"Erotic Stories" The day I became collared

Erotic Stories The day I became collared
Greg was 25 a security guard at a near by hotel he was my best friends boyfriend a very well built guy blue eyes wavy blonde hair and the most gorgeous smile. Jackie my best friend and roomate was engaged to Greg and as I was 5yrs younger than Jackie so she had a soft spot for me and just abouttook me everywhere with her and Greg.

Greg and I would have play fights while Jackie watched egging me on to grab his balls or him to squeeze my nipples all in good fun I might add, this one day I had on my tightest of denim shorts a pink bikini top that left nothing to the imagination and a pair of flip flops,Greg grabbed the ties of my bikini and off it came he threw my top to Jackie she laughed so hard she nearly peed herself."Give it back I yelled " my face was red and my eyes welling."Were just playing" she said as she tossed back my top.

The thing was that neither Greg or I were playing there was an intense physical attraction between us from the first day we set eyes on each other,we would accidently brush our clothed bodies up against each other or play footsies under the table when the three of us went out for dinner.(Sex Stories)

I know what I felt was wrong but I so wanted to fuck him, I would lie in my bed at night rubbing my pussy thinking of how he would fuck me would it be rough like our play fights or soft and tender either way the thought of him always made me cum.

It was a friday I remember cause I had just been paid Greg called round to see Jackie"Shes at work Greg boss called said one of the other girls didnt turn up"I said my foot pressing hard up against the slightly ajar door,I didnt want him to come in the temptation would have been to much."Ok but Im off today and was wondering if the two of you wanted to go for a drive to my cabin"

"Yeah that would have been cool" I said twirling my long brown curls and rubbing my foot suggestively up and down my calf.
"Do you want to come by yourself" 
"Ill ring Jackie and ask her if she minds "I said hoping that with her approval it wouldnt make it feel wrong.

I left greg at the door and went to make my phone call."she sys its fine but you need to behave yourself she said no monkey business"
Greg laughed and said he would wait for me in the car.

I ran to my room and slipped on my blue floral summer dress and my g string no bra as I hated the damn things.I locked up and jumped into the front seat this was a first for me as I was always made to sit in the back.

"You look nice " he said a wide grin on his face "but you didnt need to get dressed" he laughed
"what?"I grinned
"were going to drive out to the cabin naked"he said as he unzipped the fly on his shorts,then he pulled off his tshirt there he was stark naked in front of me all those nights I had wanked wondering what his body looked like and how he would fuck me and here it was reality staring me in the face.

"Ok " I said I was never going to play hard to get with Greg he was more mature than guys my age so I didnt want him to think I was just some cock tease.

I pulled my dress up over my head there I was in his car with only a gstring on
"wow sasha you have great tits now lets see the rest of you" he said his hand gently brushed over my nipples.I slipped my g string down and now we were both completely naked.
"Great lets go" he said starting the car. 

We started down the motorway I must admit there was a great sense of freedom being naked and the view was great too.
"Come closer Sasha " he said grabbing his cock in his hand"Have you ever given a guy a blow job while he was driving?" he laughed

"no "i said easing my naked body closeer to him.He took my hand and placed it round his cock I looked at him as I started to stroke it ever so gently up and down He lightly pushed my head down towards his hard cock "suck it babe" he said

I took hold of it tight in my hand and began running my tongue over his nob gently lapping at it "AH fuck"he whispered

I slid my mouth round his nob and slowly started sucking him off my tongue and lips sliding up and down his huge cock, my other hand grasping his balls,my spit was trickling down his cock as i sucked harder and faster."stop " he yelled "what?" I asked my mouth full of cock.
"I dont want to cum I have a surprise for us at the cabin"

I sat up and lit a cigarette god my pussy was so wet I could smell its alluring odour as could Greg "mm can I finger you I want to taste your cunt juice"

he slid his hands between my thighs and as he did I opened my legs willingly, thats all he wanted was a taste he put his fingers in then took them out and sucked on them one at a time smiling and winking at me.

fuck he is the fucking horniest guy I had ever met,I thought.
We finally arrived at his cabin it was big and had all the comforts of home."Come on he said " jumping out of the car excitedly.
He opened the front door wait he said you need to be on your knees Sasha "
On my knees I thought how starnge why on my knees? I asked
"Because thats where little sluts like you belong" he said pushing me to the ground."Hey what the fuck?"I yelled at him puncing hisd leg.

"its ok Sasha Im just playing I have always wanted a submissive girl Jackie is to much like me do you mind me being in total control of you?"
God did I feel stupid "No I will obey your every request"

So Greg went about laying the ground rules "You must always answer me sir you will not stop me from doing anything I want and if you ever are in so much pain you cant stand it ice cream is our safe word"

"Come with me crawl you dirty slut crawl "he lead me into what looked like a cloakroom with hooks on the wall "Now give me your hands" I stretched my hands out to him he produced a thick rope and began to tie my hands "ouch " I said the rope digging into my suntanned skin
"Shut up Sasha you filthy piece of shit"he pulled tighter on the rope then he placed an apple in my mouth and a blindfold over my eyes 

"Now be a good girl and sit quietly Ill be back soon"I heard his footsteps disappear into the distance then I heard his car start and drive off.

Shit I thought how do I get out of this one,I struggled hard to free my hands but it was no use so I just closed my blindfolded eyes and fell asl**p.
I was awoken by the sound of voices not just Gregs he had brought others with him.
"£Sasha are you awake?" he asked prodding me with a sharp object
I nodded my head

"Good girlnow Im going to carry you dont be scared I wont drop you "he placed his arms under my naked body and lifted me up.

he placed me down on a hard surface I could only imagine where I was counter top? table ?
"now Im going to take your blindfold off and let you see what a huge surprise I have for you"he pulled my blindfold down, my eyes took ages to get used to the bright light of the sun streaming in the window.

I finally caught sight of four large figures standing around me 
"Now you little slut these are my best friends and I want you to do everything we ask of you do you understand?"

I nodded oh my god I thought they are going to gang bang me was I scared not at all infact I was so very turned on not only was I going to get to fuck Greg but his three best friends too.
"Im going to take the apple out of your mouth no talking" he pulled the apple away then took a bite of it.

I was on the table in the middle of the room my hands srtill bound Greg and his friends held my legs up and Greg tied them to my hands my arse and pussy totally exposed.

Greg started to probe my cunt with what looked like a baseball bat handle while one of his friends pushed his big hard cock into my mouth "suck this you fucking bitch"he rammed it hard down my throat making me gag and nearly vomiting all over it.

The bat was being pushed deeper and deeper into my wet cunt stretching it wider and wider.
Then Greg pulled out the bat and replaced it with a very cold object crank crank it went oh god its a speculum I thought.

"Her cunts wide open boys does anyone need a piss?"
"I do " Tom his friend walked towards my gaping cunt and got his cock out of his trousers.
I could suddenly feel a very warm and pleasant wetness fill my cunt.
"Ahh" I heard him moan
"Sasha you filthy little girl letting men piss up your cunt" Greg yelled
He took his belt off his trousers and began to flog my arse hard I began to yelp
"ah look at her red ass I think someone needs to kiss it better" greg signalled to Joe"Come here Joe give Sasha ass a kiss"

Joe placed his lips gently on my ass cheek and began to kiss it gently then his tongue started to lick my welts his tongue ran up and down my arse cheeks then I felt it over my asshole lapping away and pushing his tongue deep into it.
"shes nice and wet ready for a good fucking now I bet"Joe said to the guys,all of whom were stroking their hard cocks.

"Ok Joe Tom help me to lift her up Im gpoing to get underneath her "
Greg got on the tsble laying on his back his big cock stood to attention "Righ put that bitches arsehole over my cock" Greg said excitedly
The two guys lowered my arse onto Gregs enormous hard on "ah fuck " I yelled as they pressed me down hard

Tim had been standing in the corner wanking his ccok the whole time not saying a word."Tim get your fucking ass over here and have a piece of this whore"Tom yelled to him
Tim came over to the table looked me in the eyes and then just when I thought he was leaning in to kiss me he spat in my face 

"dirty slut Im going to fuck that young cunt of yours till you cant walk" 
I waas so fucking turned on I had had threesomes before but this was hot dirty wild and I was loving every minute being Gregs little whore.
Tim pushed his cock hard into my cunt "fucking little whore is soaking wet" he said as he thrust into me hard and deep.

here I was Gregs cock in my arse Tim up my cunt and Tom and Joe wanking their cocks near my lips ordering me to suck them off together.
Tom couldnt take it anymore"Im going to cum " he said
"No not in her cunt Tim "Greg yelled from underneath me.
"where then?" he asked his face turning red with the excitement
"on her face I want you all to cum over the cum whores face"Greg said as he pumped my ass harder and deeper

Tim pulled his cock out of my cunt and joined Tom and Joe up at my face the three cocks almost simultaneously ejaculating their warm cum all over my face and into my mouth.They rubbed their cum round my face with their nobs making sure to cover it all in their spunk.
"Go on leave us alone now wait in the car there are some beers in there \i want to finish with my whore myself"

The three guys picked up their clothes off the floor and all camer over and kissed me on the lips "thanks Sasha you are one hell of a great girl"
I was one hell of a girl a fucking drty horny one and hads enjoyed every minute of it
Greg struggled to get me off his cock then he untied my hands

"you have been a very good little slut today and my friends have enjoyed you ,that pleases me very much" he pulled my long brown hair hard "As a reward I am going to spunk up your tight little cunt and you can have the pleasure of feeling it trickle out of you as a reminder of me"

H3 bent me over the table spread my legs anmd f***ed his big cock deep inside me he pulled at my hair hard and spanked my arse as he thrust hard and fast in and out my cunt then I felt him stiffen and his cock stopped pumping me his cum was shooting up inside me my reward my greatest reward ever I thought

Greg pulled out his cock turned me around and kissed me "you Sasha are the best fuck I have ever had in a long time "

we stood there for ages kissing and stroking each other gently " I have got somethng for you " he said going over to the drawers of his bureau
"what is it "i asked excitedly
he turned round and in his hand was a collar it was pink with what looked like diamonds in it but they were fake obviously

"This babe is for you you now belong to me and nobody but nobody can ever take you from me,your my little toy"he lifted my hair and placed my collar on 
"thanks" I said kissing him one last time before we had to head home.
The two of us walked back to the car naked and joined the guys for a beer then Greg took me home .

I got out of his car dressed I may add my collar proudly displayed round my neck, just then the front door opened it was Jackie
"Hey Greg I hope you looked after my little s****r" She yelled 
"I sure did" he said winking at me 
I ran into the house and into my bedroom and left Jackie and Greg to talk i lay on my bed and closed my eyes Im fucked I thought ,literally!