"Erotic Stories" Asian Wife

Erotic Stories Asian Wife
I Travel all the time so i don't get to go to parents teachers conferences or any school related activities.

Well back 6 months ago, my wife f***ed me to go to and sit in my son class for parents class night for my son 2nd grade class, My k**s goes to private schools so there are very rich parents who have these young trophy wives.

well , i went thinking it will be boring, so its started really boring for first 15 min and than these couple walked in he is a bold heavy set short white male and she is very beautiful semi blond hair Asian with light skin, full lips like Angelina Jolie , beautiful breast, I was taken back by her looks and beauty.

I did not want to stare but i could resist and i notice she was also staring at me, our eyes connected and we both smiles, it happen couple of times that night,The night ended and i left home thinking about her.(Sex Stories)

That next day was Saturday and my wife ask if i can take my son to the birthday party of one of the new school k**, i jump to it, wondering maybe i could get to see her again.

Luck behold, it was her daughter birthday, i walk in with my son and she was welcoming everybody in the front door, As i entered she look into my eyes and whispered hello with a very sexy look and smile, i got so hard that my cock was like rod exploding in pants and it was showing.

It went out for 2 hours and we exchanges long looks ,smiles .I never had a Asian girl in my life, i used to dating Italian and Greeks girls however she look so petite and sexy that i could not hold my self, i wrote a little note and while leaving the birthday and gave to her while shaking her hand goodbye. it had my name and cell phone number on it.

A week passed i traveled to several states and while coming back home i got a phone call, it was her, lets her call her Debbie, she said hello Sal , i am Kristie mom Debbie, i knew who she was and i also said hello, i ask if she is available for coffee as it was around 4 30 in the afternoon, she agreed, we meet in Starbucks near my office, i must tell you i was nervous and horny at the same time, it was a hot summer afternoon and she was wearing a tight blouse and very short skirt and beautiful high heel saddle showing her beautiful pink feet.

I got us ice coffee and i was nervous also ,if anyone from my office could see us, i asked if its OK ,if we can go into my car and talk. and she also agree it would be for the best as she also have some friend who live around there.

we went to my car and we started to talk, i took a deep breath and told her that i was so attractive to her i wanted to get to know her better, she played a nice girl game saying that yes she is very attractive to me but she need to keep her distance as both our k**s goes to same school and same class, as she was saying 
all these words, she was getting closer and closer to me and her beautiful full pink lips i could not resist
and i kissed her and she went wild, i was taken back but we both went into it, i started to feel her body up as i run my hand around her tits ,she went even more wild and she started to rub my cock and she moaned.i was park under a shaded tree and facing the wall so i knew ,no body was able to look at us, so i rolled down her blouse and started to bite and suck her nipples, she was moaning loudly, and started to to unzip my pants and rolled out my cock. she look at my cock as started to rubbed and stroked, she was using her both hands and there was still 2 to to 3 inches left over, and she look with shock and rolled her beautiful lips around my swollen head, and she went deep, i could see her full lips around my dark cock and she was giving me the best blow job that i ever had. she was spitting on my ball and liking while she work on my cock, i could help it i told her that i was about to cum and suck harder deeper as i came she went really deep and suck every drop into her mouth, i was in haven.

she said she was really horny and i told her my my office is 5 min away and it was after 5 pm so i knew nobody going to be there, so we drove to my office.

i took her in and stripped down and she took my cloths off and started to suck my cock again, i was hard as rock even more stronger thicker and longer, i don't what came over me, i started to bite her tits and i suck her pink pussy and i was putting my finger, i notice i could not able to put more than 1 finger as she was so tight and she screamed and i tried again to put 2 fingers in there..she was dripping , so i sat down and she came on top, as i put cock into her tight pussy, i was hurting, her lips were so tight that they were squeezing my cock, she was putting inch by inch in and by the time 5 inches went to her , i started to pound her, she was screaming moaning like i never heard before and she started to go up and down and her cum was so white and dripped all over my crouch and dripping my balls, she was screaming i am coming and coming, she must of came 5 to 6 time in matter of 10 min.

i took her off and she went down on me cleaning every bit of her cum, and i got on the doggy doing the doggy , , i took my cock into her pussy deeper while pulling her hair like i was ridding a horse, it was much looser than before, she was screaming that that's the biggest cock she has seen and love the way it feel so i started to pump her and ask her that her husband cock is big as mine, she was in pain and pleasure and said no it was half the size of mine and half the thickness and ask me not to take my cock out, that she love the huge cock in her, i pounded her for 15 min to 20min in different positions and as i took her off and she wanted to suck me again, i was so wired up , all i wanted to di is to fuck all night, she felt great, i could feel every contraction in her pussy and every juice, it was the best pussy i ever fucked and i love the feeling, i notice that her pussy was now bright pink red. She knelled down and started to suck my cock, and i started to feel i was near and about to cum, i ask her stop , i wanted to cum inside her , i told her to come on top of me and soon she took my eight inches in i started to pound her, i felt my balls got much tighter and cock swollen up even more, she felt the cock bigger in her, and she whipper d in my ears to put in really deep and and unleash my load in her, as i started to cum and i felt her cumming and we both screamed with pleasure.

we been making love here and there for past couple of moth and its been fantastic every time..