"Sex Stories" Young and Used

Sex Stories Young and Used
I was hitchhiking home from school and got picked up by a friendly, middle aged man. As he chatted away, he kept reaching over and grabbing my leg, patting it or rubbing it. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I felt my cock tingling when he did it. "Listen," he said, "if you've got some time, I'm a photographer, and I'd love to take you to my place for a little while, and shoot some pictures of you. I'll gladly pay you for your time."

I wasn't quite sure what he had in mind, but I was curious to find out, so I agreed to go with him. He lived alone in an apartment. He took me into his studio, and told me to relax while he got his camera equipment.(Sex Stories)

He started out by shooting routine poses of me standing and sitting. Then he got me to take off my school tie, and my white shirt and tee shirt. "You have a fine looking body, and hardly any hair," he said. As he was shooting, he continued, "you know, the human body is a beautiful creation, and we shouldn't feel bad about showing it. We should be proud of our bodies." I could tell what was coming next. "Why don't you take your pants off for the camera?" he said. I hesitated, because I had a full hard-on by then, and I was a little embarassed. He sensed my reluctance to strip naked in front of him, and offered me $50.00 for the opportunity to take pictures of me naked. "If it makes you feel more comfortable, I'll take my clothes off too. That way you won't feel so self-conscious," he said. As he proceeded to strip down to nothing, I followed his lead, and soon we were both naked. He was a rather round man in his fifties, but what made my eyes get so wide was seeing his huge cock standing straight out, just like mine was. It had to be twice the size of my cock, and much bigger around.

He looked my body over, and said: "Very nice, and no hair down there yet either. Now, turn around and let me look at your butt. Ah, perfect! Round and hard and smooth. He started taking more pictures, but soon was only concentrating on my cock and balls and ass. He put me in the doggy-style position on his day bed, and took pictures of my barely teenaged ass pointing up in the air. "Now I want you to rest your head on the bed, and reach back with both hands and touch your ass", he instructed. As he shot more close-ups of my ass, I was surprised that I was really getting into the scene by now. I had no way of know what I was getting myself into, so I just went with the flow. And my cock was throbbing,(Porn Stories)

"Now, spread your ass cheeks for me, nice and wide...Good! Now hold that while I get some shots. Okay, now put your arms over your head and relax. I'm going to rub some oil on your ass so it will shine in the photos...it's an old trick of the trade," he said. Soon he was pouring warm oil on my ass, and he began rubbing it all around my ass cheeks, massaging and squeezing as he went. By now, I was content to just let him do his thing. It felt good. Then he slowly began to run his finger through my ass crack, getting closer and closer to my hypersensitive asshole. I began to squirm a little, which seemed to encourage the old man. His finger probed deeper, and he started to run his fingertip around my hole in circles. I was blazing hot, and let out a little moan, while my ass began to gyrate in unison with his finger motions. This emboldened him, and his stiff finger finally found its mark, and he slid it up my asshole. Smoothly and gently at first he went, because I was so tense, never having had anything up my ass before this. 

He kept giving me more of his finger, and kept ramming it in deeper and faster, until my ass was shuddering in anticipation. I was so excited, I thought my cock was going to explode. He finally stopped to catch his breath. He took his finger out of my ass and put it in front of my face. "Suck it!" he demanded. I was so shocked, I just did what he told me to do, and sucked it clean. Then he amazed me even more when he took my bent-over ass in both his hands, spread my cheeks open wide, and began to lick my ass. I was astonished, because doing something like that had never even occurred to me yet at my young age. Still, it felt really good, and he licked and sucked my ass with vigor. He finally stood up, and told me to turn over and lay back. By now, my legs were exhausted from being in the same position all that time, so I welcomed the chance to relax.

"I want to take some shots of your cock with the oil down there too, so just lay still," he instructed. I watched him pour oil all over my stiff cock, and down over my hairless balls, then begin to rub my cock and balls all over, until my cock was standing up like a flag pole. He stepped back and took a bunch of shots of my shiny, glistening cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his massage. Next thing I know, I'm feeling a different sensation, warmer and softer. It feels great, and I'm groaning in pleasure. I look down and see that he is putting his lips and tongue on my cock, then his whole mouth seems to swallow my cock whole, and the sucking action is unbelievably exciting.

Wow, I'm learning new things left and right, I think...what's going to be next? Just as I ask myself that question, he moves his tongue down my cock shaft, and starts licking my balls and my inner thighs. He keeps moving lower with his tongue, and finally flings my outstretched legs back towards my head. He tells me to hold them back, and I comply. Now, my ass is completely exposed and helpless. He spreads my cheeks, and starts licking all around my hole, then he plunges his hot tongue deep into my ass, making me jump. 

He grabs his camera, focusing in on my wet asshole, and starts shooting as he slides his finger into my vulnerable ass. After several shots of him finger-fucking me, he slips a second finger in, which is surprisingly easy to accept. This seems to excite him, as he shoots away all the while two-fingering my tender virgin ass with authority.

He was finishing up about his fifth beer, and his belly looked bigger now than when I first got there. I was amazed that his big cock was still hard. "I've got a couple of props here I'd like to try on you for some pictures," he explained. "Besides, you won't have to keep holding your legs back." He put wrist restraints on me to keep my arms holding back my legs, exposing my bare ass to his whims. He sat in front of my ass, slugged down the rest of his long-necked beer bottle, and proceeded to work the bottle into my ass, shooting his camera all the while. Again, I couldn't believe what was happening, but soon I was urging him to shove it in deeper. I never knew a feeling this good even existed.

He pulled it out, and brought the bottle up to my mouth. He didn't have to tell me this time. I just opened up, and he slid it into my mouth. Then he sat back down in front of my willing ass, and tongued me feverishly. He sat up and put more oil on my asshole, massaging some into my hole, then two-fingering me like a piston firing. My asshole was hot, just from all the friction. He pulled out his oily fingers, and rubbed them all over this flesh colored, rubber cock-looking thing that I'd never seen before.

He started rubbing the dong up and down my ass crack, and I was moving with it...then without warning, he pushed it into my rectum, and I went wild. In no time, he was slamming the dildo up my ass deep and fast, and I couldn't get enough. "Yeah, yeah,," was all I could say. He slowly pulled the dildo out, and this time my mouth was already open, ready to suck it clean.

He takes up his position down by my ass again, but this time he's standing instead of sitting. I feel something hot rubbing up and down my ass, up and down, and I am aware of the camera flashes going off, even though I have my eyes closed. This time, I'm not surprised when he penetrates my ass again, only it's his big throbbing cock that is invading my ass. It is much thicker than the dildo, and I have to strain to accept it. 

He goes slowly, waiting for my brand new asshole to relax and expand some more. He is standing right over my ass, moving back and forth, carefully filling my ass with more and more of his fat cock. He takes my cock and massages it as he increases his tempo and depth up my ass, moving faster and harder, then slowing down to almost a stop, as he f***es my ass to take all of the length of his cock to the hilt. He shoves it all the way in and holds it there while he milks my cock. Then he pulls out about halfway, then spears it all the way back in, harder and harder he pounds my defenseless asshole, his balls slapping my ass cheeks with each powerful thrust. He's moving my ass back six inches every time he slams my ass. 

Just when I think I can't take it any longer, he says, "I'm getting ready to come, and I'm going to put my cock in your mouth and you're going to take my cum and swallow it." So, he pulled out and came around released the wrist restraints so I could stretch out. He sat on my chest, pinning my arms at my sides, and dangled his slimy cock over my already open mouth, and told me to stick my tongue out. He lay his hot cock on my tongue and slid it back and forth, groaning all the while. Then he surged forward, and stuffed his spasming cock deep into my mouth, pumping in and out, until bursts of hot cum began to fill my mouth, and I hear him say, "Swallow it, suck it, take it all down your throat," and that's what I did.

He finally stopped jambing me down my throat, pulled out his spent cock, and slumped over a bit, catching his breath. He still had me pinned down, and I wasn't about to try to push him off, as he outweighed me by far. He finally perked up, fumbled with his flaccid cock, and mumbled something about needing to get rid of some beer. I didn't get what he was referring to until he sat up straight on top of me, aimed his cock at my mouth and said, "Open up" which I did, then, "drink it all...don't want a messy bed here." Just as it came to me, he started pissing in my mouth. "Don't spill any, keep swallowing, I've got a six-pack of beer to get rid of," he ordered. I did my best to take all his piss down my throat, but it seemed like he'd never finish.

"That's very good. I wonder what else you'll do for me?" he asked, as he had me lick his cock clean. Quickly, he shifted his position, and now was sitting on my chest facing my feet. Again, I couldn't move my arms, and I was at his mercy. He started to play with my still eager cock, then he bent over and started sucking it. I was in heaven, it felt so good. Just as quickly, he stopped, sat up, and slid his ass back onto my face. He got up into a stooping position, and hovered his asshole over my mouth. "Lick my ass clean, and put your tongue in my hole," he said. "Ahh, that's it, lick me with your hot tongue." He stooped lower, and rubbed his juicy ass up and down my face, wiggling his ass on my nose, and mashing my mouth with it. 

This seemed to get him aroused all over again. He got up, and told me to kneel on the floor. He stood in front of me, and placed his awakening cock on my outstretched tongue, slowly moving in and out as his shaft grew stronger. More pics of his cock deep in my mouth. Then he pulled my hands behing my back, and put the wrist restraints back on. He walked back around in front of me, and he guided his awakened cock into my mouth, stroking faster and faster. And then he stopped, and said he was going to show me something else new. He put both hands on my head, told me to breathe out my nose, and to swallow his cock when it got to the back of my throat. Immediately, he was slowly forcing my throat to accept his thick schlong down my throat. As I started to gag, he pulled my head closer to him, saying, "swallow! swallow it, keep breathing through your nose!", and I was amazed that I could actually feel his cock slide down my young throat fairly easily. He began to hold my head tighter as he thrust deeper and deeper down my throat, and I could feel his balls swinging under my chin. He seemed delighted that he was getting it all on film. Then he pulled out without cumming, and told me to bend over with my head on the floor. 

This left me with my ass up in the air, and my hands tied behind my back. He knelt behind me and began to rub my ass cheeks, smacking them and massaging them. He leaned in and began tongue-fucking my asshole, heating me up to a fever pitch. He reached down on the floor and picked up one of his old discarded beer bottles, and easily slipped it into my ass, pumping it in and out to open up my ass. He put the bottle on the floor in front of my face and told me to lick it clean while he fucks me but good.

He took his position, standing behind my upturned, quivering ass, spread my cheeks wide, and thrust his cock home aggressively. In no time, I was taking all he could give me, and I tried to keep steady as he stood up and then literally slammed into my ass, over and over, all the way out to all the way in. I was surprised at his vitality and stamina.

When he finally jumped off and walked around front, I instinctively sat up and met his cumming cock with open mouth. He rubbed back and forth on my soft hot tongue, and watched as gobs of cum filled my mouth until he had to push it all down my throat by forcing me to swallow his cock to his balls. His last cum shot came violently and shot spasms of energy down my throat.

As he lay on his back on the bed, he told me to sit on his chest facing him. He made me jerk off my still unexploded cock, while he filmed up close. As I stroked for him, he reached under my legs and slipped his finger up my ass, causing me to ride it up and down as I beat off above his face. As I was about to cum, he pulled me overtop of him until my cock was over his waiting mouth, ready to suck every ounce of cum out of my cock, while feverishly finger-fucking my ass.

As a young boy making discoveries, I already knew how good wacking off felt, but I had no way of knowing what ecstasy was until I came in this old man's mouth, getting fingered all the while.

As he drove me home, he gave me the $50.00 he promised me for the photo shoot. I felt like I was stealing, but I took it anyway. "If you're free this Saturday night, you could earn $100.00 if you're willing to entertain me and a few friends for a couple of hours." It sounded enticing, but I wasn't sure. "What would I have to do?" I asked. "Oh, pretty much the same things we did today," he said. "And how many friends are you having over?" I wondered. "Just three other guys, and myself, that's all. And don't worry about being recognized, because I'll put a mask on you, kind of like a blindfold, so you won't be able to recognize anyone else either. Completely safe that way, and you can be yourself.

"It sounds good to me," I tell him.