"Sex Stories" Zimabeans First Time

Sex Stories Zimabeans First Time
This is how I lost my virginity. The names have been changed and I will not reveal ages, let's just say I was young. 

Tammy lived around the corner from me and I would go over and hang out with her after school and during the summer. We started playing games like rolling a tennis ball to each other. I would try to roll the ball up the legs of her shorts and she would allow me to retrive it. It would work the other way also with her going into my shorts. This eventially got to the level of both of us playing with other's junk. This was the first time I saw and touched boobs and pussy or had a woman touch my dick. Several times we were almost busted by friends or her parents. 

Now Tammy was about four and half foot tall, wide hips and blonde hair. She had cute little boobs and light brown hair on her pussy. One day we were in her house and completely naked, our clothes laying on the kitchen floor and we were on the floor in the living room. I had my finger in her pussy and she had just taken my dick in her mouth when her mom walked in. We both just froze, staring at her mom and mom staring back us. Mom was between our clothes and the door, I was thinking I was going to die. (XXX Stories)

Tammy's mom was named Lisa and was about five foot tall with the same big wide hips, jet black hair and big blue eyes, tits were nothing to get excited about. She stared at us and I could see she was getting mad. Lisa asked us what we thought we were doing? All we could do was stand there, naked, my dick still hard, the smell of Tammt's pussy lingured in the air. Lisa aske dhow many times we had had sex, and what we doing for birth control. Tammy said we had not had sex and thus we did not need birth control. We were just playing.

Lisa walked over and gave us both the once over, she reached out and put her hand around my dick then rubbed Tammy's bush. She said that she would help us out if we promised not to ever tell anyone. I was not sure where this was going but I made the promise as did Tammy. With that Lisa pulled of her t-shirt, she was not wearing a bra. Her cute titties shagged slightly. She kicked off her sandles and then pulled her shorts and panties off and stood naked before us. She had a thick black bush and my dick was throbing and was so hard it hurt. I now had two naked women standing here. Lisa kneeled down and licked my dick then turned and rubbed Tammy's bush. Lisa told Tammy to watch how this is done, that she did not want Tammy to get pregnant, Lisa played with my dick a little more and then showed Tammy some wet stuff on her hand and said that little bit of juice was enough to knock her up. Tammy said okay and stood there, Lisa told me to lay on the floor and I did. My dick was pointed at my face and Lisa took my hand and placed on her very wet pussy, she rubbed my hand her clit. After a minute she moved her pussy over my dick and lowered herself down on it. Tammy was now sitting next to me and I had my hand out playing with her pussy. I could not believe I had my dick in this woman's pussy. We all just sat there for what seemed like a long time. I was looking at this womans pussy and her boobs and then I looked into her eyes and that was all it took, my dick started pumping it's load into Lisa. I thought it would pump all day. She looked at me and smiled, she said that she felt that and it felt great. Then she said that my dick was still hard and she started working her hips so that her pussy was grinding into me. After a minute she orgasimed and I came again. Lisa lifted off of me and laid down on the carpet, Tammy was looking at my sloppy wet semi hard dick. Tammy asked what had happened. Lisa said that we had both came. She explained how a woman comes and then how a man comes. Tammy said she wanted to try but Lisa said that we need to wait, but that Tammy could play with my dick and her pussy and see the sperm, which she did. 

Lisa took Tammy down and got her on the pill, and I got to fuck her when it was safe. I got to fuck both of these women alot over the next several years. Lisa taught Tammy and I how to have great sex, I learned alot and would never change this. I wish I could run into these women again and have a weekend alone with them.