"Erotic Stories" b*o's Will Be b*o's

Erotic Stories b*o's Will Be b*o's
"Jon, are you done already?" Darryl, my b*****r, called as he knocked on my door. I opened the door slightly inviting him in as I pulled on my shirt.

"Yea, I'm almost done. Why? Are we going to be late?"

Darryl laughed curtly, and said, "Nah! I was just thinking what took you so long", as he flopped onto my bed. I smiled as I looked at him, adjusting the collars on my shirt.

Darryl was 18, two years younger than me, but we had roughly the same build and height. Sometimes, I think we look more like twins than anything else. We had the same short brown hair, and intense gray eyes.

"So where you wanna go?" I asked.

"Hmmm. I was thinking, how about at the Hues'? I heard the steaks they serve are very good"

"Sure, you know the way?"

"Yea, I'll drive. And oh, I was thinking if we could go for a drink later? Exams are finally over and I really feel like I need to unwind a little"(Erotic Stories)

I smiled and nodded. We then headed out to the car, and Darryl took the wheel. On the way to the Hues', we talked a little about miscellaneous subjects, and when the chat died down, I found myself staring at Darryl -- how he probed his elbow by the window and lean his cheek against it, and how his right hand stretched out to the steering wheel. His angular face facing straight at the road ahead and his deep gray eyes focused on the road, cautious as he always was. Darryl noticed my stare and turned toward me. "What?"

"Nothing..." I stuttered as I looked away.

I was suddenly reminded of an incident that occurred 5 years ago, when Darryl was 13, and I was 15. Mom and Dad's business picked up roughly around that time, and were starting to get busy. They were not around for us more and more, and slowly, to the point where they only return home for 2 or 3 times in half a year. Darryl was still very much attached to our parents at that age, and was a little distressed over such a change in lifestyle. That day, I retuned home from school and was heading back to my room when I heard Darryl sobbing his eyes out in his room. I went in to ask him what was wrong and tried to comfort him.

"It's so tough, Jon, I miss them. They are never around anymore..." he choked. I held him gently, running my hand through his hair.

"Darryl, you know they are doing this for us. You know they love us, and they miss us as well... They do call us every now and then..."

"I know, but it's just so hard! I miss them, I need them, Jon" he brawled as he buried his head onto my shoulder, hugging me tightly.

"You've got me, b*o. You've got me. I'm always here for you."

"Really?" Darryl sniffed. I nodded affirmatively. He pulled away and looked into my eyes. A smile broke across his beautiful face as he said softly, "then I'll always be there for you too" and he hugged me again.

As I heard that, I felt my heart tug. I suddenly felt as if my chest has constricted, but I hugged Darryl back. His words moved me, and had awakened an emotion in me that I have never noticed. I was in love. In love with my own b*****r!

Guilt-stricken, I tried to push that feeling away. It was so very wrong to feel this way toward your own sibling, but the more I tried to ignore that feeling, the stronger it became. The first few weeks were tough for me. It was emotionally straining that I found it hard to even look at Darryl. I resented the feeling as I thought my awkward behavior might somehow or another, hurt Darryl. But the resentment I felt about the feeling soon grew into acceptance. I never once acted on my feelings, but was just glad that Darryl and I were close. In fact, we got closer as time passed.

"Well, we're here!" Darryl chirped as he pulled up at a parking lot and we got into the café. It was a rather casual, yet classy café, I would say. We placed orders on steaks, and chatted through dinner, mostly about football, the recent exams, girls, and so on.

After we were done, we went to a bar we frequent and ordered some scotch. We talked some more, and soon, the booze took effect. He was soon talking about some stupid stunt a friend of his pulled and failed miserably.

"And... and... and you know what happened?" Darryl said as he laughed. "He fell on his face! I bet that was the most embarrassing thing ever! In front of the girl he was trying so hard to get!"

I burst out laughing, giggling so hard at what he said that my stomach hurt. We continued talking about dumb things till it was pretty late and we decided to go home. Since our house was just nearby, we walked home instead of driving, just to play safe.

Once home, I headed for the showers. It was a habit of mine -- no matter how shit-faced I am, I have to shower before I hit the sack. It was different for Darryl, though, for by the time I got out from the showers, he was already fast asl**p in his room. His door was opened slightly, and I went in just to check on him.

I crept closer to him. Though the shower sobered me up a little, the next thing I did was definitely an effect of the shots of scotch I had earlier the evening. I caressed Darryl's smooth cheek, and was soon on top of him. I leaned in and gingerly pressed my lips onto his slightly opened ones. My tongue dug deep into his mouth, twirling and rolling against his tongue. A moan escaped his mouth as I continued kissing him. My hand soon ran down his chest and under his half-unbuttoned shirt, stroking his defined pectorals. Darryl stirred a little and woke up.

"What the..!" he yelled as he tried to push me away.

"Jon! What are you doing?" he shrieked as I moved on to kiss and lick his ear. I started to tweak his nipple sensually.

"Jon...! Ah... ummm...! St... Stop!" he said breathily. I pressed my hips down onto him and started to hump him frantically, the material of our clothes rubbing hard onto each other.

"Ahh... hah...! Ummm!" Darryl moaned as I continued humping him, playing with his nipple, and started to nibble onto the sensitive ear lobe. But when my hand started to travel down onto his groin, he yelled, "Get off of me!" and pushed me off, hard.

His left hand flew to his right shoulder as if to protect himself as he panted. He glared at me and yelled, "What the fuck are you doing?" His anger and confusion clearly etched in his beautiful gray eyes.

I fell silent for a moment, suddenly realised what I have done. I looked down onto the more forgiving floor.

"Darryl, I... I... I'm sorry, man. I think it was the booze or something... I... didn't mean to..." I stuttered and trialed off. He continued glaring at me. "But... I really couldn't help it. I saw you sl**ping, and I don't know what got into me... I... have something I think I should let you know"

"What?" he whispered, sounding almost afraid. It hurts me so much to that knowledge. 

I sucked in a breath, looked at Darryl in the eye, and croaked "Darryl... I... have been in love with you for a long time."

The room fell into an awkward silence, not even our breaths could be heard.

"I'm sorry, Darryl. I truly am. Please, treat as if nothing had ever happened. I swear I'll never do that again" I said quietly and left the room.

The next day, things were pretty awkward. Darryl jumped at almost every innocuous action I made, which cut me to pieces. It was till some point of the day, when it got so bad that I excused myself.

"I'm sorry, Darryl, that my presence is making you uncomfortable. I will go."

As I was about to leave, Darryl grabbed my arm.

"Please, I... I'm sorry too. It's just... last night was... shocking... I'm sorry." Darryl whispered.

"No, don't be... I was—"

"No, look," Darryl cut me off. "I know that the booze was to blame for it, ok? But I just need time to get over it. I hope it will not affect our relationship. I really do love you as a b*****r. So much that I'm totally dependent on you."

I nodded. Darryl pulled into a hug, surprising me. "So everything's normal?" he asked as he buried his head into my shoulder like how he did 5 years ago. I nodded again.

Things went on as per normal for the next few weeks. Darryl and I treated as if nothing had happened, though I was sure that Darryl noticed my periodical guilt over the incident. He would always assure me that he wasn't mad anymore and that it had already past.

"Darryl, I'm leaving, ok?" I called out to him as I headed out for a meeting with a few friends of mine in a committee circle we were in.

"Sure" he yelled back.

The meeting went on for an hour before I realised I forgot to bring a document I needed for it, and I went back home for it, since it wasn't far away.

"I'll go with you" Christa offered, claiming that she needed a break as well. I heard some of my closer friends telling me that Christa likes me or something, but I ignored it as long as it was still not out in the open. Apparently many people knew about it, even Darryl -- he kept asking me about it when he first heard of it.

We drove back to my place and when I got back, Darryl was in the living room watching the telly.

"Home so early?" he asked as he turned to see me.

"Nah. Just back to get a few things"

"Oh. You're forever so forget—"Darryl cut himself off when he saw Christa walk through the door. His face contorted into a weird expression as he looked at both of us. I was slightly disconcerted by it, but ignored it since I was in a hurry.

I turned to Christa and told her that I'll be just a while and rushed to get the documents. We headed back for the meeting after I collected what I needed.

"Hey, Darryl, I think I might be late tonight, ok? Don't wait up" I told him as I closed the door behind me.

I got home at around 11 that night, after a tiring meeting marathon. The house was dark, and I assumed that Darryl was already asl**p, only to find the lights in his room still on. I knocked on his door and told him I was home. He didn't respond, and after that incident, the residual guilt stopped me from opening the door. I went for a shower and back into my room after that.

Soon after I got into my room, I heard a knock on my door. I opened it, only to see Darryl with his head bowed down low.

Puzzled, I asked, "What's up?" As soon as I finished speaking, he lunged forward, pulling me into a tight hug. "What the... What's the matter with you?" I croaked, almost too shocked to say anything. He tightened his grip on me. "... want you... Jon... need you..." he breathed into my chest.

I pulled him away. "Darr—" he cut me off with a smoldering kiss. He stroked my back as he continued kissing me hard, his tongue plunging deep into my mouth. He pushed me slightly to get the both of us into my room, and slammed the door shut without breaking the kiss. I pulled away, for a moment, too stunned to say anything.

"You said you love me" Darryl said simply.

"Darryl, what's got into you?" I asked, confused at what he was thinking.

"You said you love me," he repeated. "When did you start with Christa? What did you two do?"

"Darryl, listen. There's nothing between Christa and me. You—"

"Bullshit! You said you love me! And now you go to that Christa girl just because you think I've rejected you!" he screamed, tears streaming down his smooth porcelain cheeks. He grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me into a rough kiss, one so very violent that I felt his anger, confusion and hurt in it.

He leaned onto me, using his weight to push me onto my bed. "Want you... Need you..." he gasped in between kisses. "Don't be with Christa..." His hands caressing my chest, my abdomen, and then down to my groin. He was grinding onto it, and I felt it. He was hard. 

"Darryl... Are you sure you want this?" I asked, still slightly unsure.

Darryl simply nodded, as he continued playing me, against the silky material of my boxers. He removed my boxers and started fisting my cock slowly, sensually. I flipped him over, overturning our positions. Now I was on top of him, kissing, licking, and nibbling the soft of his neck, as I started to undo his pants and realised that he went commando. This turned me on so much that I ground my hips down onto him, humping him as he pumped my dick. God, he was so hard. His other free hand reached back and started to knead my arse cheek. A moan escaped my mouth as he did so. I licked and tickled his sensitive nipple with my tongue, while tweaking the other.

"Ahh! Hoh... Ummm" he gasped in response. Seeing that as an encouragement, I sucked hard onto his nipple. "Jonathan, oh! Jon,... Ah... Aah! Taste you... I want to... oh! Want to... ah! Taste you" he moaned into my ear and licked it, sending a shiver down my spine.

I got off him and sat up on the bed with my legs spread wide. He automatically went between my legs and started to caress my cock, which was now totally hard, coming close to its full length of 9 inches. He pressed his lips against the head of my cock and I felt my body go limp. I gasped as he suddenly took a few inches of my cock. He bobbed himself up and down my cock, working it and varying the tongue movements and pressure against my cock. He took more and more of my cock with passing time and as soon as he reached the base of my cock, I moaned so loudly that I thought the neighbours might hear. He smiled at that and cupped my balls, messaging it slowly and sensually. I felt the pleasure mount quickly and couldn't hold it much longer.

"Pull off, Darryl, pull off... ah... ahh! I'm... ummm... about to... hah... ah... shoot"

He dove deeper and sucked so hard that I came. I shot load after load down his throat and he swallowed them all. He pulled off my cock, which was now semi-erect, and came up to kiss me deep, sharing the taste of my cum. He tongued me to deeply that I thought he was trying to fuck my throat with his tongue. He hummed softly as he did this.

I caught his cock in my hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Haaa... ah... Ahhh" he cried out upon the contact and broke the kiss. He fell back onto the bed. "Jon...?"

"I'm going to taste you, little b*****r"

Before he could respond, I deep-throated him, making him scream in ecstasy. His body went into spasm as I continued sucking him, and his breath laboured -- short and raspy. It was the first time I was sucking a cock, and I was even surprised myself that I was able to deep-throat with ease, success at the first try. I was pleased with his response.

"Oh! Ah... Jon... Oh my God... Haaaa...! This feels so good... ah!" he squeaked, almost effeminately. "Oh! God! Stop! Stop! Jon! Ahh!! I'm gonna blow... Ah! Urgh!!!!" he yelled. Funny that though he asked that I stop, he was still thrusting his cock into my mouth. I went down a few more times on him and he squirted his juice down to my stomach and it tasted heavenly. I did the same by scooting up and planting a kiss on his lips, letting him taste his own cum. 

I moved down again and parted his legs, so that it was wider.

"Jon... What are you doing?" he breathed.

Without responding, I poked my tongue onto his hole.

"Oh fuck!" Darryl gasped. "God, it feels good"

I licked and sucked on his hole, circling it with varying pressure. He tasted so good, better than expected. I thought I could eat him out all day. He just tasted so sweet. "Hmmm, Darryl, you taste so good"

"Tell me how good it feels to lick my hole, Jon"

This aroused me so much that I licked and jabbed my tongue into his hole much more frantically.

"Oh!! Jon... Jon... Jon... Ah! Jon... Want you...! Ah!! Need you in me. Jon. Oh please! In me. NOW!" he pleaded.

I immediately withdrew and positioned myself to fuck his ass. I teased his hole by sliding my cock between his ass cheeks and occasionally circling his hole with it. This went on for a while till Darryl yelled, "JON! STOP TORTURING ME! FUCK ME! TAKE MY CHERRY!"

I was frenzied upon hearing that. Without warning, I slammed my cock deep into Darryl's hole. He writhed and screamed, sounding so much in pain that I stopped.

"b*o, shit! I'm sorry, are you ok?"

Darryl nodded as tears rolled down from one of his eyes. "Yes...! Ah... Feels good, Jon... Do me... Do me hard!" he moaned.

I bucked my hips, moving my swollen cock in and out of him. In, out, in, out, getting deeper and deeper into him. Yes, I want to get in as deep as possible. I want to be in Darryl, deeper.

His breathing was so short that it seemed like he was not breathing at all. "Yes! Ah! OH! Jon! Yes! Yes! Yes! Jon! Deeper... AH! Faster... ummm... ah! HARDER! AHHH! JON! DO ME HARDER!"

I went wild. I knew I wouldn't last long with his verbal seduction and his arse so tight around my cock. I spread his ass cheeks further and fucked him deeper and faster. I shafted him right up to the hilt. Darryl was panting now, bucking his hips to meet my thrusts, driving my cock deeper into him, and making each entry harder, just as he wanted it.

"Darryl... I... can't hold out... I'm going to... AAAHHHH" I shouted and I shot my cum deep into Darryl's hole. I continued pumping as I came, and at the same time, I grabbed Darryl's cock and circled his pee slit, then I pressed down hard onto it. This sent Darryl over the edge and he started to squirt his juice all over me and onto his belly.

I fell onto him. We both panted hard and as soon as we recovered, Darryl wrapped his arms around me and nibbled my ear as he said "Jon... You have no idea... How much I want you..." he gulped. "I couldn't stop thinking about it since that day... I think... I'm in love with you for a long time after all..."

I smiled. With my cock going soft in his arse, I thrusted up onto him 2 more times as I said "I love you, b*o. I always have."

This was just the beginning for the both of us.