"Erotic Stories" At Last!!!

Erotic Stories At Last!!!
I wait a whole week and yet I hear no word from Kathy. She hasn’t even been home and it has left me very frustrated. I’ve sent emails and made calls to her mobile but yet I get no reply. 

Seven days pass then eight and so on. Come the twelfth night at 10pm I hear a car pull up into her drive. I get curious as to who it is as I know Kathy never parks her car at the drive.

I get to my window and pull apart my blinds to take a peek. It was a Marlboro red BMW M3. I look a little harder and see a woman getting out. She steps out the car and I notice the long stem of her legs and the goddess like body to follow. Instantly I knew that this was not Kathy. I start to wonder if this is the mysterious Kari she had mentioned to me previously. 

This of course gets me excited and my cock begins to stir. I haven’t had sex in twelve days and I didn’t even tempt myself with masturbating. As you can imagine my balls were rather full and I am hoping this mysterious woman will help me empty them. I quickly get some clothes on and check that I am presentable enough to go over.(Sex Stories)

I run down the stairs and head for my front door. Only to stop short and ask myself, “Shit. What will I say? If it’s not Kari it will be embarrassing.”

Seeing as I haven’t cum in so long I thought I would just chance it. Out the front door I go and walk on over. Being so late during the week day everybody on my street was sound asl**p. 

I press the door bell and wait. I stand for another minute and I press the door bell twice. No answer. Just as I turn to leave I hear the door lock being turned. I turn around and I see this angelic woman standing and looking right into my eyes.

“Hello. Can I help you?” She asked.

“Hi. I’m sorry to disturb you but I was actually looking for Kathy.” I quickly reply.

She looks at me and says, “Ah, your Jay right?”

“Yes that’s me. How did you know? Are you Kari?”

“No I’m Sandy. Who’s Kari?” She quizzed

“Never mind. Sorry to disturb you so late.” I said rather deflated.

I turn to make my way home and before I get off the last step of Kathy’s porch I feel a hand on my shoulder.

“Wait. Please come in. I have a problem in the house. Maybe you can help.” Sandy said.

Without another word I just go in and wait for instructions. Sandy starts by telling me that she has a message for me from Kathy. The message is:

Hello Sweetie Pie, I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch I’ve been a busy lady over here in Prague. But I have a gift for you and I hope you’ll love it. See you in a few days hugs and kisses love K.

I start to wonder what kind of a present it is. I look to Sandy and in one swift motion all her clothes were off just her sexy black thigh high boots remained. I was stunned staring at her large breasts and her even larger areolas. They were the size of a tea cup saucer. I just wanted to lick them. 

“You want to suck these beautiful tits don’t you Baby?” Sandy purred.

“Oh yes. I really do. I want to do all kinds to your gorgeous boobs.”

“Do you wanna fuck them and spray your man juice all over them?”

“You’ve read my mind. But I want all of you not just your big tits. I want to fuck your brains out. I haven’t cum for a long time. You can bet I’m going to cover you from head to toe.”

As soon as I finish the sentence Sandy rushes over to my already throbbing dick and pulls it out of my jeans and begins to suck my entire cock down her throat until she starts to gag. But she likes the sensation and continues. All her saliva start to flow over her lips and down to her big tits. My balls start to tighten and I start to get the familiar feeling again. That feeling of reaching orgasm. I pull her head away from my spit soaked cock and I look at her teary face. She pants heavily trying desperately to get more air.

“Take your panties off you old slut. I’m going to fuck that hole of yours till you cum.”

Sandy says nothing and obeys immediately. I bend her over on Kathy’s couch and f***efully thrust my wet penis inside her dark damp mature love hole. Sandy screams and writhes in pleasure. I take a firm grasp of her hips and thrust my cock deep into her pussy. As I look down I can see that her hips were going red from my grip on her. I let one hand go and reach around the front and quickly found her clit. I start to rub her clitoris slow and deliberately at first as I maintain my hard thrusting. I know I’m driving her wild. I can feel she is trying to move her hips so I will rub her magic button faster. Sandy gets a spanking for trying this. I pull my dick out and shove it down her throat making her gag again and again.

“You naughty slut. How dare you try to make yourself cum. Only your Daddy can make you cum. Is that fucking clear you dirty whore?” I said menacingly.

“Yes Daddy, I’m so sorry. I’ll make it up to you. I promise. Anything you want. So sorry Daddy, please fuck me like you were before.” Sandy pleaded.

I push her down onto the floor and rip her sexy black lace bra off and spit on her cleavage. I pushed my dick in between her tits and make sure that it is well lubed. I start to fuck those gorgeous boobies. I could feel the pressure building up in my cock with every thrust. I knew I was close to the point of no return so I get Sandy to lie on the coffee table with her head hanging off the edge. I straddle her neck and fuck her tits that way. I tell her she must lick my arsehole and suck my balls as I fuck her big fucking tits. Sandy obeys quickly. Within seconds I was screaming my orgasm. After days of torture I was happy to let myself go. Instead of using my hand to wank myself I just kept on fucking these tits. 

“Oh baby, you love it when I get to spunk my load all over your sexy titties. I’m still cumming. Ohhhhh you can tell Kathy what a bad boy I’ve been since she is away.”

“Yes Daddy, I will keep creaming my body I love how your hot ejaculate feels. More more more arrrggghhhhh.”

It felt like I’d cum for hours but it was merely seconds but I managed to cover most of Sandy’s lovely fun bags. Although I had cum I wanted Sandy to remember me for a long time so I slipped my cock out her bosom and dived straight at her pussy. I sucked with ferocity and licked with all my might till she orgasmed.

“Oh Daddy, oooo it feels so fucking good. I want you to shove it inside me. I need something hard in my cunt.”

I wanted to put my dick in her but I wasn’t hard anymore so I looked around the room quickly and found a long stemmed flower vase. I grabbed it and ploughed it into her orgasming cunt.

“Arrggghhhh” Screamed Sandy.

After a few thrusts I pull the vase out and a stream of hot feminine love liquid shot right onto my flaccid cock. Then another stream hit my chest and the last one just dribbled out over the coffee table.

“Hmm Baby, no man or woman has ever made me cum like the way you just did. Thank you Daddy. I’ll let Kathy know how amazing you were. So did you enjoy her present?” Said Sandy.

“I think you know I did. I’m glad you had a great time too.” I replied.

I pick her up off the coffee table and we lay on the floor until Sandy feel asl**p. Once she was asl**p I got up and dressed. Before leaving the house I write her a note thanking her and kiss her good bye.

The next morning I get up and the M3 was gone and as I get up and dressed I noticed a package at the door. I pick it up and open it up. Inside was a note and Sandy’s worn panties from the night before.

I put the panties up to my nose and sniff them. I smile to myself as the scent of her reminds me of the night before. The note was her number and contact address and a few words saying that if I ever wanted a fuck with her I should call.

After a few hours of Sandy my thoughts go back to Kathy and what our next adventure will be.

Until next time.