"Sex Stories" Working out with Colby and free weights

Sex Stories Working out with Colby and free weights
I was a nieve k** as you will soon see, I am straight but this is the story of how an upper classman at my boarding school taught me how to get muscular and cut. Colby had a great body that all the girls shrilled about and all the guys wished they had. Colby was our dorms leader and one day I asked him if he would show me how to work out and get results like his. He told me I had to be serious and willing to work hard and I had to earn his trust and respect. I was so excited that he at least was willing to consider helping me out. There where a lot of rules some of which as a shy k** like me was going to be a challenge, one was that we worked out in private and only in jock straps. To see our muscles of course, later it became totally nude! I had admired Colby as a lot of people did so all this made perfect sence to me. Then came the secret of his success, PROTEIN, and the best protein that weight lifters all know as the best kept secret and secret also because it was male sperm!

He got a glass of orange juice and proceeded to masterbate telling me that he was inpressed with me and would only be doing this because he thought I was worth it. I was in shock and didnt know where to look and he demanded that I have no shame and that this act was natural and necessary for me to optain male protein. Plus coming from him it had all his testosteron and machismo, too. Of course he needed me to lightly rub his nuts to help him get off in front of a dude. I also had to release my own sperm to make room for his. Not that day but it became mutual masturbation because it was quicker and more efficent. (Adult Stories)

Now everything was happening not all at once but a little at a time so I really didnt realize anything was up when he told me that digesting his sperm in orange juice deminished the potency, and there are better ways, it made since to just get it straight from the spicket in pure form and of course latter deep into my mouth so when it was being put in I didnt have to taste it much more than the residual pull out. It became blowing him from the beginning to end, no one was going to know and he was doing it for my own good of course. I was enjoying our work outs and the attention so much that I actually didnt mind that I was really giving Colby head before each work out. In the back of my mind I knew it was for my developing muscles and I and everyone else was noticing my chest, arms and legs. Besides he deserved at least the blow job part for what he was teaching me and doing for me. (he always told me his girlfriend didnt do blow jobs and that he really appreciated the sacrifices I made and liked the benifit of giving me his male protein, which was a great blow job. I was so proud! I had complete trust in my mentor and we had a male bonding that I treasured, I didnt have a father or b*****rs so Colbys attention and that he really liked me was exelerating.

He showed me pictures of some male body builders in the act of butt fucking to introduce me to the ultimate way to share his sperm, besides your stomach acids do deminish some of the potency, and he wasnt going to show me that way but he knew that the way I was really dedicated to the work outs and my hard work, that I would want it directly into my body and he began to explain what we needed to do to be able to do what they where doing in the pictures. He didnt even ask me if I wanted to and I didnt hisitate. I learned about enamas and a butt plug and how to push to dialate my muscles down there. To my amazement, it didnt feel that bad in fact I felt a closeness my inexperienced mind couldnt put into words or understand. I wanted this secret ritual to happen and it was exciting and scary and as he slid in I felt a familiar good feeling that up until now, only my hand around my dick would bring about. I felt like someone was jacking me off from the inside and Colby the first time was trying hard to calm his breathing, I noticed that he was really nervious and out of breath and in about two minutes I was feeling warm sperm being put up inside me. I shot off without even touching myself and I tried to hide that I had orgasmed.

We had a great workout inspite of the added effort of trying to keep the liquid up in me. Luckily, Colby gave me a second dose before we ended for the day. I thanked him and I remember so clearly that he said oh buddy, no, thank you, it feels really good to do it in my butt or he wouldnt be able to release it like if he was screwing pussy, so, to his surprize, he said, it felt like a real screw! He was aideed by the fact that I got off on it. I was a little embarrased, I didnt know he knew that I had shot my wod without even touching my dick. He told me he could feel me coming and it turned him on. This was the first time I had a hard time egnoring the thoughts that it wasnt just working out and maybe it wasnt a body building top secret....but I was by this time looking very good and I did see those other body builders actually in the act of putting sperm in the others butt!?

One Saturday, we went to his dorm room and locked the door and got undressed as usual and I got on his bed on all fours and he rolled me over on my back and got on top of me. He told me that I was going to get a big dose because his girlfriend wasnt putting out. He was spreading my legs and lifting them up and told me that I could be a better pussy substitute in this position. He started to mount me and I felt like I was being screwed like a bitch by a male in heat instead of getting a dose. His reply was breathless as he kissed my ear and told me that he was SCREWING and I was his boy bitch that a lot of upper classmen have boy bitches and dont worry no one will ever know.

He was fucking and his full weight on me as I told him that I wasnt gay, and he looked me in the eye and said he wasnt either....we both laughed and then after it got quiet, he told me he felt close to me like never before and that he wished that our injections could be more than a dose of sperm. He then did something he had never done before, he went down on me and blew me and it felt so good! I agreed to let him use me for some hot sex and I was confussed about how I felt, I really liked the excitment of experiencing what only the girls knew about Colby. He really got into fucking and he would bite his lip and close his eyes and you knew he was getting close. And he could get into it without being violent. He could move his hips like a smooth well maintain machine and his muscles and big arms would overpower you but it was an overpowering that felt safe and needed. I heard myself say fuck me as I spread my legs and he demanded that I 'say it' buddy. Take it he was saying and oh yeah, you know you want it. I assumed he was fantasizing about screwing a chick. 

But I was wanting what was happening and it felt good to feel his dick going in and out of my butt. Straight guys dont have a clue how much more intense your orgasm is while you are being but fucked while you cum. There was no hidding the fact that I was coming hard, my head was shaking from side to side uncontrolalby and my orgasm was harder and longer. But somehow we only thought of this as two guys getting off like mutual masterbation, but more enlightened than other males that where afraid of even any kind of contact.

I then realized that I had never thought about the fact that he didnt seem to be to interested in getting sperm, and I asked who gave him his injections.

Dont you enjoy it? he asked instead of anwering the questions. I felt guilty that I enjoyed it, it was not supposed to be something a straight boy would enjoy. It didnt change my lust for boobs and pussy, my fear that someone would find out about our private workouts and label me a homo vanashed a long time ago because I trusted Colby. I beat off alone thinking about girls and how nasty things could get! Always about normal lusts and urges, but he was right, I did enjoy our secret club and the contact before we worked out eventhough I didnt think about calling it sex, it was as close to the thrill of sex as I could have imagined as a virgin. 

He took me for a drive in his car one day and confessed that he made the hole thing up because he was a dog and how ashamed he was. He really came to really like me and the more we bonded the more he hated himself. Then he would get horny and it over took his conflicting conscence and not until he shot off did he start to hate himself again and want to stop what he was doing.

In the beginning he was horny and both of us being sexually oriented to being straight he wanted a reason to be able to beat off with someone and it be okay. He never thought it would go any further but as time progressed and his hormones took over, he just couldnt help himself when we were alone and nak** (I got a thrill out of that part too, it is so liberating} our bodies where getting so cut and he needed a reason for us to have our nude bodies make skin to skin contact, it did feel good when he would touch and examine my muscles. Some of the routines envolved rubbing up against each other and it always was a charge. It was normal for dudes to get hardons while spotting each other, and it was enpowering to be able to show it off proud instead of being ashamed and trying to hide it or worrying about getting one anyway. His motto was if you spring a woody then show it proudly. Believe it or not it really helped me in alot of ways as a developing boy into manhood. I am not ashamed of my dick!

He told me he would respect and accept anything I needed to do and that he would take full responsibility. We where stopped by the beach on a secluded stretch caled the silver strands and I started to unbutton my levis. He said what are you doing? I said well, you have a lot of catching up to do as I see it. Suck my dick bitch! He looked around and then went down. It was the best head I ever got and latter in his room I learned how good it feels to screw and screw and then screw some more!!!

We are both married now and are still CLOSE. We are adults now and have become best friends because of our experience and have a respect for each other that is iron clad. Our out of control sexual appitite is nothing like it was in school, but we manage to find ourselves doing the wick** wild things we used to do every once and awhile, dispite our discretion not too, it happens on its own. It still makes my head shake! We manage to get away and 'fish' or 'camp' from time to time, then its an all out free for all get it out of your system retreat! Somethings havent changed, he is still an amazing guy. 

I compete professionally in body building and have my own gym, I thank Colby for this and yes, we still workout! Ive never shared this story before, Ive never heard anyone having any experience like it, weird huh? I welcome your comments, thanks. And yes for crying out loud men have sex with other men and they are straight, gays have sex with women and they are still gay, we are all different with different experiences and if you have issues with other peoples sexuality, then it is really your sexuality that you have the real issue with.
Believe me, I know, Ive done a lot of self examination and studied human sexuality to understand my own. I thought I was an odd ball, turns out, Im just honest. but only because this is annonymous!!!