"Erotic Stories" Doctor Peters

Erotic Stories Doctor Peters
Angela Meyers opened the door to the medical suite. Perspiration made her yellow cotton sun dress cling just under her ‘D’ cup breasts. It wasn’t that hot out. The perspiration was mainly due to nerves. She had not been to see a doctor in nearly two years. When old Dr. Griffin had retired his patients and files had been taken over by a young physician just out of med school. Angela had never met Dr. Cynthia Peters but she had received the letters informing her of the change. Now facing the most embarrassing problem of her life, she and Dr. Peters were about to get acquainted.

Her husband Tom had been pretty good about it but it made her feel old. For almost a year now she couldn’t get it wet. Intercourse required gobs of KY and even then was not comfortable. Orgasms seemed a distant memory. It was time to see what could be done about it. Angela went to the reception desk and identified herself, then took a seat. It was only a couple of minutes before a very cute young nurse called her name.

“Hi, I’m Jennifer; will you follow me, please?”

Following the petit woman in the too tight hospital scrubs, Angela couldn’t help but admire the firm little ass that preceded her down the hallway. Although she had never had sex with another woman the thought appealed to her. She had fantasized more than a few times about licking and sucking soft hairless flesh. How true was that saying that ‘only a woman really knows how to touch a woman’? It sent a shiver through her thinking about being intimately touched by Doctor Cynthia Peters. The nurse directed her into the examination room and put her chart in the file folder pocket beside the door.(Sex Stories)

“Doctor Peters will be with you very shortly,” the cute blonde said as she closed the door.

The nervous patient took in the antiseptic smell and aesthetically cold metal surroundings of the small room. She sat in the vinyl office chair beside a desk. Fidgeting nervously Angela was startled two minutes later when the door opened and a petit thirty-something woman entered. 

“Hello, I’m doctor Peters and you’re… missus Mayer… right?” the woman said consulting the file folder she was holding.

Angela managed only a nod, taken a back by the beauty of the woman in the crisp white coat. The woman’s bust held the coat away from her body. Angela couldn’t help making an instant comparison with her own. She judged it a draw. The face was soft, kind and very pretty. There was a resemblance to Angelina Jolie. It was probably the full lips and large dark eyes.

“We haven’t seen you since doctor Griffin retired. We thought you had moved or found another physician.”

“I just haven’t had any; well you know, uh, problems.’ Angela said haltingly.

“That’s good! May I infer that you have a problem now?” the doctor replied looking squarely into her attractive patient’s eyes.

Angela swallowed, but there wasn’t any saliva. How was she going to say this? She had the urge to apologize for wasting the doctor’s time and then just running out. She drew a deep breath and thought, ‘you made it this far, don’t chicken out now!’

“I, well, uh, I’ve been having, uh, vaginal dryness.” There it was out!

“I see” said Doctor Peters looking down at the chart in front of her. “You’re thirty one years old and married, correct?”

“That’s right,” Angela agreed.

“How long have you been experiencing this problem?”

“I guess almost a year, now.”

“Does it cause you persistent discomfort?”

“No, uh, it’s really only a, uh… oh… a problem when my husband and I make lo… uh, have, uh, intercourse.” Angela stammered looking down at her hands.

“Are you experiencing any itching or irritation?”

“Uh, no, it’s really, uh, only a problem when I, uh, I mean my husband and I have, uh, have sex.”

“Your husband is your only sexual partner.”

“Of course!” Angela’s retort was indignant and her eyes flashed at Cynthia Peters for the first tome since she entered the sterile examination room.

“I’m sorry but I had to ask. You’re certainly much too young to have this happening. Are you taking any medications that wouldn’t show up on your chart?” the doctor rejoined a conciliatory tone.

“No,” Angela responded averting her eyes again.

“How about any changes in diet over the past year?”

Angela considered this for a moment before answering “No, not really.”

“How long have you been married?”

“We just celebrated our sixth anniversary.”

“OK,” the doctor said pushing away from the desk. “I think it’s time to have a look at the problem. If you’ll slip out of your things, and put on the gown; let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this.” As she said this the doctor was standing and moving toward the door.

The nervous patient’s heart skipped a beat and she asked, “Do I need to take everything off?”

“Yes, since I haven’t seen you before I’ll need to do a thorough physical exam. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” 

With that doctor Peters left the room.

Angela reached behind herself awkwardly to pull the zipper of her sun dress down. She saw in the full length mirror on the wall how her oversized boobs strained the material. She’d always been proud of her bust line. Coupled with her slender waist and hips her tits looked enormous. Pulling the zipper down; she shrugged the spaghetti straps from her shoulders, pulled it down her arms and stepped out of the summer dress. Straightening in her flesh tone strapless bra and beige bikini panties she checked the mirror again. She could certainly understand the explosive effect this sight had had on men since she was fifteen. Hell, if she saw a body like this she’d want to get her hands on it. Standing for a moment with hands on hips she admired her reflection.


Doctor Peters left the room trying to suppress her anticipation for the up coming examination. Standing in her office she felt small hands slip under her arms and slide up to cup the sensitive tips of her heavy breasts. Cynthia felt the heat even through three layers of clothing. Nurse Jennifer Walker’s smaller breasts push against her back and her hot breath tickled the aroused doctor’s ear.

“God, I think her boobs are as big as yours,” the young nurse whispered. “Can I watch when you examine her?”

The doctor felt her knees getting weak. Even before her nurse’s groping she felt the familiar swelling and dampening of her pubes. Now her nipples had joined the assault on her professional decorum. Jennifer’s hands slipped inside the lab coat eliminating one of the three layers of cloth. Through the blouse and bra she gripped the stiffening tips of the doctor’s breasts and squeezed. Cynthia emitted a guttural sound, as she felt the hot bubble growing in her abdomen. Twisting away from the maddening caress, she turned and grasped the nurse’s forearms.

“Stop it Jen! I’ve got to be able to work… and it’s hard enough already.”

“But can I watch, Cindy, please!” the nurse said reaching for her bosses protruding nipples, ignoring her boss’s command.

“If you don’t stop that; no!” Dr. Peters announced grabbing the nurses forearms again.

Jennifer relaxed and fashioned her most pleading face. Cynthia couldn’t help but think of all the pleasure the two had shared. How many times they had stolen away to an empty examination room, after an exam had turned her on. The sweet, satisfying licking and sucking that had made it possible for the doctor to finish her day. She owed her nympho nurse something a little extra from time to time.

“OK, but no ad-libbing. Follow my lead, and don’t get carried away… like you just did.”

“Alright.” the young woman in the too tight blue hospital scrubs agreed, folding her hands in front of her and casting her eyes down at the floor. When the nurse looked up her boss was trying to give her a stern look but not fully succeeding. They both laughed.

“Let’s have some fun with missus Angela Meyers.”


Jennifer followed the doctor to the exam room door. Cynthia rapped twice and said, “Are you ready Ms. Meyers?” 

“Yes,” was the croaky nervous sounding reply. Doctor Peters opened the door and entered with Jennifer on her heels.

Their patient sat demurely on the office chair, her hands pressed together and clenched between her knees.

“I believe you’ve met Nurse Walker, she’s going to be assisting me with your examination.”

Angela got a better look at the girl whose butt she had admired on the way down the hall. She was very cute, with short red tussled hair and very delicate features. She looked too young to be a nurse. The girls breasts were outlined against the ‘V’ necked top with clearly erect nipples. While they were no match for her own melons, Angela judged them to be more than g****fruit sized.

“If you’ll just sit up on the table for me, we’ll begin,” Doctor Peters instructed.

Using the small step up the uncomfortable patient perched her derrière on the paper covered steel platform. The paper crunched under her butt as she wiggled a little further back. The doctor inserted the ear pieces of her stethoscope in her ears.

“I’m going to listen to your heart and lungs first. Jennifer would you help missus Meyers lower her gown.”

The nurse moved to Angela’s side and undid the gown’s tie behind her neck. Moving to the front, grasping the cotton d****, she saw the terror in her patient’s eyes as she began to pull the rumpled pale pink cover off.

“Just relax,” the girl whispered as she lowered the gown to reveal Angela’s chest.

Jennifer felt a delicious tingle in her pussy as she got her first unobstructed view of her patient’s magnificent boobs. The nipples looked as large as shot glasses. They were quite puffy and very pink in color. Jennifer laid the gown on Angela’s lap. 

Doctor Peters stepped forward and placed the metal disc of her scope on the patient’s chest under her collar bone on the left side. She worked her way across the top of Angela’s chest finally placing the instrument directly between the woman’s breasts. Turning her wrist she put the scope on Angela’s rib cage below her left breast. Feigning difficulty she turned to her nurse and said:

“Jennifer, I need you to lift missus Meyers’ breast so I can place the scope a little higher.”

With a look of sly delight the nurse placed her small hand on under the pliant flesh and gently lifted it up and away from their patient’s rib cage. A sweet tingle coursed through her pussy as her warm hand contacted the cool softness. Angela had a quick intake of breath at the intimate contact then she concentrated on trying to relax.

“That’s better,” Doctor Peters acknowledged, moving the slim metal disc higher.

Jennifer’s fingers supported the weight of the breast. She casually relaxed her hand muscles, letting her thumb rest on the puffy protrusion at the tip of the breast. Glancing up at her patient’s face to gauge her reaction, she saw only a slight tightening of her facial muscles. 

Allowing her thumb to wander across the flaccid pink skin, she shifted her eyes from the engorging nipple to the woman’s face and back. The metamorphosis was swift and quite remarkable. The softness contracted and darkened distending outward almost half the length of Jennifer’s thumb. The nurse thumbed the newly risen rubbery peg. Angela’s face now bore something like a grimace, and Jennifer thought she heard a stifled groan.

“OK,” Cynthia announced “…other side.”

Jennifer took half a step backward positioning herself to lift the right breast. By doing this she was able to press her mons against the corner of the table, sending a thrill through her pussy. Jennifer’s right thumb collapsed in on the woman’s supple nipple and she watched the fascinating transformation begin again. 

The erotic caress was directly in Doctor Peters’ line of sight as she looked down at her stethoscope. The right nipple was stiffening and distending exactly as the left had done a minute ago. Cindy could feel her pussy throb with desire. She so wanted to suck on the beautiful teat.

Angela felt sweat forming along her hair line. The first time the nurse’s thumb had been in contact with her nipple, she’d felt the tightening of her pussy muscles as a hot wave had washed over her. She thought it was accidental and blamed herself for having such sensitive boobs. This time she wasn’t so sure. She could see how intently Jennifer was studying the turgid peak of her right breast. Was she actually playing with it? She knew this much, she couldn’t remember when she’d been this turned on. If it continued she was going to have to say something.

Cynthia realized that her focus was shot. She was trying to summon her professional detachment and listen to her patient’s heart, but the magnificent bosom so beautifully displayed kept her loins churning. She was at least reasonably confident that the woman didn’t have any serious cardiac problem. Other than enjoying the show her nurse’s thumb was putting on fencing with the stiff nipple of missus Meyer’s right breast there really was no good reason to continue the sham of listening to her heart.

Standing back she removed the ear pieces of the scope. With practiced ease she pulled it off and d****d it in its customary position around her neck.

“Everything sounds fine. Now if you’ll just swing you legs around this way,” she said, indicating the foot of the table “and lay back I’m going to do a breast exam.”

Angela’s heart sank. She didn’t know how much more stimulation of her hyper-sensitive boobs she could stand. Twisting around, she felt the paper cover of the exam table crunch under her naked butt. Clutching the meager covering of the examination gown that lay across her hips she swung her feet up on to the table. She was mortified when she felt the wet spot, left by her flooded pussy now sliding under her left thigh. The paper was soaked! 

Reclining now she looked up at the lovely face of the woman who was about to touch her naked breasts. Doctor Peters smile looked a little strained as she positioned herself even with Angela’s hip. Reaching forward, but still able to stand nearly straight because of the height of the table, she put her right hand under the outside of Angela’s left breast, which had naturally pan caked to the side of her chest under it’s own substantial weight. The doctor pressed very firmly on the supple flesh squeezing it between her slender fingers and her patient’s rib cage. 

‘Focus!’ Cynthia commanded herself. ‘Stop looking at the nipple and concentrate palpating the mammary properly. How bad are you going to feel if you just play with this woman’s tits, and six months from now she winds up having a mastectomy because of your sloppy self-indulgence.’ 

Taking a deep breath the doctor slowly and thoroughly made her way around the whole gland. She repeated the process with her patient’s right breast. Satisfied that there were no lumps or abnormalities she relaxed and gave herself permission to have some fun.

She gripped both of the prone woman’s plump pink mushroom cap nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed firmly. Angela emitted a sound that sounded like “Ahhhuhh…” It was a groan that came from her very core. 

Squeezing and twisting the woman’s sensitive nipples the doctor said softly, “I need to check your nipples to be sure there is no discharge.”

Angela was ashamed. 

When her head cleared she had to acknowledge that she had just had her first orgasm in over a year. And it was the result of another woman manipulating her breasts. She managed to glance down to see that her nipples had converted to their rubber peg like form, and that her doctor was still pulling and squeezing them mercilessly. 

It seemed as though her orgasm didn’t actually reach a peak and then subside, as she was used to. There had certainly been an overwhelming release. It put her in such a fog that she wasn’t sure she hadn’t been u*********s for an instant. Now, when she should have been bathing in the radiant after glow, what she felt was the pressure building again, only more slowly and luxuriously. Angela felt her juices rolling between the cheeks of her ass. When the doctor finally released her turgid nipples she almost didn’t notice. The buds were so stimulated they continued to tingle in their wonderful erectness. 

Cindy stood back and admired her work. She was aware that her patient had achieved a climax. When it happened she had felt a very tiny one of her own. Her petit cum had only made her hornier. It was time for the main course. Turning to her nurse she said;

“Please help our patient adjust her gown, and prepare for a pelvic examination.”

Jennifer, who had been bouncing her bush on the corner of the table all this time, composed herself and stepped into the place the doctor had just vacated beside the table. She picked up the top of the gown and dragged it up over Angela’s abdomen and chest.

“You don’t need to put you arms in,” she said, “I’ll just d**** this over your shoulders and tie the top.”

Jennifer disappointedly fitted the cotton cover over the still rosy colored boobs with their stiff tips and wrapped it around their patient’s shoulders.

“Just lift a little for me,” she asked, and quickly tied a neat little bow behind the patient’s neck. 

Stealing one last look at the rigid nipples tenting the cotton gown she moved to the foot of the table. 

Angela looked over to where the doctor was removing instruments from the drawer in the counter top on the far wall. She caught her breath as she saw the duck billed instrument that every woman dreads. Doctor Peters opened and closed it turning the locking wheel to make sure the tool was working properly. 

Angela heard the metallic clunk as the nurse extended the stirrups out from their discrete storage slots under the table. Angela felt the nurse gently but firmly grip her right ankle.

“Slide down the table for me please.”

Angela gripped the sides of the table and used her arms to help pull herself into the required position. Another metallic bang as Jennifer dropped the table extension down with her right hand and positioned Angela’s right foot in the stirrup with her left. Then she repeated with her patient’s other foot. At this point Angela was still lying pretty much flat, her knees only slightly bent.

“OK, now I need you to wiggle all the way down to the end. Just keep moving down until you feel like your butt is over the edge. Don’t worry you won’t fall off.”

Gripping the sides of the table again Angela moved her hips down until she could feel the edge under her tail bone. This left the lower part of the examination gown bunched uselessly across her hips while her firm round derriere and dripping pussy were presented magnificently to whom ever was at the end of the table. Jennifer tried, unsuccessfully, not to stare at the woman’s streaming genitals. Since all the hair was removed except for a tiny patch on the top of the pubic bone there was nothing to spoil the view of the glowing pink engorged labia. 

Jennifer salivated over the crinkly thick folds covering the entrance to the vagina. The prominent protrusion at the top of the full lips was evidence of a large erect clitoris.

‘Vaginal dryness? I don’t think so!’ Jennifer thought as she could easily see the glistening wetness under the fluorescent lights.

“The patient is ready doctor.” 

Cindy sat on the low stool and wheeled it into position between her patient’s spread legs. With a smirk that Angela couldn’t see from her reclined position the doctor chirped, “I think we’ve cured you dryness problem already.” 

Cynthia inhaled deeply taking in the woman’s sweet musky fragrance. The absence of any odor all but confirmed that the beautiful plump pussy was free of infection. Reaching forward the doctor placed her ungloved hands on her patient’s groin. Using her thumbs she pulled the outer lips apart. The inner, more delicate lips came with them, outward exposing the entrance to her patient’s vagina. 

At the top of the furrow Cynthia was prying open was a lima bean sized protrusion. The clitoris had expanded while its protective hood was left behind. It was all Cindy could do not to lean forward and suck on the woman’s protruding pleasure center. She so longed to slurp up the slightly milky juice that was flowing from inside her patient’s hot tunnel.

“I think your arousal may have been brought on by the breast examination,” Cynthia speculated. “Does your husband stimulate your breasts and nipples during foreplay?”

“Well, er, sort of…” Angela replied, thinking the only thing that could make the experience of having a strange woman peering at her exposed pussy worse was to be discussing the details of hers and her husband’s love making.

“I recommend that you show him how you like your breasts caressed, you know, what feels good and what turns you on.”

Her husband had always been a quick to get down to business… the business being burying his cock inside her. In the white hot passion of their early relationship, Angela had been ready for penetration with just s few kisses. Their sexual encounters hadn’t changed much in their seven plus year relationship. Back in the day Angela had been so hot for him that just being with him was enough to get her juices flowing, but not anymore. 

‘Could it really be that simple?’ Angela’s analysis was cut short but the doctor’s next statement.

“It’s going to be impossible to examine you in this extremely aroused state.”

‘Good!’ Angela thought; then I can go home. ‘My problem’s basically solved anyway.’ 

She was quite wrong.

“I need to do something to calm you down.” The doctor continued. “The only solution I can see is for you to have an orgasm, which will allow your hormones to stabilize. Would you be okay with that?”

Angela was very unsure if she understood what the doctor was proposing. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, would it be alright if I stimulate you until you reach a climax?”

Angela’s head was spinning at the suggestion. She had experienced a little release earlier but the pressure in her lower belly told her that after a year of depravation, she was far from satiated. Her thoughts were far too jumbled to speak. Apparently her doctor took her silence for agreement. 

Cindy turned and nodded to her nurse. Jennifer had been standing behind her boss staring at the patient’s enormous clit while discreetly massaging her pulsing mound. Now, with the signal given, she sprang into action; moving to the head of the table she whispered;

“Just relax,” and she untied the gown string behind the patient’s neck lowering the thin cover exposing the woman’s chest again. 

Doctor Peters now allowed herself to feel the pounding between her own legs. 

With the patient’s boobs now in view, the nurse reached down, and in one smooth motion pulled her scrubs top over her head and tossed it in the corner. She grasped her tingling breasts squeezing and pulling outward until she was pulling on just her nipples. 

Angela looked up to see the cute young woman naked from the waist up. Her pert firm boobs with their tight red tips just above her. A tremor went through her pussy as she had an unexpected intense desire to suck those firm little mounds. Jennifer wasted no time in loosening the draw string of her scrub pants and pulling them over her prominent butt. It was easy to just release them and let them drop around her ankles. Since she worn no underwear, top or bottom, she was now as naked as her patient. 

The nurse stood on the step-up placed there to get up onto the high exam table. It brought her quivering pussy above the level of the exam table top to where Angela could see the neatly shaved pubes. 

The nurse’s eyes met her patient’s, with a pleading look Jennifer said, “Please!”

Angela had never touched another woman that way. She hesitantly brought her right hand up between the young woman’s legs and stroked the soft wet flesh.

“That’s it,” Jenny encouraged “put your finger inside me.”

As instructed Angela let her middle finger slip between the girl’s delicate lips. With a groan the nurse positioned her feet as wide as she could on the small step. The prone woman felt the heat of the slippery folds as she pushed in deeper.

Cynthia Peters, seeing her patient occupied for the moment seized the opportunity to strip. She carelessly tossed her white coat, then her slacks and panties, which she removed together, into the corner of the room. She stood at the foot of the table taking in the scene as she worked the buttons of her blouse. 

Jennifer, her faithful nurse and often times sex partner, was massaging their patient’s breasts and squeezing the prominent nipples. Her patient had two fingers up her assistant’s snatch and was pumping them in and out. Cindy’s blouse and bra quickly joined the other clothes heaped on the floor. 

The vinyl seat of the exam stool was cool against her steaming womanhood as she sat back down. Returning her attention to the saturated vulva before her, the doctor leaned forward spreading the dripping quim with her fingers she plunged her tongue deep into her patient’s pussy. 

Angela’s hips jerked up pushing the tantalizing tongue deeper into her convulsing sex and causing her fully aroused pleasure center to mash against her doctor’s nose. 

Cindy cocked her neck back slightly and captured the large clit between her lips. She began sucking and simultaneously rolling the firm protrusion with her tongue. 

Angela’s hips began to buck spasmodically as the massive orgasm enveloped her. 

Doctor Peters hooked her arms around the woman’s thighs to maintain her lock on her patient’s pelvis. At the same time Jennifer reached down and clutched the patient’s hand tight against her own convulsing cunt. The action drove Angela’s probing fingers in deeper and brought the knuckles of her folded fingers against the nurse’s clit. Both women were climaxing and screaming in harmony. Everyone held their positions as the tidal waves subsided to ripples. 

Angela and Jennifer’s wails turned into a symphony of mewing and moaning punctuated by an occasional ‘Oh God!’ Cynthia slurped up the ejaculate, most of which had hit her chin and was now dripping onto her magnificent heaving tits. 

Finally, sitting back on her slippery stool she said, “It’s my turn!”