"Erotic Stories" Anal At Last

Erotic Stories Anal At Last
“Okay, I’m ready Sexy bum.” Kathy shouts from her bedroom.

I stop stroking my now stiff cock and walk up the stairs. I could barely contain my excitement. I am smiling from ear to ear and my cock is just throbbing to the touch. As I get to the top of the landing I can see right into Kathy’s bedroom and there she was in all her glory. She had red stilettos on and nothing else. Kathy stood in front of the bed bent over with her sexy bum sticking out. The closer I got to her I start to see that her tight brown chocolate hole was lubed and ready to take my man meat. This of course turns me on more and as I reach her I grab her arse and spank it so hard that it leaves a red hand print on. Kathy screamed with delight.

“Oh Baby how did you know I like being spanked.” She purred.

“Kathy you better shut up you dirty bitch or you’ll get the length of my cock in you hard and fast.” I replied.

This spurs Kathy on and from her bent over position she reaches round and grabs my cock. I moan as I feel her hand on my member. She begins to stroke and talks dirty to me.

Kathy starts with, “You like fucking me don’t you? Does my mature body keep your wank bank full when you are not here? I’ll squirt for you but I am gonna make you drink every last drop you filthy boy.” (Erotic Stories)

The words coming out her mouth pushes me further to orgasm. 

“Kathy I’m going to cum soon. Please let me fuck your arse. PLEASE!!!” I begged.

Kathy giggles in evil delight. She knows how long I have been touching myself and she still would not let me orgasm. She turns around and starts to tease me even more by kneeling in front of me and sucking my balls. Taking each one in her mouth and swirling it around in her mouth. The pulling pressure she is giving my cock is pushing me further to my ultimate goal. Every sucking motion seems like a small stroke on my cock. I start to moan and Kathy locks eyes with me. 

She pulls my balls out and says, “You better not cum yet or you won’t get my arse tonight. Think how long you have been waiting for it. Do you think its worth cumming now?”

“No, but I am really close and I don’t think I can … aaaggghhh, uh, I er oh god I don’t think I can hold it Kathy.” I say in defeat.

Kathy smiled wickedly and pinches my swollen purple head. It seems to stop me from cumming but I could still feel sperm rushing up the shaft of my cock. Kathy could feel it to so she flicks my cock really hard. This stops whatever urge I had to orgasm. She let my cock go and semen started to slowly ooze out and she opens her mouth and drinks it all up. My erection is as solid as ever and Kathy got back into the original bent over position for me.

“Okay big boy, you want to fuck my bum hole? It’s all yours.” She said.

Without another word I grab her hips and thrust my rock hard dick straight into her arsehole. Her arse is so much tighter than her pussy and I knew after a few more thrusts I would not be able to hold out. I am pounding her hard and fast Kathy is moaning louder than usual. Two more pumps and I am ready to explode in her tight brown tunnel. She stops me from thrusting and pushes me away. I look at her in confusion but she turns around and lies on her back and rubs her clit rapidly. I stare at her and within a second her pussy shot out her first glorious stream of girly goo. It hit my chest, the warm wet liquid running down my chest. I wanted to wank myself off as Kathy squirted on me but I refrained. She sprays jet after jet of her juices at me. I get some of it in my mouth and I could taste the saltiness.

Soon the jets turn to drips and her body shaking from her powerful orgasm. Kathy just lay there for a while and I just stood in front of her staring in awe. She raises her head and smiles at me.

“Thank you for that Sweetie. It’s the best orgasm I’ve had in months. Not since Kari any way.” She said softly.

I reply, “Whose Kari???”

She smiles at me and says that is a story for another time. Without another word she grabs me and pulls me on top of her. She positions my cock between her large ample bosoms and engulfs my cock. I start to ride her tits with pure conviction. Not wanting to stop at all as my balls were full to the brim and I so desperately wanted to orgasm.

Without warning for Kathy I start to shoot my load all over the place. It isn’t just on Kathy but I got her bed spread, carpet and her dressing table. Kathy didn’t stop or get annoyed. I just kept going stream after stream of hot sticky cum. She caught as much as she could in her mouth and swallowed every drop. Eventually I stopped cumming and I lay there in a heap.

Panting away to myself with Kathy beside me, she begins to laugh. 

“God, I didn’t think I had kept you from an orgasm for that long. Any more cum and you could’ve painted my whole room ha ha.” She laughs.

“Hmmmmmmm” I smile back.

“Right sexy bum, its time for you to get cleaned up and go home. Its late and I have a client first thing in the morning.” She said.

“What about Kari? You said you would tell me who she is.” I said quickly.
“Kari is for another day. Plus I am busy this week so don’t think I’ll see you okay.” Kathy replied matter of factly.

I nod my head in agreement. I quickly get dressed and go home to jerk myself off. Even though I had just cum I was desperate for another one.