"Sex Stories" Young man is fucked by two virgins

Sex Stories Young man is fucked by two virgins
When we came home from school, we looked forward to the afternoon. 
They are twin girls, called Betty and Juliane and today her 18th Birthday. 
They were still virgins, in other words, they have never had sex with another boy. 
Today was for Betty and Juliane is a special day, because your parents went away in the afternoon for a weekend with your f****y to Texas in a beautiful small town that bears the name of Lewisville. 

The twin s****rs had thus a flat unassailable. 
Juliane and Betty wanted to use the weekend for a big party. Her parents had no objection to a party. 

When the parents were away in the afternoon, the s****rs were curious, because they have never been 3 days without their parents alone. Take the chance and searched the apartment of your parents and grandmother came into the room in a clothes closet in the diapers were. (Sex Stories)

Juliane and Betty looked at each other and had to laugh, said: "What is it doing here. 
Our grandma wear nappies. "It is the two have not yet noticed that your grandmother had to wear diapers. 
Juliane said: "Is that funny. 
Betty says: "This is not funny, do you want to try the diapers, perhaps even time. 
Juliane said. "You really think so!" 
Betty put Juliane then on the large changing table, took off your coat. 
Juliane said then: "What is that here, what does that say. 
Betty said simply, "Now let me take time and not place yourself in it. 
She even took off your panties, then Juliane lay naked on the changing table. 

Betty Julian 'the thick CREATE tight shaved labia with baby cream. Inadvertently, they succeeded with your finger, in Juliane's Engen pussy. 
The pussy was so tight, you knew it, Juliane never had sex 
Betty said: "That it had somehow fallen Juliane, she was quite humid inside of the labia." 
Juliane now had to identify themselves, which she was so wet with your pussy and said, "What's that, what is wrong with me. 
Betty then said: "It's not bad, Juliane, it seems to you to please just what I do with you. It seems as if you make the diapers horny." 

Betty then took the diaper, put it under Juliana's ass and then wrapped. She noted that it makes you horny and even ashamed of this. 

Since Betty had an idea. Their parents were away. So what would speak against it, when you get a nice boy in the house. The nice boy named Mike was and just turns 18 Age reached. 
Betty said to her s****r: "I'm so horny you doing it because otherwise, or else your pussy would be not so wet sex we had never, since it would have the opportunity once a big fat cock in her pussy get stuffed. 
If Mike wants to have sex, then we make him simply d***k. Then Mike is helpless, and we will go with Mike, have wild sex and drag him here still in a diaper. 

You could actually drink any alcohol from your parents, which was part of the bargain that a party could ever take place. But that does not mean that Mike can not drink alcohol. 
The two s****rs who were still wet and horny, decided to call the school friend. 
Juliane then went to the phone, picked up the phone and dialed the phone number of school friend. 
The bell rang at Mike, but his mother picked up the phone. 
Juliane said to his mother: "Could I please speak to your son, Mike mal" 
The mother replied: "Yes, please a moment and took Mike to the phone. 
Mike then gave the phone to the ear and Juliane said: "Hi Mike, you know, we have birthday and you'd like tonight, so invite as against 19 to clock a small birthday party. 
Mike said the twin s****rs, "Oh happy dignity! Rejoice! Look at it tonight at 19 clock with you and hung up the phone." 

Since Juliane frightened, they probably noticed out of sheer excitement does not mean that your bladder was full. 
Because your pee ran down at once from your thigh to pussy to ass in the diaper. 
Juliane said to Betty, I accidentally made pee in my diaper. I now have it, and blushed with charm. 
She said to Betty: "Wrap me and please do dry. 
Juliane put on Grandma Betty's great changing table and went with your tender hands to Juliane's wet, full diaper. 
Betty was right in the sight of the pee-filled diaper horny and wet, so you kneaded the diaper by Juliane. 
She massaged with wet diaper, the thick lips and tight pussy by Juliane. 
Juliane, but Betty was always horny, wet and even moaned softly. 
They did not notice that it is getting late and it was slow clock 19. 
Juliane said to her s****r: "I keep my wet diaper even peed in a while!" 
She put on the skirt rather than trousers, so Mike did not notice that you had a diaper on. 
Betty and Juliane make-up and preparing for their first Fickdate. 
As the bell rang also appeared at the door. Betty opened the door and there stood the handsome shy boy. 
She said: "Come." 
Mike stepped into the apartment and Juliane closed the door behind him, Mike was not even noticed. 
Betty said to Mike. "Want to drink a cocktail." 
Mike replied: "Yes, yes, we want to celebrate your birthday. 
He took off his jacket, hung it on the hook and sat down at the house Separate Bar 
The twin s****rs were still excitedly walked up to Mike, gave him another cocktail and noticed that he did not tolerate so much, because Mike was a bit tipsy. Mike said, your cocktails but are quite strong. what he did not know was that these were primarily treated with high percent alcohol. 

Juliana sat on Mike 'legs and casually rubbed his penis. She noted that it pleases Him. His thick penis was stiff in his pants. 
Juliane said to Betty: "I have his hot penis get stiff, I think it pleases Him. 

Betty gave Mike just another cocktail and asked him: "Do you want to fuck 2 horny twin s****rs. We're horny and we will fuck you." We are still virgins, and you're the first boy, now we want to fuck hard. " 

Mike, who was now d***k already, said only: "I myself have also never had sex with a girl. But I will still not have sex, I'm still waiting. 

Mike wanted to come down on its Juliane, noting that his pants were full of pee. She said to Him, you've peed in my pants, laughing. What he did not know that it actually Juliane was accidentally peed on that Mike had, because your diaper had exploded. 
But Mike could not get any more with. 
He had become so d***k that he could scarcely stand. 

As Betty said: "Mike will not do that, you can not here full of piss it all." Since Mike could no longer walk independently, the two were high in the Mike the nursery room. 

They put Mike on the big changing table. Mike said what are you doing with me. 
Let me go, but Betty and Juliane Mike replied only: "No, you're too d***k and you've just peed in my pants. 
Our carpet is also pissed. Little boys need to be wrapped and wear diapers. 
It's for your own safety. 
Mike struggled and struggled, he did not want to be wrapped and would certainly not wear a diaper. 
He shouted: "Let me go, I want to go home. 
That was Betty and Juliane, but regardless, you pulled Mike from the sweater and his undershirt. 
Juliane said: "Mike, you see, we have indeed done soon. Believe me, it's not so bad wear diapers." 
Juliane took off their clothes and as she stood in front of Mike, but in your full pissed nappies. You see it's not bad wear diapers. 
Betty is now retired from even their clothes and stood totally naked on the changing table where Mike was lying on it. 
Mike defended himself always wondered why Betty runs now pending. But it did not help him. Betty and Mike Juliane unbuttoned his jeans and touched while his flaccid penis. Mike is now crying, shouted: "Stop, please." It use to him but nothing. Betty said, we will be able to ask Mike did not calm. We will fix it better in grandma's bedside. 
Juliane said: "Let Mike before, but still wrapped, on the changing table, it is easier. 
She touched the jeans off his legs and took up his underpants. 
Mike suggested that fear for himself. 
Betty worried handcuffed and chained his hands and said: "Before you is you or hurt us, restraining the best place for us all. 
Juliane attacked with all your loving hand on Mike's pants and touched him tenderly. With your fingers gently brushed his pants down and saw for the first time a penis. 
Juliane was impressed by the penis so that they wet your diaper full of pee and was horny. 

She pulled his foreskin down slowly, they did not know whether Mike hurts. You went with your tongue over the glans, licking his penis wild, enclosed with their thick plump red lips and blew his penis, his penis hard. 
Mike his penis was stiff, filled with bl**d. He was plump fat. 
Nevertheless, he defended himself, Betty put him in a diaper. They took Mike, put him in the hospital bed of their grandmother and fixed him in the hands, abdomen, thighs, and feet. 
Now Mike could not defend himself and Betty got naked in the hospital bed 
She pulled apart your labia and crouched in front of his face and said "Lick my pussy, lick my lips off. Mike screamed, stop please. As Betty pissing off easy, she peed in his mouth, his upper body and in his diaper . 

Mike was crying and said, "Make me go please, I need to look at the toilette. Juliane but only said. What got attracted to the little boy in a diaper. 
Piss in the diaper. Mike could not longer hold his pee and ran into the diaper. It was was on his testicles. 

Juliane took off your diaper, then went to Mike in the hospital bed and opened his diaper. She snapped a portion of the diaper down to the ass and the other arm snapped her up to the navel. 
Mike thought: "Now he is drained." But no, he still felt the wet diaper full of pee on his testicles. 

Juliane said: "Calm down, not bad if you pee in your diaper. You're fixed. But you can do only in the hospital bed pee." 
Mike noticed how Juliane it slowly touched his penis and stroked them. He flinched as she patted him on his testicles, said Juliane as it was warm and wet against your hand. 

Mike was in his piss and Juliane was horny and wet in your pussy. 
She squatted down on his stiff, thick penis, pulled down his foreskin and urinated on his glans. My pee ran down his hard penis, his testicles down on the diaper, which has still been under his ass. 

After she had pissed him, his foreskin was pulled down, she took his stiff, hard, horny cock and licked him. She wanted to know how to swallow sperm and semen taste like, she knew not. 

She licked his glans, moaned Mike, you left him with really tough. Until his cumshot plumper, hard cock in your mouth. She swallowed so much sperm as she could absorb, and the rest ran down from her mouth the throat. 

Betty and Mike made Juliane once and sl**p the next morning, both stood at his Bett.Mike still asl**p. They both got into bed. Betty took his penis, stroking them, until it was stiff. Pulled down his foreskin and put it into your wet pussy. 

She groaned loudly, moved steadily up and down again, fucked him by mercilessly, while Juliane your fist in his ass 
rammed. Now Mike was awake, it hurt him terribly. He wept. Juliane f***ed him to remain calm. He tried to defend himself and urinated a while. Betty moaned and groaned. 

She took his hard, hard penis and put it in your ass. Betty just moaned even louder and urinated while she fucked his ass on his balls. After Betty 
orgasm was increased Juliane on his penis, put them deep into your vagina and fucking with him brutally. Besides, Betty put her whole hand in his ass and f***ed Mike into this to keep his mouth shut. He could go screaming in pain, but he could not. Juliane also came after an orgasm, she took his penis and put it in your asshole, she wanted to know how is the feeling when you have a penis in the ass. 
It was sowas von geil, they are rammed his penis until it stops in your ass. 
Mike hurt the penis from the assfuck. 
So they once again put his penis in your pussy and fucking with him while under duress, until he inject his sperm into your tight pussy. 

Mike moaned briefly and hoped to be left free at last. Betty and Juliane, his ass one CREATE, CREATE one his testicles and penis and pulled him to a fresh dry diaper. 
They told Mike: "You will stay here another night, for your safety, we have once again created a diaper. So if you need to pee or big business, then it is not bad. We wrap you tomorrow morning and then tomorrow you must go home. 
Condition is that you regularly you can handle us. Otherwise we have now re-fixing constraint. 

Mike agreed, and went to sl**p under his fixation.