"Sex Stories" Younger Niece Blackmails Uncle

Sex Stories Younger Niece Blackmails Uncle
I was excited to hear that my nieces would be coming for a visit the week before school started. Thoughts of my secret sexcapade with my niece Beth was still fresh in my mind. I could get a hard-on just thinking about her tight young body, and her shameless display of raging hormones. Every so often, I would still sniff the musky panties that she had left for me in the bathroom that night.

The girls arrived with their mother around noon on that humid August day, and I got instantly over-amped just watching my nieces tumble out of the car, laughing and giggling at some inside joke they shared. Beth wore her signature denim shorts, cut so close that the bottoms of her ass cheeks were clearly visible. Her white blouse was sheer enough to reveal her lacy bra underneath.(Porn Stories)

Mary, my younger niece, wore a matching yellow shorts and shirt set. Her long dark hair flowed down her back, and I was amazed to see that her body seemed to have developed some very attractive curves since I last saw her. Or maybe she had that cute round ass and those bouncy breasts the last time she visited, and I was just so fixated on her older s****r that I didn’t notice.

When the traditional hugs were given out, Beth’s greeting was friendly enough, but rather half-hearted and superficial. Without a word to me, she bounded up the stairs leading to the guest room, her backpack slung over one shoulder. Mary, on the other hand, embraced me with her arms like I was her long lost best friend. She looked me dead in my eyes, and thanked me for putting them all up in our house. As she followed her s****r up the stairs, I couldn’t help but notice her long slender legs, and the little wiggle of her ass. She was developing nicely for a 12 year old.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on her warm greeting. Mary was the shy, quiet one of the s****rs, and she didn’t reveal much about herself. That would change in a hurry. After the group settled in, I decided to make a run to the grocery store, intent on buying all the goodies I knew the girls liked. When I asked if anyone wanted to tag along, I was quite surprised to hear Mary say yes. She jumped up off the couch and followed me to my van.
“So, how are things going for you this summer?” I offered, trying to break the ice with my young companion as I drove along. “Okay, I guess,” she answered, contorting her face for a second. “What’s wrong, sweetheart, anything you want to share with me?” I asked. Mary immediately blushed and looked down at the folded hands in her lap. She took a deep breath, and sighed. “There is something I want to talk to you about,” she said. This was a first, I thought, as I looked over at her sincere face. “What is it?” I asked in an encouraging tone of voice.

“Well,” she began slowly, “I know all about what you and Beth did the last time we were here.” I almost ran off the side of the road, I was so shocked. “You do?” I blurted out. “Yes, I was only pretending to be asl**p. I saw and heard everything, and Beth told me all the details when I asked her about it,” she explained. “You know those panties that Beth left for you in the bathroom? Well, they were actually mine. She borrowed them from me, because all of hers were dirty. But, it’s okay, you can keep them.”

I didn’t know how to respond, I was so taken aback with her frank talk. Alarm bells were clanging loudly in my head, as she continued. “I haven’t told my mom or anybody, yet,” she said. “YET?” was my spontaneous response. “Oh, I didn’t mean it like that,” she stammered, “I don’t want you to get into any kind of trouble, or anything. It’s just that…well…if you and I were to do anything, then, I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone anything!”

Holy crap, I thought, as I tried to concentrate on my driving. “Well, what do you have in mind?” I finally asked her. She was silent for a few moments, deep in thought. “I want to do the things you and Beth did, only more,” was her reply. “More?” was my obvious response. “Well, you can’t fuck me, because I signed a pledge in school,” she answered. Her reply both shocked me and made me chuckle all at once: shocked, because I could hardly imagine that my innocent little niece was using the f*** word, and the chuckle came from hearing her brazen offer, while she inferred that she had to remain a virgin because she signed a pledge. The irony was delicious, and I could feel my cock trying to stand straight up inside my shorts.

“So, you’re saying that if I give in to your demands, you’ll keep everything a secret, and I won’t get into trouble?” I asked. She nodded enthusiastically in agreement, looking straight ahead. “Well, that sounds an awful lot like blackmail, doesn’t it?” I uttered. She looked at me, and her red face broke into a big smile. “I don’t know about all this,” I said. “For starters, it would be almost impossible to get the opportunity to be together,” I lamented, as I pulled into the crowded parking lot.

“No,” she corrected me, “not at your house, I mean here, right now. “Right here in my van?” I asked, incredulously. “Why not? It has a soft rug, and it’s completely private,” she reminded me. “Come on,” she insisted, as she took my hand and guided us into the back. She got down on her knees, and pulled me down onto mine. She wrapped her skinny arms around my neck, and advanced her lips toward mine. She kissed me with such fervor and passion, it took my breath away. Her lips were hotter than a frying pan at breakfast. I put my arms around her waist, and returned her kiss as tenderly as I could. 
Apparently, she wasn’t all that interested in “tender”, and she ground her lips into mine, as she reached behind her back and pulled my hands down onto her tight little buns. I squeezed them firmly, and began to knead them, as we maintained our heated lip lock. When she let out her first sexy moan, I almost came right on the spot. I never imagined this pure little wisp of a girl could be so turned on so quickly.

Mary spread her knees open, and still kneeling, grabbed one of my hands off her butt, and pushed it between her legs. “Finger me, like you did to Beth,” she whispered, her hot breath filling my ear. I could see that she would be controlling the action, so I thought it best to do as I was told. After all, she had the power of blackmail over me.

Her little thong was already drenched, as I slid my fingers past it, seeking out her clit. Her smooth, hairless pussy was already contracting as I slid one finger, then two, into her virginal love passage. “Oh, that feels so good!” she cooed, as she exhaled heavily. “Fuck me hard with your fingers, Uncle Bill, just like you did to Beth!” she demanded. As I stepped up the intensity of my sinful intrusion, Mary’s body began bouncing up and down, and as she arched her back and flung her head back, I could feel her strong pussy muscles expand and contract and clench around my invading fingers. “YES! I’m cumming! Keep fucking me…YES!” she announced ecstatically, as her juices flowed down her inner thighs.

Finally satiated, she slumped down, and she lay on her back. My cock was on the verge of a major explosion, as I watched her limp body, with that contented post-orgasmic smile on her angelic face. As she caught her breath, she reached down and whipped off her shorts and thong in one swift motion.

The sight of her naked, delicate body spread out before me was enough to make me consider banging my dick against the van wall about 100 times. As a diversion, I leaned over and planted soft kisses on her belly, and down her smooth thighs. Mary opened her legs wider, and held my head in her little girl hands, guiding me straight to her slippery pussy. I tasted her sweet, musky cum as I began licking her outer lips and darting my tongue into her opening. She growled like an a****l, and pressed my lips tighter on her awakened vagina. “Suck my pussy, Uncle Bill, make me cum again!” she implored. Being the loving uncle that I am, I did as I was commanded. I had no difficulty in bringing my hot little niece to a second orgasm within two minutes, and I held on while she bucked underneath my mouth like a wild pony. I thought she might pull wads of my hair out as she was in the throes of intense euphoria, but I didn’t care.

After a couple minutes with her arm covering her eyes, and her breathing rapidly, I backed off and sat up. Mary sat up quickly, and pushed me over onto my back, and announced,” You’re next!” with enthusiasm. She pulled my shorts completely off, revealing my poor, neglected erection. “Wow! And you’re shaved down there too. I’ll bet Aunt Barb likes that!” she squealed. “Actually, it was her idea,” I explained. Without another word, she bent over my body, wrapped her thin fingers around my throbbing member, and proceeded to lick it up and down, underneath, and around my cock head. Then she let go of it, and let her mouth do the rest. I was in agony, as I watched her consume me with her pretty pink lips. I was amazed how much of my cock she could get into her mouth, not that I’m super huge or anything.

When she looked up at me, she took my cock out of her mouth just long enough to give me her next order: “I want you to come in my mouth, Uncle Bill. I love the taste of cum!” she boasted, as she went back to work. I didn’t have time to process this new information, because I immediately began to ejaculate down her willing throat. She gagged on the first eruption, but kept her composure. She swallowed every drop of my sperm, as her head bobbed up and down on me furiously.

When she sat up, she wiped her mouth off on her arm, and gave me the biggest, proudest smile that I had ever seen her give anyone. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, but that didn’t really matter. Mary crawled up my body, and lay on top of me. We held each other and just cuddled, wordless, for a few minutes. This darling young girl had just made me the happiest uncle in the world. She was so good at sucking my cock, that it begged the question I posed to her, as we got dressed.

“So, where did you learn to do that?” I had to ask her. She grinned sheepishly. “If you want me to keep our secret, you’ll have to keep mine too,” she said. I nodded in agreement. “I learned in our Oral Sex Club,” she answered. As we walked through the parking lot, she explained that the k**s at her school had formed a club for giving and receiving oral sex. It came about after so many k**s had signed the virginity pledge cards that were distributed in Sex Ed class, stating that they wouldn’t have intercourse until they got married.

“How does it work?” I asked her, fascinated. I had heard rumors of these “Oral Sex” Clubs before, but I had shrugged them off as some fantasy dreamt up by some old pervert (like me). “Well, almost everybody’s parents work, so we meet after school at different k**s’ houses for a couple of hours,” she explained. “Meetings are almost every day of the week, and you sign up for them whenever you want to go. We all have code names, and the daily list tells you who’s coming, and where to meet.”

I was more than flabbergasted. “Aren’t you kind of young to be doing that sort of thing?” I admonished. Mary thought about my question for a moment. “Well, I’m not the youngest member, let’s put it that way,” she told me. Now, I was the silent one. Images of p*****n girls sucking off their classmates raced through my head. “Well, I must say you’re pretty good at it!” I finally blurted out. “Practice makes perfect,” she shot back, grinning.

“You’re the first man I ever had oral sex with. All the rest have been boys in school. And sometimes girls too,” she added. Again, my mind reeled with new images. “Girls, too?” I asked in disbelief. “Sure, why not? Girls have needs too. Any mouth can give orgasms, so why limit yourself?” she reasoned.

As we pushed our shopping cart up and down the aisles, I became aware of how attractive my young niece had become. Now that I shared in her secret, she was more desirable than my wildest dreams. We passed the in-store bank branch on the way out, and Mary grabbed one of the free cherry lollipops they offered their customers.

As we walked back to the van, she ran in front of the cart, turned around, and walked backwards, looking me in the eye. With her lollipop stick jutting out the side of her mouth, she said: “You know, when I said you couldn’t fuck my pussy, I didn’t mean you couldn’t fuck anything else.” She was a pro at blowing my mind, that was for sure. “Did you join the Anal Sex Club too?” I asked, mockingly. “No,” she replied, “I’ve been learning that on my own.” I haven’t had anal sex with a real person yet, but I’ve put a bunch of stuff up my ass…it feels good,” she admitted. “But, I’m dying to know what a real cock might feel like, pumping my ass,” she admitted, as she helped me load the rest of the groceries into the back of the van.

We jumped in the front seats, but before I could put the key in the ignition, she grabbed me by the wrist and headed to the back, pulling me along with her. “I want you to fuck my ass now, while we have the chance,” she said firmly. I thought of protesting, but again, being the kind, devoted uncle that I was, I vowed to do whatever I could to please my willing accomplice.

Mary stripped off her shorts and thong, only this time she pulled her yellow shirt up over her head and flung it behind her back. She wore no bra, which was understandable, as her firm perky tits were still developing. She helped me undress completely, then, spun around on her knees and laid her head on her folded arms, presenting her virginal ass to me shamelessly. I didn’t need any further instructions. I fondled her tight ass cheeks with both hands, and she moaned her approval. I leaned over her, kissing and nibbling her smooth ass, and she squealed when my tongue came in contact with her ass crack. She instinctively reached back with both her hands, and spread her cheeks wide, inviting my tongue to delve in further. Believe me, it was my pleasure to accommodate her wishes!

I was already hard as a rock, when she implored me to fuck her ass. “Come on, Uncle Bill, don’t make me wait any longer!” she pleaded, as she gyrated her hips in front of my face. I edged up behind her until my thighs touched her legs, and I began to rub my cock head up and down her saliva coated ass crack. She grabbed my cock in one hand, and guided it to her forbidden hole, and pushed back against it until it penetrated her virginal sphincter. “Oh, my,” she gasped, “it’s in!” I held my ground, and allowed her to take as much of my cock as she felt comfortable with. Apparently she was just fine taking it to my balls, and soon, I was holding onto her hips for dear life, as she fucked me unmercifully. 

She played with her hard nipples with one hand, and worked her clit vigorously with her other hand. I was just along for the ride, but wow, what a ride! “Oh, Uncle Bill, it feels even better than I thought it would! Now, stand up and straddle me. I want you to fuck my ass really hard, with all you’ve got!” she commanded. Being the obedient uncle that I was, I entered her ass again, easily this time, and worked my cock deep inside her rectum, pulling out to the head, then, plunging back in. I had a pretty good full-stroke rhythm going on, and I was gloating a little on the inside. Mary instantly deflated my ego, by imploring: “Is that the best you can do Uncle Bill? Fuck me harder, please! I can take it!”

I stepped up my pace, and rammed my pulsating cock deeply into my young niece’s ass firmly and repeatedly, until I couldn’t hold back anymore. “Cum in my ass, I want to feel your hot jizz fill me up!” she roared, as her own orgasm began to wave over her sweaty little body. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me good! I’m cumming!” she announced with enthusiasm. Her pussy contractions were so strong, I could feel them on my spurting cock. We kept our united pace going for another full minute, until we collapsed in a heap, drained but elated.

I was in a complete state of bliss, holding Mary in my arms, and kissing the top of her head. Then, she blew my mind once again. “Thanks, Uncle Bill, that was a lot of fun,” she gushed. I was dumbfounded, and the only thing I could offer her was a weak smile. But my ears experienced their very first orgasm.

As we drove home in silence, I wondered how this blackmail incident would affect our future relationship. Mary must have read my mind, because she answered my unspoken question directly. “Now we know each other’s darkest secrets. I think fucking my ass sealed our pact forever. But, every once in awhile we’ll have to renew our vows of secrecy, just in case,” she suggested.

As we unloaded the groceries, my wife and her s****r came out to help. “You two were gone a long time,” my wife stated. “The store was super crowded, Aunt Barb. We could hardly move in there!” Mary answered. I nodded in agreement, and smiled to myself. My partner-in-crime was a true professional, indeed!