"Erotic Stories" All Business

Erotic Stories All Business
The first time I saw her she was in the hotel gift shop poking about the touristy items intended to take home to the f****y and friends. She was a picture of poise, dressed in a nice business suit (skirt not a pant suit) with heels that were high enough to add shape to her legs and behind, but not so high that they drew attention to her for that reason alone.

The skirt was just above the knee and her shapely legs disappeared above the hemline and based on their shape and the mystery I wanted to see more. I could feel my arousal from thinking about those beautiful legs and the great shape of her butt. Her hair hung to her shoulders and swayed with her movement.

She turned a bit and caught me looking at her, or at least I assumed she did so I smiled as if I was just another casual shopper instead of some sort of letch staring at her butt. As she turned I noticed her jacket gap open a bit and I could clearly see her well-formed breast pressed against the thin white fabric of her top. Her nipple was very prominent and I could swear I could see the shadow of her areole showing through the fabric.(XXX Stories)

But there I was staring again and I felt my face redden a bit as she looked right into my eyes. But there was not a prudish look or look of disdain in her face, she smiled warmly at me and turned a bit more showing me her full profile. As she turned she bent forward and I could see her ample breast sway a bit and stretch the fabric tighter, it was at that moment that I realized she was not wearing a bra and I could swear she was giving me a little show.

My cock pressed against my pants begging to get out, this was going to be a problem if I didn’t move from this spot. I hated to move from my vantage point but knew an erection making a tent in the front of my pants in this fancy hotel/convention center was not a good thing. I reluctantly turned away and moved around the shop to the post card display.

“Whew,” I thought, “she is so damn hot she has me half hard and is fully clothed!”

I poked around the postcards as that was my original purpose in entering the gift shop, and I quickly selected a couple cards to send to my girlfriend and parents. Yes, I said girlfriend, I had an on again/off again relationship with a woman I had known for a couple years. I wanted something a little more serious but she insisted that a casual relationship was what was needed at this point.

I was out of town for a couple weeks so also “out of luck” when it came to sex. I was never one of those guys that sought out the company of hookers and the whole “hook-up” scene in bars did little for me. I grabbed the cards I needed and as I completed paying for them I felt something on my arm, it was that stunning woman standing very closely and I realized she had just brushed her breast against my arm.

“Oh, excuse me,” she said in a voice filled with poise, “I guess I should pay more attention to those around me.”

She seemed completely at ease with herself and I felt my cock tighten again. There was something about this woman that really got me aroused in a hurry. I felt my face flush a bit and mumbled something stupid about getting to a meeting and hustled out the place with a partial erection and the feeling that I had been totally stupid!

I headed to my meeting room hoping I could get through the day with no further thoughts of this woman and how erotic I found her. I did not need to be partially aroused in the middle of my business meeting. I found my seat at the round table situated in the middle of the room. I noted that several chairs were open around the table.

Since the nametags were stacked in the middle of the table the exact seating was up to those at the table. I chose a seat that allowed me a full view of the screen as I knew that it would be “death by Power Point” when this thing ramped up and I needed to be able to see and take notes so having my back to the screen was not a good thing.

As the speakers began the usual corporate drivel my mind began to wander, always a dangerous place to go in the middle of a meeting. But as a field agent for this large corporation I had long since learned that the corporate staff usually took the long way around any topic and close attention was not needed at this point.

As I was sliding deep into my own thoughts a picture popped into my brain, it was of that woman’s breast swaying and straining against the thin silky fabric of her top as she bent forward. Her breasts were not out of size for her body, but they were full and the nipple was very prominent. I could see the rounded shape of her breast and wondered is the slippery fabric had caused her nipple to become more erect as her breast moved against the fabric.

And there I was, setting at a table with more than a partial arousal; my cock was at full attention pressed against the edge of the table as I leaned back in the hard uncomfortable hotel chair. My cock had a mind of its own at this point and my continued thoughts of this fantastic woman wasn’t helping it any at all. I became aware of movement next to me and as I straightened in the chair I looked to my right and was shocked to see the woman I had been day dreaming about slide into the chair next to me.

She leaned close to me as she slid into her seat and whispered, “Hope I didn’t miss any excitement,” and then straightened up. I tried to be casual but I know my face was flushed and my cock was straining to get loose. I could smell her perfume, it was one of those that are hard to describe, sort of a musky scent with a hint of sweetness, but I could best describe it as being HOT! If I hadn’t been aroused before I sure was now.

I whispered, “nothing new yet, I don’t think we have met, my name is John.”

I didn’t offer to shake hands as I didn’t want a commotion as the speaker had looked our way, I don’t think at me so much as this stunning woman that seemed to command attention.

“Francis,” she said in a whisper, “Fran for short.”

Then she busied herself with setting up shop, a note pad, pen, phone, all the stuff we all needed to survive a meeting. When she had everything where she wanted it she scooted her chair in a bit and as she moved her hands down to the chair and then back to the table the back of her hand brushed my thigh!

It was like an electric shock when she touched me. I nearly jumped out of my skin and Fran leaned again, “Sorry about that, this room is really tight!”

I tired to clam down, my cock ached for attention and my mind needed to get back on the speaker and see if I could ease the arousal that now held me hostage. I really can’t explain why this woman seemed so erotic to me; perhaps it was the very sharp business attire that fit her perfectly. But regardless this was going to be a tough day trying to stay focused.

As the morning progressed I felt the tension ease a bit and knew that if I f***ed my mind on the mindless graphs of the speaker that I’d be able to stand up when the first break hit. And luckily this speaker was especially boring and my erection eased as I focused on the screen and his poor presentation style.

When the first break hit there was the usual mad dash for the door for those that needed a smoke or bathroom break. I gathered up my notes and other crap hoping Fran would exit quickly, but instead she pushed her chair back and turned it a bit towards me.

“Well John,” she said in a normal voice, “what do you think of these?”

I felt a lump in my throat as I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant but I could plainly see both breasts with her erect nipples pointing directly at me through the thin fabric. My brain switched to letch mode immediately and I wanted to reach out and pinch her nipples and say, “you have great tits!” But I knew that is not what she meant.

“Pardon me,” I croaked as I cleared my throat to buy some time.

“These meetings silly, I probably shouldn’t say this as we just met, but these are so boring. The only fun I have at these meetings is meeting nice people to share time with. Wouldn’t you agree?” Fran said.

“Well now that you mention it,” I said in a little lower voice, “I don’t get a lot out of these meetings but as you said, meeting fun people is a big part of them and I do enjoy that.”

I was mindful to look into her eyes as we chatted. I try not to be the typical guy that stares right at a woman’s chest, but in this case it was like torture, as I knew the beautiful sight right there in front of me.

“I guess I’d better go to the little girls room before time is up,” Fran said as she started to stand, “keep my seat for me will you hun?” She said as she stood up and gave me a up close and personal look at her breasts as they passed before my eyes.

I started to stand as she did, but she laid her hand on my shoulder and said, “don’t get up, we don’t need to stand on all that formality.”

It was like another electric shock as her warm hand pressed against my shoulder and then she was gone. My cock was at full attention again, “man this is going to be a tough day,” I whispered aloud thinking I was alone.

“I know,” the guy next to me said as he stood up to leave, “there is not a damn thing in this room that excites me, except that hot chick next to you.” He grabbed is crotch saying, “man I fuck her right on this table if given half a chance,” and then he was gone as well.

I retreated to my mind, a slip of the tongue and I could have been in a bind with the corporate guys, and if Fran came back and saw me flushed and aroused she might get the wrong idea. I held my pad in front of me and moved off to get some coffee in the hopes that the diversion would ease my pain.

As I neared the coffee bar it was packed with people trying to reload before the break was over. There was lots of near misses with coffee cups and bumps but luckily there was enough care taken that no mishaps occurred. I waited behind a few people lost in thought when I felt someone bump my back and I took a half step forward to avoid falling. As I did so I raised both hands to catch my balance and felt my nearly erect cock contact the butt of the woman in front of me.

“Opps,” Fran exclaimed as she stood and turned to face me. Her hip brushed against my now wilting cock, “Looks like someone is happy to see me,” she said with a wink and then excused herself with coffee in one hand and a banana in the other.

I was so embarrassed, “damn!” I thought, “I have got to get under control.” My face was flushed and I just wanted this day over and perhaps tomorrow I could settle down without all this sexual tension.

I grabbed a coffee and headed back to my chair in hopes that Fran had made her comment about a bump in general and not the fact that my semi-erect cock had bumped into her butt. As I approached she looked up, then patted my chair, “save your seat for you, hope you are ready for another boring speech, this next guy is a real dud!”

She smiled and then I could swear she dropped her eyes from mine to my crotch. I was so sure I was showing that I turned a bit to slide quickly into my chair. I pretended to sip the coffee to give me time to compose myself and as I did so Fran peeled the banana so seductively that I nearly chocked on the coffee.

“I hope you don’t mind me enjoying my favorite fruit,” Fran said with a smile, “Some people think this is such an erotic shape, but I like it because it is so firm and straight, wouldn’t you agree?” She said as she took a nibble off the end of it.

This time I did choke on my coffee and felt my cock jerk to attention instantly. I had never met such an erotic woman and now I knew she was teasing me with the banana. I tried to look away but my eyes were drawn to her full lips as she parted them and inserted the banana as if it was a cock.

I could feel a jerk and knew I had just let go a little pre-cum and had to get my mind cleared of this. Then the jerk that was setting on the other side of me returned and saw Fran with the fruit. He stuck out his hand past me and said, “Bills my name, hope we can see more of you later.”

Fran acted as if he wasn’t there and did not make an attempt to shake hands. Instead she turned and jumped out of her seat to greet another sales agent at the next table leaving “Billy Boy” standing there with a leering grin and an empty hand.

“What a stuck-up bitch,” he said as he pulled out his chair and collapsed on it. “Guess I’ll be on the prowl for a hooker later as the rest of the woman here are pretty frumpy.”

I couldn’t help but notice that Bill was one of those guys that thought he was a real gift to women but lacked the social skills and the looks to take such a forward approach. I didn’t doubt for a second that he get hooked up later with some hooker or bar fly looking for a few drinks and a good time.

Fran returned before the speaker started and as she scooted into place she place her hand on my knee and said, “You better be my best friend so that creepy Bill doesn’t hit on my again.” She gave my knee a gentle squeeze and then quickly got her note taking material arranged again. I was left with a throbbing cock and a mind totally screwed up for presentations.

Fran was right, the next guy was a real bore, but then it was time for the motivational speaker and she did a great job getting the crowd revved up a bit. It was a welcome relief to have some fun and excitement and of course there was a lunch break coming that would give me a chance to get away from all the arousal that had plagued me since I first saw Fran this morning.

When it was time for lunch my arousal was gone and I had regained my composure and did not wait for anyone to leave the table. I hated acting rude but stood quickly and made a hasty departure from the room. I wasn’t looking for lunch, but a quick bathroom break and then I walked out the lobby doors to the courtyard leading to the pool area. I had to get away from the distraction that was causing my arousal and this seemed like the best place. I found a secluded table and sat down with my phone to retrieve some e-mail and answer a few calls. I was pretty much lost in thought when I felt a presence, it was Fran.

“It is getting warm today,” she said as she started a slow removal of her jacket. This caused me that nagging feeling that I was headed for trouble again, and I was right. As she struggled with the jacket her breasts pressed against the thin fabric and this time I knew my eyes were not playing tricks on my. Her dark areoles were plainly visible through the fabric and her nipples were perfectly centered in the middle of them.

“I just love being dressed up, don’t you?” Fran asked as she finished removing the dressy jacket and laid it across a chair. “I just hate the move to more casual attire, I think we make such a good impression on customers when we are smartly dressed.”

I tried to stand, again my thought to be polite, but again she touched my shoulder and sat down quickly. “Aren’t you the gentleman?” she asked, “hope you don’t mind me finding you, that Bill is such a letch. Can you believe he grabbed my ass while we were leaving the room?”

I didn’t have time to compose an answer before she continued, “I shouldn’t say he grabbed it, but I know he had the palm of his hand sliding across my butt headed south. I had to make a hasty retreat.”

I was dumb struck, I wasn’t sure if she expected a reply but I was thinking of how nice it would be to do the same thing. He rounded butt looked so inviting in the skirt but I wasn’t bold enough to make that my first play when meeting a woman.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Fran continued, “I ordered us a couple salads and ice tea, oh, here it comes now,”

Fran raised her hand to wave down the wait staff and as she did so her breast swayed seductively inside her silky top! I know I was staring, I had reached the point of not really caring, she was so damn hot and I was getting hotter by the minute.

The server put the salads and drinks down and moved off quickly. I was happy to have some healthy diversion to get my mind off her body and my cock. It was like I was under a spell, everything she did seemed to drag me deeper under her control.

“Eat up,” Fran said, “I thought we’d have a light lunch because later we are having a big old steak and potato before we have a couple drinks.”

There didn’t seem to be any question that we were dining together and no indication that Fran thought I would decline. “I am NOT going to get caught with that damn Bill or anyone like that, so I am your date tonight, okay?” Fran concluded with a sense of control but sweetness in her voice.

“Sure,” I said between bites, “I generally eat out of the hotel as then I get away from all the talk of business for a while, or did you want to get hooked up with a few others to discuss things?” I was trying to act so cool and in control, but honestly Fran would be calling the shots and I knew it.

“I know a quiet little place right here in the hotel, no one will find us there. I will set it up and let you know later.”

She had such a commanding way about her, yet it seemed so simple, meet a woman in the morning and by noon I was doing whatever she asked of me. The remainder of our lunch was spent in comparing notes on the motivational speaker, both of us liked her presentation. We compared schedules and were both in the same breakout session after lunch but would be separated for the second session.

With the quiet chat I was able to regain my control over my cock, or at least I hoped I did, and as we headed back to the meeting I felt comfortable it would go better now. I was wrong, as we got to the door there was a crowd all trying to make it back to their seats before the speaker started and we were bunched tightly together. I felt Fran grab me by the waist from behind as if she was steering me through the crowd.

As we shuffled along I could feel her breasts against my back and felt them sway with our movement, I felt my cock rise and knew if this kept up it would be pointing our way back to the table. I felt a bump on my right it was Bill who seemed to bump us on purpose and looking at Fran he said, “Damn John, you have a hell of a driver here.”

Fran pushed hard against me and I lurched forward as we left Bill behind. “I am really reaching the point of not liking that guy,” Fran said as she let go of my waist and moved to my side. I felt my cock pressed against my pants and hoped I wasn’t bulging too badly as we walked quickly to the table. I held the chair for Fran and we both were seated before Bill arrived.

He grabbed his stuff and made a hasty retreat as he mumbled, “Guess I am in a different room, see you later Fran,” he said with a leering look.

The first session went quickly as it was all business with reports and discussion that kept both of us focused on business. I was relived, my cock was hurting from all the arousal and I needed to get under control.

As Fran stood to leave for the next set of break out sessions she extended her hand and shook mine saying, “I will leave a message on your room phone for dinner, don’t change clothes, this will be a quiet dinner, just the two of us.” And with that she was off.

Bill returned to my table and said, “Hey where is that hot chick? I am gonna get in her pants before this thing is over.” Then he turned to another table and started making comments about other women in the room. I suffered through the next session with this arrogant fool as he said one stupid thing after another. How in the world he got this job I’ll never know, but at least with him acting the fool I didn’t need to worry about slipping back into erotic daydreams.

I wasn’t sure if Fran had been serious about meeting later, but so far she seemed to have a take-charge type personality so I had every reason to expect that she would do as she said. I made my way back to my room to drop off my meeting stack of literature and hoped to return to the bar for a drink before worrying about my plans for the evening.

As I entered the room I noticed the red light blinking on the phone beside the bed and felt my heart skip a beat and my cock start to harden in anticipation. I was like a trained a****l, think of her and get aroused!

I picked up the phone and sure enough, it was Fran, who said, “Hope you had a great second session, I did. Dinner will begin at 5:30 in room 220 here in the hotel.”

I looked at my watch, that was about 20-minutes, giving me little time for anything but a splash of water on my face and then head out. I had not been at this hotel before but knew that the first two floors were public areas including shops and meeting rooms so it did not come as any surprise to find a dining room located on the second floor. I was hungry, the salad didn’t hold all afternoon.

I stepped off the elevator on the second floor and guided by a brass sign headed down a long corridor. It seemed as though I was leaving the public space but kept going till I got to a door marked 220. I tapped lightly on it and waited a second before trying it. The door was open and I stepped into a beautiful suite style room. The large room I entered had a small table set for two with a candle and wine glasses, top drawer all the way.

“Hello,” I said hoping I had not stumbled into the wrong room.

“Grab a drink from the mini-bar,” Fran said, “I’ll be right out.”

I helped myself to a scotch and noticed that there was another empty scotch bottle lying near the ice bucket so suspected Fran was one ahead of me. I heard a sound and turned to see her enter the room.

I nearly dropped the glass of scotch and ice as I saw what looked like an angel entering the room. Fran was dressed from head to foot in a silky white peignoir that flowed about her ankles with layers of fabric yet unseen from the cover. Her dark brown hair, worn down on her shoulders, contrasted the perfectly white gown.

“I changed,” Fran said, “Hope you don’t mind.” 

I wasn’t sure what to say but my cock did, I felt that tug deep inside and knew that I’d be out of control in a minute. Fran moved towards me with the fabric swishing about and her breasts swaying gently in an erotic yet sensual manner. “I ran into that creepy Bill as I left my breakout session and he had a drink in his hand and spilled it down my front. Of course he offered to wipe it off, but I brushed past the creep and got back here to clean up.”

I took a slug of scotch, hoping the liquor would dampen my growing arousal, but my cock was now in control.

“Cheers,” Fran said as she clinked her glass against mine. “I just love a good scotch before dinner, hope you are hungry because I took the liberty of ordering a couple big rib eye steaks and all the trimmings. You are going to need to answer the door when it arrives as I don’t need more than one guy excited to see me,” she said as she sipped her drink and let her eyes drop to my crotch. “You are happy to see me aren’t you,” she teased.

There was a tap at the door before I had to try to answer and Fran said, “come in, my partner will sign of dinner, “ as she turned and slipped out of the room. The young waiter rolled a cart into the room and set dinner up and offered a tray for me to sign. As if she knew what was going on she said, “put a nice tip on there, this is my treat.”

When Fran returned to the room I wasn’t sure how much we’d eat if this continued along the lines it had ended on before the food arrived. My arousal had faded a bit and I held the chair for her as she seated herself. I poured the wine for her and we began a very quiet and comfortable meal.

I was unsure if she had cooled towards me but the food was fantastic and I was famished so paid little thought about a change in mood. We had a nice conversation about business and compared notes on our private lives and I learned she was single and in an “uncommitted relationship” as she referred to it. I had never assigned a term to my current relationship but suspected that is what it would be called.

We lingered over the dinner table with another glass of wine and I started to feel a bit of a buzz from the drink and now the wine. Fran started to rise and I jumped up to get her chair and as she stood she stumbled a bit, I think back to it now and I think it was a purposeful trip, but then it seemed quite innocent. She reached out to me catching herself with both hands on my shoulders.

She recovered from the trip, but then did not move away. I felt her breasts touch my chest and then her hands circled behind me pulling me closer. I needed no further encouragement, we were going to be intimate and I had no desire to be slow on the uptake.

I leaned towards her, circled my hands around her and kissed her gently on the lips. He full lips were soft and met mine, then parted and I pressed my tongue to meet hers. That was all either of us needed, the kiss became more passionate as I hugged her close to me. Her breasts felt fantastic pressed against me and my cock rose right on cue.

As my bulge grew I felt her pelvis press against it and I had no hesitation pressing my arousal into her. We broke the kiss and she pulled back a bit to look at me directly. Then she kissed me, this time she took the lead and before I knew it her hand was on my cock, first gently, then she was rubbing up and down the length and I was now fully erect.

I dropped a hand to the small of her back and hesitated a moment thinking of her comment about Bill grabbing her ass. “To hell with it,” I thought, “her hand is on my cock!”

I let my hand slide down across her butt, the fabric slipped between us and I stopped to enjoy the feel of her firm butt.

Fran let go of my cock, stepped back a bit, then said, “It is time to see just how happy I can make you,” and she led me into the bedroom.

I held her hand till we got to the bed and then turned to face her again. I kissed her gently, holding her behind her head feeling the silky feel of her hair. I felt her move towards onto the bed and in once fluid movement we were lying face to face on the bed. Fran did not wait for me, she reached between us and started fumbling with my belt.

“Let me get that,” I said, the first time I was in control the entire day. I stood up and instead of removing my pants I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I am no macho guy, but do work out a bit and slowly opened my shirt before slipping out of it. I moved to my belt and pants and this time hurried a bit revealing my full arousal with a pop as I removed my pants and underwear in one movement.

As I was disrobing I planned to get back on the bed and move between her legs, but as I mad this move Fran sat up and said, “now it is my turn to strip, hope I can do it as well as you did.”

Fran pulled my hand and being a bit off balance fell onto the bed. I rolled onto my side and before standing up Fran slid her hand from my knee up my thigh and cupped my balls in her soft warm hand. She hesitated a moment and then moved up the length of my shaft, and stopped short of the tip. “Better not go too fast, you’ll get ahead of me,” she said with a smile.

She stepped off the bed and in a long slow sensual moment she removed the floor length silky gown that covered a floor length gown that must have been 4 layers thick of nearly sheer fabric. She paused a moment, did a little turn to let the gown swish around her torso and legs, then she slowly unbuttoned the buttons at the neck of the gown.

My cock was throbbing with the show and before taking anything else off she leaned over me, kissed my cheek. I caught a peek down her front and saw the full breasts beneath the gauzy fabric. Her nipples were sticking straight out and I reached for them, feeling their hardness through the fabric.

“You have fabulous breasts,” I said as I moved the palm of my hand around the nipple feeling it trace a line in my hand.

“Wait till they are bare, bet you will like them more,” Fran whispered as she stood and slowly removed the gown.

I was in awe of her body, she had a firm well proportioned body with her breasts well suited to her body size. I reached for her hand and pulled her down to me, I wanted to grab her breast but wanted to take my time. But Fran had other thoughts, she pulled my hand to her breast and said, “now tell me that the silk is better than nothing.”

I cupped her breast in my hand, her skin was smooth as silk and I immediately rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. It hardened further from the stimulation. I said nothing more, instead I used my mouth to pleasure her breast. Her nipple filled my lips with its rubbery texture and I nibbled then sucked till she was moaning with pleasure.

But Fran was not letting me get ahead of her, she reached again for my cock and began a slow but methodical stroking of it. She stop and circle the tip with her palm, smearing the pre-cum over the tip and then back to my balls and the hard shaft.

I was ready but did not want to be overly aggressive so reached between her legs. She did not need any coaxing but parted her legs allowing my hand to have full access. As I cupped her pussy she closed her legs tightly around my hand and whispered, “Just a bit of stimulation, then I want your cock inside me. I have wanted you since I saw you in the gift shop this morning.”

I obeyed, running my hand from her tummy then down between her legs till I felt how wet she was. My fingers slipped easily into her slit and I moved about as she moaned and opened her legs again. I couldn’t wait another second, I got onto my knees and moved between her legs. He held my cock the entire time and as I got into position she guided me between her legs. Then I stopped to savor the silky wet outer area as she rubbed the tip of my cock up and down.

The she tugged on me a bit and I followed the cue and entered her. I was firm with my approach, but slow and savored the silky warm entrance to her pussy. I pressed forward and felt her yield to my penetration and slid slowly all the way in. I held for a second and then started a slow withdrawal as I held myself off her with my outstretched arms.

I looked into her dark brown eyes and bent to kiss her as I began a slow rhythmic motion in and out of her. She spread her legs wide and I plunged deep in her as I entered her mouth with my tongue. He breath came in gasps as I held my cock deep inside her for a second then started plunging in and out of her again. This time my motion was quicker and I felt her arch her back and meet cock with each stroke.

I broke the kiss, my breath now coming in gasps as well as I worked her pussy over with my hard cock. I felt her arms around me as she pulled me down onto her. I wanted her breasts in my mouth, but she wanted me on top of her. I supported myself on my elbows so I could feel her ample breast move against my chest as I penetrated her deep. I felt Fran nibble on my ear and I struggled for breath as I said, “I am so close, we’d better slow this down.”

“No you don’t mister, I want you deep inside me when you cum, and I will be right with you.” Fran said as she hugged me tightly,

I could feel her pelvis grind against me with each plunge into her and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Then I felt her stiffen and knew she was going to cum. I pumped about four more times very quickly and groaned deeply as I felt the head of my cock swell. “Ohhh,” I groaned as the first spurt of hot sticky cum sprayed into her. 

I was nearly out of her for this first shot and before the second load left me I was deep inside her. Her legs closed around me as she pulled me all the way in and she moaned with pleasure as she road her cum all over my cock.

I felt her wetness mingling with mine as my third load exploded out the end of my cock and shot deeply inside her. Fran seemed to relax a bit and I knew she was nearly over her cum, and mine was as well. I held my cock inside her for another moment as it gave a couple minor jerks and then slowly pulled out.

As I left her pussy I felt a trail of cum stuck to the tip trail off between us. Then my softening cock was in her hand, she slicked her fluids and mine together and beyond any thing I can describe had me fully erect in a couple pulls.

“This time, I am on top,” Fran said, as she rolled over on top of me.

I wanted to tell her I was no good for the second time so quickly, but there was no controlling this situation. Fran knelt over my now throbbing cock and reached behind to guide me to the entrance again. I felt fluids dripping off her as I entered her cum slicked pussy and we started all over.

This time it was my turn to tell her that I had desired her since seeing her this morning. He large breast were swaying too and fro and I guided one of them to my lips. I traced a line around the nipple with my tongue and then sucked it into my mouth. Fran humped against my cock as the pleasure from my mouth on her nipple, first one then the other, drew her close to another cum.

“Can you cum again?” she asked while looking into my eyes. She did not wait for an answer, “I can’t wait for you baby, I gotta cum again.”

With that she picked up the pace and rode my cock till I felt her stiffen and stop. This cum was stronger than the first, I could see it in her face and feel it between her legs. I looked at her nipples and they were poking straight out with her areoles tightened to the point that they were almost in a knot. The look on her face was beyond description, I knew she was aware of my cock inside her but she seemed a million miles away as her cum rocketed through her.

My hand drifted down her back and across her butt. She was silky soft all over and as I slid my hands down to her legs and then to her feet I could feel her toes turned towards the bottoms of her feet as if in some sort of spasm. She made hardly a sound as she eased through the massive reaction to our intercourse. Then she slowly began a rhythmic rotation of her hips providing stimulation to my cock still deep inside her.

My balls were squeeze between her butt as she ground her cum slickened pussy against me. My stiff cock throbbed inside her and at that moment realized I would be able to cum again. I waited until she stopped her motion and she seemed to completely relax and as she started to raise off my cock to roll off I held her in place and started a rapid and deep motion inside her. “I am gonna cum again,” I grunted as I looked up to see her smile.

“Then I am going to cum with you hun,” she said and began rubbing her breasts across my face. Their weight and warmth was erotic as hell and the nipples were so hard and erect I had no trouble following them and sucking first one then the other. But before I knew it I felt my prostate tighten and the cum boiled up out of my balls and spurted into her again. I rarely have such an experience, but at this moment I wasn’t thinking about statistics. I simply held her tight as my cum pumped into her sopping wet pussy.

Fran stiffened on my second spurt and I knew she was cumming again. She held still for a second, then humped against my spurting cock a few times an groaned along with me as we shared our second cum together. She collapsed on top of me and we lay there for a long time before she rolled off me and we cuddled up together.

I must have drifted off to sl**p as it was dark in the room when I awoke, Fran was breathing softly beside me, sound asl**p.