"Sex Stories" Young Guy Changed My Mind

Sex Stories Young Guy Changed My Mind
Ok I am a 34yo bisexual female and I am dating a gorgous 32yo lesbian who is a great lover and good friend. We do everything together we go clubing, movies, dancing all the dating stuff. The sex is absolutly fantastic, but I need a cock in my mouth from time to time. Well I was on line the other night and came across a guy who started flirting with me, it was fun getting him turned on and seeing the messages he was sending me about how he was going to fuck me and make me his bitch. As we were progressing I checked his profile and noticed he was only 19, my god I was having cybersex with a baby.

Well what the hell it couldn't hurt to have a little fun and have an orgasm or 2 cybering. So I kept telling him how I was going to rock his world and all the things I was going to do to his cock, he was really into it and was getting more and more aroused. I told him how I wanted him to eat my pussy, fuck me hard and deep and then I told him how I wanted his hot hard cock in my ass. Oh that was it he freaked and told me he had never done that and how he had always had fantasies about doing anal. I just ate it up and we started to really get into a detailed session on ass fucking. I gave him detailed descriptions how he should use his fingers and tounge on my asshole to get it ready for his cock. Then I descibed how I wanted his cock in my ass and how he should fuck me.(Sex Stories)

After we both got off cybering we continued to talk and I discovered he lived in the next town. I was so fucking horny I made an offer for him to come over to my house and he could show for real what I had taught him online. Regret was the first thing that hit me right after I made the offer, but he had already accepted and had my address. He was on his way and would be there in about 30 minutes. 

I figured I had some time I could leave or not answer the door, So I had a glass of wine and took a shower to clear my head. Well he must have done 90 mph all the way cause as I stepped out of the shower the door to my house opened and I could hear him calling my screen name. I threw on my robe and walked into the livingroom there he stood just inside the door. 

What have I gotten myself into I thought as I looked him over. He was about 6 feet of lean tight muscle with a sheepish boy grin on his face that for some reason really turned me on. I asked him in and we sat on the couch, I was thinking I what I should do when he made my mind up for me. He reached over and pulled me to him kissing me hard and passionately, probing my mouth with his tounge I just gave in. I returned his kiss with all the passion that had built up in me from our earlier session. I could feel the wetness building in my pussy as he pulled me tighter to him kissing me harder. I jumped as his hand ran up under my robe and found my clit. Oh GOD it felt so good I was so excited by the touch of a masculine hand again, it has been a long time since a man had touched me there. I ground my pussy up against his hand as he slipped a finger between my pussy lips.

Any second thoughts I had melted away as his finger probed into me his thumb rubbing me clit, me grinding to the rthym of his strokes. OH FUCK I want this guy bad, my hands grabbed and fumbled at his belt as i undid his jeans and reached for his cock. It sprang into my hands, I pulled my mouth from his and went straight to his man meat. I opened my lips and swallowed it forcing his cock all the way into my throat. My GOD I love a cock in my mouth I sucked and moved up and down faster and faster taking him deeper on each suck. He grabbed my hair and started forcing me up and down on his cock as he thrust his hips up to meet my throat as he f***ed it deeper with each thrust. 

I felt his cock head swell as he moaned and thrust deep into my throat, he held my head in a vise like grip as his cum exploded down my throat as his cock spasmed in my mouth. His load was incredible I tried to swallow every bit of it but there was way more than I could swallow and it flowed out of my mouth around his cock. He just held me there and pumped his cum into my mouth as he shook with pleasure moaning and grunting. As his orgasm subsided he slowly relaxed his grip and I pulled off his cock and gasped for air.

He lay back on the sofa with a look of complete satisfaction, as I wiped his cum off my face and licked it off my fingers. I was surprised to see his cock was still erect. That was it I had to have it in me now, I pulled his jeans down around his ankles and threw off my robe and climbed on him. I guided his cock to my pussy and rubbed the head along my wet slit to get my pussy juice all over the head. As it came in line with me I thrust my hips forward and drove his cock into me. I ground down on him as I had my first orgasm of the evening. Looked into his eyes as I came oh they were so blue and dreamy as my insides squeezed and milked his cock. Now he reached around and grabbed my ass and lifted me up and rolled me over onto my back on the floor. He drove his cock into me with such f***e I am not sure if it was the same orgasm or if I had another one but my body shook and spasmed with such pleasure I thought I was going to pass out.

He started to fuck me, hard and deep, then he would slow and pull his cock out teasing my pussy, rubbing it over my clit. Then he would thrust into me again deeply with such f***e I came over and over again. I had my legs wrapped around his body drawing him into me deeper grinding against him meeting his every stroke. OH GOD OH GOD FUCK ME YES FUCKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I screamed as he drove in and out of me. I could feel his body stiffen as he grunted and groaned I knew he was going to cum and I wanted it in me as he pumped faster and harder. I wanted to cum with him and I fucked against his cock meeting every thrust grinding my clit and pussy, meeting him stroke for stroke. Then it was there his cock was soooo fucking deep in me pumping, pumping his cum into me I screamed as I came FUCK FUCK YES YES as my body shook wave after wave swept over me as his cock throbbed and spurted filling me with his hot juice. I passed out as he continued to pump and cum inside my pussy.

I awake from my orgasm with him slumped on top of me breathing heavily in my ear, as I looked at his face he had the biggest grin I had ever seen. I could only imagine it matched the grin on my face. That was one fantastic fuck was all I could say as we lay there and regained our strength. He pushed up and got off me and sat next to me stroking my body exploring my breasts and running his hands over my skin. Oh yes it felt so good

His fingers traced circles around my nipples and he teased them slowly to hardness, before he rolled them between his finger tips. My body responded to his touch as I felt his hand slowly tracing closer to my pussy, he is a good student that was exactly what I had told him to do to me when we were cybering. I jumped when his finger slipped into my sopping wet pussy and thrilled as it slowly got covered with our jucies. It traced a line of wetness down to my puckered tight asshole, I spread my legs wide as he placed the tip of his finger against it, slowly pushing it in. 

He worked his finger into me and slowly moved it in and out. OH MY GOD it felt so good slowly pressing into me. I felt my ass relaxing to his intrusion, opening allowing him in gripping his finger as it entered and opening to let it slide slowly out. Each time he slide in I moaned. I bent closer to him and took his cock in my mouth tasting my pussy on his cock. It slowly harden in my mouth as I licked his shaft savoring the taste of our mingled cum. He thrust his finger into my ass harder and added another on the next stroke. My ass widened to recieve his fingers as his cock grew in my mouth.

I made an oval with my lips and lowered my mouth down his cock till my face was pressed in the hiar of his pubes. As I swirled my tounge around his cock it grew hard in my mouth. He sifted around so we where in a sort of 69, I felt his tounge probe my asshole as I continued to suck his cock harder. This continued for about ten minutes till he sat up pulled me onto my hands and knees and positioned himself behind me. He f***ed my face down onto the carpet and placed his cock at my puckered ass. Slowly I felt him pull my hips back as the head of his cock slide into my ass.

I groaned as the head popped in past the tightness of my asshole. He was in his fist ass fuck, He thrust forward as he pulled my hips OH I MOANED PLEASE SLOWER IT HURTS A LITTLE. He wasn't listening to me I could tell he was overcome with the feel of a tight ass he moaned and thrust forward harder as he got another inch in me. Another thrust and he was all the way in buried deep in my ass, I felt him withdraw and thrust again harder this time and a bit faster, deep in my ass the thrusting quickened and he started to shove his cock into me, I lower my shoulders closer to the floor to get his cock in me deeper. As he thrust forward I pushed back meeting his cock and burying it into my ass. OH GOD IT FEELS SOO GOOD IN MY ASSS YES MY YOUNG STUD FUCK MY ASS.

He fucked my ass harder and harder deeper and deeper, He leans forward and whispers in my ear how good it feels and how he never wants to take his cock out. I moan as he fucks my ass harder I can feel another cum building in me as I reach down and slide two fingers into my pussy, I finger fuck myself as he drives his cock into my ass. My other hand finds my clit and rubs it as I moan loudly and squeeze my fingers with my pussy, I hear him moan as my ass tightens on his cock as my pussy spasms as I start to cum again. His stroking speeds up as he bangs my ASS HARDER HAARDER YOU FUCKER FUCK MY ASS HARDER GIVE ME UR CUM IN MY ASS. I feel him thrusting deeper harder as I cum with all my fingers shoved up my pussy. Then it happens as I scream with my cum FUCK ME FUCK MY ASS IFEEL HIS COCK JERK IN MY ASS AND THE FLOOD OF HIS CUM PUMPING INTO ME, HE IS MOANING AND GRUNTING AS HE SHOOTS HIS CUM INTO MY TIGHT ASS. 

As he pumps his cum into my ass I wirthing in ecstasy on the floor with my face in the carpeting and both my hands between my legs rubbing my pussy and clit as I cum in long shaking spasms. His cock slips out of my ass as I continue rubbing my clit and I feel his cum dripping out of my ass and running down the back of my legs. I slump forward on to the floor and lie on a pool of my jucies and his cum. As I lay there I hear a car in the street honking its horn. As I sit up my stud is putting on his pants and mumbling something about his mom being outside, his dad needs the car to go to work. 

Well I did change my mind about fucking younger guys but I wil be a little more careful next time.