"Erotic Stories" BBC Interview

Erotic Stories BBC Interview
Being in an office alone working on boring accounts was always going to lead me to wasting some company time of the internet. For a sexually naive and somewhat frustrated, married 36 year old mother of 2 who had been told about xhamster by a friend, I never realised it would go the way it did!

Initially I’d intended exploring my interest/fantasy in enjoying the touch of another woman, but the porn that I was met with, plus the meetings of so many new ‘friends’ had me chatting, exploring and watching white girls with black men! This was a taboo subject when I was young; my dad would have gone mad if I’d ever brought a black boyfriend home.

The videos and pictures excited me and soon I was discarding my knickers and ‘enjoying’ myself in my private office! The staircase leading to my private den gave me adequate warning of incoming and although I could clear the screen, I did have to conduct a few meetings commando style!(Adult Stories)

I really enjoyed talking to men, and getting them to recommend videos that excited them – any that had black guys certainly got my pulse racing and my fingers working!

Now let me be clear, I am happily married and, although me and hubby don’t do sex anymore (I don’t know why, we just don’t), I love him and felt that naughty fantasy at xhamster was my best way of a little fun and ease any frustration.

It was going well and I’d made friends with a few men, a few who were black and handsome – another thing here, the black thing is not about penis size, at least that’s what I keep telling myself, it is the previously mentioned old fashioned taboo and the colour contrast that excites me – but these charming black guys would chat and show me pics of themselves …I loved it, and I was getting paid too!


One day my boss said that my work-load was to increase and that he wanted to take on someone else in the office, which explained the new desk in ‘my private office’! Now I could hardly explain that I had enough spare time to do the work, but my ruined privacy would curtail my xhamster practises.

He explained that I was to conduct the first interviews, which I started one warm Thursday morning: 3 polite women came to my (private!) office and explained why they should get the job. The 4th was a man – let’s call him James – who was in work and couldn’t make the interview until gone 5pm. It meant overtime for me and although I would have been left alone in the building, I’d worked late on my own and his CV seemed to suggest that he was a good, well mannered gentleman with whom I would be safe.

A call at 4:45 from James said that he was running late, could we make it 5:30 – it was Ok with me, overtime and free xhamster fun! 

I opened my account and immediately ‘met’ a few ‘friends’ and started chatting, gravitating to a couple of black guys that suggested a video or two and gave me links to a few pics – knickers in handbag time!

My ‘fun’ was interrupted when the front door buzzer went off at around 5:25; I quickly turned off my screen and, pausing momentarily, decided to conduct this interview commando style!
I skipped down the stairs and composed myself and turned to the glass front door, outside was a tall, elegantly dressed black man. Why don’t people put profile pictures on their CVs?!
I opened the door and said “James?”

He politely replied with a flash of white teeth and we shook hands. 
“I’m Brenda, but most people call me Bee” I confidently stated.
I lead him to the stairs and, just in case, I made him go up the stairs first – my skirt may have been a little to short for safety!

We had grabbed a coffee each from the machine and I ushered him to the new, clear desk. We started to run through his CV but I was not concentrating properly, the interview wasn’t flowing, it wasn’t him, he was charming – then I remembered what my boss had said about getting the interviewees to show some of the computer skills off so I asked James how he was on excel and then suggested he show me.
Things get out of hand!

Like a confused idiot I pointed to my computer on my desk and he made his way over to it. He sat at my desk, turned on my monitor and was immediately confronted with a cartoon picture of a blond girl pleasuring a big black cock! 

“Oh my God James, I’m sorry” I blurted
“It’s OK” he politely replied and closed the picture only to be confronted with another xhamster page displaying a video, this time his panic to close made things worse, he clicked play and then made it full size! 16 minutes in and a blond girl wearing only black stockings, suspenders and high heels was sitting on a beautiful black man’s lap, facing away from him , his cock disappearing in and out of her as she bounced happily up and down on him!

“I’m so, so sorry” I blurted out again
“It’s honestly OK, I was late, you needed to kill time and they look like they are having fun” he joked, and with that he placed a comforting right hand on my left knee as I stood there looking at him sitting in my chair. 
“I guess the boss doesn’t know?” He asked, I shook my head, 
“…and I’m not going to get the job?!” he continued.

I shrugged my shoulders sheepishly. I then expected him to remove his hand, which had been there longer than it should, but instead he slid it up the inside of my thigh. Our eyes fixed on one another, it was my place to rebuke him, to tell him to stop, I was in charge in this office, in this interview, but I couldn’t, well if I could I didn’t!

On the screen the blond was being held by the black man who was pounding her mercilessly, James’ hand moved up further and then met my wet knickerless pussy.

“Oh, what a naughty interviewer you are!” he exclaimed, and his fingers explored their moist find. My hand fell onto his should as I steadied myself, my eyes flashed to the screen, the girl positioning herself into the doggie position on the sofa was being stalked by the gorgeous hunk whose bum transfixed me before he moved to reveal his hardened, prepared cock ready to plunder the girl again.

James looked at the screen, then looked at me, smiled, then, without removing his expert fingers from my pussy, raised himself out of the chair and kissed me full on the lips. It was a kiss that took my breath away, I became even more unsteady and my other hand d****d itself onto his other should as he kissed and fingered me.

His left hand was behind my head, holding my face close to his, his right hand getting itself wetter and wetter.

“Take of the skirt, princess” he growled into my right ear before biting the lobe of it. In a daze I did as he said and my skirt fell to the floor, he nuzzled and kissed my neck, the girl on the screen was being fucked from behind, her tits swaying underneath her, her head swaying, her face showing joy and excitement.

“Hop on the desk” my seducer ordered, an order that met no resistance and within seconds my young black lover was kneeling in front of me, pushing my legs apart before his tongue slurped across my pussy before attacking my clitoris with pinpoint accuracy. My eyes rolled and then opened facing the screen again; our heroine was lying on her back making seductive faces to her hero as he opened her legs, slid back into her and savaged her breasts with his hands.

My hero broke off from his meal for a second and said “the cardigan and T-shirt …take them off”. I did as ordered and felt another wave of ecstasy rip through me as two fingers slipped inside me and an eager tongue worked me over.

The couple on the screen were getting close to finishing, the hunk pulling out of her and ejaculating immediately all over the blond covering her boobs and neck, she smiled up at him contently as he milked himself dry – I’m sure she’s not a good enough actress to fake her look of happiness!

Unlike our screen heroine my boobs are not very big, in fact they are tiny, something of an embarrassment, but my ebony lover’s left hand was tweaking my right nipple with so much enthusiasm I stifled any apology that I may have offered.
What was I doing?
What was I doing? I asked myself, could I stop it? did I want to stop it? 
Suddenly James pulled himself away from his wet feast and smacked his lips on to mine – I tasted the taste that my fingers often had after a session with xhamster friends! Passionately he kissed me and I decided I didn’t want it to stop! My nipples were nibbled, my boobs sucked, he was amazing. 

Then he stopped, calmly took a step back, looked at my body which made me feel very self-conscious, and then slowly but deliberately took off his jacket, undid his tie and started to unbutton his shirt. I was transfixed. 

Slowly his dark torso was revealed, all the time he just looked me smiling, not saying a word. His shirt off, he surprisingly lifted his right foot up onto the desk by my left leg and untied his shoe lace before removing the shoe and then his sock and then repeating the slow deliberate action with his left foot.

His hand moved to his belt, my heart skipped another beat, my eyes now trained totally on his groin area. A flick of a button, an un-zip of a fly and his trousers fell to the ground. As he bent down to pick them up, fold them and place them on the chair I gazed at his white briefs, straining to hold within its prize, images of all the xhamster pics of friends and strangers filled my head – but now it was not on a screen, but here, in my office, inches away, hidden only by thin fabric that surely a sex starved white mum could bite through in seconds. 

James took a further step back; I looked at him awaiting instruction or show. He reached out his hands, and encouraged me to hop off the desk without saying a word. I stood in front of him, and looked into his face, his lips moved and I heard the word “kneel” which I did. I looked direct forward at his crotch, his briefs still straining, and the outline of his manhood clearly showing. Had it not been for the images that I’d been treated to here for the past few weeks I’d have thought that the outline was that of a fake one – it was so big.

“Go on then, take it out” James words echoed around my spinning head, all this fantasy, all these images, the films, I was going to see, touch a real one! My trembling fingers made their way up to the waistband, I looked up at him, he smiled, and I looked back down and yanked the defenders of my prize downwards. 

“Oh! …oh my gosh James …oh!” I blurted as his beautiful BBC sprang up in front of my face. Now I’ve seen enough porn recently to know my cue and with a quick, smiling, grateful glance up at him I opened my mouth, closed my eyes and gently paid my homage to his cock. It filled my mouth, I could hardly get my mouth around it, and it seemed to be growing as my novice sucking skills started to learn their trade.

I sucked longingly on my new prize, as James busied himself above me on my desk, clearly going through my porn collection because as he turned on the speakers I could hear the excited giggling of hen night revellers enjoying the delight of a few male strippers! His hands moved to either side of my head, I lost control of the situation and as he held me tightly he fucked my mouth, my ears filled with the excited screeching of housewives enjoying a night out away from their husbands with young, lithe gorgeous strippers.

James pulled my face and his cock away from one another, I looked up at him and he growled “I’m going to fuck you now, Bee”

In no position, or desire, to resist I nodded in acceptance of my fate.

Within seconds he was sitting on my chair and I was sort of standing over him facing him, my poor defenceless pussy a few inches from his cock and a few moments from a savage pounding. Holding his cock upright with his right hand his left guided me down until the tip of my wet pussy met and seemed to loving kiss the tip of its first BBC! Excitement, pain and joy all ran through me as I lowered myself onto him and he jerked himself inside me. After a few moments I was impaled on him and we built up a motion that as I looked down on us I saw his dark shining cock disappear inside me then reappear glistening more. His face was more serious now, almost menacing, my little hard nipples were pinched and bitten, my bum slapped and, of course, my poor pussy pounded!

Then we stopped, he pulled me off him stood up, and looking into my eyes said “suck it bitch!” Nobody has ever spoken to me like that before, but I wasn’t complaining and dropped to my knees and complied – happy to give my pussy a little rest bite and keen to orally please my new boss.

I tasted my juices on him, regained composure and, remembering some of my favourite videos, I grabbed his cock with my left hand and cradled his balls with my right and sucked and wanked the b**st before me.

“Is that you wedding ring?” James said looking down on my porn show
“Yes” I sheepishly replied
“Naughty white bitch” he growled. I continued my job in hand feeling ashamed of myself. This only lasted a minute or two before he stood me up, then very precisely bent me over, with legs straight my upper half parallel to the ground he paced around me, the video was still playing and hen girls were greedily licking cream off cocks dancing in front of their faces. James had walked around me, spanked my bum a couple of times and now was sitting in my chair in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth again, I now, expertly, continued with my task, in something of a not completely comfortable position, but he’s the boss! Orders to wiggle my bum were met with compliance and I soon worked out that he could see the back of my stretched legs and my bum reflecting off a glass door behind me – I sucked and wiggled as enthusiastically as I could.

James got up, and moved me to the other desk, then forcibly pushed me face down, bum up on over the desk, I knew what was coming, I wasn’t surprised or disappointed as he entered me again, this time more energetically and f***eful. My bum was treated to more hearty spanks and my ears filled with filthy expletives – but I loved it. Before that day I’d never experienced a penetration climax, now I’d lost count.

James was getting quicker and panting more than before, what finale had my black porn stud planned?

I didn’t have to wait too long, James pulled out of me and pulled me off the desk and f***ed me into the kneeling position, if only he knew that no f***e was necessary. I grabbed his cock with my left hand, ensuring that my glimmering wedding ring was on show to him and pumped the b**st into my mouth, my right hand feeling his balls tighten as they prepared each drenching spurt. One after another they rained over my face and into my mouth, instinctively my mouth ensnaring the head of my beautiful BBC and sucking out every last drop, swallowing all that I could.

Satisfied and exhausted I looked up at my king, and smiled up at him. 

Laughing he looked down at me and said “well Miss Bee, that was a very thorough interview and although I do not intend taking the post I would very much like a future meeting with you”

I laughed too, I then leant forward and sucked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, before thanking him for the interview, explaining that I respected his decision not to join the firm at this time, but adding that I too very much looked forward to a future meeting!