"Erotic Stories" Bahamas Adventure

Erotic Stories Bahamas Adventure
One time when we were vacationing in Florida we took this day cruise to the Bahamas. All the way over there this young black hunk was watching me with my husband on the deck. When we got our mopeds at the cruise ship terminal and rode to our hotel, I was surprised to see he was checking in to the same hotel. My husband I played beach volleyball when we got there, then went back to the room to make love and order room service. After a nap, we dressed for the evening and went to the casino. My husband was in a nice dark blue suit, and I in a long black cocktail dress. 

There he was again. Almond shaped eyes, smooth black skin, wide shoulders; he nodded and smiled this huge white smile when we passed the blackjack table he was seated at. 

My husband chose that night to drink too much. He was losing at five-card stud and the waitresses kept bringing him free cocktails to keep him at the table. He was slurring his words and getting a bit loud. I took a wifely hand in things and steered him outside to get some fresh air. He was stumbling and attracting attention, and I was getting embarrassed. When we reached the lawn chairs he sat down heavily and held his head in his hands. I rubbed his neck and encouraged him to take deep breaths. He decided to lie back on the chair and passed out! (Erotic Stories)

That is when the handsome black stranger appeared again, as I was trying to awake my husband and walk him inside to our room. “Need some help?” he asked, looking at my helplessness at waking my 210-pound husband. “Oh, gosh, thanks, but I am not sure what to do.” Together we shook him awake and shrugged him to his feet, and half-walked, half-stumbled him towards our room. By the time we reached it, we were both giggling at my husbands d***ken rendition of “Gilligan’s Island”. The mystery man held my husband up with one arm while I opened the room and we took a few more steps to get him inside and let him collapse on the bed. I made sure he was lying on his side and looked up at the mystery man. He was checking out my cleavage and looked up at my eyes with a knowing look. I was a little embarrassed, I didn’t know what to say, but he reached over and stroked my cheek, and said, “Damn shame.” 

“What’s that?” I whispered as he closed the distance between us, now looking down at me with his intense almost black piercing eyes. “Shame that your husband had to pass out so early on a beautiful evening such as this, and leave a beautiful woman like you alone.” And then emphasizing the comment, my husband started on a long loud snore that almost made us start giggling again. 

The stranger opened the d****s in our room, to reveal a full moon casting shimmery light on the ocean. Silhouettes of couples were seen down on the beach, strolling, stopping to kiss, sitting in the sand together. 

He opened the sliding glass door and took my hand to lead me outside, where the balmy Bahamian breeze caressed my skin and caused my nipples to harden. “I meant what I said,” he said with his deep sexy voice “You are a very beautiful woman, and you should not be alone.” 

I turned to look at him, and his lips came gently up against mine, catching my breath, as his tongue now parted my lips and his hands caressed my bare back, pulling me close to his body. I could feel his hardening cock under his dress slacks, pressing against my thigh. He moved his smooth full lips down my neck, inhaling my skin, consuming my flesh. Goosebumps bubbled up on my arms and I sighed. I felt his large hands caressing the underside of my breasts through my dress. I was running my hands along his well-muscled arms and shoulders. I reached around and caressed his upper back, running my hands down to his buttocks as he leaned down and gently kissed my cleavage. He slipped the spaghetti straps from my shoulders and began kissing my shoulders again as he slipped the dress from my upper torso and gently squeezed my breasts. He bent and kissed my left nipple, and I let out a long sigh as he again murmured “Beautiful...” 

I looked around and no one was watching us. This guy was really turning me on. I felt my pussy moisten at the thought of being with a stranger, in such a romantic spot, just feet away from my sl**ping husband. It was thrilling, being so naughty! He caught my lips again in a passionate deep wet kiss as he pulled my buttocks into his pelvis and ground his manhood against me. 

He broke the kiss and led me to the lawn chair that was outside our room, guided me to a semi reclining position, and began raising my long skirt. He stroked up my smooth bare legs kissing and tasting my ankles, my calves, reaching with his hands up towards my wet pussy. I had worn no underwear after my bath when dressing for the casino. I had used the depilatory the day before we left for the cruise so my pussy lips were baby smooth as well. He moaned softly when his fingers made contact with my moist hairless lips, and he pulled my hips to the bottom of the lawn chair as he kneeled on the patio in front of me. 

Here I was, in the moonlight, lying with my tits out of my dress, my skirt hiked up around my waist, having a black man not my husband going down on me, and I loved every minute of it. I imagined myself a wanton slut with other men watching us, playing with their meat, lining up for a taste of my pussy. I moaned and stroked his baldhead, secure in the fact that my snoring husband was off in another time and place, and I reveled in this adventure. His fleshy lips were manipulating me into ecstasy, his insistent tongue flicking my clit, his pussy juice coated fingers playing in my vagina. It felt as if he was trying to swallow me and I floated along with it. Riding the waves of desire as he caressed and sucked and flicked me into an orgasm. I wrapped my thighs tightly around his baldhead and bucked my hips in time with his fingers fucking me. I put my own fist in my mouth as I moaned and grunted through a long orgasm, one in which I was sure I wrenched his head off of his neck, but he stayed with me through the whole thing. 

He knew to gently remove his fingers, slowly, and began gently, soothingly, licking all my juices up and letting me come down slowly. I stroked his baldhead as he soothed my fervid cunt with his wide tongue licks. I heard a belt being unbuckled, a zipper being undone, and he caressed my pussy with his dark cockhead. Mmmmm, the feel of that hot pulsing flesh against my soaking wet pussy made me hungry to be fucked. My pussy muscles were reaching for him, I reached down with my hand to caress his length, as he moved the head only one or two inches into me. 

That is when I realized how thick he was. I was stretching a little and he had only just started. As wet as I was, I could feel the slight sting of a really large dick. He inserted his index finger into my hungry slutty mouth and bent to suck my nipples as he eased a bit more into me. I moaned, LOUDLY, as his hot pulsing prick was now starting to feel REALLY good. I pushed my hips against him and his meat brushed against my g-spot inside, again causing an orgasm to build and me to start leaking pussy juice again. I was never so saturated as I was fucking this handsome stranger on the patio outside my hotel room. He replaced his finger in my mouth with his tongue and muffled my cries of ecstasy as he pushed his entire length into me, causing my pussy muscles to spasm in a second, body-shuddering orgasm. 

Oh my god, I had never felt such a good fuck before or since this man. He dominated me, in a way, having his way with my pussy, turning me this way or that, doing me doggy style—a still-clothed bald black man shoving his meat into a nude woman bent over a lawn chair. He held on to my hair and fucked my cunt fast, then slow, then fast again. Then he disengaged his cock and removed the rest of his clothes, and I sucked his cock meat while seated on the lawn chair. He stroked my hair and watched me pleasure him until he got close to cumming, then pulled me up by the armpits and pushed me against the sliding glass door. I crooked one leg around him and he stuck his cock up into me. My back was pressed against the sliding glass doors, going up and down, up and down I slid as he pumped me on the other side of the glass from my passed out husband. 

Soon he made us switch positions again, as he lay back in the lawn chair and watched me with intense black eyes as I ground down upon his cock in big circles. He then lifted me up, walked with me impaled on his cock to the lawn, laid me down in the dewy grass, and gave seven or eight deep thrusts before he fiercely growled his cum into my red, well-fucked pussy. By now I had cum myself 2 or 3 more times and was nearly incoherent. In the distance I heard the waves lapping the shore, I heard my husband snoring, I heard distant conversation from other hotel guests, and I heard my heartbeat, gradually slowing. 

My new lover stood and disappeared into the room, and emerged with two beach towels. We wrapped ourselves and walked down to the ocean for a moonlight dip. The water cooled our genitals but in the water he again set my lips and breasts on fire with his kisses, and with his hard cock lapping up against my cunt. We soon decided to get out of the water. 

Then we did something even more amazing. He guided me into the room and laid me down on the queen bed that was next to the one my husband was asl**p on, and began to kiss me again, his muscular body pressing down on mine. His insistent cock head was already tapping on my renewed cunt lips. He offered me the beach towel to bite down on as he once again went south to taste and tease me. I half listened to my husband’s breathing, and half cooed my approval for what my lover was doing. 

Soon he came up again to stuff his meat into my stretched out pussy walls, which were more accommodating this time, but slightly tender. He had my ass at the edge of the bed; he was standing, holding my ankles on either side of his head, and intently watching his cock going in and out of my hole. The only sound in the room was my husband’s heavy breathing, and the squishy popping sounds our sex was making. In an effort to be quiet I was holding my breath, which resulted in an orgasm that ripped through my body as I saw thousands of red splinters explode behind my eyes. My muscle contractions set him off and he poured the last of his seed into me. He screwed up his face to keep from hollering and growling with his climax. 

Then his posture sagged as he relaxed. He took my ankles, spread them apart and went down on me one last time. He was licking me soothingly, like before, only this time his seed was mixed with my cum juice. I was one big sloppy mess but he seemed to like it.

When I was fairly “clean”, he stood and wiped his face with the beach towel, and then leaned down to kiss me. I was really really spent, and lay there quietly while he went to the patio, collected the clothes, closed the sliding glass doors and placed my black cocktail dress on top of the bed. He dressed, kissed me once more goodnight, and slipped out quietly. I never even knew his name. 

When we woke in the morning my husband wanted to know why I was sl**ping in the other bed. I simply said it was because he passed out of top of the covers and I couldn’t get him to move. Fortunately, he was a little hung over and wasn’t in the mood. I was pretty (happily) sore that morning!