"Sex Stories" Women are as bad as men

Sex Stories Women are as bad as men
First please pop along to my photos as I have just uploaded some from summer and some from last night. The reason I suggest you do, will give you an image as to what transpired that day. I have more photos of the man in question, and his actions.

I sailed out to one of the many small islands in the Baltic and was left there to be picked-up later that evening.

The small islands are a great retreat if you like to be alone as there are thousands to land on, sometimes you have one to yourself.

However the one I chose, for safety reasons, was large enough for privacy, but had families there and moored boats, tied to rocks on the shore.(Sex Stories)

I get a knot in my stomoch each time I land on one of these rocky outcrops, its a feeling of the unknown and that something might transpire, the unexpected and the daring do of a woman on the prowl.

One of the photos shows shows me in a small pocket sandy section, where I am naked and about to enter the water. What the camera does not show is a man off to my right, he is nude also, so I dare not point the camera directly at him, however he is watching me and I am giving him the full side on view and looking directly at him.

His cock is up, that I can see and its obvious to him it does not bother me.

As I stare him down he suddenly reaches for a towel and covers himself and a noise to my left idicates the reason why, a couple of teenage boys are making their way across to us ad discretely decide to venture into the cold water of the Baltic.

The boys are drinking beer and stop directly opposite me and start talking and one notices my camera beside my discarded clothes. 'Shall I take your photo?' he calls out, I am some 3 to 5m away from the shoreline, and without waiting for my reply, picks up my camera and takes the photo, which is also posted here, the one of me in the water.

I think the boys are a little d***k and not used to drinking especially outdoors in full sun. One reaches into his plastic bag and pulls a beer off its plastic ring and offers it to me. I call back for him to leave it beside my clothes, which he does, right on top of my skimpy knickers and I can see him lift them for his friend to view.

They are young, being imature and excitable, enboldened by the alcohol the one with my knickers tosses them to his friend who sniffs the crotch and thrusts them down his shorts, where they nestle snuggly beside his cock.

I close the distance to them by a couple of meters, where I can now talk with normal levels and tell them to behave and put my panties back. I am smilling as I talk and both boys are clearly excited with the encounter as the bulges they are now sporting, confirms they are up for it.
I slowly emerge from the water, aware the image I am now casting is having a deafning effect on both of them. They dont speak, just stare and gulp nervously on their beers. I stand tall, raise my arms to tie back my hair, causing my breasts to lift, this coupled with my nipples erect and rubbery from the ice cold water, is doing what I love doing, being an exhibitionist, a tease, a preditor and a fucker of men.

I had them both transfixed and as I moved closer I was sure they could smell my scent coming from my hot pussy. Walking over to my clothes I stooped down to lift the beer, slowly and deliberately, giving both enough time to savour the curve of my vagina as it dissapears from my ass curving into my thighs.

This is a pose, well rehersed in front of a mirror, a pose that displays a womans sex organ to its full extent, one favoured by older men as it shows the ass in combination, open, vurnable, and inviting.

Carlsberg Elephant Beer 7.2, 'Wow strong shit guys' I say, 'Trying to get me pissed?' I smile a smile that is wide and open, exhibiting a relaxed easy going woman comfortable with her environment and the two boys, she now confronts.

I sit, bare-assed and a rock, 'Ouch that is fucking hot' I say and jump back up. They both laughed nervously and I hold out my hand to the guy with my knickers stuffed down his crotch, 'Can I have my knickers back, please?' He reaches inside his shorts and pulls them out, tosses them to me and they land at my feet. I stoop down, pick them up and press them to my nose. 'Mmmmmmm you smell nice,' I say, and we all burst into laughter.

I put my shorts on the hot rock and sit down facing them both, take another long draw on the beer, burp, more laughter and ask for another beer. 

I look over my two new friends from my vantage point, which is higher than them, as they are sitting on the sand. I raise my eyes further across to the guy lying on the beach further down and he is looking across intently. 'Do you know him' one inquires, 'No,' I replied, 'He was there when I arrived, I think he thought we were going to fuck, before you guys came'
I studied their faces as I said it, paying particular emphasis on the work Fuck, it appeared to shock them and I was happy, I was in control and leading the conversation in the direction I wanted.

I raised the beer can to my lips, straightening my back so my breasts could jutt out more, and as I swallowed I let my thighs open wider to expose my vagina to the full gaze.

As I lowered the can, both of them were transfixed with my exposed pussy, I smiled broadly and said, 'Boys you never seen a womans cunt before?' 'Not as beautiful and open as that, one said. 'Come here' I ordered, and he came across and knelt in front of me. I took his hand, turned his fingers and placed it between my legs, drawing it slowly backwards and forwards, his fingers tracing a moist streak along the length of my hot vagina. 'Keep doing it' I rasped between gritted teeth, I was being masturbated tenderly and lovenly by a beautiful young teen boy, I felt no shame only desire and a stong need to orgasm.

'Take your shorts off' I ordered the other one, 'Lie on your back and hold your cock upright'. He did as I demanded, I rose and slid down his shaft, humping his cock as only a bitch in heat could.

The three beers had dulled my clitoris, I had an immediate vaginal orgasm but the clitoris for me is the more powerful, so on I ploughed onto his cock. I turned and said to the boy, who had prepared me only 5 minutes ago, to get behind me and squeeze my tits as hard as he could. 

This was having an effect, I could feel it building but not quite there, I wanted something more. 'Take your cock out and stick it up my arse' I gritted, 'Fuck me, fuck me,' I was moaning.

From afar it must have looked an incredible sight, a woman stradling a boy with another trying to get his cock into her ass and her pumping fevourishly on one cock and trying to push the cock up her bottom while moaning fuck me fuck me.

Well, it was a sight, because the third cock was being pumped by the older guy now sitting much closer to the action and readying himself for insertion into my fevourish flesh.

The heat was intensified in my crotch as one then two ejaculated. Both boys had cum too quickly. We in fact had been fucking for less than five minutes and I had a pussy full of fresh cum and an ass covered in a second load, we never quite got him into me.

I sat with his flacid cock in me and a shadow came over me, I looked up and my friend from afar was standing, cock in hand. 'Join in, why not' I said and kneeling above the boy the man came in behind me inserted and pumped me to my second vaginal orgasm.

I will stop at this point as the action continued later but it would be too long to tell.

The point I am making here, this happened because I made it happen, so guys not all women are princesses we are as bad as men