"Erotic Stories" Another afternoon with my girlfriend

Erotic Stories Another afternoon with my girlfriend
I came home from work early one day only to find my girlfriend Anna on her knees tits out sucking on Jim's big black cock. I didnt want to interrupt them so I sat down took my pants off and started to jerk off. I watched as my girlfriends head would bob on Jim's dick as she tried to take more of his thick cock in her mouth. Her mouth wasn't big enough to take his whole cock, mainly just the head and a little bit more so she made no effort to deny it and had to use both hands to jack him off.

Jim knew I was home, but didn't care, he was here to get my girlfriend to swallow his load and to fuck her if he wanted. Anna didn't know I was here and was saying dirty things like, "your cock is so much better than my boyfriends, I love how big you are, I love how much you cum, do you want to fuck me?" 

Jim didn't answer he turned to me and said, "I have a friend coming over and hope you don't mind, Anna sure didn't." I told him that I didn't mind the long as it was safe fun.

Anna ignored me continued to be a slave for her black bull and savor his cock. She would go back-and-forth from trying to suck on the head of his dick to jacking him off while she sucked on his balls. She would moan the entire time saying dirty things about how much she loved the taste of his cock and continue to lube him up, jack him off and try to make them cum. A knock at the door came after 5 to 10 minutes of me watching Anna please Jim and I open the door to find a black guy I knew by the name of Bruno. I had known him to be quite a player and heard rumors that while he was not a thick, he was long. 

He said hi to me walked in and greeted Jim as well as Anna. He started to remove layers of clothing, which eventually exposed his dangling long cock. He wasted no time by getting Anna to suck his dick. She seemed to enjoy having a super long, averagely thick cock in one hand that she could push down into her throat with ease and with the other had a cock that could stretch her, tear her, bring her ecstasy and was her favorite cock of them all. 

Before I had showed up she had told Jim what she wanted for today was to have a new black cock fuck her ass and for her to have several facials by the end of the day. Jim told her he knew just the guy and was sure she was going get exactly what she wanted.

Bruno did what he wanted and took full advantage of the fact that he could push his dick deep down and into Anna's throat and so every time she took his cock in her mouth he placed his hand on the back of her head and let his cock slide down her throat until she couldn't breathe anymore. When it was Jim's turn have his cock sucked he preferred a much slower blow job allowing and just savor the head of his cock while she jerked him off. Anna got very good at being able to suck on one cock jerked it off and jack off another man all at the same time. She would go back and forth every minute or so to Bruno and then Jim enjoying with each man had offered her.

For Bruno the sensation of Anna's throat made him the first one to cum and he obliged Anna by resisting the temptation of cumming down her throat and he pulled out and exploded all over her face. He had shot 4 to 5 long ropes of come across her cheeks and face while none of it made it to her mouth.

Jim took his time and received a nice slow long blow job. After 4-5 minutes of having Anna slob his knob he grabbed the back of her head while saying he was going to cum. She took both of her hands to jack him off, she stuck her tongue out, opened her mouth, looked him in the face and waited for the loads of cum to fly across her face. The first several shots landed directly in her mouth while from there her aim worsened and a majority of his cum landed on her face. Anna moaned with pleasure as she swallowed Jim's load and looked across the room at me, she knew she looked like a total slut and I was aching to fuck her. 

Anna then decided that Bruno should fuck her ass and do a better job of cumming on her face. She started by removing her bra and allowing her tits to hang out of her dress and hiked up her dress to expose her bare ass. Bruno wasted no time he walked up with his semi hard cock rubbed against her asshole and while it was still really wet from her blow job he had a hard time entering her. After 2 to 3 minutes of struggling to put it in her he finally got the head of his cock in her asshole. This led to a brutal ass fucking because once he was in there was no stopping him. Anna came twice and said that she'd never been fucked so deep before. She loved the feeling his balls slapped against her big ass and moaned as she rubbed her clit. Bruno told Anna he was about to cum as he pulled out of her, what she described as the longest pullout of her life, Anna spun around grabbed his wet cock and began to jack him off while the head of his dick rested on her tongue. It only took several seconds for Bruno to cum which resulted in a huge cumshot that almost filled her mouth covered one of her eyes and led too big, "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Anna like the good slut she is swallowed his load laid back on the bed and told Jim was his turn by exposing her bare pussy. Jim walked up with his thick cock and wasted no time in teasing her. Jim spent 2 to 3 minutes before he finally entered Anna and when he did he fuck her nice and slow allowing for her pussy to make the accommodations for his large-size. He pushed into her slowly as she sat there and rubbed her breasts and I watched as all the cum stuck on her face. Jim said many dirty things about how she was the cum whore and how she looks with all that cum on her face.

Anna came several more times before Jim said he was going to cum. Anna wasn't really even aware she was enjoying herself too much. All she said she remembered was Jim pulled out in several hot streams of cum shot across her body going from her tits all the way to her face. Bruno had already left, but Jim and I wanted to watch Anna swallow that cum.

She told me there was one load missing and while it didn't take me long explode my load across my girlfriends face I was just waiting to see her swallowed it all. Jim and I watched for the next five minutes as Anna tried to swallow all the cum on her face, her eyes and on her tits. She had roughly 2 to 3 mouthfuls of cum on her face and swallowed roughly 5 full mouthfuls of cum that afternoon. She didn't have dinner that night, she was full from the three men that had fed her that day.