"Sex Stories" Young Lust

Sex Stories Young Lust
I had been planning this surprise for my mum and dad for some time, more so to celebrate my mum's 50Th birthday than any thing else. I knew that my mum had always wanted to go to the Caribbean but had never really been able to afford it, so it seemed only natural that when I came by a little good fortune that I treated them to a week's vacation.

There was only one hitch and that was my younger b*****r. I should mention that I am a 30yr old lady and at one time I had believed that I would be an only c***d. My mother had been told that after my birth it was highly likely that she would be unable to conceive again.I am sure you can understand our surprise when it was announced that mum was pregnant. I was 16 when Josh was born and I guess you can imagine who did all the babysitting.

I stayed at home as I got older to finish my education and left home when I went to university. My visits home became only as often as my budget would allow so I missed much of Josh's early years.To be fair though I had seen more of them recently as my new job gave me ample social time and much of my job could be done from home.(Erotic Stories)

I could not afford to send Josh with my folks but he readily agreed to stop at home if I took care of him. He was at the stage where it was not cool to be with parents.

I should mention that I am single and live alone. I had an unsatisfactory
relationship some time ago, I thought it was love until I found him screwing my flatmate when I was out.Since then I have concentrated on work and occasional dated a guy if he was nice. To be fair though my sex life was virtually non existent.

I moved into Mom's the day before their holiday and saw them off. Josh was still at school as term time didn't end for another 2 weeks.The first couple of days with him at school and me playing mum washing cleaning etc.
On the Wednesday I looked into his bedroom. I had expected a dump but surprisingly it was clean and tidy. I had set time aside for this task now I had time on my hands so I sat and opened up his computer. I knew this was an invasion of privacy yet curiosity got the better of me. Can you imagine that after a a few minutes I opened Hard core pornography. I am not naive but I had never seen anything quite as explicit. I saw girls giving head, swallowing sperm,anal sex.gang bangs everything.I found myself getting wet and as I saw this woman getting screwed by the biggest cock I had ever seen I slipped my hand into my pants and masturbated until I had the most shattering orgasm.

I was unsure of everything after that. Do I say something and reveal
invasion of privacy.Tell mum, mention it myself?
How could I say anything to him after doing it myself in his room. I decided to say nothing and let sl**ping dogs lie.

That evening Josh asked if he could bring two of his mates round after school to do some homework, I of course agreed but realising I had made a date for afternoon drinks with an old school friend at her house I gave them money for pizza's and told him I would be back about 7ish.

The following day I returned home, slightly worse the wear and when I went upstairs to go to the toilet I could hear the boy's ensconced in Josh's 
bedroom, giggling. I listened at the door for a moment and 'Look at the tit's on that, are they real?'
I was shocked to hear this, I knew that they were watching the stuff I had masturbated over yesterday. Flustered I went downstairs and relaxed in a soft armchair and watched TV. There didn't seem to be anything of interest
and I found myself dozing off.
I was disturbed by whispering and without opening my eyes I heard one of the boy's say 'Look you can see her panties'
I suddenly realised that they were looking up my skirt which had ridden up as I relaxed. The thought of these boys ogling me was quite a turn on.
'Lift her skirt another said
I felt my skirt being lifted, exposing more of my pussy to their view.
Josh said ' Be careful, if she wakes up we will in deep shit.'

It was obvious that thse guys were inexperienced from there conversation
but I was surprised to here one of them say 'I want to look at her tit's' and with that I felt my blouse being lifted'
'Oh! thy are great, look'
I could smell their bodily odours as the peered down my top and I found it incredibly arousing.I knew I should stop them right in their tracks but my arousal together with the alcohol lowered my resistance to almost nothing. I decided to let them continue knowing I could always stop them if it went too far.

I heard the boys move back to between my legs and I opened them a fraction wider.
Josh said' Look, you can see her hairy mound, pull her panties to one side so we can see her'
I felt my panties being pulled to on side and my body gave me away.
I heard' Look, she's dribbling juices, that means she's hot for it'
I didn't know what to do as all of a sudden I felt a finger on the lips of my pussy. I had no idea who it was, nor did I care. I just wanted it rubbing.
The guys started to get more confident and I hoped that they would not get too rough to f***e me to "wake up"
I felt one of them slide my skirt to my waist, allowing my legs to open, and start to play with my sopping pussy.
Suddenly I heard a zip open and Josh said 'What are you doing?'
He replied 'Watch'
I felt my hand being lifted and then wrapped around a throbbing erect penis. Holding my hand there he began to wank himself with my hand. I squeezed it a little and could not believe it's hardness.
Another zip opened and I felt my other hand wrapped around another slightly smaller, but still rigid, cock.How could this happen? I was being f***ed to
wank off two stiff dicks while someone was stroking my pussy?

The guy to my left whispered 'She's like the cum sluts off the net'
That is just how I felt, a slut, for them to use. I knew that this had gone too far to stop. I just hoped that they would allow me to feign sl**p a little longer if only to retain what dignity I had left.

The movement of the finger on my pussy was making me breathe deeply, I hoped they hadn't noticed but it became obvious when I felt the cock on the left forcing my lips apart and entering my mouth. I had never done this before and it felt huge in my mouth.I had to try not to gag and give the game away.

I had dreaded this moment, the thought of oral sex made me shudder but now I found the feeling and the taste quite palatable.He held my head and began to fuck my face and at the same time I felt a large stiffness penetrating my vagina lips and entering me. It felt huge and after a few minutes of urgent thrusting I felt him shudder as he filled me full of his cum

I felt him pull away but he was soon replaced by Josh who had been on my right.
His slightly smaller cock slipped in my spunk filled hole with ease and with slower less frantic thrusting he stroked me towards orgasm. After a while
I could feel my stomach contract towards orgasm and what pushed me over was
the guy on my left putting my hand back on his cock and making me wank him
into my mouth and over my face. The sight of this must have pushed Josh over the top as he increased his thrusts until he filled me with a second dose of man juice. They left me there and went upstairs. Leaving me with a pussy full of jizz that was starting to leak out and sperm running down my chin. I'm considering an encore.