"Erotic Stories" Confessions of a token nigger

Erotic Stories Confessions of a token nigger
Ten years ago I happen to find myself at one of those uncomfortable pseudo liberal parties in the hills of Hollywood where people usually went to get not-so-quietly d***k, abuse prescription meds and talk about endless unfiltered politics .. 

I was there but for the good graces of my clique, a ragtag group of pirate Nixon’s if i ever saw one ..

It was a view into a world I had little use for but could not pull away from .. I had somehow come to take up the "token Black guy" position in this group and the cost of my vicarious entertainment at this party was the endless sermonizing and apologizing for slavery .. the righteous indignation at the audacity of blacks wanting reparations for said slavery .. 

As usual I just smiled and nodded at these displays of inept buffoonery and social awkwardness that emanated from "not Knowing" .. Hell, I even admit culpability by my very presence ... ...anyway this is rude.com and you're reading this for a juicy sex story ... 
... The host of the party "Bill" had unknown to me ...promised to hook one of these arty farty types with a big black guy ... never mind that i was of medium height and build .. my bespectacled demeanor far from the Mandingo she was looking for .. Yep, there's a saying in hollywood ... (Sex Stories)

"They either wanna fuck of they wanna FUCK you " ..

.. . and this was unknown to me at the time .. my plight as it were. 

Leslie had starred in a couple of C movie pics, was blond, frighteningly thin and had one of those fucked up page boy, Ellen De Generes hair cuts .. Yeah, totally my type .. NOT !! ..

I spent the evening alighting from one social group to the next ... most of the guests were talking about local indie music and bands ... a lot were talkin about the latest Wienerdog video [local performance artist] ...
s**t is really not my thing .. really .. 
Leslie spent her evening spot chasing me from clique to clique ... you just gotta love Los angeles social politics .. go to a party to a party just to hang out with the friends you came with and if you’re lucky .. you snowball into some one else's group of friends... .. 
I always tried to tell myself that this wasn't me .. that I was so much better than the social climbers around me ... 
I was wrong .. 

.. so, i guess I gotta get to the fuckin part ... Leslie was becoming increasingly frustrated to the point of heated distraction and had decided to lay it all on the line most bluntly ... 

"What's a girl gotta do to get a little cock out of ya ?!!”

-what a lady- 

I was unwilling to answer, perhaps due to the initial shock factor or perhaps that my answer would have elevated the threat level to red ... 

"Do you want some white pussy or not bra ?" 
"Uhm-I guess not." 

.. At this point Leslie "accidentally spilt her drink on my windbreaker and stormed off .. I was relieved and very, very ..wet. 

I fought my way through the crowd only to find the restroom full of people having that "Scarface moment" with a pile of coke ... .. Recreational d**gs are only recreational if you can take the shit and avoid fucking with the clean people in the room ...
People usually take that shit and start getting pissed at the square which was usually me ... anyway, i found my way to Bill's personal restroom which was off limits to everybody but Bill .. fuck'em .. He had placed me in the fire with that dried up twat any way.

... I would quietly enjoy using his meticulously monogrammed towels and gleefully pissing all over his oak toilet seat [Bill actually sat down to piss, because he didn't want to damage the material.] ..
.. Those towels were fucking sweet and repressed twit that he is ... Bill even had fiber optics running through the towel rack that heated the material ... 

... after cleaning my windbreaker to the best of my ability, I turned to find a woman seated on the toilet quietly pissing and nonchalantly starring at me ..

.. I'd seen her in clique number seven that some of my people actually knew, but i hadn't caught her name ..

"Hey .. How's it goin ?" "Were you sitting there the whole time?"
"Not saying anything .. cool with it ?" 
"Yeah, so .. I'm not having a cow or nothin' ... 'sides, I saw that old chick dump her drink on you .. totally fucked up.
" "Excuse me, but you are using the bathroom aren't you?"
....she flushed ... 
"I was." .. 
I was still reeling from the fact that she was sitting there and then she stood up pulling her flowered granny panties up over surprisingly voluptuous thighs. She smiled and said her name was Diana. She was wearing what looked to be a catholic school girl's uniform, knee high socks and all .. ... 

She looked like a white girl, but her voice branded her something else entirely .. kinda sounded a little street .. not in the f***ed show "bizzness" way you usually find at these parties. . 

"Aren't you gonna use the john dude ?" I
didn't answer. 
"Oh- Okay." She turned her back to me. 
"You might wanna step out side Leslie."
"Fuck no .. I was here first. Besides, what do you think I’m gonna do anyway?" 
"Its just that ... uh, screw it." 

I took that nagging piss. Forgot to piss on Bill's seat though. Leslie explained that she had been squatting in the bathroom to get away from a particularly annoying roommate who was trying to get into her pants. I told her my story. 

We talked and talked ... just about everything. Leslie was from south LA and was actually half russian and half latina. She always downplayed her mixed heritage because people made a big deal out of it and constantly questioned her ... 

... I told her I was all nigger ... 
She laughed ... 
I was relieved .. 
Usually people got upset when I said the N word in un-african american company. 
It's okay to think it, but you just cant say it ...

" Wanna kick it ?" 

Leslie blinked her heavily shaded eyes and tapped me on the shoulder. 
"You wanna go with me and vibe .. Just like .. Hang in a car and talk shit." 

I nodded and followed Leslie out into the party. she had tied a sweater around her waist, but it did little to conceal her curvy bottom. I was nervous and a little anxious .. unfamiliar territory for me these days. We ended up chilling in some body's Honda civic and listening to the local college stations. 

"Hey man, you feeling me ?" 
"Yeah, I'm there." It was honest ... It was REAL ... ...

We just started going at it like fucking a****lS !!! ... not kissing ... JUST SUCKING ON EACHOTHER'S LIPS, TONGUES, CHEEKS AND CHINS ... my hand trying to grasp her breast through the vest and long sleeved shirt that covered it …
. fingers prying into the shirt, popping buttons and reaching into the under wire bra to find a solid breast .. the nipple standing at attention ... hard as a bullet ... her grasping talon of a hand cupping my balls and package though my black jeans .. ripping the zippier down .. 
….seeking to find my throbbing cock !! .. ripping through my under shirt and boxers .. grasping in her jeweled fingers .. and pulling into the moonlight my many veined penis ...

Diana violently used her elbow to shove me back on the seat as she began to suck my pulsating member with the glee I've never seen before and haven’t since .. grasping my prick with both of her hands ... sticking her tongue into my urethra with abandon ... It was extremely wet and sticky .. I was reeling with lust and running my fingers through her raven locks finding a ornate hair pin .. Diana stopped abruptly and position herself between the front seats of whoever-the fucks-car that was ... she placed her palms on the dash board as I raised that plaid skirt with a crack head like frenzy ... Her large panties were adorned with small hearts ... really cute actually .. Instead of pulling the panties down and off ... I pulled them deep into the crack of her juicy pale bottom .. 

It would have taken too much time to get them off in the small car ...

"Come on and stab me with it !!!" 

I didn't disappoint. ...

I parted those perfect cheeks .. using my thumbs to separate he puffy vaginal lips and violently shoved my cock inside ... WE FUCKED ... WE FUCKEN FUCKED !! .. me, aching my back off the back seat .. her , throwing her ass into my pelvis .. THE SMACKING SOUND ALMOST DEAFINING !!! .. then I came ... I GUSHED A LITTER OF HOT DNA DEEP into the CRACK of HER BEAUTIFUL ASS !!! ... soiling all those little fucking hearts and the back her thighs .. my jeans were soiled as well. ...

... Diana quickly turned and gave me a short peck on the cheek ... -she bounded out of the car and back up to the house.- .... I ended up cleaning myself off to the best of my ability with some leaves from a nearby tree. Hell on the penis though .. -I made my way quietly back into the house and back to my clique. .. .... I was introduced to some dude named Steve...

... and his girlfriend Diana.