"Erotic Stories" Cheerleader at the mall

Erotic Stories Cheerleader at the mall
The red Miata sped down the line of parked cars until it reached the handicapped spot at the end of the row. The driver turned the car into the spot to park. She looked around real quick to see if any cops were around, then she hung the handicapped tag from her mirror and jumped out. She dashed across the street into the mall entrance before anyone spotted her.

Tati smiled to herself. She had been pulling this little parking trick for about a month, ever since she had swiped a handicapped tag from some poor soul's car.

Tati Kennedy was a cheerleader for Bayside High School in Miami. Her whole first name was Tatiana, but no one called her that except her Mom when she was mad. Tati had been a cheerleader for 2 years and was now a senior. She was an exceptionally pretty girl being 5'8" tall and 115#. Her long dark brunette hair hung down her back almost to her sweet round rear end. Tati had a very womanly body for an 18 year old with curvy hips and full, ripe breasts. The boys at school had all pretty well agreed that Tati had the hottest body of any girl at Bayside.(Sex Stories)

Tati was also an adventurer. She took chances for fun and excitement. Her little parking trick and how she came to have the parking tag are small examples of the types of chances she takes. When she went to the mall, it was common for her to slip some small item into her pocket or her purse just for the hell of it. Most of the time, she didn't even want whatever it was. She stole it just for the kicks.

On this particular occasion, Tati had sped over to the mall after the basketball game was over so she was still in her uniform. Her dark complexion and dark hair stood out against her yellow and white cheer uniform. The top was sort of a vest that buttoned down the front and was cropped to show off her slender waist. As per the standard code of cheerleader uniform design, the skirt was short and flirty.

Tati walked absent-mindedly through the mall checking out the stores. She really wasn't shopping for anything, she just didn't want to go home yet. She hadn't even told her parents where she was going. She strolled into a few stores and looked at some jeans, some tops, and some jewelry. Finally, she stopped in front of a store that had just opened.

Tati looked at the sign which read "Saffron". Then she looked through the window and saw that it was stocked with all kinds of wild clothes. It looked very hippy chick. This might be interesting, Tati thought to herself, so she strolled inside. Being that it was close to the closing time of the mall, all the stores were emptying out and Tati was the only customer in Saffron.

"Welcome to Saffron," a voice said.

Tati turned to look from where it came. A rather large woman was coming towards her.

"Thank you. Did you just open? I don't recall seeing your sign before."

"Yes. We've only been open for 3 days. Is there anything I can show you?"

"No. I just want to look around a bit," Tati replied.

The woman backed away to let Tati stroll past. Then she went back to a stool behind the counter and busied herself with some paperwork.

Tati saw that the woman wasn't paying her any attention and she immediately got the urge to play her little excitement game. She walked slowly around the store as she kept an eye on the clerk and looked for anything she could grab. After several minutes, she spotted some small sets of earrings, each in a small plastic box. The price on them was only $4.99. A quick look confirmed that the clerk was still doing her paperwork and Tati slipped a box of the earrings into the pocket of her skirt.

She strolled around the store for another 10 minutes or so before she passed the counter where the clerk was sitting and headed out the front door.

"Your store is very nice. I'll have to come back when I can spend some more time," Tati said cheerfully.

The clerk smiled at her as she watched Tati head out the door. Just as Tati started to turn and walk down the mall, a security guard stepped from behind a poll and grabbed her wrist.

"Excuse me miss. Please step back into the store."

"What are you doing? Let go of me!" Tati demanded.

The guard said nothing as she f***ed Tati back into the store.

"Irene, I got another one here. You better lock the door so we can speak to this young lady," the guard said to the clerk who was still at her paperwork.

The clerk grabbed her keys and headed to lock the door. Tati noticed that the clerk seemed to smile rather oddly at the guard. She didn't think to much of it though as she was still trying to get her wrist free from the guard.

The clerk waved at them and pointed to a side door.

"Bring her back here Joanne. We can deal with her in private."

Tati looked at the guard real closely for the first time. Jesus! she thought to herself, the guard was a woman, but the most manly looking woman she'd ever seen.

The guard pushed Tati towards the doorway and then into the backroom where it led. Finally she let go of Tati's wrist as she shoved the girl over to a heavy set of empty clothes racks. Tati looked around quickly to see she was in some dirty storeroom. Dust was everywhere like the place had never been cleaned.

Tati spun to face them.

"What's going on? What do you people think you're doing?" she demanded.

"Listen little girl, I caught you red-handed. You were shoplifting and I saw you do it," the guard yelled.

Tati swallowed hard. She tried to bullshit her way out of it.

"What are you talking about? I didn't steal anything!"

"Why you little bitch! I watched you take those earings and you shoved them into your pocket!"

The guard shoved her against the racks as her hand went to Tati's skirt to find the earrings. Tati struggled and squirmed as the guard's hand went into each of her pockets. Finally the guard found what she wanted and pulled them out. She shoved the small box up to Tati's face and held it there.

"See you little bitch! You were stealing! All you cheerleader bitches are the same. You come in here acting so god-damn high and mighty! I'm gonna make an example of you bitch! You're going to jail!" The guard screamed at her.

Tati was now horrified. Jail!....holy shit!.....what am i going to do, she thought.

"Uh, please, uh, there must be some way we can work this out. Uh, there must be," she stammered.

"What is your name little girl?" the clerk said.

"Tati, uh, Tatiana Kennedy," she replied.

"Yes. And how old are you Tati?"

"I'm 18 ma'am," Tati replied, now trying to be on her best behaviour.

"Well Tati, I'm afraid that Joanne is right. The police must be called." Irene said matter of factly.

Tati was very alarmed.

"Police?! Please don't call the police. There must be a way to work this out," she begged.

"No, I don't think so. You were stealing from my store. You must go to jail."

Tati was almost about to cry. She couldn't go to jail. Her parents are going to kill her for this, she thought.

"No, please don't call the police. Please don't. I'll make this up to you. I'll do anything you want, but don't call the police," Tati cried.

The guard and the clerk looked at each other, each with a small and evil smile on their faces. Little did Tati know that her remark of 'I'll do anything you want' was going to be her downfall. The clerk stepped up to Tati and took her by the chin with her strong fingers.

"You'll do anything to get out of this? Hmmm, perhaps there is a way to work this out. But I'm warning you Tati, you must do exactly what you are told. If you do not, then I will have Joanne call the police. Do you understand?"

Tati meekly nodded her head.

"Very good then," Irene said as she stroked her hand across the girl's cheek.

"You are a very pretty girl Tati. It would be a shame to see you in jail. Joanne and I must be sure that you did not steal anything else besides the earrings. Therefore, we must conduct a thorough search."

Tati just looked at her, not sure what was to happen.

"So that Joanne and I are sure nothing more was stolen, you must be stripped and searched."

"Stripped! I swear I didn....." Tati tried to say, but the guard cut her off.


Tati cowered at the guard's intimidation. She looked at both of the older women and then nodded that she would comply.

"I'm glad that you will cooperate Tati. It will be much easier on you if you do," the clerk said.

"First then, please remove your top," she said as she pointed at the buttons on the front of Tati's vest.

Tati hesitated, but a poke and a growl from the guard got her started. She slowly undid the buttons from the bottom to the top. When she was through, she held the top closed with her hands.

"Tati, don't make this hard on yourself. Please remove your top -- all the way."

The frightened cheerleader slowly let the top open as she pushed it off her shoulders. It slid off her arms and fell to the floor behind her. The two older women took in the site of Tati's powder blue silk bra which barely held her ripe breasts. Tati tried to stand there with some dignity but the ogling eyes of the two women made her so uncomfortable that she failed miserably.

The guard picked up the vest and made a little show of checking it for any other stolen items, but it was purely a show, she didn't give a damn if they found anything else. Both the clerk and the guard wanted only one thing -- this beautiful, young girl's body.

"Now, we must continue our search. Your bra now please," the clerk said.

"But...," Tati pleaded.

"TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKING BRA!" the guard screamed.

Tati jumped as her hands went to the clasp between her breasts. She was so scared that she fumbled with it several times before she got it open. Her sweet breasts pushed free as the bra came loose. As with the vest, she pushed the bra over her shoulders and let it fall. She tried to wrap her arms across her breasts, but the clerk pushed them down so that they could see her. Tati tried to turn herself to avoid their gaze, but they had her trapped against the steel racks and she had no room to move.

"You are a very pretty girl Tati. Your breasts are very full for such a young girl," the clerk said as her hand reached up to Tati's breasts but stopped short of touching them.

Tati held her breath as she watched the woman's hand hover only an inch from her tender skin. The woman cupped her hand under one breast as if to hold it, but still never quite touched the girl. Her hand moved from one breast to the other as Tati watched and waited for the woman's hand to stroke her breasts, but it never happened. When it lowered away, Tati finally took a breath of relief. But somehow, she felt almost a slight disappointment that the woman hadn't touched her.

"Very good Tati. This will all be over soon. I would like you to remove your skirt now," the clerk instructed.

Tati looked at the guard who was now openly leering at the half naked girl. She swallowed hard as her hand reached for the catch in her skirt. This time, she undid it with ease and let the short skirt slide down her tanned, slender legs. The guard reached down to it and held it as Tati stepped out of it. AS she stood back up, the guard let the back of her hand slide all the way up one of Tati's bare legs. Tati shook as a cold chill hit her.

Once again, the guard made a show of searching the skirt for more stolen items, but her eyes and her mind never left the nearly naked cheerleader's body.

The clerk knelt down and quickly untied Tati's shoes and removed them and then her short socks. The girl was now left with nothing but her powder blue panties.

"Well, it would seem that you have not stolen anything else. But there is still the matter of the earrings that you did steal and what we should do about that," the clerk told her.

Tati, still scared at the prospect of being arrested and now totally vulnerable as she stood there in just her panties, didn't say a word.

"I think that you should do something to make amends for stealing from the store," the clerk continued.

"Um, yes, I can do that. Just tell me what you want me to do," Tati said meekly.

The guard and the clerk looked at each other quickly, both of them with sly smiles.

"Yes there is something you can do Tati and if you do, we will not call the police," the clerk said.

"Um, uh, okay. Just tell me." Tati quickly said, not understanding the consequence.

"Very good my pretty little girl," the clerk said as she again stroked Tati's cheek.

"I want you to remove your panties Tati," she whispered to the girl.

Tati looked at her but stood still. The cheerleaders mind raced. She couldn't believe this was happenening to her. These women were forcing her to strip naked. What could they be doing? It was obvious she was not hiding anything more. But somehow, Tati realized she wanted to comply. Something about her being so helpless and almost naked in front of these women was making her feel aroused. She didn't know what to think. She had never entertained any thoughts about other women, but now being naked in front of these two strangers was effecting her.

"Take off your panties Tati," the clerk said again.

Slowly, Tati's fingers hooked the sides of her panties and slowly eased them down her slim legs. The two women watched as they could see the smooth white skin of the girl's firm round ass. They could barely hold themselves back as they lusted for the cheerleader's body.

Tati let the panties fall to the floor and stepped out of them. She stood back up and tried to cover her sex with one hand, but the clerk gently pushed her hand away. The poor girl was totally naked and defenseless as the clerk and the guard openly stared at her nearly perfect body. Tati stood there, her bare back against the cold metal of the empty racks. Her gorgeous body was totally exposed to the 2 women.

"Tati, you are so pretty. I am glad that you are cooperating, but there is something more that you must do," the clerk said to her, her voice heavy with lust.

Tati felt goosebumps as her arousal intensified. She was convinced now that these 2 women were lesbians and that she was going to be taken. She didn't say a word as she waited to hear what more they wanted.

"I want you to touch your breasts Tati. Cup them with your hands. Hold them. Play with your nipples Tati."

Slowly Tati's hands came up from her sides, her fingers gliding over her soft skin, until she took her own breasts in her hands. She lifted them gently as she slowly fondled herself. She felt her own pulse quicken as she touched herself while these women watched her. She pinched her nipples and made herself jump a little as she felt that stimulus go straight to her pussy.

"Yes Tati. Your breasts are very sensitive aren't they? It feels good to have them fondled. I've always found that teenage girls have especially sensitive breasts."

Tati realized quickly that these 2 women must have taken other girls before her. The thought of them trapping other girls as she had been trapped was even more arousing to her. She felt her pussy grow wetter at the thought. She squeezed her breasts harder as her arousal grew.

The 2 women looked at each other. They could see that the nubile teenager was growing hotter by the minute. All they had to do was coax her along and she would soon be begging them to fuck her.

"Now, I want you to continue to touch your breasts Tati, but let your right hand drop down your stomach. Yes, that's it. Very slowly. Now let your fingers touch your pussy Tati. Ummmmmm, yes. Very good. Your pussy is wet isn't it Tati?"

Tati nodded her head. Barely. As soon as her fingers had touched her sex, Tati had almost lost it. Her legs felt weak under her and she almost lost her balance. Her eyes almost closed as she let her fingers lightly massage the wet tender petals of her sex. Her body was on fire as one hand worked over her swollen breasts and the other teased her aching pussy. And she realized that she was doing all this to herself. The 2 women who were in control hadn't even touched her.

The 2 women let the girl tease her own pussy as they watched, evil smiles on their faces. When they would see the girl try to put a finger into herself, the clerk would gently stop her. They did not want her to orgasm -- not yet.

This went on for quite a few minutes, the poor girl working herself into an incredible state of arousal, but with no release in sight. She wanted desperately to get her fingers into her sex so she could cum, but they stopped her every time.

The clerk and the guard looked at each other and exchanged small nods. It was time to spring the final part of their little trap. They each reached out to Tati and took hold of her hands, pulling them away from her breasts and her pussy. Tati's eyes flew open as her f***ed masturbation suddenly ended.

"Okay Tati. You have done as we wanted. We will not call the police. You may go now," the clerk told her.

"What? But I....uh....I can't...uh.....leave like this," she stammered, her mind clouded by her arousal.

"What do you mean Tati?" the clerk asked dumbly.

"I....uh.....I need...."

"You need what Tati?"

"I need.....uh.....to cum."

"Do you want us to make you cum Tati? Is that what you want? Do you want us to take you? Do you want Joanne to suck your breasts as I lick your pussy? Say what you want Tati," the clerk demanded of her.

"Yes. Yes. I want to be taken. Please, you have to do it. I can't wait."

They were on her instantly. The guard wrapped an arm around her back as she pulled the young girl to her. The guard's hungry mouth closed over one of Tati's aching nipples and sucked it hard. Her teeth bit the nipple as the girl let her head drop backwards. The clerk had dropped to her knees and was pushing the girl's slender legs apart with her hands. Her head arched up as her tongue searched for the tender folds of Tati's sex. As soon as she found it, Tati came for the first time. Her body arched back hard as the spasm rocked her.

The 2 women held her as they gently lowered her to the floor, never stopping their assault on her young body. Tati's eyes were closed as she let them ravish her. She could feel the guard suckling her breasts and the teeth that were nibbling on her. She could feel her legs being held apart and the clerk's tongue snaking inside her pussy. It was only another minute before the cheerleader came for the second time.

Once on the dusty floor, the beautiful cheerleader writhed in ectasy as her young body was taken. Her body arched back as her breasts and pussy were licked and sucked by the skillful mouths of the 2 older women. Her head rolled from left right and her hair soaked up the dust from the floor as she gave herself to them. Her legs were being pushed as wide as they would go as the clerk rammed her tongue far into Tati's swollen sex. The girl cried out as she was f***ed to endure another stunning orgasm.

"Hey Irene, I think it's my turn now. But I have something different in mind," the guard said as she tapped the clerk on the back.

The guard went to a small desk and pulled something out of a bottom drawer. She stripped herself from the waist down as she put whatever it was around her hips. Turning back towards Tati, the girl could see that the guard had put on a large, black dildo.

She walked back over to Tati and knelt down between the girl's legs. The clerk grabbed hold of it and guided it to Tati's wet pussy as the guard lowered herself onto the girl. Tati moaned as the dildo entered her, stretching her sex as never before. The guard started to slowly pump her, the cheerleader's hips quickly matching the rhythm.

Oh yeah. Look at her, she wants a good fucking," the guard said.

Tati squirmed under the guard as her body was overwhelmed by the sensations it felt. She had never had sex before -- contrary to the talk at school -- she was a virgin. She had masturbated many times and had even made herself cum, but nothing as intense as she was feeling now.

The sight of what was going on was intensely erotic. The slender, pretty girl, rapidly becoming filthy from the dirty floor, being pumped by the older, heavier woman while another woman licked at the girl's sensitive breasts. The girl, sweating profusely from the sexual assault, gathered more dust and grime every time she moved.

The clerk lifted herself away from the girl and went to the desk. She too pulled out a dildo and began to strap it on. She walked back over to them and slapped the guard on the shoulder.

"Roll over. I want to get at the sweet ass of her's," she told the guard.

Seeing the dildo strapped to the clerk, she wrapped an arm under Tati's back and lifted her as she rolled over. Tati was now on top of the guard who continued to pump her. The clerk knelt down behind the girl and wiped some of the grime off her backside. Then, she grabbed the girl's ass cheeks and pushed them apart as she guided the head of the dildo to the girl's unprotected anus.

Tati felt the woman handling her ass but didn't realize the new way she was about to be taken. When the dildo shoved into her ass, the girl almost passed out. She exhaled in a burst as she felt the dildo go into her sweet backside. The girl was sandwiched between the two women now, her pussy and her ass filled with the slimy dildo's. So as not to hurt her, the women slowly ground the dildo's into the girl rather than pumping her hard.

The sensation of it all was to much for the virginal cheerleader. She came two times in succession as her body was overwhelmed. But the women kept it up, still fucking the brunette teen with no remorse. The dildo's pushed in and out of her slowly building her up time and time again. It seemed to go on forever and the poor girl almost passed out several times.

Finally, after more than 90 minutes of it, the 2 women pulled the dildos out of the spent girl. Once the clerk had gotten out of the way, the guard pushed the sweaty girl off of her and back onto the floor. Tati laid there on her stomach, even more of the filthy floor sticking to her.

The two women cleaned themselves and got dressed again as they joked about their latest prize. Poor Tati laid on the floor passed out, oblivious to them.

The two women then gathered her up and put her skirt and vest back on her, not bothering with her bra and panties, which they stuffed into a drawer that was filled with other bras and other panties from other young ladies who had made the mistake of shoplifting. Then, they carried her out a back door into the mall parking lot. They had looked in her purse for her car keys so they could find her car in the empty lot. The sat her in the passenger seat still passed out.

The next morning, Tati woke as the sun hit her face to find herself half undressed and in her car. Her body was covered with dried sweat and the grime from the storeroom floor. Her she had her uniform back on, but her vest was open and her bra and panties were gone. She reached under the vest and touched her tender nipples as she remembered how the 2 women had chewed on her. Then, she felt between her legs to her red, swollen pussy. It was so tender that she could barely touch it without cringing. But then she realized how tender she felt on her backside. Rolling in the seat a bit, her hand snaked around her sweet rear end and touched her anus. She jumped as she touched the recently stretched flesh.

Tati pulled her hand back as she sat and looked at the mall, thinking about what had happened to her. It didn't take her long to decide that all her future shoplifting would take place in one store and one store only.