"Erotic Stories" 48 Hours

Erotic Stories 48 Hours
I rise in the morning and head to the shower. The bathroom is large with a row of sinks and beyond them three toilet stalls, across from this arrangment are six shower stalls. They are indivdual stalls each with a curtain, but each is large enough for two or even three people. There's someone in one stall. He's either not used to having a woman in the house (this summer rental thing is a change from the normal all-male arrangment of the frat) or he doesn't care, in either event, there's Mike, soaping up in my full view. His back is turned to me and i see his muscular butt and legs. Wow! what legs, i think to my self. "Mind if i join you?" i ask, Mike jumps a little, perhaps he didn't hear me come in over the sound of the water, or perhaps he really had forgotten that there was a female in the house. In any event, he turns around, giving me my first look at his dick, and says "Sure, jump in." I think he still thinks i'm just being a tease. "Why, of course," come in, "you can scrub my back." i do, and he seems a little surprised. 

i take a brush and soap to his back. i get right into the center of the back where he can't reach. Slowly i move down until i'm on my knees behind him. The water runs down his back rinsing off the suds. i begin to caress his tight butt cheeks. He spreads his legs and i reach through with one hand and fondle his balls. i soap up the other hand and reach around and wash his pubes and his cock. He gets hard and he turns around to face me. His soapy cock is at my lips. With both hands cupped i gather water which i release on his cock to rinse away the soap. "i feel i should be pouring precious oil rather than mere water," i say, "this is my libation to my object of worship, your beautiful cock." "You have permission approach with your mouth and please my cock," He responds. i take him in my mouth. Both hands grap his ass and i pull him into my mouth as deeply as possible. While sucking and rubbing my tongue on the underside i piston my mouth so his cock slides in and out very fast. Keeping one hand tightly fastened to his butt cheek, i move the other hand to his balls which i fondle while using my mouth like a pussy on his dick. "Oh God, oh God, I'm coming, I'm coming, quick swallow it all, dont' spill any!" i feel so very satisfied with myself for the way i drained his cock. "Thank you for breakfast," i say and we both towel off and he leaves to dress for school. "I hope you're coming home for lunch today," i say, as he kisses me and leaves for class.(Sex Stories)

It's then i notice that DB has been watching (we never did close that shower curtain). "I've come back for your mouth, cumslut. I need your mouth on me again. But this time I want you to suck my cock slowly." Last night's dialgue with DB was fun, but now with him standing in front of me, both of us naked, me with the taste of Mike's cum in my mouth, i am a little nervous. DB's black cock is huge (i guess it's true what they say about dark meat). Slowly i take his cock in my mouth. DB's eyes roll in the back of his head as he feels my wet tongue run up his rock hard cock. He looks into my eyes as i take his cock in my mouth. i'm sucking and drawing up on the head, my lips kissing the tip. i now take his cock twirling it around in my mouth. i can tell he likes the feel of my tongue moving around the head. The sound of me sucking and smacking fill the bathroom. He explodes, shooting cum in my mouth. His hot cum hitting my tongue, and i swallow him. "You make me feel like a king," says DB. i'm happy to do so and i say, "thank you, it was my pleasure."

About this time Jack, the Italian and George the Brit, enter the bath, just in time to witness me sucking off DB. "This slut is the real deal," DB tells the guys. "And before me, I saw her suck Mike off in the shower." "So, boys," i taunt, "still think i'm all talk and no action." "Fuckin' A," says George, "we going have some fun with this bird." "Yeah," says Jack, "let's take her back to the room and try her out." So off i go with Jack and George, DB tags along to see what's going to happen. In the hall Musky runs into them leading me and DB, both of us naked, back to their room and he decides to follow as well. Jack and George share a large, double-sized room with a loft. From the posters on the wall -- girls in leather, bondage, girls getting their asses and breasts whipped -- i can tell that these two will have something wild in store for me. I'm still naked and by now all four guys are too. I see i'll be getting a lot of uncircumcised dick, something of a new experience for me as Master is circumcised as were other men before him. 

"Get down on your knees," Jack orders. With that he takes out a giant dildo and places it between my feet. "Now sit on it, I want to see it up your ass." While i impale myself on the fake prick, Jack puts his young cock all the way in my mouth and starts to fuck my throat roughly for several minutes. my saliva is running down my chin and my throat is raw and in pain. Suddenly Jack takes his cock out of me and strokes it hard, while i lick his cockhead with my sperm-thirsty tongue. Finally, he shoots all his big white load all over my face, my eyes, my lips. Finally he makes me lick the remaining sperm out of his foreskin. "Not bad," says Jack, "Not great, but not bad, with work we can turn you into a real cumslut." "Please, do," i reply

"You want real cumslut training, do you?" says George. Okay then, I'll give you a memorable face/mouth fuck. He hands me high heels and sexy lingerie. "Put these on," George orders. With Jack's help, while DB and Musky watch, George ties me feet up onto the loft, high enough so that my face/mouth is level with his groin. George, still naked, approaches with his cock pionting right onto my face/mouth. He pours some honey and syrup on his chest so that it drips down along his cock and into my mouth. He grabs my head and fucks my face while licking my wet pussy, all this while i am hung feet up. "Lick my ass, my balls, my cock. Eat my balls as though it was the last possible food available for you," he commands. i am licking greedily, so thrilled to be used this way, hung like a piece of meat in the locker. "Mmm, your pusssy tastes good," he says as he gags me with his cock, making me drool. As he continues fucking my face hard he pours honey on my toes so that it drips down to my pussy and then he licks it off. "Make me cum, slut," he barks as he unloads down my throat.

George and Jack untie me and put me in a chair. Musky sits across from me, stroking his cock. "Don't you dare touch yourself!" Musky order. i sit there trying not to play with my slutty pussy for nearly 20 minutes as i watch him tease and tug his stiff uncut cock. "Now you get the chance to taste it," he says. As soon as it enters my dirty mouth i can taste his sweet precum that he's worked up for himself. my tongue flicks over his foreskin revealing his throbbing head that i greedily swallow. Wanking his cock with my hand i move his foreskin up and down as i tease the very tip of his swollen prick. "Please cum on me" i beg as my strokes become more and more fast until he sprays hot cum all over my lips and tongue.

"Hey, bitch," says DB, we men have worked up an appetite making all that cum for your greedy little slut mouth, get down to the kitchen and fix us some lunch." I went back to my room, got dressed, sort of, and headed down to the kitchen. Along the way i heard the house phone ring. "It's Mike," i heard on the other end, "I'm coming home for lunch, wondered if you want to get together then, it's probably been pretty boring for you there in the house all morning with nothing to do."

When Mike opened the kitchen door he was surpised by what he saw. There i was on the kitchen table, blouse opened and pushed back -- pert titties barely covered by a black lace bra. "Nice titties," said Mike, "and the see-through lace makes them even hotter." my skirt is flipped up, and the glisten of dampness on my pale blue panties shows him i've been playing with myself while waiting for him. "i promised you lunch, but first i need that beautiful, delicious cock of yours in my mouth. Please, fuck my mouth and let me taste your seed." The dirty talk gets him really horny fast, and as i slide across the table, hanging my head over the edge, Mike pulls off his shirt, drop his slacks and shorts, and brings his dick to my lips. my lips and tongue play on the head of his cock getting him hard. Then he slips his cock into my warm, wet, willing, and waiting mouth. As he starts, first slowly and gently, then increasingly fast and hard, to fuck my face, i resume fingering my clit and playing with my pussy. He works it in and out, each time deeper until i swallow his entire dick, my nose pressed up into his balls. i writhe on the table, wildly fingering myself as he uses my mouth like a cunt, until he creams my mouth and i cream my panties, my first orgasm of the day. He takes the bra and panties as souvenirs. "Wow, your are hot, says Mike as he finishes one of the sandwiches i had made for the boys. "The lunch was pretty good too."

I bring the lunch i made up to the dining room where George, Jack, DB, and Musky are waiting they eat and then take off for afternoon classes. As they leave Julian, who was out in classes all morning arrives and they tell him about the morning. "You're shitting me," exclaims Julian. "No shit, i answer, "it's all true. And they didn't even tell you about Mike face fucking me on the kitchen table." "Damn," said DB, i wondered why it took you so long to make a few sandwiches. By the way, the sandwiches taste a little 'different'," he added with a question in his voice. "Oh, that's me you taste," i explained, after six blowjobs, plus the pussy licking that George gave me i was pretty horny, so i got myself off on the kitchen table. God was i wet, so i wiped the cold-cuts on my pussy to give you all a taste of my juice to take with you as you head off to classes."

Julian says "Wow, that's cool, I am so orally oriented and I love both give and take." With that Julian has me on the carpeted floor in a 69, licking my pussy at the same time as i suck his dick. He lies on his back and as i suck i use my hand too, so that with each time i suck him into my mouth i am also giving him a wet sloppy hand job. As he comes he buries himself in my snatch as he shoots each juicy load deep in my throat.

After all this activity i go back to my room for a nap so i'll be ready when Jay and Larry come home from work.

When Jay arrives home the others tell him what has been going on. Of course he doesn't believe a word of it, so they tell him "Go to her room and ask her yourself." Jay knocks on my door, "Hi, it's Jay, are you decent?" "No," i reply, "come in." Jay walks into the bedroom and sees me kneeling on the bed, dressed in black sheer nylon catsuit! "Master I've been thinking about you choking me with your cock," i say. "That's a good little slut," he answers, "I love it when you remember you are here to serve me and pleasure my cock!" He takes his clothes off and i take his cock into my mouth. i feel it get hard inside of my wet mouth. "Your mouth's not wet enough!" he grunts and then pinches my nose and grabs the back of my head until he can feel me gag around the head of his cock. i start to cough and gag uncontrollably. "Good," he says, "that's when you get the really good spit all over my cock." He does this repeatedly until my eyes are bl**dshot and he sees my eyes water. i then wrap my hands around his cock and spread my spit all up and down his cock and over his balls. i start to feel his balls tighten up. "I'm going to cum but I don't want you to swallow, you are going to hold it in your mouth till I say so," he tells me. He fills my mouth with his cum. "Open up and show me my load!" he says, "One of my favorite things in the world is to see my cum dripping over black sheer nylon. I want you to spit it out slowly all over your nylon covered tits and body!" i slowly drizzle his cum over my breasts, tummy, pussy, and thighs. Then i rub it all over my body! "You have done well pleasing me today!" he says. i can see by the smile on his face that i have outdone myself today. "You have done so well," he says, " that today might be the day that I give you pleasure and I make you cum in my mouth, cuz you know I love how your cunt taste!"

Meanwhile Larry who has also been filled in on what sort of slut i am and who quietly entered my room in time to see Jay fuck my throat, says "Wow, after 7 other men I can see that your jaw is starting to ache from all the dick that you have sucked - only to take more from me and others yet today." By now all the boys have assembled in the TV room where we were the night before and Larry leads me there so they can enjoy watching me suck his cock while they have afew beers. "I love your face- the cum dried on your chin- the look in your eyes that you will get to drink some more cum," says Larry. "Now get on your knees in front of me I only ask that you don't touch me with anything other than your lips." To make sure of that he ties my hands behind me. i lean forward as he slowly sinks into my lips - into my throat. "How good your throat feels around my cock," he moans, "enough of the teasing!" Holding my head between his hands he increases the pace- his cock hitting the back of my throat, my tongue on his balls. "This sight is wonderful," he cries out, and all the boys agree. "I can't take any more..." He comes in my mouth - his cum drips down my chin - joining the dried cum on my lips and tits.

While Larry has been fucking my throat, Mike put on some cable porn on the TV. You know, the stuff that the night before he said the guys don't watch :) "Damn, you really are a cumslut, that is what, 7 or 8 guys already who have cum in your mouth or on your face?" says Mike, "Wow, maybe I should take you back to the shower and have you suck me off again while you clean yourself off." But Mike has a better idea for another way to get him off with my filthy mouth. He sits in a big comfortable easy-chair while i kneel in front of him and taste his cock while he watches porn. The other men crack open another round of beers and split their time between watching the porn on the screen and the porn happening in front of them. Mike instructs me to take his soft cock in my mouth and with no bobbing, sucking, or other movement, just move my tongue around on the underside, especially on the frenulum. "You're going to be down there for a long time," he says. He's right, licking with no sucking or bobbing will make his dick hard, and eventually will bring forth my reward, a mouthful of cum, but it is a slow process. It produces a large amount of pre-cum, and i have plenty of time to savor the taste of his pre-cum before getting my main course. As i kneel licking Mike's cock the other guys have fun rubbing and sticking fingers in my pussy and playing with my tits. i wonder how long i'll have to wait for some one to properly fuck me. All the time Mike is watching porn on the TV and commenting on the girls in the movie, ignoring me. i want to suck more agressively to get his attention, but he orders me to "just keep on licking." When he comes it is not a few quick hard spurts, rather the cum flows out, and the orgasm continues for a longer time with repeated rhythmic emissions of semen into my mouth. There's a lot of cum, having built up over the slow process of licking him. It fills my mouth. Mike looks down at you and smiles as he sees me swallow it all down like a hungry little bird. The guys all cheer me on as a great cum swallower.

"I’m back to fill your mouth up again," says DB, "here we are again, me with a throbbing hard cock just waiting for your open welcoming mouth." i'm down on my knees ready to suck and receive him. But something is different, he pretends like he doesn't want me. He looks at me dismissively and he turns and walks away and sits in a chair. Then i crawl to him begging him to let me suck his cock. i tell him how my mouth aches for his hot creamy cum, and how i would do anything to please him. The guys start to comment, "Listen to that slut beg to suck cock and eat cum, damn, that's one freaky chick!" 

"I order you to suck my cock," DB says, and without hesitation i grab his cock and began to suck hard as if my life depended upon it. While the other guys all watch and cheer me and DB on, i suck hard and aggressively on his cock but it’s not enough. So he grabs my hair with both of his hands and pulls me up and down on his hard cock. i've been sucking on him for 20 minutes and he still hasn’t cum. He gets up from the chair, stands up and lays me down on my back, all while his cock is still in my mouth. With my head on the floor and Mike on top of me with his cock in my mouth, he starts fucking the back of my throat. Relentlessly he continues to pound the back of my throat, gagging me with his throbbing rock hard manhood. An additional 15 minutes passes. "Your struggling to breath amuses me," he says, "but I have to cum. He stops, pulls his cock out of my mouth, and stands up. "Back on your knees! Finish me off!" he commands. my weak tired mouth trying desperately to make him cum. He pulls his cock out of my mouth slapping me in the face with it again and again. "I’m just toying with you now, just having my fun," he taunts. Finally he tells me to open my mouth wide, he strokes his cock and shoots the biggest load i’ve ever taken directly into my mouth. He over fills my mouth with cum and now it dripping down my chin onto the floor. His balls are left drained and empty. i swallow the load i have in my mouth but that’s not enough for him. "You don’t want to waste a drop," he says, "so you better began licking up the cum that spilled on floor. You’re a good little slut."