"Erotic Stories" Curious Daughter

Erotic Stories Curious Daughter
My daughter Amber had always been curious about things. When something got her attention there was no stopping the girl.

It should have come as no surprise to me the day she saw my wife and I having sex. Donna my wife was sucking my cock while she was grinding her pussy in my face. My wife is a talented cocksucker but if she gets her pussy licked at the same time b*****r you better watch out!

I was just getting ready to bust my nut when our bedroom door burst open. I could not see anything but I could hear both my wife and Amber gasp at the same time.

"Oh Shit!" My wife said as she rolled off me

We looked at each other but then she got up and put on a robe and left the room. I assumed that she went to talk to Amber. I laid there and wonder if my balls were turning blue.

"Well I guess our daughter got an eye full!" I said as she returned.(XXX Stories)

"Yes, she has a lot of questions but I told they would have to wait!" Donna said as she mounted my cock and started riding me

"She ok?" I asked as my cock was encased in Donna's hot pussy

"Yes....Ohhhh!....fuck I need this!" Donna said as she quickened her pace

My cock erupted and soon my sweet wife was watching as my sperm dripped from her sloppy pussy on to my cock.

Donna and Amber spent much of the night together and I would occasionally hear: "really!" or "no way!" but mostly I heard "wow!".

The next day I was watching a game on TV when Amber came in the room. I could tell she had something on her mind.

"Daddy, do you have a big cock?" She asked as I looked at her stunned

"What did you say?" I asked shocked as I have ever been

"I asked if you have big cock? Yours is the only one I have seen and mom says that when you have sex the cock goes in my pussy. Your's looks really big! I'm not sure my pussy would hold a cock that big." She said

"Baby you do not have to worry about that you are way to young to think about fucking!" I said hoping to end the conversation

"No daddy! Mom said she was about my age when she started. Besides it did look like you were having fun!" She giggled

I just looked at her stunned!

"Daddy do you think guys would want to fuck me? My titties are so small not big like mom's." She said as she cupped her wonderful small natural tits

I felt my willpower evaporate like a drop if water in a frying pan!

"Baby, the guys will all want to fuck you and probably already want too! As for your pussy taking a cock, it should be no problem. Pussy is made to stretch. If a baby can come out any sized cock can get in." I said trying assure her

"I don't know daddy! I'm really small down there." She said

I looked at her face and could see that she was not going to let this drop. I decided maybe a little video evidence would help. I reached over and turned on my laptop. In a few minutes I had a video of a young woman riding huge cock.

"Wow that is cool! He really has it in her good! I think my boobies are almost as big as hers! What you think daddy?" She asked as she stuck her chest out proudly

"Maybe?" I said as I looked at the girl getting fucked

Amber opened her shirt and exposed her wonderful young natural tits to me. I looked with my mouth open. They were perfect teen tits.

"I think you like mine better!" She said with a giggle

We watched as the girl rode the dick. My cock was hard as a rock!

"Daddy, let me see your cock! I want to see how big it is compared to him!" Amber said

I was beyond thinking with anything other than my dick so I pulled it out.

"Wow!" She said as her fingers wrapped around my dick and striated to stroke me

My balls were tingling and I loved to watch her small tits shake as she gave me a hand job. We were really into it when....

"What the fuck is happening here!" I heard Donna's voice say

"It's not what it looks like!" I said and immediately regretted opening my mouth

"Yeah it does not look like you sitting on the couch getting and hand job from your own daughter while watching porn!" She said with a shocked voice

"Mommy it is not daddy's fault! I just wanted to know more about sex!" Amber said fearing her mom's wrath

"Well maybe it time for you to learn something first hand!" She said as she walked up pushed Amber's head into my lap

"Open your mouth and start sucking dick!" She said as my daughter’s lips touched the head of my dick. "That's it you little slut! Suck Daddy's big dick!"

I felt Amber take my cock in her mouth. I could feel the warmth of her mouth slowly engulf my cock as her mother guide her mouth farther down. Then I watched in amazement as Donna started pulling pushing our daughter's head teaching her how to suck cock.

"You need to take cock as deep as you can and use your spit to make it slippery! That's better! Keep going!" Donna said as she released Amber's head

I watched as my young daughter used her mouth to blow her own dad. Donna looked at me and smiled and winked.

"Tell your slut daughter whether or not she is doing good sucking you!" Donna said

"Ease up a little baby! Not to tight! Just let it slip in and out! Maybe someday you will suck as good as your mom!" I said as Donna grinned and Amber moaned on my cock.

"Here let me show the little girl how a woman does it!" Donna said as her mouth replaced Amber's

"Wow! Mommy can really go deep!" Amber said in astonishment as her mother took my cock down her throat

"You can do it too!" Donna said as she held my cock to my daughter's lips

I watched as mother and daughter took turns working my cock. Then Donna looked at me and appeared to make a decision.

"Baby, I think you should fuck Amber!" She said as I just looked at her as Amber sucked my cock

I was shocked but Amber looked up at me with her spit on my dick and smiled. She was so fucking sexy!

"I think mom aught to show you how to ride a cock. Would you like to see mommy fuck this cock?" I said

"I think that is wonderful idea! I could use a fucking dick in my excited pussy! Sucking dick always gets me wet!" Donna said as she pulled off her panties

Amber looked closely at her mom's wet pussy and how the lips looked so swollen. The clit was sticking out and Donna rubbed it as her daughter looked on.

"Rub your pussy baby! It is fun and it will get your pussy ready to be fucked!" Donna said as she mounted my cock

Amber moaned as she watched my cock engulfed by her mother's mature pussy. She was working her pussy as my wife started to rise my cock.

I reached over and squeezed Amber's tight little teen ass as my wife picked up the tempo on my dick. I then reached over and pulled my daughters face to my own and kissed her. I pushed my tongue into her sweet mouth. She was moaning as my hand found her small perfect tit and I rubbed my thumb over her erect nipple.

"That's it baby! You need to be sexy with daddy! Even when he is fucking mommy!" Donna said as she started to cum on my dick

"Come here and sit in Daddy's face baby girl!" I said

Amber moved onto the couch and lowered her pussy to my face. The smell of her excited virgin pussy made my heart beat faster. Her little clit was swollen with passion and I had to suck it between my lips.

"Ohhhh dadddddddy!" She screamed as I then released it and flicked it rapidly with my tongue

My wife slowed her pace to listen to her daughter moan with pleasure as she was eaten for the first time.

"Thats ok baby! You can feel Mommy's tits! Pinch the nipples that feels so good!" My wife said and I could only imagine the sight of our daughter riding my face and feeling her mom while she rode my cock

Amber started to shake. Her breathing got fast but the stopped as her pussy juice coated my face. My teen daughter was having her first orgasm from sex with another person.

"That's a good little slut! Cum for your daddy! He is a great pussy eater!" Donna said as Amber rocked her pussy on my mouth

Suddenly I felt my wife pull off my cock and then Amber had her mouth pumping my cock. I could not help but notice that just like her mom she loved to 69!

"That's a good girl but I think we should let daddy take your cherry now!" Donna said

"Will it hurt, mommy?" Amber asked as she straddled my cock

"Yes baby! It will hurt some but you will love how it feels after! There is nothing better than having a cock in you!" My wife said

I watched as Donna positioned the head of my dick at Amber's sweet pussy.

"It's so big! I afraid! It won't fit!" She said as she hesitated

Donna held her hips and pushed down and the head of my cock pushed into her. The feeling was incredible. It was hit and wet and so wonderfully tight.

"Relax Amber! You are going to fuck this cock!" Donna insisted

I watched as a quarter of my cock slid into her. Amber had fear on her face but Donna was determined. I watched as she pushed her daughter down on my dick. Amber flinched with pain! She let out a small scream but then she slid all the way down on my cock. Her eyes were closed and she moaned.

"You have it all the way in now my sweet little slut! Now fuck daddy and do it good!" Donna said as a hiss in her ears

"Yes mommy!" Amber said as she rode my cock

I watched as Amber started to lift herself up and then allow the cock to slide back into her small tight pussy. More and more I felt the pussy relax. Her moans and groans slowly changed from pain to pleasure.

"Oh mommy that feels so good!" Amber said as she put her feet on the couch and squatted on my cock

"Yes baby fuck that big dick! Amber you look so sexy riding that big cock!" My wife said as she watched us fucking while she rubbed her pussy

Amber started to shake again as another orgasm took control of her body. My balls were ready to release but I knew that I should not cum in my teen daughter's pussy. Donna suddenly kissed my mouth and f***ed her tongue in my mouth. She pulled back and smiled at me.

"I bet you need to cum! How about you let Amber find out how good your cum tastes?" Donna said with a smile

"Get on your knees baby!" I said

Amber groaned as she came off my dick. I stood up and looked at her sweet young face looking up at me. I stroked my cock. Her eyes seemed to question what was going to happen. Then my cock jerked and stream of sperm hit her face. Donna gasped in pleasure as my cock jerked and more and more cum splattered the sweet teen face. I looked down and Amber was now smiling back at me.

"Oh baby you look so sexy!" Donna said as she came and knelt by Amber

I watched as she kissed our daughter's cum covered face. Then they started to gobble up my sperm as they giggled. I could only moan at the pornographic sight of mother and daughter doing a cum swap.