ready for bed, so i looked at jane and suggested i would walk her the 200 yards to her house, so we all got fully clothed and i walked JJ back to her house, she said see you in the morning and went inside, i walked back to Janes house to find Jane sat there watching the porn movie we had started watching earlier, i got my self a beer from the fridge and sat down next to her, she was finishing off the bottle of Vodka Carla had half d***k, she asked me if i was watching the porn on tv, i said not really, good she said and got a video from a different place and put it in the recorder, it was straight into action, Jane and JJ where the stars, Jane giggled, don't tell her i showed you this, they was jane sat there with JJ pushing a giant dildo up her pussy whilst pushing a bananna up her own pussy, i sat with my mouth open watching this hard lesbian action, my cock starting to rise, Jane suddenly says the next bits good, there a slight pause and then JJ is laid on the edge of the bed with her head on the floor and her pussy pointing to the ceiling and jane with a pot of cream feeding into her pussy, then she starts licking the cream from JJ's pussy her whole face covered in cream and pussy juice, the bulge in my trousers was reaching monsterous proportions now, suddenly Jane noticed looked at me and said nothing, her hands now moving between her own legs, she lifted herself up off the sofa alittle and opened her legs wide, pulling her skirt upwards she started playing with her pussy, do you have any cream in the house i asked, no she replied but i do have some small thin ice lollies, i smiled at her and went to the freezer in the kitchen, after a little looking around i found some ice polls, small thin ice lollies wrapped in plastic, i brought one through with me, it was strawberry flavour, i carefully unwrapped it, whilst doing this Jane had my jeans down to my ankles, i kicked off my shoes and she pulled down my boxers, my cock was still semi-hard, i told her to sit right on the edge of the sofa, so she did so and i knelt down in front of her pussy and slowly pushed the 5 inch ice lollie into her pussy untill it was out of view, she held it in with her muscles, little slivers of red liquid running from her pussy, i told her to lay on her back with her bum on the edge of the sofa arm and to hold her legs up, i knelt down faceing the sofa arm and her pussy and got to work on licking her pussy, her lovely pussy juices mixed with the strawberry flavouring, i licked harder and harder with my thumb rubbing her very enlarged clit, she was shouting and screaming and telling the whole world how good it felt, i pulled her ass just over the edge of the arm so her pussy was now faceing downwards, the juices ran from her very fast, my face covered in a mixture of strawberry flavour ice lollie and her juices, she suddenly started to shake and scream the juices running from her faster than my tongue could lick, she quickly told me to stop but i carried on for a short while untill her screaming and shouting got too loud, i lifted her off the sofa and carried her up to the bedroom, i laid her on the edge of the bed and pulled her open legs towards me and started ramming my hard cock into her, she lay there like a rag doll as i held her by the waist and fucked her harder and harder, she was rocking backwards and forwards with every deep thrust, then after 15 minutes i could feel my balls starting to get tight, i fucked with one last hard push and shot my load deep into her pussy, i held her in position my legs and groin shakeing, i fell forward slowly with my cock still deep inside her and pushed her further onto the bed, i kissed her on the lips and we rolled over my cock still inside her, she slowly sat up her breathing very heavy, my cock was now starting to go a little limp inside her, she mustered enough energy to climb off my cock, my cum and her juices running down her thighs, she climbed off the bed "I'm too knackered to do anything else" she muttered to me, i smiled at her and said so am i , she laid back down on the bed next to me and we both fell asl**p before i woke up in the early hours of the morning and quietly got dressed before making my way home. The next morning at work was very quiet, nobody knowing what to say to anybody untill lunch time, when it was just me and the girls again after Jean had gone home, there was never a full repeat although i did get to fuck Carla about 6 months later at a party in the village, but thats another story.