"Erotic Stories" A dream of what life should be

Erotic Stories A dream of what life should be
My guy likes to see me in pretty things. John buys me lingerie and expensive jewellery all the time and I love to wear what he brings home. The time he spends shopping for me is time that he can never get back, so I eagerly showcase his wonderful gifts. There is a lovely he pink teddy, garterbelt and seamed stocking set that he picked up for me two months ago that he just loves to see me in. I wear that outfit with pleasure as it seems to get him excited in all the right ways, especially when I also put on my 4” silver ankle strap sandals. 

I’ve got the most wonderful guy. He’s intelligent, compassionate, a good conversationalist, a fantastic dresser and quite wealthy, and I’d still relish him even if he were not rich. A tall, athletic man, at 6’2” and 220lbs, he can hold his own and has the confidence to do so. He is also well built with just lacking the six pack, but that just makes him human and even more attractive. (Adult Stories)

And is he endowed! When he shows me how much he loves me, his beautiful cock is just over 9” and is an amazing 6” in girth. The head is perfectly tapered with a bulb that slopes nicely to the ridge where the flair is exaggerated at its base. He’s also uncut, and that skin remains slightly rippled at the base of the head below the ridge, making for amazing sensations. His shaft is long with a nice gentle curve, very gentle, that allows him to hit my spot as he eases in and out of me when I’m on my back, watching his loving face. 

Recently, he came home with a new outfit for me, but he wouldn’t let me see it till later in the evening. That in itself was very curious. He always wants to see me in the outfits right away. Stranger still was the box he unloaded from the SUV into the garage. That too was a surprise and I would have to wait and see it later. More curious... I wasn’t sure if I was more excited or bewildered. In any event, I had made a nice dinner for the evening, so I went and changed for dinner. John mentioned he was going to bring the box to the recroom in basement and that he would back in a minute.

By the way, changing for dinner means black sheer-to-waist seamless pantyhose, black patent 4” pumps, a front split mini-skirt and a casual front open plunge blouse. I don’t have much cleavage, but I am hair-free with the exception of the usual triangle. I’m not into full shaving, but I do keep my rather nicely round and firm ass hair-free as well. He likes that!

Dinner went off well, as usual, and John left the table right away after finishing, excusing himself to go deal with the box, and for me not to peek, he’ll be back up shortly. I think I was leaning more to excitement now. Still a bit of confusion, but definite excitement.

Normally he helps me with the dishes, and it’s quite the erotic wash up. When I’m standing at the sink, washing the dishes, he would reach around me from behind, take the clean dish and dry it, putting it on the rack to the side. He always raises my skirt a little and it’s the movement of his strong pelvis against my pantyhose covered ass that excites me. I can often feel his cock swelling as he slides back and forth against me, my rear standing firm against him because of my heels, the contact making me excited and of course, a little wet. My body has become very sensitive to his touch, and my own cock drips a little with excitement of what’s to come.

The dishes were easily taken care of, though I did miss our little routine. I could hear John working away in the basement, and at one point, it sounded like he was using the drill. Strange, I really did wonder what he was up to, tingling a bit to find out. I felt like peeking, but we have a good trusting relationship, so that was off. I decided to go upstairs and change, get ready for bed.

The only time I don’t wear lingerie, especially nylons, is when I’m sl**ping, so my routine is pretty simple. If either John or I feel like making love, I don’t get into my teddy and night-time panties, I’ll pick a nice lingerie set with stockings or pantyhose (I love it when he tears the back of my pantyhose open) and we’ll settle in for a bit of fun.

The bedroom door was open at the top of the stairs, and as I walked through, I flicked the lightswitch on. The package that John had brought home was open and laid out on the bed for me to see. I don’t know when he had the opportunity, but it could only have been when he went upstairs to wash up before dinner while I was downstairs. I had already changed for dinner previously and the package was still sealed. 

There was a note next to the items. It said:

Put these on and join me in the recroom
Love John

The outfit was interesting. I’d never seen anything like it. There were buckles, hooks, closures and various rings attached. It was made out leather, black and supple, and had a number of items. The first part was a leather bodice with garters attached. The bodice covered most of my torso and had hooks down the back and rings at the front on cups, the sides under the breasts, and at the belly. It came down to my belly. 

Next were leather wristbands with small rings at both side of the bands. The bands went up the forearms to halfway up between my wrist and elbow. They were tight but not uncomfortable. 

Lying next to the wristbands was a pink penis cage/chastity lock, which was open and waiting for me to put it on. I looked at the lock and noticed there was no key. John must have it. I only have a small tender little clit, and the device looked the right size. I giggled as I fiddled with it and finally managed to lock it in place.

There were black seamed stockings with the outfit. I wasn’t sure why John bought those, as I have plenty of pairs (I have more nylons than most people have clothes). Then when I saw the feet I understood. These were full fashion. I have a pair, but not in black. These looked expensive too. Lovely Cuban heel with reinf***ed toes.

Also on the bed were a new pair of heels. They were quite delicious, but looked totally impossible to walk in. The heels alone looked about 5 ½” high with a small platform rise. The angle was incredible. They were closed pump style, with an ankle strap that reached up from the back and a 3” wide cuff. On the cuff were two small rings, one on the inside, one on the outside, a third larger ring on the back. I’d only ever worn 4” max. 

Last on the bed was a full leather head mask with openings for the eyes, nose and mouth, and the ear area was perforated for hearing. There were rings and hook closures all over the back, top and sides. As well, there were snaps on either side of the mouth opening where it appeared that someone could snap in a device.

John and I toyed with mild bondage in the past. On occasion he would tie my hands to my ankles, have my ass in the air and would take me like that, helpless, filling my willing ass hard with his gorgeous powerful cock. We would also sometime talk about upping our game, fantasy talk, but it never went anywhere, some dirty talk, finishing off in giggles.

I dutifully changed into the full spread, putting the mask on last and getting shivers as I felt the material covering my head. I didn’t put on the heels though, as I could picture myself falling on the stairs, the ambulance coming and poor John having to embarrassingly explain this one. 

Feeling a little scare, a little excited and, to be honest a little silly as I walked down the stairs, I hoped I remembered to close most of the curtains. A show for the neighbours is not what I would hope for. I got to the main floor, turned at the hall and noticed the door to the basement and recroom was open. John must have snuck upstairs to pave the way for me as there were also rose petals in front of the door. He really is a sweetie.

I decided that I had to put on the heels before I finished the journey. Thank god there is a railing on either side of the stairs to the recroom. With the heels on, I slowly and teeteringly made my way down the stairs, holding both railings for dear life. When I got to the bottom, I straightened out, rechecked my seams and turned the corner of the hall into the recroom. 

John smiled when he saw me, then reassured me. I must have had wide worried eyes. I know I gasped (and got a little excited too).

Sitting next to John in the middle of the recroom was a stand/bench thing. It stood about 7’ tall, but there appeared to be a pivot point where it could be laid out like a bench. There were four 4’ padded arms that also could pivot at the base. Each arm had sliding hooks for clipping onto rings or tying into hook closures. The sliding hooks could be fastened at various lengths depending on the “users’’ height. The base was a leather padded bench with a massage like pillow at the end. The bench was easily 4’ long and a comfortable 2 feet wide. It looked solid, and it looked menacing, and I was getting wet....

At the base opposite the pillow was another arm, it looked length adjustable, with a box that had a metal rod sticking out towards the bench. The rod was threaded at the end, and the box had an electrical cord not yet plugged in. It also looked like that arm was removable.

I knew what that box was. John had told me one of his fantasies was having me ride a fucking machine while I sucked him dry. That was a powerful fantasy for him, and he would fill my mouth with his sticky cum every time he thought about it. 

I slowly walked over to the contraption and lent over to give John a hug and a kiss. I noticed he was as hard as I’d ever seen him, and he hadn’t even removed his pants. He complimented me on the look, and asked if I had difficulty walking in the heels. I poked his chest with my finger and said no more stairs in these things. He laughed at that. He also explained that they were made for the machine. He actually called it the machine. 

“So, what next?” I innocently asked? He just smiled and wandered over the entertainment unit, popped in one of our DVD’s and reached on top for another box, which he handed to me. 

I opened it and giggled. It was a collection of dildos, within 2” difference in size as John, and in different thicknesses too. As well a couple were vibrators as well. There were 6 in all. All different colours too. “Which one do you want to try, baby?” John whispered to me. I really couldn’t choose. I want to try them all. 

“I can see you can’t decide, so let’s try this one.” he said, pulling a 9” with an extra-wide circumference. It was black and had great veins running the course of the shaft. I smiled, though I couldn’t tell if John truly saw my smile for the mask.

He took my hand and lay me onto the machine face down, where he then began positioning the arms and setting the hooks and clasps. John put the lower arms to hold my legs in a ninety degree position with my pelvis just slightly off the bench, carefully fastening the clips to my shoes ankle rings. I could no longer straighten or bend either of my nylon clad legs. I was getting a little hot, but my clit couldn’t expand because of the chastity. That felt weird but very exciting. 

Next John manoeuvred the upper arms to support my upper arms, not binding them, preferring to use the pillow’s clasps to keep my head arms and hands restrained. He latched the rings on my mask to the pillow’s clasps, forcing my head into the hole of the massage pillow. Then he latched the side clasps of the pillow to the wristband rings, effectively immobilising both arms. I had to keep my hands open on the back of my head to be comfortable. I could feel the soft texture of the back of the leather mask under my hands, and zipper seam was different. 

John finally put the bench at a 45 degree angle so that the top of the bench where my face and mouth were peering through the pillow hole were now at his crotch height. He walked to the front of the bench and I could see how hard he was now, and his pants were straining to keep him contained. “I was thinking of using the mouth spreader, but since this the first time we’re trying this out, we’ll go slow.” John purred. “I dream of f***e-fucking your beautiful mouth, baby, but I want the first time to be good for both of us.” God, my man is such a sweetie! 

He moved back to my ass and started to lube me up. I couldn’t help but squirm a little, but I also noticed I really couldn’t move. This machine was really built.

With a good squeeze of Astroglide, he used his generously sized fingers to loosen me up. He heard me moan and slipped another finger in, just pushing me that much further. And wetter. He massaged me for a solid 10 minute, and just when I thought I would orgasm, he stopped. He must have sensed I was really turned on, so he stopped. I would have cum over and over for him, but it is his night to be master, so I controlled myself a little. 

I could hear him threading the dildo on the bar, aligning it by extending and positioning the box’s arm and touching the head of the dildo to my waiting hole, and another squeeze of the lube, this time on the toy. I heard John make his way back to my end, and I saw a wire leading from his hand as he positioned himself in front of me. So that’s how it works, I thought. He thought of everything! 

I could smell his gorgeous cock and I knew he’d removed his pants. He placed that beautiful cock head that I know and love straight to my lips and I started to caress his cock with my tongue just as I heard the click of the remote. This is it, I thought, and I felt the immensity of the toy start to push into me.