"Erotic Stories" Beach story bisexual

Erotic Stories Beach story bisexual
I like this one place, where it's really quiet during most days, and maybe just one dog walker or so at night.  A small row of shops, couple of public toilet cubicles, huge cliffs, plenty of rocks on the beach and fairly mild temperatures.

It's just the place where a person could take a like-minded person (and a camera) and have some fun...

The toilets are the usual kind that have the slogans and phone numbers written on the backs of the doors. 'Call this number for XXX fun' and all that usual shite. But they're all bullshit, aren't they?

'Course they are... There was this one, once. I'd gone out with the camera to look at the setting sun and take a few shots. I'd nipped into the the cubicle on the beachfront and sat myself down, more to have a smoke out of the wind and take a look at the shots I'd taken, than to use the toilets.(Adult Stories)

I was looking at a particular snap, when the there was a tiny knock at the door. "Someone in here" I said. "Sorry" came the reply, then, "are you waiting for anyone?".

As I went to reply I did happen to notice that written upon this door was 'Meet at 8 Thursdays for cock sucking'. Well, It was Thursday, I wasn't sure of the time, but that was what they guy was here for, I guess.

"I'm not waiting for anybody, no" I said as kindly as possible, "I'll be out in a minute".

As I opened the door, I saw a young lad, good looking I suppose, early twenties, looking embarrassed as Hell.

"Sorry" he muttered, "I looked under the stall door and your trousers weren't down, I assummed..." hew tailed off. I understood right away. "I was just having a fag in the warm, mate" I replied "and checking my photos". Relieved of something to take his red face away, he leaned over me to look at the back of the camera, where I was displaying the sunset pictures I had just taken.

"They're good" he said. I handed him the camera (he wasn't a big lad, and I didn't think he's be stupid enough to run off with it) to flick through the ten or so photographs I had taken that night. I had forgotten about the candid beach shots I had taken earlier of a woman sunning herself on the beach.

I had been walking along the clifftop, had glanced over the edge and spotted this gorgeous girl laying on her back with her eyes closed. She had been sunbathing topless, and had a great pair.

His eyes widened, and at first I thought it was his s****r, or something, and he was going to be upset, but he said that he'd never seen her (he lived locally) and we guessed she must have been a holidaymaker. I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his jeans as he studied the pictures, and he was clearly a well hung guy! He didn't notice me looking, as he was engossed in this girls' chest. I said that I'd best be getting home, and took the camera from him.

"Hey" he said as I turned to go, "are you gonna be around tomorrow? If you are, we should go looking for girls on the beach!" I didn't think he was serious, but told him that I usually come down onto the beach around eleven in the morning, and walk along the cliffs soon after. "see ya!" he called to me, as I walked back. "Will do" I said, not thinking anything of it.

The next day, sure enough, the lad was sitting on one of the benches near the seafront. He saw me, and came over. "Hey. I just saw a couple walk behind those rocks down there, the tall ones". Pointing toward the cliffs, he went on to tell me they were holding hands and giggling. We agreed that a quick walk up on the cliffs would be in order, and set off. On the way, about a five minute walk, I asked if anyone had turned up the previous night. Unfortunately, it had been a no-show. 

"Do you get many takers" I asked. "Nah, he said, but I always come down to have a look". He looked at me. "I'm not gay" "I never..." I started, but he continued; "I just wanna know what it feels like".

"being with a guy" I asked him.

"A blowjob" he replied meekly. "They look good, I never had one". He went on to tell me he had fucked a couple of local girls, but they never wanted to do 'the fun stuff' as he called it. He had been on the Internet and looked up dogging sites, but there was nothing nearby. I felt sorry for the k**, and told him that they were really nothing too special. I didn't like to lie to him, but felt it right to to hide his discomfort.

"Anyway" I began, "let's look for these guys", although I felt sure that they had just been out for a walk.

The cliffs were tree-lined, and we found we could creep right up to the edge and peer over, without any danger of being spotted either by people on the track behind us, or below. We saw nothing, and decided to proceed further along. As we walked, he said that his name was Ian, and that he worked nights at a local factory packing sandwiches. He laughed that it wasn't a great job, but the workers there had a laugh, and the pay was good, so it'd do for now. 

We decided to have another little look, and I said that if there was no-one there, I'd take some shots of a boat that had appeared quite a way out (I always had my camera on me). Ian said that he'd just sit and chat, if that was ok with me, which of course, was fine.

As we crept commando-style to the edge of the cliff, we heard a few gentle moans coming from below that were undoubtably from a woman. Grinning, we crept even closer to the edge and peered down.

There, behind some large rocks, lay a rather chubby dark haired girl, getting the most enthusiastic oral sex I had ever seen from a guy. Her tits were jiggling back and forth slowly as he f***ed herself down onto the guy's mouth. Her mouth was opening and closing as she gasped and moaned as his toungue explored every part of her pussy. Her eyes closed, she looked in total ecstasy as I got the camera trained on her, zoomed in and quickly took a few snaps. Not that far away from us, the camera's zoom feature really put you right next to them! 

I let Ian have a look through the zoom lens and he gasped. I looked past him, and the girl had got up onto her knees and was sucking the guy's cock, taking the shaft in her mouth and slowly drawing the whole length in. I guessed he had never seen a woman doing deepthroat before, and this girl was good at it. Back and forth her head went as his hips bucked. He fucked her mouth like she was a whore, and she looked like she was enjoying every moment, grabbin his arse and pulling it toward her face as he thrust his big cock further and further down her gaping, willing, mouth.

She slowed down and he withdrew from her mouth. I thought that was it for the sucking, but she gently took his cock in her hand and began to kiss and lick the tip as he moaned with pleasure. She alternated between this gentle kissing and long, slow sucks as he pinched her nipples and she cupped his balls with one hand. Her other hand seemed to be deep in her pussy, almost up to her wrist, it looked to me. She was certainly enjoying herslef as much as she obviously wanted to give pleasure too!

The guy was making urgent noises soon enough and she quickly took his length out of her mouth and furiously wanked him off, all the while still with her hand in herself. Ian had been taking pictures of this, but I noticed the camera had stopped clicking away. Like it had been. I turned to look and almost laughed as I saw how intense his expression was as he gazed at what was going on. He was transfixed on their activities and jumped as I tapped his arm. 

"Fuck" he said hoarsley, "she's hot, I'd love to fuck her". "Forget it, pal" I said "just be greatful that you've had a peek at her and I'll email you these pictures later". I pointed at the couple at about the same time as the guy wailed and thick cum spurted all over the rocks as the girl slowed her thrusts on his cock. "Well, good for him" I said "Come on, Ian, let's get out of here". There was no reply, so I looked to see Ian lying on his side with one hand down the front of his unbuttoned trousers and one hand steadying himself as he played. "I'll, er, leave you to it" I said and shuffled my way out of the space we had made for ourselves. Almost immediately after, Ian followed.

"Carry on mate" I laughed. "It's OK" said Ian, "I'll finish that when you send me those photos" he laughed. He didn't seem to be abashed at all, and I supposed it was because we had both enjoyed the show, and were almost d***k with the adrenalin rush of spying on the two lovers.

We talked about what we had seen all the way back to the beach, and by the time we got back, we were both looking pretty flustered. We made quick goodbyes, and each headed home. I was worried that I would bump into the couple we had seen, but they must have either fallen asl**p on the beach, or gone another way, as they were nowhere to be seen. I wondered if Ian would be around tomorrow, we could try our own brand of 'birdwatching' again.

It was then I realised. Ian would probably be around that night, to check if anyone was at the toilets to meet him. I wondered, should I go to check, later? Of course I would, I told myself, just in case he gets a taker from his little message. Just to see if he gets his first blowjob. Maybe he would like a photo taking to commemorate the moment?

It was a little before eight, and quite dark, as I reached the beachfront that night. I decided to have a smoke, sitting in front of the closed shops. The shutter doors were banging softly in the wind, and the only sound was the lap of waves on the seashore. There wasn't much moonlight, it was pretty cloudy, and I found myself squinting as I tried to focus on the small toilet block on the beach. I checked my watch, eight-fifteen. Ah well, I thought, Ian had obviously given up on his meeting spot.

I got up and started to walk home. As I passed the toilets, I thought I'd just nip in for a piss. I'd had a few cans of lager not too long ago, and they were making their way through me. The wind was picking up as I stood in front of the porcelain bowl. The small neon light fizzing and popping mingled with the flitter of a moth vainly trying to escape the cubicle. The task done, I zipped up and turned round to open the door when a voice spoke softly from the adjoining stall. "Waiting for anyone?" the voice said. "Not really", I said, then realising that it must be Ian in the next cubicle! 

"Ian?" I quietly asked, "that you?" "Hi" Ian said, "I wondered if you'd be around tonight". "No takers again then, pal?" I asked him through the thin wooden wall. What was I doing, I thought, stood in here talking to some k** through the fucking wall? "No, and at this rate you're the only person I'll ever meet here!" As I turned the lock on the door, Ian said "wait, just talk to me for a bit, unless you have something better to do?" I didn't, and sat down on the closed lid of the toilet. "what's up, mate?" I asked. 

Suddenly, a small circle was removed from the wall, and I could see Ian peering through with a big grin. "I made this" he began, "just in case I got lucky tonight. I made it earlier." "A glory-hole" I said "good idea, mate, people might not want to do anything face-to-face, might make it easier for you to get lucky". "I was spying on a guy earlier" Ian said, "while he was taking a piss. He only had a small cock, but I kinda got turned on just by watching him. Is that right?"

What could I say to the k**? "It's normal, Ian, there's nothing wrong with getting turned on by looking at cocks, or spying, but be careful, you don't want to get caught." "Maybe I do, he said, that sounds like it could be cool. Or maybe not, when you think about it!" We both chuckled at this. "Er, did you, ah, earlier, umm" Ian began. "What?" I said. "Did you have a wank earlier?" Ian blurted out, "you know, when you got home?". I told him that I hadn't. He began to tell me that he had got in, rushed upstairs and laid naked on his bed. He had played with his hard cock for what, he said, seemed like ages. I found myself getting a little turned on by his tale, my cock getting hard itself in my jeans.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it" I said "It won't happen often, seeing something like that, but it's good when it does!" "It was great" he said, "Thanks for showing me the best spying places" he laughed/ "Sorry that I had to touch myself, though." "That's OK", I said, "I really didn't mind, you could have finished then you know." "I thought it would be weird and didn't want to freak you out" Ian said. "Well, to be honest," he started, "I might go home and have another little play before bed, unless, er you wouldn't mind...?"

"Mind what?" I said, "If I wanked myself off with you in there" Ian said. "I dunno, it just makes me hard to think of someone else being so close while I stroke myself." "sure" I laughed, "if it's OK that I watch." Ian readily agreed. "Didn't know you were into that" he said. "Well, sure" I began, "It's all a bit of fun, isn't it?"

Ian murmured an agreement, and I peered through the hole he had made in the wall. As I had thought the first time I had met him, he had a large cock in those trousers. A good nine inches long, it popped into view when he pulled down his boxers. Not very thick, and hardly any veins on the shaft at all, he began to pull his foreskin slowly back over the head of his cock. Although he licked his fingers to wet his bell end, there was no need, he had plenty of pre-cum on there already. Obviously, he was looking forward to this.

Ian began to slowly work this thumb and first finger up and down his cock, slowly at first but getting quicker as he gave soft moans of pleasure. At this point, I was hard, and unzipped my own cock and just let it sit up in the cold night air. I was intently watching Ian's cock now, as he had his whole hand running up and down his shaft, his fingers now covered with his juices. His moans weren't loud, but were getting more and more intense as he wanked his cock faster and faster.

"Slow down" I said, "I'm enjoying watching this". Ian did, again using just his thumb and forefinger to stroke his shaft and occasionally tickling the tip. When he did this, the pre-cum flowed faster, it seemed, out of his prick. This was about enough for me, and I started to stroke my own cock. I told Ian this, and he asked if he could see. "Sure" I said, leaning back so that he could look through the hole. I could see Ian's eye pressed right up to the hole as he gasped at seeing another man's cock being worked. I have a above average sized member, just enough to suck, a girl once told me. Ian obviously liked the look of it, and said so. 
He told me that he wanted to touch it. "I've never touched one, except mine," he said, "can I.....?" Who was I to refuse, and guided my hard cock through the hole Ian had fashioned in the cubicle wall. He gingerly reached for it, holding the end gently but firmly and slowly began to glide his fingers forward and back down the shaft. I murmured that it felt good, and that he shouldn't go any faster. I pulled back after a minute or so of this, Ian must have understood, as his cock came through the whole into my waiting hand. 

It was big, and glistened with pre-cum. I took it in my hand and worked my way up and down the length of his cock. He pushed against the wall of the toilet cubicle as I wanked him. "Ian," I said, "I'm going to suck your cock," and before he could answer I slipped his bell end into my mouth. Working my tongue around the very tip of his cock and still wanking the shaft, he moaned in pleasure saying "that feels so good". His cock tasted great, and I took his shaft deeper and deeper until it was touching the back of my throat.

Ian began to thrust gently back and forth. This got faster until Ian suddenly stopped. "I'm going to come," he said, "is that OK?" "Yes, come in my mouth" I said "it's the best way to get sucked off". He started to pump his cock in my mouth again, faster and faster. His breaths got shorter and shorter until he stopped pumping and I felt his cock buck once, twice, then a stream of seemingly never ending warm spunk washed into my mouth. His cock still jerking as the last spurt was swallowed, Ian withdrew his cock and said "now you" and I pushed mine through the hole and he gingerly licked the tip. I guessed he was checking the taste, and he liked it, obviously, as he took my entire cock into his mouth greedily. Sucking and slurping on my cock as he moved his head back and forth quickly along it's length, I began to thrust into his mouth and he held himself steady as I pumped his mouth.

It wasn't long before I was ready, but I didn't warn Ian. I came into his mouth as I thrust toward him and he swallowed the whole load in one go. Standing back to clean ourselves off, I heard Ian's breathing get back to normal. "So how was that, Ian?" I asked. "So good, so good," he said. "I should go," I said "gotta get my beauty sl**p!"

"See you tomorrow?" he replied. "I'll be here at eight in the evening."

The next night, just before eight, I locked the door of the stall and sat down to wait. There was, I noticed, a new message written on the back of the door. It said, simply, 'meet at 8 on Thursdays for cock sucking, there's two of us...'

This, I thought, should be interesting...