"Erotic Stories" Club Night

Erotic Stories Club Night
It’s strange how things happen sometimes. I went out with 3 of my gf’s and we were looking as good as any hootchie mama‘s could. I wore a pale green sleeveless top and a very short denim skirt. Short being that if I wasn’t careful my butt cheeks would show. I stood admiring my figure in the mirror. I had just turned 30 and I was feeling sexy and sassy. One last look and I was ready. 

We called a taxi because we were on a mission to celebrate my birthday. We got to” Michael's “ a really nice dance club with a nice mix of ages. I knew the night was going to be great because instead of paying a cover I smiled my sweetest smile and was let in. As I walked past him I flipped my skirt up and he said looking good mama. I looked over my shoulder and said thank you. We found a nice table in a corner. Soon we were surrounded by guys asking us to dance.

We all made our choices and soon our men were at our table and we started playing little “ dare games “ for the most part it was kissing or flashing our boobs. Then the dare moved to the dance floor, my dare was to go down on Caleb on the dance floor. I looked at Patty and she winked and said go on it’s fine I’ll just steal your man for a bit. We headed for the dance floor and my pussy was already getting wet in anticipation of “ getting caught “ (Porn Stories)

We danced to a few songs then when a slow one started I knew that it was my turn to do my dare. It wasn’t all that frightening anyway as the dance floor was crowded. So I looked up at Caleb and smiled and sunk to my knees. I undid his belt and his jeans and pulled his cock out and took him in my mouth right away afraid of getting caught or yelled at and thrown out. He was rock hard and tasted a little salty from the sweat of dancing. My tongue curled around his cock as my hand pumped his shaft.

Soon he was holding the back of my head and that’s when we heard people screaming out, “ Suck that cock, Suck that cock “ which only spurred me on. My hand pumped up and down on his shaft as I held the head between my lips and sucked as hard as I could trying my best to coax his hot sperm out of his cock and into my mouth. I felt him raise up on tip toes and his cock throbbed and shot load after hot load of sperm into the back of my throat and I swallowed as fast as I could so I didn’t waste one drop.

We hurried back to our table laughing all the way there. The game continued and I dared Patty and Jill to finger each other to orgasm. When they started I told Dave to yell for the waitress. When she got there her eyes got real big and I winked at her and she smiled and said to bad I’m working. Which gave me my next dare. We had caught some people’s attention because it was crystal clear what Patty and Jill were doing.

The guys eyes never left the sight of their glistening wet pussies and shiny fingers as they sat with their legs spread apart fingering each others pussies. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them either. They would turn and kiss passionately and you could see their tongues dancing when Patty started sucking on Jill’s tongue like it was a tiny wet penis.

Soon my fingers found my own very wet and hot pussy. I no longer cared about the club or the guys sitting at the table. My finger slid up and down between my soaking wet pussy lips. I gathered up my juices on my fingernail and sucked on my finger. Dave looked over at me and scooted closer to me and cupped my breast in his hand. I dipped my finger into my pussy again and offered it Dave. I ran my finger along his lips then put my finger back in my creamy pussy to get more juices on it and he sucked on my finger cleaning it up.

He pulled my top down enough so he could lick and suck on my nipples as I fingered myself. Dave grabbed one of my hands and placed it on the bulge in his jeans I turned and we kissed with deep passionate sex driven kisses. Our waitress came to our table and said there’s a better table I could sit you at if you want. I looked up and smiled and said do we have to, she said no I already got you covered and smiled and said I get out of here about 3:30 if you want to hang around.

Then she surprised me by leaning into me and sliding her finger into my pussy and when she kissed me our mouths opened and our tongues met and I absolutely melted into the booth as an urge to finger her pussy overwhelmed me. She must have picked up on my thoughts as she took my hand from my dripping wet pussy and placed it against her own wet pussy lips.

My finger easily slid inside her and my finger pressed up into her g-spot and she gushed out warm wet pussy juice as my finger massaged her wet twitching pussy. She stood up and kissed me one last time and hurried back to the bar. 

Dave had taken his cock out and I leaned over and held it in my hand and swirled my tongue around the head before taking him into my warm wet mouth. His cock slid past my soft lips and as my tongue flicked along his cock he pushed it deeper into my mouth. 

I felt it pressing against my throat so I relaxed my throat muscles and his hot hard cock slid down my throat. He face fucked me right there in the booth and my pussy was enflamed with hot sticky slippery juices that ran out of me and trickled down my butt crack. 

Dave pulled my head up and said are you brave enough to sit on it right here. I looked around and smiled and whispered in his ear if I can take it, you’re pretty big. He said shit as wet as you are, beside it’s just over nine inches and I’m sure that hot little cunt of yours can take it.

I smiled and said you think huh. He said only one way to find out. I took one more look at his thick throbbing cock and smiled and said yup only one way. i looked around and seen there were quite a few people protecting us in a human wall and I silently thanked our waitress. 

I stood up and held myself open as I leaned back and I felt his hot hard cock nudging the entrance of my slippery wet pussy. I felt him pushing me open as his cock slowly buried itself into my warm waiting cunt. With a tiny shove he was in me all the way and I leaned back and he cupped my breast and slowly started fucking me. 

I let out a long sigh and said uh huh guess it fits. He growled back and shoved his cock harder into me which made me moan out loud. My pussy just wouldn’t stop gushing as I looked at the people watching Dave’s fat cock fucking my wet creamy cunt . I felt totally exposed but I loved it.

I looked over at Patty and Jill and my mouth fell open when I saw Jill’s head between Patty’s legs and I knew that she was eating Patty’s pussy. I felt a deep rumbling orgasm building up and I looked out at the people as they watched Dave’s cock penetrate me in long deep strokes stretching my cunt open as his massive cock pierced my lips and plowed into my wet dripping pussy hole. 

My top was bunched up at my waist and my skirt was pushed up allowing anyone who looked our way to see me virtually nude. Our waitress came to our table and looked over her shoulder and pushed her panty less pussy into my face. I reached out and pulled her to me as my tongue probed along her lips and into her steaming hot pussy. My tongue sought out her clit and I made tiny little fast butterfly flicks over it as I held her to me. 

I slid two fingers inside her and rapidly finger fucked her praying for her orgasm to come before she had to leave again, I was rewarded by a waterfall of hot spicy pussy juices that ran out of her quivering vagina as her orgasmic juices poured out of her hot cunt into my mouth. I greedily drank them down as she exploded onto my fingers and tongue. 

She slumped but then leaned down and slid her tongue into my mouth and said into my ear, you and me tonight be there my little bitch. I looked into her eyes and knew I‘d better do as she said. Dave suddenly brought me back to reality as he grabbed my hips and started pounding my pussy with his long thick cock. 

He grabbed my breast and squeezed them as his cock throbbed and pulsed inside my dripping wet cunt as jets of sperm burst into me in huge gobs of sticky hot scalding cum that felt like a river flowing out his cock and into my spastic quivering pussy as he pounded up into me with hard hammering strokes that filled my wet pussy with huge amounts of his cum.

I slumped back and smiled back at him and I pulled my top up and my skirt down over my exposed pussy and sat there with his cock in me as my pussy twitched and quivered around his spent cock. People came by buying us beers and drinks and said that was the most awesome experience they’ve ever lived through. A few told us they had fucked as well as they watched us fucking and grinding away like a****ls in heat. 

Jill was called away to work. She is an EMT. That left Caleb, Dave , Damien and me and Patty. It was clear that Caleb and her were paired up. Patty sat next to me and kissed me and said oh my fucking god can you believe we just did that. I laughed and said not really.Dave reached up my skirt and said that wet cum soaked pussy says you did and laughed, I reached up Patty’s skirt and said oh la , la she’s pretty soaking wet too, so I guess Jill must have made her cum too. She laughed and said oh yes if you only knew. We played little dare games and drinking games now but nothing like before.

When last call came Stephanie our waitress came over and pointed at me and said remember what I said. Dave said well she’s going home with me, and Steph said not without me she isn’t. I looked at Dave and said, I really want her to come too. He shrugged his shoulders and said it’s all good can you ladies handle me though, I laughed and said shit we’ll kill you and kissed him and laughed. Damien got up and said well I guess I’ll be going now you three have fun. 

I called Stephanie over and said we’ll be out in the parking lot waiting for you. She smiled and said I knew you’d see it my way. I grabbed a few beers and put them in my purse and we went out to the parking lot. Dave said it’s a shame about Damien I said what do you mean.

Dave said well everyone got a little fun but him, I was like so and Dave said he’s my homie though Anna. Damien was getting in his car and Dave called him over. I looked at them both and gave them my evil grin and said well now what. 

The parking lot was pretty empty and we were behind the club. Dave said how about a little show to get things started. I said how about we just get in your car and you both fuck me. We jumped in Dave’s car and were in the back seat and both guys started taking my clothes off and I was laughing and fighting them off me. 

I opened a beer and Dave said hey give me a bottle too. I handed him one and he said lay back. I laid back with my head in Damien’s lap as Dave held my pussy open and fingered me, but I sat back up to drink my beer. Damien was sucking on my tits and Dave was watching as Damien started playing with my pussy. He found my clit and made slow soft circles around it and then slid his finger in me and slowly finger fucked me until I was moaning out little whimpers of yes and mm’s. 

I told Damien I couldn’t wait much longer he was going to make me orgasm. He really pumped his fingers in and out of me while I played with my clit. My orgasm shot up from my pussy into my tummy and spread through out my body as Damien fingered my pussy with hard fast thrust with two of his fingers until I was screaming out loud in pleasure. 

Damien lifted me up and sat me down on his cock. I cried out a little as his cock tunneled into my super soaked pussy. We tried but it just wasn’t working so we got out of the car and I bent over the hood and he took me from behind with one deep cunt splitting thrust of his cock. I could feel his balls bouncing on my asshole and my anus twitched and wanted a cock in it.

Dave came up beside us and I took him in my mouth and sucked his cock while Damien slammed into me with really hard strokes that had me moaning around Dave’s cock as Damien fucked my pussy deep and hard as he held my hips and pounded my hot wet pussy with his hard as steel cock. I was screaming out Yes Oh god Yes Oh god Fuck Me Yes Fuck my pussy Oh Fuck yes Fuck me. He wasn’t as big as Dave but he made up for it as he used grinding twisting strokes that hit the walls of my pussy with little shocks of pain and pleasure. 

Dave asked me if I’d ever done DP I told him I’ll never tell and giggled. Damien pulled out of me and got on the car and laid back as I looked around to see if we were safe. I got up and squatted over Damien until his cock was once again buried in my tight little cunt. I leaned over and held my breast to his lips as he nibbled and sucked on them.

Dave got behind me and rubbed his cock on my juicy wet pussy to get his cock lubed up and slowly pressed his cock until it slid in my pussy with Damien’s cock. I gasped and cried out in pain as the two cocks filled my pussy until I thought they’d tear me in two, my breath came in ragged gasps as they fucked me simultaneously.

I cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain as they fucked me with harder and deeper strokes. Dave’s cock slid out of me and when he rubbed it on my asshole my anus started twitched but my mind said no way. I looked back at him and said I don’t think it’s going in there. So just put it back in my pussy and fuck me.

He spread my ass cheeks open and ran his tongue in slow circles around my butt hole. My butt hole was opening to his tongue and I was really moaning out loud now as I had a cock in my pussy and a tongue in my ass. Damien was biting and twisting my nipples. I moaned out Yes Oh god Yes Fuck Me Oh Please Fuck Me just like that Damien Oh god Yes don’t stop Oh god Oh shit Oh Fuck I’m cumming. My orgasm rocked my whole body as my pussy clamped down on Damien's cock as he pounded my sopping wet cunt.

Dave once again pressed his cock against my puckered anus. His cock was wet from smearing my pussy juices on it and his tongue in my ass had it relaxed a little. I held my breath as I felt the head opening me up and I finally caught my breath and said easy go easy. Dave slowly f***ed his huge cock into my stinging asshole. I bit my lower lip and was groaning now more than moaning as his cock stretched me open as he slowly pushed his cock into my pink puckered anus.

My mouth was open and I was whimpering and trying to pull away as his cock snaked into my asshole. Dave held my hips as Damien slowly kept fucking my dripping wet pussy. I whispered into his ear Oh yes Damien uh huh keep fucking me with your sweet cock oh god you feel so good in me. I tried to concentrate on Damien’s cock as he fucked me with slow grinding strokes. I was sighing and moaning into his ear as his cock slid easily in and out of my sopping wet cunt. 

I bit Damien’s shoulder as Dave’s cock slid past my sphincter and my asshole opened up to his huge fat cock as it slid deeper and deeper into my pink puckered asshole. I couldn’t help from crying out in pain as his cock f***ed it’s way into me. Damien held me and whispered in my ear oh yeah baby take that cock up your ass do it yeah take it baby take it. I moaned out uh huh oh god yes oh fuck it’s so big oh my god it’s huge.

Dave sunk his cock all the way into me with a huge grunt as I screamed out oh fuck it’s to big oh god take it out take it out. Dave kept his cock buried in my ass as I tried to get away from his cock. He held me tight and started slowly grinding his cock deep in my bowels. I had my head back gasping for air as his cock took my breath away with each grinding motion of his enormous fat thick cock. I was whimpering and moaning as a sweat broke out on my forehead as my butt hole tried to accommodate his huge penis.

Damien’s shoulder was my only solace as I bit down on him as Dave started fucking my asshole with slow short deep bowel penetrating strokes. I was quietly moaning into Damien’s ear with oh gods and uh huh’s as Dave continued his assault on my stretched out asshole. My whole body shook and trembled as he began to fucked my ass with longer piercing strokes. The sweet mixture of pleasure and pain caused me to have that glazed eyed lost look on my face as I surrendered my asshole to his huge fat cock.

Soon both men were fucking me with a rhythm that had me moaning and screaming out in pleasure as their cocks drove in and out of my open holes. The parking lot was full of the sounds of me whimpering and moaning. My asshole finally gave way to pleasure as it opened up to Dave’s enormous cock which caused me to moan out into the night air, cries of Oh god yes Oh Fuck me Oh god Fuck my ass oh god you guys are killing me, Fuck yes Oh god Fuck me, please Fuck me yes Don’t ever stop Uh Huh Fuck me Uh Huh. I threw my head back and screamed out through an explosive orgasm that engulfed my entire body.

I felt Damien and Dave tense up as they pounded into me with relentless stabbing piercing thrusts into my body. I wrapped my arms around Damien’s neck and buried my face into his shoulder and cried and whimpered as they pummeled my pussy and asshole with hard f***eful driving stroke after stroke of pleasure and pain inducing hip shattering thrust into my sloppy wet cunt and stretched open asshole.

I felt their cocks pulsing and throbbing as they fucked me with total abandon as they neared orgasm , which started another orgasm ripping through me as I felt their cocks jerking and throbbing deep inside my pussy and ass. They were grunting and yelling out oh god yes oh fuck Anna I’m coming , I’m coming in your sweet pussy, along with Dave shouting out oh fuck yeah baby 
I’m gonna nut your asshole baby oh fuck yes here it comes.

My pussy and asshole both were constricting and clutching at the cocks that pounded into me as I screamed out as I felt their hot sperm erupting from their cocks and shooting blast after blast of hot sticky gooey cum inside of my slippery well fucked holes my pussy made little farting noises as Damien drove his cock hard and deep into my cunt as he screamed out his orgasm. 

We all lay there in post orgasmic bliss as my pussy milked out every last drop of cum from Damien’s cock. My asshole was squeezing onto Dave’s cock as he stood up behind me and emptied his cock into me. With a final grunt and sigh he withdrew his cock from my asshole and huge gobs of cum came streaming out of me and ran down onto Damien’s balls. I was slowly getting my breathing under control when Damien’s cock withered and shrunk and slipped out of my pussy.

Dave asked if I had a beer left and I said in my purse, like most men he brought it to me and I grabbed the beer and we all shared it. As we slowly came down from our orgasmic highs. Damien and Dave hugged me and I looked at them and laughed and said god I’m still leaking cum. Dave took of his t shirt off and handed it to me and I kissed him and said thanks as I went around the car and squat down and wiped away their gooey sperm from me leaking pussy and asshole. 

Stephanie came walking up to us and said holy shit that was hot. She laughed and said I stood their and rubbed one out while you fucked them both. She said I hope you got something left for me. I walked up to her and kissed her and her tongue snaked out into my mouth as she reached down and felt my soaking wet cum filled cunt. I looked at her and said so you think I have something left for you. She smiled and said uh huh. We held hands and walked to her car.

The guys came walking up and said hey you going with her, and I said yeah you guys can follow us if you want. They looked at each other and said oh yeah we’ll follow you. That’s another story though so far now…Until next time…Mrs. X