"Sex Stories" Working the Big Box

Sex Stories Working the Big Box
“This job SUCKS,” I thought as I punched in at 4:00 PM on a Sunday afternoon, “but that young slut won’t have me to tease me through my entire shift anymore!” I had been employed in factory up until 8-weeks ago and then the entire economy took a dump and I was in the second wave of lay-offs. So instead of hanging out on unemployment I got on with a big box store, “the big W” as some of the guys called it.

I had started on days and the training went well as I was used to working hard at the factory and this was pretty easy work compared to the long days on the line. I am a stocking clerk so I moved about the store, a real dream compared to standing in one place for an 8-hour shift. But then the store manager decided to make drastic changes in schedules and I was moved to the second shift. This means I punch in at 4:00 PM and punch out after midnight with a short lunch break anywhere in the middle of the shift.(Porn Stories)

I really didn’t mind the change in store traffic and the pain in the ass customers that always know more than the store staff. But I hated the late evening work and was not feeling real happy about the change. But there was bright spot, that young flirty woman was going to need to find someone else to tease with her low-cut tops and jeans.

It all started about 2-weeks ago when I was working the shoe department when this young woman approached me from behind. I did not hear her and was on my knees stocking a bunch of cheap ass sandals that looked like something a hooker would not be caught dead in! I first realized she was there when I smelled this great scent of perfume that I knew as one of the brands we sold in the cosmetic aisle.

I looked around just as she put her hand on my shoulder. She was a pretty woman, perhaps 20-years old, and very pale skin with pretty red nails that must have set her back a bundle. 

“Excuse me babe,” she said as she stepped around me. I had no chance to get up, as she was right on top of me before I was aware of her. The aisle was wide enough for her to pass but she rubbed her jean-covered leg against me as she moved past me.

She stood about 4-feet in front of me for a moment, then bent at the knees into a squatting position and her top pulled up exposing her thong panty string in plain sight. It was bright red like her nails and a skinny little stringy thing that I couldn’t avoid seeing. He jeans were skintight so how she was able to bend into that position was nothing short of amazing.

I got up off my knees, as she was too close to me for comfort. The view as I stood showed the crack of her ass showing in the gap of her jeans and I felt my cock begin to harden. “Shame on you,” I thought to myself, she is young enough to be your daughter. “It is so damn hard working like this,” I thought to myself. I was nearly 60-years old and so comfortable working in the factory where uniforms covered everyone’s body the same and we all got dirty so there was no room for sexpot women to drive me crazy.

“Hey babe,” the young woman said, breaking my line of thought, “do you have these shoes in pink?”

My face redden as she looked straight at me and I felt her gaze drop to my swelling cock. “Uh, gee,” I stammered, “that is all we have.”

She seemed not to mind my obvious semi-erect cock as she started to get up out of the obviously uncomfortable squatting position. As she stood she turned, a pair of shoes in her hand, and as she faced me she dropped the shoe. I wasn’t sure if I should pick it up for her as I had stepped back a bit and did not want to be too forward.

Before I could decide what to do she squatted down again to retrieve the shot. As she did she spread her knees wide apart leaving an obvious camel-toe outline in the tight fitting jeans. She reached for the shoe and the neckline in her loose fitting top gapped open and I could see her exposed breast clear down to the nipple, which was very erect. Her areole and nipple were much darker than her white skinned breast and it was perhaps the most erotic picture I can imagine!

She looked up with this wide-eyed innocent look and said, “kinda clumsy today.”

She had very little make-up on, her complexion was flawless, so smooth and not a blemish to be found. She had full lips with just a bit of light pink lipstick on, or she had perfect coloration as the lipstick was not noticeable. Her face was framed by silky light brown hair that hung in long graceful strands and those eyes, they seemed to look right into my soul. Her eyelashes were soft and feathery and longer than average. I could tell they were not fake past on ones and she had not touched them with any of the goop so many young tarts (old-man phrase instead or slut) used to give themselves the raccoon eyes I hated.

She smiled showing perfectly white teeth and then got up in one graceful movement. I knew I had been staring like an old pervert or something, but she was simply beautiful. I mumbled something about needing to get back at my work as she passed me headed back the way she had come. She held tightly to the shoes and as she passed brushed her bare arm against mine, driving me to the edge of sexual arousal. 

I wanted her, right there on the spot, “what a horrid mind I had,” I thought as she reached the end of the aisle and then was gone. My cock pressed tightly against my belt begging to get out, but I just had to adjust a bit and try to put her out of my mind. “Work is what I need,” I thought as my hands trembled to pick up more shoeboxes.

I had been here for nearly a month and up to this point the most revealing image I had was a 70 something year old woman that was setting on a bench with legs spread showing the whole world her old lady stockings and fat legs. One of the guys had grabbed me saying, “you gotta see the hot check over on the bench. Be careful she doesn’t see you, but you can shoot a beaver that you will never forget.”

I could have wrung his neck, it was a set-up and the scene was bad. But this one was beyond belief and I knew telling my coworkers would only get me teased for making it all up.

The rest of the day my mind played the scene over and over, I simply couldn’t get her off my mind. I was divorced about 5-years ago and had not had a date or gotten laid since then. I was reduced to hand jobs in front of my computer screen, but longed for the contact with a real woman again, but had no desire to start dating as I wanted nothing to do with a woman taking my every dime if it didn’t work out.

I went home later in the afternoon, with a huge hard-on as I drove. As soon as I got into the door I had my pants down and began stroking my cock. I was so hot I was oozing pre-cum before I touched myself. I played the scene over again, the string thong, the butt crack, the camel toe, her breast, and that face. By the time I got to her facial features I was dumping my load all over my hand.

The next morning I punched in knowing that it was Senior Citizen day and had no desire to get set up to see and old lady beaver again, but the guys working the stocking crew were vulgar and cruel, and they thought I was a perfect target.

I was relieved when I saw my assignment. I was working the garden products alone, “WHEW, no beavers out there,” I thought to myself. I also noticed I was working it alone so the other guys couldn’t set me up again.

I was working down the aisle cleaning up the shelves that had been messed up by shoppers and their brat k**s. All the clay pots were tossed about and took a while to organize before I could tell what to bring out for restocking purposes. I was standing near the end of the aisle reading the stocking sheet and looked up when I heard a clay pot fall to the floor near the center of the long aisle.

I was shocked to see the young woman that drove me to distraction yesterday. Today she was wearing a very thin top and obviously no bra as her nipples were poking straight out held in place by the thin fabric. She was wearing shorts that couldn’t have been any tighter if they were panties only. They were so thin I swear I could see line of her pussy but my view was broken as she bent at the waist to pick up the broken pot.

“Oh gee,” I groaned to myself, she was showing me both breasts through the very low-cut top. If she didn’t stand up they were going to fall out of that thin top. Her breast were full but not out of proportion for her body size and there was space enough between them for my cock!

I was shocked that this thought crossed my mind, I was r****g her breasts in my mind and I had no idea who she was. I couldn’t believe how horny I was, my cock didn’t start to swell, it nearly poked a hole through my pants as it came to full erection in a matter of seconds.

I tried to turn away but she obviously knew I was there and as she stood up she said, “Oh, its you babe, what should I do with these broken pieces? You are going to make me buy it I hope.”

Her voice was soft and sweet and dripping with the idea that she could twist me around her little finger. Before I could move or say a word she came up to me holding the pieces in both hands in front of her. As she stopped she pushed her hands up and managed to catch the underside of the boobs adding more cleavage than she had naturally.

At that very second I thought, “You little cock tease, why would you do that if you didn’t want me to look at your tits?”

I had no intention of charging her for it, this sort of shit happens all the time and if I spent the entire day trying to get people to pay for stuff I’d never get my job done. I put my clipboard down on the shelf and said, “Here, let me take those, no problem.”

I held out my hands for her to dump the pieces in and as she started to dump them I caught them and I felt her warm soft hands against mine. Her finger tips were smooth as silk and so warm, it sent a thrill all the way though my body, right down to the head of my cock!

I knew my erection showed, but she was right on top of me and looking me directly in the eyes, so I felt a little safer. I could smell her perfume again and her hair looked so silky soft that I wanted to touch it. I had it bad, this little minx had me acting like an old letch and I was unable to control my thoughts.

She stepped back a bit and my hands moved down involuntarily to attempt to hide my erection. She looked down and I knew she saw the bulge, but instead of being shocked she smiled a bit, stepped another step back and said, “Oh gash, look at the mess I made.”

I thought she meant my cock but as I looked at her she raised both hands and brushed her boobs off as if they were covered in dust. There was a speck of anything on them but she brushed them several times and I noticed them bounce to her touch. Her nipples, although still erect, seemed to double in size from the touch.

She stopped mid brush, looked up at me with her mouth formed in a perfect “O” shape and said, “Oh goodness, looks like both of us are a bit excited,” and as she said it moved her hands down exposing a bare nipple. It took me a second to realize that she had pinched the fabric between her fingers and was purposely exposing her breast.

I was hurting bad, my cock ached for attention and I felt my face flush and then I broke a sweat. She looked down at her nipple then at my cock, and then into my eyes. “Sorry Babe” she said, let go of the fabric and instead of popping back to cover her the edge caught on her nipple. 

She seemed unshaken by the fact that her tit was exposed and now the neck of her top was hung up on her erect nipple. 

“Oh, OUCH’” the little nymph exclaimed as she held out her middle finger just inches from my nose, “I think I cut myself on the pot!” And with that she inserted the tip of her finger in her mouth, first just the tip, then all the way in. She formed her lips around it and slowly pulled it out as if sucking a cock. Her finger glistened with her saliva all over it and she opened her mouth and started plunging the tip of her finger against her tongue like it was a cock head plunging in and out.
I was frozen, unable to move or believe what was going on. Then she closed her full lips around her finger again and sucked it all the way in, gagging as it reached the back of her throat.

She pulled her finger out slowly, loaded with thick saliva and as she did a string of it stuck to her finger tip with the other end on her lower lip. She pulled it out like a k** playing with stringy cheese, watching the clear liquid start to droop and it snapped from her lip and the loose end dropped right onto the exposed nipple.

“Oh gee, what a mess I must be!” She exclaimed as she pretended to wipe the mess off her nipple. She smeared the obviously slick saliva all around the nipple and seemed to shudder from the further stimulation. “Woops,” she said in a high-pitched voice and picked at the fabric to get it over her nipple, “guess I’d better put that girl back in place.”

I gulped hard as the sweat popped out on my forehead. I had a lump in my throat and my hands were shaking as she turned and walked away from her. Her full butt swayed seductively in the tight thin fabric of her shorts and I could clearly see a black thong showing through the pale pink short fabric.

As she got to the spot in the aisle where she broke the pot she squatted down, just like yesterday, and her shorts slid down her ample butt showing me the black thong and of course half her butt. The thong was a shiny satin fabric and instead of a tiny string it was attached to the satin with a wide lace elastic. I was frozen in the spot, hands full of broken pot pressing against the top of my hard cock. Before I knew it I felt the head of my cock swell and I blew a load of cum in my pants.

I had not rubbed my cock; just pressed hard against it to stop the throbbing ache of a bl**d engorged cock that wanted to be used on that little slut down the aisle from me. I must have groaned with the release of my wad because she stood up, turned, and smiled. My hands were trembling from the reaction to my cum and I dropped the pieces of the broken pon on the concrete floor, breaking them in smaller pieces.

She quickly came towards me and I turned towards the shelf to hide my bulge and probably a huge wet spot. I was wearing khaki colored pants and just knew I had soaked them with my load. 

“Let me help you with that mess” she said as she stopped beside me. I felt her warm hand on my arm and then felt her hand slide down towards my trembling hands still filled with a few pieces of clay pot. I thought she was going to take the pieces, but instead she dropped her hand onto the bulge in my pants and let the palm of her hand rest on the head of my cock. I was still hard as a rock and as she touched me it jerked one more time.

I could feel another gob of cum leave my cock head and not only felt warm and wet, knew it was soaking through making a huge wet spot.

“I sure am sorry about the mess babe, hope you can forgive me,” she said as she closed her hand around the head of my cock squeezing it and then letting it go. “Do you need me to get someone to help you out?” she asked as she let go of my cock.

I could hardly talk, but squeaked out a no and turned to face away from her. “Well I’d better get moving,” she said as she turned on her heel and headed down the aisle, “see you later!”

I was horrified yet still aroused at what had just happened. I wanted to take that slut right there on the spot but of course was old enough and worried enough about this job to not act on the impulse, yet she was driving me crazy. And now how was I going to explain a huge cum stain on my pants and the rest of the day to go?

“Hey Ted,” one of my co-workers yelled out from the main store entrance, “get you butt in here, we need some help, you can play with yourself later! Grab a bucket of water, clean-up in aisle 10!”

I was shocked, had he seen all this or was it just another crude remark intended to make fun of the old guy on the shift?

“Uh, yeah, in a minute, got a mess to clean up here,” I hollered back. I quickly moved out of his site and tried to decide what to do. I looked down and just as I thought I had a wet spot about 4 inches in diameter right under my belt. This looked very bad and I had to recover and quickly.

I looked around and saw a bucket of cleaning water and a mop, “what the hell,” I muttered, I always got stuck with the messes. I raised the buck to waist high level and dumped some of the dirty water down my front. Suddenly I had not only my entire crotch area wet but also half of one leg drenched. The water smelled of pine oil, I didn’t care, I had covered the cum stain.

I limped across the garden center to the back of the store, my co-worker came around an aisle saying, “Geez Ted, you are a mess, I didn’t tell you to dump the shit on you, get over here, some k** had thrown up!”

The smell was horrible, the k** must have exploded and it was everywhere, and I was soaked to the skin with cum and dirty cleaning water, I was a mess!

I won’t bore you with more details on the progression of my problems with this young woman. But trust me, she showed up everyday and tortured me with seductive clothing, exposed nipples, and flashing me her thong. Sometimes she’d be in the store for a couple hours, and no matter what I’d do she would find me and start the teasing all over.

My mind was running amuck, every time I’d see her I get an erection and start having horrible thoughts about taking her right on the spot. I’d see her in the bread aisle in the food department and think, “I’d fuck her right on top of the damn bread.” Once she was in house wares near the comforters and I wanted to throw her down on a pile of them and fuck her doggy style. My mind was filled thoughts of taking her in every position yet I f***ed myself to not act upon my impulses.

One day she came in wearing knit shorts that were pulled so tight that she presented an obvious camel toe and I just knew she wasn’t wearing panties. They were so snug I swear I could see goose flesh right through them. They were white fabric and there was no shadow so I knew she must be shaved. I was turning into a letch, to have such thoughts and look that closely was out of place. But it was so obvious that this little slut was taunting me with her sexy little body and it was driving me to the point that I feared loosing control.

Not only was she wearing the skin tight shorts but she had on a halter top that barely covered her boobs, I swear it was more an undergarment than outerwear, but a mature guy is not supposed to be looking that closely, especially at work. Her nipples were very prominent and I could see every little bump surrounding them.

I’d beat off every night, and a couple times in the parking lot in my car during a break. I was so over heated with lust that I had no control. Every time I would see a young woman in the store my fantasies would run wild in my brain. The mothers with babies seemed to have perfect figures and flaunted them, bending over strollers showing me panty lines, middle age woman dressed in business attire with hose on their legs and heels drove me wild.

But most of all I was getting to the point that if my little minx did not show up I hurt as bad as when she did come in. I longed to see what she’d show up in next, yet tried desperately to avoid her as I was not wanting another garden center event to happen, that was a narrow escape.

The day I was reassigned to second shift was perhaps the toughest day of all. It was Sunday and I hated working this day. The store was always busy with families and lots of problems and messes with little k**s knocking things over and it was hard to get any work done without interruption. But it was part of being the new guy so I worked it because I was broke with the loss of my factory job and couldn’t afford to tell my supervisor that I hated working Sundays.

I was working in the back room crushing card board boxes when I heard my name called over the backroom PA. “Ted, clean-up on aisle 21!” 

“Oh great,” I muttered to myself. This was the woman’s undergarment aisle and that could only mean one thing, some little rug rat puked up his Sunday pancakes and I was the one that would clean it up.

I grabbed a bucket and mop and headed out without being told what the mess was. I turned down the center of the store and there she was, that little slut, she was dressed in some sort of skintight mini-dress that was way too short and way too tight. It must have had spandex in the fabric, as it was so tight everywhere. 

It was a hot pink color with large white palm leaf print all over it and had thin little string straps. I didn’t think the straps did anything as this thing clung to her every curve and I don’t think it could have slipped down. The thing did seem to have a mind of its own as she walked towards me and was slipping up from the bottom. She gave a little tug on the hem on her right side and as she did so I swear she pulled it up before down and I know I saw her pussy slit!

I gulped hard, held tightly to the mop handle pushing it along. I wanted to grab my cock and pull it out and start stroking it. That dress was so incredibly hot on her body, it was as if she was wearing nothing, every little curve was accented by the tight fabric.

“Ted, clean up in Aisle 21!” the PA screamed at me pulling me out of my stupor. The little slut was headed right at me and there were carts and shoppers on either side so I had no place to get out of her way. I stopped to let her pass and as she got near I could smell her scent, it was like the switch to my cock.

I felt my cock harden and I knew if she did not get moving past me I was going to have another tent in front of my pants. As she got beside me I felt her bare arm brush against mine and it felt like an electric shock all the way through my body. Just as I thought she’d pass she paused and said, “Hi Teddy, nice to see you again, you must be happy to see me cus you are showing your excitement.”

“That little slut,” I thought. I pushed past her, mop and bucket ahead and kept moving. She was doing this on purpose; taunting me and making me turn into some sort of sex fiend. I had never been this way before. All I thought of was fucking the shit out her, day and night!

I turned down aisle 21 and sure enough some young mother with a toddler was standing in the middle of the aisle surround by puke! I can’t believe how some little k** can vomit so much and stink, it was worse than anything in the world for stink.

“I am so sorry,” the mother cooed, “Little Zeke ate too much at brunch. Usually he never does this,” she finished as she dabbed the crap off the little guys chin and front. She had several tissues all covered in the goo and dropped several into the crap on the floor as she picked the little crumb cruncher up and stepped over the puke to get out of the way.

Little Zeke held tight to his mom and pulled at her top, and before she was aware he had pulled it down so I could clearly see her breast, nipple and all. She was not wearing a bra and had small breasts, but what a beautiful sight they were!

I was like an a****l, I seemed to think about nothing but woman and getting laid, now here was a young mother, dressed in her Sunday best, puke covered little Zeke in her arms and all I could think about was that little tit of hers with the perky pink nipple that seemed to be pointing right at me.

The young mother seemed not to know she was showing a tit and moved past me as I started cleaning up the crap. “What a mess,” I thought, “this job just can’t get any worse!” The mother was moving down the aisle, heels clicking on the floor and as I looked her way watched her cute little butt moving under her thin filmy skirt.

I went back to the mess and had most of it cleaned up without looking up. My erection was easing and I was happy about that. Now if I could just get through the day without my little minx showing up again.

I took one final swish with the mop to finish up the clean-up and as I dropped the mop into the bucket of dirty puke-filled water I noticed movement near me. “Oh great,” I thought as I saw that it was that little sexpot. She was in the next aisle over and I could smell her perfume and could see her head over the top of the rack. I had not noticed until that moment that I was standing between two racks of panties, “Fine!” I thought, “just the place to get trapped with her.”

I moved down the aisle quietly hoping to take a hard right and head towards the back of the store without her seeing me. I was ducking down a bit and trying to be as quiet as possible with the mop bucket that was rolling across the tile floor on little rubber castors. Just when I thought I was in the clear the little slut stepped right in front of the exit from aisle 21. She blocked my path, her feet planted wide apart and that caused the skirt to rise again and this time it was not my imagination.

Her full shaved pussy was exposed below the hem of the skirt. I stopped and knew my erection would soon show my arousal. She was holding a panty in each hand as she had hands on her hips. I say panties, I guess they are technically a thong, but at that they were barely scraps of brightly colored cloth with little strings to hold that patch of cloth in place. I always wondered, “what’s the point! There is so little to them why bother?”

“Hey Teddy, I wondered where I’d find you.” I was shocked to hear her speak my name but realized this was the second time and that she had heard it over the intercom. “I was hoping you’d help me out.”

She did not wait for an answer from me, she thrust her left hand out with the silky little thong dangling from her middle finger, “Here, you hold onto these for me.” When I didn’t reach for them she took a step towards me, grabbed my free hand with one hand and thrust the thong into it. “You need to work on your customer service skills Teddy, when a girl needs help you are supposed to do more than just stand there.”

She stepped back again, feet apart and showing her pussy more than before. I swear it was glistening in the light but knew it was my perverted mind. “So Teddy, does this thong look better with my dress?” she said as she held it in front of her, blocking my view of her pussy. “Or do you like that one best?”

I had no answer, but my cock did. It was as hard as the garden center day and throbbing noticeably under my pants. She grabbed the thong out of my hand, replacing it with the other one. She held this one up, a light pink floral print thing and said, “Well Teddy, which will it be?”

I was so shocked, generally all I did was go get back stock if a customer wanted more of something, now she was wanting me to tell her which panty would look best and in the meantime her pussy was being flashed in front of me.

“Well come on Teddy, which little panty should I buy?” She had pulled the thong from in front of her and was swinging it from her middle finger. 

“Uh, that one I guess,” was all I could get out of my mouth. The lump in my throat was making it hard to breath and my cock had a mind of its own. I wanted to have her, right here, right now!

“Ted, clean-up, aisle 42!” the PA screamed at me breaking the spell I was under. I hung the thong onto a hook on the rack beside me and did not wait for any more from her, I pushed past her with the mop and bucket nearly spilling the messy water on the floor.

I was down the aisle headed for the back before she could recover and I knew I had to get fresh water before heading to the other end of the store. Aisle 42 was near the food section so I had the thought it was probably a broken container, at least no more puke!

I quickly changed water in my bucket and headed towards the opposite end of the store. I was relieved that my work had taken my mind off my erection. I could feel my pre-cum wetness on the head of my cock but ignored it knowing that I had another mess to clean up.

Luckily the mess was just a broken jar of pickles so cleaning up the mess was easy and not gut wrenching like the last one. I picked up the glass, tossed it and the pickles into my trash bucket and started mopping up the mess. As I turned to take one last swipe with the mop I saw her again, this time she had one of the large pickles between her thumb and forefinger carrying it towards me, “Here, you missed one,” she said. I was shocked, it was like the little bitch had radar and was tracking my every movement.

Luckily there were lots of shoppers in this wide aisle so there was no danger of her starting something again. But I was wrong; it was like she wanted the world to see her teasing me. As I reached for the pickle, a large whole thing that looked like a 4” green dick with big bumps on it, she pulled it away from me and in one swift motion rubbed it against her pussy just under the hem of her skirt.

I had about all I could take so I stepped right up to her, face to face and said, “look lady, this shit has to stop. You are going to cost me my job and I don’t like that. Now give me the damn pickle and get your slutty little ass out of the store. I grabbed at her hand, which was still forcing the pickle against her pussy. I thought I could get the damn pickle away from her, throw it in the bucket and make a hasty retreat to the back room of the store.

My hand missed hers as she pulled it away and my knuckles rammed into her puffy pussy. I could feel the heat of it and the smoothed shaven skin was soft as silk against the back of my hand. Before I could recover she acted like she had tripped and wrapped her free hand around my waist trapping my hand between her legs.

I could feel her grind her pussy into the back of my hand and give a couple little humps against it. I could feel her wetness on the back of my hand and wanted to turn my hand over and sink my fingers into her pussy. But I knew this display was drawing attention so I pulled away and pulled her arm off my waist. I grabbed quickly and got the pickle away from her and swung around throwing it into the trash bucket.

“Now get your fucking ass out of here,” I sneered and turned towards the back of the store. I was so aroused that I wanted to rip her dress off and take her on the spot but knew that was just the anger I felt at being trapped in yet another embarrassing scene with her. I pushed by her and felt her tits brush against my arm. I felt a tug and the stupid vest we are supposed to wear and one of the vendor pins snagged against the strap of her dress and ripped it off. The pin was stuck to the dress and as I pulled back it pulled the top down exposing her nipple.

With one swift motion I pulled the pin off my vest and pulled up to cover her tit and nearly took off running leaving her standing there with the goofy damn pin hanging just above her tit. She seemed unshaken by my rough actions and I turned towards the back of the store.

I didn’t know her name, where she lived, or what she did for a living. She was always alone when she came in and never really seemed to shop for anything in particular. The young mother’s that came in with k**s seemed to have a plan and got right to it. Giggly school girls would head for the CD’s or make-up and generally made so much noise that you always knew where the were in the store. But this little slut seemed to have picked me to torture and that seemed like the only reason she was in the store.

I got to the back of the store and quickly moved away from the open passage way and peeked around to make sure she had not followed. There wasn’t anyone near the door so I felt safe for the moment. As I was cleaning out the bucket I heard the PA again, “Ted see the shift manager.”

“Oh SHIT, now what?” I said out loud even though there was on one near me. I had pickle juice on my hands and needed to clean it off in the sink. As I turned on the water I noticed a residue on the back of my hand, in my haste to get away I had forgotten her grinding her pussy against my hand.

I looked around and I was alone, so I raised the back of my hand to my nose. It had been so long since I had been with a woman I wasn’t sure I’d be able to tell if the residue was from her pussy or not. I could smell the strong pickle juice odor, but as my hand got to my nose I knew instantly that I smelled her arousal.

I glanced around again, there was no one to see me, so I took a long whiff of the odor, my cock jerked to full attention and I pressed my groin up against the edge of the sink and continued to inhale the strong aroma of her arousal. I had to taste it, there was no way possible I was not going to do so, I didn’t look around again but stuck my tongue out and gave the residue a lick.

There was that taste I remembered, I loved eating pussy, the taste, the smell, the feeling of the gooey mucus on my tongue drove me wild. My cock was throbbing and I pressed it against the sink, lapping up all the nectar she left behind. Then I plunged my hand under the warm water and cleaned off the sticky pickle juice.

I knew I had to get moving or the shift manager would come hunting me. My cock ached for attention, but no time now. I could only hope my arousal would go away as I hurried out of the back room. As I approached the door to the store I heard movement to my left. I turned and could only see a flash of hot pink and white.

“That little bitch,” I murmured, “she must have followed me,” I thought. But no time to chase her down now, my shift manager was an impatient woman that loved riding the guys that she supervised and I wasn’t going to have this turn into a total disaster.

When I got to her office Pam was waiting for me. In her hand was a vendor pin with my name on the back, I automatically touched the spot where it had been and remembered leaving it hanging on that little sluts dress.

“Oh shit,” I thought, “this is it, I am going to loose my job and probably get arrested for assaulting the little bitch.”

“Ted,” Pam began, “you have been a great worker and learned very quickly. I am very disappointed right now and I suppose you know why.”

This was more of a statement than a question and before I could think what to say she continued. “I am disappointed because the store manager has decided to make some changes to staffing and it involves you.”

“Damn,” I thought, “now the store manager is involved.”

“Bill likes your strong efforts and wants you to start second shift tonight. I hate losing you on day shift but you will get a small bump in pay for going to second shift and I am sure you can use the money. I am very disappointed that you will be moving out of my shift, I hope you know that.”

All the time she is speaking my mind is focused on the damn vendor pen that she is toying in her hand. I was relieved to still have a job, but this could still end badly.

“Ah sure, I guess going to second shift will work.” I stammered.

“Great, you can punch out now and take the 6-hours off before second shift starts so you will be fresh.”

I was relieved to get out of here, my cock was aching for attention and I just wanted to be away from my tormentor so badly, yet I wanted to fuck her just as bad. I was a real mess and needed some time to cool down.

As I turned to leave Pam said, “Oh hey, I think this pin is yours.” She handed it to me and said, “A very nice young lady said she saw you drop it. Well she said the clean-up guy dropped it and I know the floor supervisor has been sticking you with all the messes. So I assume it is yours.”

“Well DUH,” I thought, “my damn name is on the back of it.”

Pam concluded our meeting by touching me gently on my arm, “There is one good thing about this change. You will now be the floor supervisor and can get someone else to do the clean-ups,” and grinned as she turned away.

Her butt swayed in the tight navy blue pants she wore and I felt my cock twitch to life again so I turned and headed out of her office before I got in trouble. I punched out and peeked out of the office door to make sure that little slut was not to be found, then headed out of the store.

I headed to the back row towards my car as fast as I could. The sun was warm and it felt good to be outdoors away from vomit, pickle juice, and yes, to be away from the constant teasing by my little slut.

Just as I thought I was clear of the customer parking I heard, “Teddy, can you help me with this, I think it is stuck!”

I turned and there she was again. She was trying to get a large box into the back seat of her small car. There was a large van parked beside it and had blocked her from my view as I was hurrying towards my car.

I tried to ignore her but she pleaded, “Oh come over here, I won’t bite you, I really need to get this in my car so I can get to work!”

I walked over, edging between the van and her open door that couldn’t swing shut for the jammed box. She was bent over the box, struggling to dislodge it and her ass was sticking right out of the skirt. It was milky white in the sunshine and I was instantly hard again. I had no place to stand and she seemed unaware that her ass was sticking out of the dress.

“Reach in here,” she pleaded, “if you get this corner I can get the other and it will go in.”

She had chosen her words carefully, “go in, hell yes it is going to go in,” I thought. I pulled my zipper down, ripped my cock free of my pants and stuck it right straight into her pussy. I plunged it deep into the hot wet tunnel until if felt her ass against me. I started pumping in and out of her, slapped her ass and pushed her dress up until I could grab her bare hips with both hands. I pumped her hard, she moaned with pleasure and I kept it up until my cock exploded filling her with cum.”

“Teddy,” she pleaded, “grab the damn box for me.” I was quickly startled to find my mind had been filled with the fantasy of fucking her right on the spot. I had filled in the details as if it really happened; yet only a few seconds had passed.

I reached around her trying not to make contact with her as my arousal was now ready to blow. My fantasy had me at the edge and just touching her would result in me blowing my load. I grabbed the corner of the box and shoved it sideways as she pushed the other side. The box was dislodged and slid into the back seat with her right on top of it. I was able to grab the roof of the car or I would have landed on top of her.

I pushed myself back upright and she clumsily rolled over on her side and reached out her hand, “help me up Teddy.”

I grabbed her hand and gave her a little tug so she could regain her feet and at that point we both noticed the skirt was now fully around her waist and her entire pussy was showing.

“I guess I am a little naked” she said as she stood up and face me. I stepped back and tried to act like I hadn’t seen her but we both knew I had seen everything.

She stepped towards me, grabbed my hand with both of hers. “Thank you Teddy, you are such a gentleman,” she said as she leaned towards me and kissed me on the cheek. I was shocked at the tenderness but then the slut returned in her. She pulled my hand between her legs pressing my palm against her shaved pussy.

My fingers were between her open legs and her hand pressed mine against her. I could feel her heat and knew she’d be wet and sure enough as she pressed my fingers with hers my middle finger found her slit that was wet and slick.

“I’ll give you something for all your help,” she said as she pulled my hand up and down her slit. My finger was deep into her slit and I could feel the opening in her pussy as she pressed me hard against her. Then she slowly pulled my hand up until my dinger hit her clit.

It was very prominent and rubbery as my finger passed over it. I could feel how wet she was on my hand and as she pulled it away form her she said, “Now you bad boy, you can lick my fresh cum off you fingers, and no pickle juice this time.”

She pulled the door shut and stepped towards the front door of the car. “Gotta run Teddy, hope you had as much fun as I did,” she sang out as she got in her car, started it up, and jerked to a start leaving me standing there with a pussy soaked hand and a cock begging for her pussy.

In an instant she was gone out of the lot and I stumbled towards my car. I got in and felt the warm interior from setting all morning in the sunshine. It was as warm in there as her hot pussy and then I remembered my cum soaked hand. I raised it to my nose, there was her scent again. I was like a dog after a bitch in heat; I licked every drop of it off my hands. I wanted more, my cock was so hard it ached and I wasn’t waiting for home. I was in the back row of the lot so had no concern for cameras or people. 

I unzipped my pants thinking, “this time it is not a fantasy” and pulled my aching dick free. My hand was wet with my saliva and the remainder of her pussy juice so I slicked my cock head with the palm of my hand. I had pre-cum all over the tip of it and it didn’t take but about three passes around and I blew my load all over my hand and pants. I had never cum so hard, my cock seemed to tug at every muscle in my body as it jerked stream after stream of hot sticky cum out.

The car reeked of the cum, I didn’t care; it was just me and this moment. I had to get calmed down, my heart was racing and my mind filled with the little sex pot that had brought me to this point. I looked at the car clock, it had been an hour since I punched out. I needed to get home and clean up this mess and rest a bit before my new shift would start.

Now you know why my mind was so messed up when this story started. The little slut had teased and taunted me to the point that I felt like some sex-craved a****l that wanted to hump anything that crossed my path. I had cleaned up but was unable to get any rest before coming on shift. Every sexual image from the last few weeks played over and over in my head until I was nearly frantic to find a woman and fuck the shit out of her.

My cum in the parking lot came so fast that I wasn’t satisfied, I had to get laid, and tonight would be the night. I had been to a strip club several times and knew some of the girls that hung out there would agree to sex and I didn’t care if I had to pay for it. I was going to fuck a woman tonight after I got off. I’d have just enough time after my shift to get to the strip club and find the first cum bucket in the place and fuck her till she couldn’t take anymore.

But that was later, I needed to get through this shift first. I knew most of the second shift crew, a couple semi-retired guys that knew what work was about, a smart assed young guy moonlighting from his full-time job. I assumed he was one of those guys that spent more than he made and was f***ed to take second shift work at the “big W”. The two older guys were a hoot, they would fill in at times on days and both were buddies that knew how to work but also knew how to have fun. Both were on social security and needed the money to get by.

The other person on the crew was a middle-aged woman that was nice enough but a real loner. I had been warned about her by other crewmembers. They said, “she is one tough babe and I’ll bet she’d cut your nuts off if you ever looked at her in a way she didn’t like.”

The workload was a little higher during this shift, the store manager knew the customer load was lighter and used this crew to get the store back in shape and fully stocked. The third shift crew finished anything that this crew didn’t finish. So I divided up the work load making sure the two older guys got to work together as they were known to really kick ass on stocking if they worked as a team.

I put Mary to work in the k**s clothing area on her own and the young smart ass got stuck in the health and beauty aisle. I hated the strong scents from all that crap and figured he could get a nose full while I went to work in house wares. I smiled to myself as I started the first pallet of pillows, it was down this aisle that I thought about throwing that slut onto a pile of comforters and fucking the shit out of her.

The time seemed to fly by and soon we were taking turns with a break and I was so relieved to work without having a hard-on the whole time. When I got back from break I checked on the rest of the team and of course the young smart ass was bitching about all the scents, so I told him, “well when you get it done you can stock the feminine products aisle, probably something you’d enjoy.”

I didn’t care, I didn’t like the k** and I wasn’t going to let him whine around me. I went back to house wares and started on a pile of comforters, “just what I need,” I thought, to be reminded of my lustful thoughts. As I started a new pile of them I heard a sound behind me, as I turned I was shocked. Bending over with her back to me was the little slut in the same damn dress. Her bare ass was right there in plain view and she acted as if she didn’t know and didn’t know I was there.

I felt my cock surge to life again and I was determined not to have a problem. I dropped the comforter I was holding and walked away from the work and her. I was floor supervisor, I didn’t need to worry about getting everything done in order and I knew the shift manager was this shiftless old bastard that hadn’t left his office since I got there.

I moved around the aisles like a burglar, ducking, bobbing, and zigzagging around the store so she couldn’t find me. I checked on the two older guys and they were huddled up laughing their ass off about something. As I approached Hank said, “Hey Ted, did your daughter find you?”

He knew I had no c***dren and that I wasn’t married, “So I am the joke here,” I snapped. “That little slut has been making my life crazy for over two weeks, I have no idea what the hell is wrong with her.”

Bill, the other older guy, said, “hell, fuck her man, fuck the little bitch and she’ll run out of the store like a ****d ape in a g**** field!”

I knew these guys had a rough manner but this was funny and I started laughing with them.

“You don’t have enough strength to fuck her,” Hank sneered, “that little bitch would wear your pecker right off before you were done. She needs some of this.” He finished as he grabbed his crotch like some young rap star. “This old cock has fucked many a little bitch like that and showed them who is boss.”

“Okay guys,” I said as I turned away, “Lets clean it up a bit and get back to work.”

I was having trouble keeping a straight face as I walked away because I knew those old farts would keep it up half the night. “Besides,” I thought, “they’d need a load of Viagra to get it up.”

I checked with Mary and she was hard at work and only looked up for a second, then went right back at it. By the time I got to the smart-ass k** I was calmed down and determined to finish the next couple hours in peace. He was working on the feminine products and not happy.

“Why the hell can’t I work in electronics?” He asked as I approached. 

“Because you need to get this done, if I put you in electronics you won’t get shit done.” I growled back at him. As I turned to go he said, “Hey Ted, who the hell is that hot chick running around here in that hot pink dress?”

I just shrugged but he would not let it go, “Well whoever it is she wants you man. She was back here asking for ‘Teddy’ and said she had something for you. Man I crawl through ten yards of shit to get at that ass!”

“That’s enough of that sort of talk,” I demanded, “keep your nose in the Kotex and out of my business.”

I knew that little shit and I were going to bump heads and didn’t want my first shift with him to start with him thinking he had me dancing to his tune. I had been looking around the store as I checked on the others and hadn’t seen the little slut so I started back towards house ware hoping she was elsewhere.

As I approached I was careful to peek around the shelving that was too high to look over. She was not around so I got back at the pile of comforters. There I was, right in the middle of my first fantasy about her and she was in the store, or so I assumed.

I had thrown a couple more on the pile when I heard a noise and nearly jumped out of my skin. I turned and there was a middle aged guy poking through some pillows, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you,” he said.

“No problem,” I replied and went back to work relieved it wasn’t her.

“I just got divorced, gotta find some stuff for the house,” he said as he threw a couple pillows in a cart. “This being single shit sucks!”

He didn’t seem to be asking for help so I continued working as he moved up and down the aisle. Then I felt something brush against my butt, “Geez,” I thought, “get off my back.” I thought the guy was right behind and thought he could have at least said something.

I moved around my pallet and as I did felt a hand on my butt. I whirled around and there she was, right in front of me. She was shorter than I was, but I noticed for the first time that she had the prettiest blue eyes, “unless they were colored contacts,” I thought. She moved close to me and pressed her breasts against my chest and I lost all control.

Unlike in the parking lot, this was NO fantasy, she was right on top of me almost begging me to make a move. I glanced around and the guy was gone and we were pretty much alone in the aisle. I put my arm around her waist, then let my hand fall onto her ass. It was plump and rounded, but not at all out of proportion for her body.

She was warm and soft and my cock seemed to react much faster than usual. I pulled her against me and I know she could feel my bulge hard against her tummy. She looked up at me with her full lips parted a bit. I could smell her perfume and I guess the old farts words came back to me, “fuck her!” I had been so aroused for the last two weeks with her teasing that I lost all control. 

I ground my hard cock against her as I put my other hand on her ass pulling her tightly against me. I bent towards her and kissed her right on the lips. I felt her lips part further and then out tongues touched! She seemed eager to explore my mouth with her tongue and I let her. I kneaded her ass with both hands and then felt bare flesh as the dress slipped up over her bare butt.

We broke the kiss and as we did I felt her hand on my neck, pulling me back to her open mouth. A Hollywood director couldn’t have come up with a more erotic movement. I wanted her, but this wasn’t the time and place. I let the kiss linger then broke it off and let go of her butt even though I didn’t want to.

I pulled away from her and that was the last thing I controlled in what was the wildest scene possible. I felt her warm hand on my cock, she rubbed it up and down the full length and squeezed my balls, then back to stroking my cock. I humped against her hand and before I knew what was happening she dropped to her knees and had my pants open. 

My cock was so hard she had trouble getting it out, but when she did she opened her mouth and sucked the head of my cock in. She paused as I felt her tongue move around exciting me to the point that I thought I’d blow my load in an instant. She must have sensed it so pressed her mouth full length of my cock while she cupped my balls in her hand. Her other hand was on my ass and I felt her fingers explore my ass crack.

She paused with my cock deep in her throat, then gagged a bit and pulled off. She pulled off my cock with a popping sound and stood. I figured it was all over, but before I could form much of a thought she pushed me off balance and I landed on top of the pile of comforters on the pallet. She was like a wild cat, she pulled her dress up exposing her pussy and came after me. She climbed on top of me, covering my mouth with hers in a deep passionate kiss.

I felt her pussy against the tip of my cock and it was so warm and wet and I wanted to plunge it deep into her, but before I could take the action I thought about, she broke the kiss and moved up, setting on my face. “Time to eat some pussy Teddy,” she said in a loud voice and started humping my face.

I responded with my tongue and explored her slit and then found her clit. I had never been very good at eating pussy, or so my ex-wife had said, but I loved it from my point of view. She was all over my face, I had little to do but accept the fact that she was fucking my face with her sopping wet pussy. Her scent of her arousal was unbelievable as she humped my mouth and chin. 

I wanted to fuck her so bad, but for now this was great too. She must have sensed my need so she reached behind me and stroked my cock, gently at first, and then more rapidly. I know I was oozing pre-cum and she must have felt it. “Let’s FUCK!” she demanded and slid off my face, which felt cool from the wetness she left behind.

She moved down and mounted my cock without hesitation. She slammed down against me and I felt my cock go balls deep into her pussy with one fluid motion. She did not hesitate, as soon as she had mounted me she started rocking hard as if she was riding a wild horse. I was out of control, I had no thought of being caught, I was fucking this slut and she seemed to want it as bad as I did.

I could hardly move as she had me pinned in a pile of plastic covered comforters and was like a wild woman. She started getting rougher and the old Hank’s words echoed in my head, “she’ll wear your cock right off.” I had no control at that moment so instead of trying to take over I moved my hands up and pulled her dress down off her breasts. Her nipples were as erect as the day in the garden center and I wanted them. I pulled her down and sucked one then the other into my mouth. She moaned loudly and pressed forward mashing her tit into my face. Meanwhile she kept up the grinding against my cock.

I could feel my cum building and knew there was no stopping now. I pushed her off my face and said, “I’m gonna cum,” and at that instant felt the head of my cock swell and knew it was time. She sat straight up on me and said, “Come on Ted, fill my pussy full of your cum, come on, I want that hot spunk all over inside me.”

I need no encouragement as I was beyond control. I closed my eyes, grabbed her hips, and thrust as deep as I could inside her and felt my cock start spurting cum into her. She tried to move but I held on tightly as I unload in her, I was determined that not one drop of cum was going anywhere but in that hot pussy of hers.

As my prostate started to relax I became aware that the little slut was moving her arms, I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Hank and Bill, one on each side of her with their pants around their ankles. She was beating their cocks as hard as she could and the old farts were meeting her strokes with their own thrusts. I felt my cock harden again with the excitement and as she rocked forward to masturbate the two older guys I started fucking her as hard as I could. 

I was gaining control as she was distracted beating the old guys cocks so I started giving her everything I had. “Oh my gosh” she exclaimed and I crooked my neck to see what she was looking at. 

It was that young smart ass, he had all his clothes off and was climbing up on the pile of comforters. He put a foot on either side of my head and she took his stiff prick into her mouth. Somehow she kept up the motion of stroking the old guys and the young smart ass grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face.

I was so enthralled with the action that I started pounding her pussy as hard as I could and just as I was ready to cum the old guys both let got all over her arms and tits. I knew my load wasn’t going to be as big, but the pleasure was equal to the first time and I groaned aloud as I unloaded again. Her pussy was so full of my cum and hers that it was like fucking a bowl full of spaghetti and I had to work to keep my cock inside her.

I was shocked at how much cum the old guys let go, she was soaked with it and just when I didn’t think it could get any messier the young guy pulled out and let go all over her face and hair. What a scene, this chick had take on four men at once and seemed not to want to stop. She jerked on the old guys now limp dicks, “come on, is that all you have, is there anyone else in the place that wants some of me?”

A loud voice came from behind, it was the guy looking for pillows and he approached her from behind. I couldn’t see him but became aware of him contacting her when he rubbed his cock down the crack of her as picking up our mixed fluids and then stuck it right into her ass. I was pinned down, my cock seemed not to know how to soften so instead of just lying there I started slamming it into her again. I met the other guys strokes and rocked her body with two cocks plunging in her at once. The smart ass k**’s cock had softened but not wanting to be left out grabbed her cum soaked head and f***ed his flaccid cock into her mouth as best he could.

“Suck it bitch, suck it till its hard, these old dudes aren’t getting the best of me.”

The little slut started sucking on his cock trying to get it hard again and she started to loose her balance with the ass and pussy pounding she was getting. She let go of the old guys and dropped her hands onto my chest and started rocking with the motion of the ass and pussy fucking she was getting.

The young guy was pulling her head roughly trying to get it up again but he had fizzled out. “Fuck you bitch,” he said and pulled his soft prick out of her mouth, “you little cum sucker, you aren’t worth shit.”

He stepped off the fuck pile and stood there watching the scene in front of him. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any freakier, Mary came around beside me and touched my face with her hand. She stroked it softly, then opened her blouse revealing an ample breast. She bent forward to offer it to me, but before she got there the little slut grabbed her and pushed her aside, “He’s mine, all mine, get away from him.”

Mary seemed shocked at the treatment but before she could say a word old hank grabbed her from behind and cupped her breast. I looked over to see him start humping his limp cock against her ass as if he could get it up again.

It was at that point that I blacked out with my third cum in a row. I had never been to this level or erotic stimulation and I was overcome with all the activity.

When I woke up I was lying in the back seat of a car that I didn’t recognize. I realized that my head was lying on something warm and I looked up in the darkness to see the young slut with a warm smile on her face. Her hair and face were matted with dried cum, yet she was as lovely as I can imagine any woman being. I started to rise but she pressed me down into her lap, which I realized at that moment was bare like the rest of her.

“What happened,” I asked, “where are we?”

“Shhhhh, babe,” she whispered and pressed her finger to my lips, “Get some rest, you’re gonna need it, I know another store close to here that needs a little help with customer relations!”