"Erotic Stories" Eating Out

Erotic Stories Eating Out
Looking down at the floor, she spoke casually, as if we had just completed a leisurely stroll in the park: “Well, Sir, I am a bit hungry.” “Ah, yes, my sweet, some dinner would be just the thing. I’ll check on our reservations downstairs, while you freshen up,” I told her. “I’m sure you remembered to bring your special blue dress with you,” I called out to her as I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt. “Yes Master, it’s hanging up in the closet, as you ordered,” she replied, as she stepped into the shower. 

“I do have some ‘accessories’ that will further enhance your wardrobe this evening, my love. Did you also bring your ‘lucky’ blue panties, as well?” I asked. “Yes Sir, I have them too,” she yelled from the steaming bathroom. “Very well, then, I shall return shortly.” I ventured down to the hotel dining room and found the Maitre d’. He eagerly granted my wish for the dark corner table, after accepting a rather generous tip. Back upstairs, I found my beautiful dinner date toweling off. 

“You may put on your dress only,” I ordered, as I proceeded with my own shower. As I stepped out, I inhaled deeply at the sight of such a lovely young lady, beaming and radiant, in her teal blue Prom dress. “You are a vision of Splendor, my dear,” I whispered, as I gently kissed her full lips, and ran my fingers through her long tresses. (Porn Stories)

“Now, come over here, and kneel on the bed,” I said, “while I add some accessories.” She complied, raising her knee length gown to her waist. “Head down,” I said, as I lifted her dress over her hips, exposing her sexy ass for my inspection. She wiggled her hips in anticipation, and received several sharp slaps of my hand in response. “Stay still!” I admonished, and slapped her smooth ass cheeks a few more times for emphasis. 

“Put this in your mouth,” I told her, as I held a good sized, pink butt plug in front of her face... I bent down behind her, pulled her cheeks apart rather roughly, and buried my tongue in her rectum. She tried to keep still, but she squirmed involuntarily from my unexpected intrusion, earning her several more slaps. Her ass cheeks were glowing pink by now, and complimented the color of her dress rather nicely. I pulled the butt plug from her mouth, and slid it into her now wet ass slowly and teasingly, until the full length of it disappeared from view. A few twists back and forth and the pink plastic toy settled into its proper position. I ignored her whispered gasps, preferring to turn my attention to her slick, meticulously shaven pussy. 

I knelt down behind her, and slid my hands up and down the exquisite curves of her hips, and down her legs. I gently licked my way up her inner thighs, and lightly touched her panic button with the tip of my tongue. “Oh yes, Master…Please!” she begged. “Quiet, Slut!” I answered, delivering a stinging slap to her tender inner thigh. Then, I eased my tongue up and down her slit teasingly. Her low moans prodded me on, and I slid my stiff tongue into her juicy pussy as deeply as possible. She tasted so sweet and musky that I almost forgot my mission. I pulled my tongue out abruptly, and nibbled her clit, biting and licking it, and feeling the tension welling up inside her. “Not now,” I reminded her, “perhaps later you will acquire my permission to cum, but you will have to earn it, my dear.” “Yes Master,” she answered, as her disappointment was clear in her voice. 

I inserted a vibrating “egg” into her quivering pussy, and put the remote into her hand. “Try it,” I said, and I was amused to see her eyes grow bigger with each increase in intensity. “Turn it all the way up,” I instructed, and the vibrating sound was clearly audible at the top speed. “Now, stop,” I ordered, taking the control away from her, and putting it in my pocket. “Now, go bring me your ‘Lucky’ panties,” I said, and she padded off to the closet. By now, my cock was bulging and throbbing, and generally making a nuisance of itself. 

“Assume,” I commanded, and she returned to me, panties in hand. Immediately, she stood before me with her hands behind her back, her eyes cast downward. I put my hands on her shoulders, and she instinctively dropped to her knees. I pulled my hard member out of my dress pants, and lifted her face up to meet it. She opened her willing mouth, and I fucked it quickly and deliberately. I gripped her head between two fistfuls of her carefully brushed hair, and coldly fucked her down her throat like I was fucking a melon or an inflatable doll. My sperm jutted out f***efully, and I could feel her throat swallowing all that I had to offer…I remember her telling me that every drop of Master’s cum is important, and not to be wasted. Her performance certainly proved her point. “Stand up, and pull your dress up,” I said, after she licked me clean, and I zipped up my pants. I took her light blue panties from her hand, and inspected them. It was a tiny, silky pair not much bigger than a thong, and they looked almost new.

“So, this is your lucky pair of panties,” I remarked, carefully scrutinizing the delicate lace trim. “Yes, Sir, I only wear them on the most special occasions,” she explained. “So, you’ve had them for five years, since your cousin Matt took your virginity, if I remember the story correctly,” I said. “Yes, Master, your recollection is correct,” she answered, as I slipped the sacred blue panties slowly up her well-toned legs and over her tight ass, and into place. “What occasions are special enough to you, that you decide to wear them?” I inquired. She blushed, and looked down at the floor.

“I have to be in love with the person I’m with before I wear them, Sir,” she explained. “Hmm, I see. So you were in love with your cousin Matt?” I asked. “Yes, Master, and I am still in love with him,” she answered, “and he still loves me too!” “So, can I surmise that you love me as well?” I followed. “Oh yes Master, totally…I adore you completely, Sir,” she answered eagerly, smiling and blushing as she squirmed with joyful energy.

I kissed her tenderly on the forehead, and embraced her tightly in my arms. “You know I love you dearly as well, my good little one,” I whispered softly in her ear. “And, I love you too, Sir,” she murmured in response. “And I love you also, my special sexy slave girl,” I added. “Oh, thank you, sir…if it wasn’t for our mutual love, this life would be nothing more than a spectre of hell,” she postulated. “I agree, my love…now, how about some dinner?” I offered. “Yes Sir!” she answered, as she finished buckling her black heels, and I adjusted my tie. 

As we walked to the elevator, I reach into my pocket and turned the dial slightly on the remote control. Her body jumped, slightly breaking her stride, but she said nothing. The elevator wasn’t crowded, and no one seemed to be aware of the faint vibrating sound emanating from under her knee-length gown. As I followed behind her, I was impressed with how smoothly she could walk in her high heels, with her pussy quivering, and her firmly implanted butt plug. I pulled her chair out for her, seating her in the corner, facing out towards the dinner crowd. As is customary for subs, she made sure to pull her dress up enough so that only her bare ass was in contact with the chair.

After we placed our order with the waiter, we sipped our wine and whispered small talk. I gradually raised the intensity of the vibrating egg, causing her to shift around in her seat, a look of dismay on her face. A touch of my hand on her shaking knee confirmed her discomfort. “Are you okay, my dear?” I asked gently. She looked at me, her eyes desperate for relief. “Please Sir?” she implored, almost begging. “Not yet, my horny one, we’ve only just begun the evening,” I replied nonchalantly. “But Master, I don’t know if I can hold back much longer…” her voice trailed off. “Oh, yes you can, my pet,” I replied encouragingly, as I turned the dial up even farther. “Now, shall we visit the salad bar?” I suggested, helping her to her feet. I turned the dial down, so the buzzing couldn’t be detected by the other restaurant patrons, and she settled down somewhat.

As we sat back down, she looked at me with convincing eyes: “Sir, I can’t take any more of this vibrating egg right now, I’m sorry.” “Very well then, my dear, remove it,” I commanded. “Right here, Sir?” she asked incredulously. “Of course, love, just reach in and pluck it out, then rest it next to your plate,” I instructed. She looked around at the other diners, then stealthily fished the egg out of her saturated pussy and placed it on the table.

“Now that you have so much extra room in your pussy, put these in there, one by one,” I ordered, as I transferred a dozen green olives from my salad plate to hers. Her eyes grew wide in disbelief, until I slapped her inner thigh underneath the table. She put her fork down, and began to slide the olives into her love canal, one by one, until all 12 had disappeared. “Wow, they sting in there!” she whispered, as she squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. 

Our meals arrived, and the waiter refilled our wine glasses and left us alone. “Now, my sweet, take the egg and shove it back into your pussy,” I told her calmly. “What? There’s no more room in there, sir!” she protested. “I’m sure you can jam it up in there among those olives,” I insisted coldly. Sure enough, with some wiggling effort, she succeeded in her mission. Wasting no time, I spun the dial on the remote, and she jumped like she had put her finger in a light socket. “Oh, Sir, that is incredible! My head is spinning, and I’m about to erupt!” she warned.

I turned the dial back down, and admonished her: “Hush, girl, now relax and eat your dinner,” I told her, “and you’d better hope those special panties of yours aren’t all wet and soiled,” I threatened. She was silent, and wouldn’t look directly at me. We ate quickly and quietly, finally realizing how hungry we were after all of our sexual escapades.

The waiter cleared our plates, and asked us if we wanted dessert. “It depends on my lady friend,” I told him. “Ask us again in a few minutes when you bring us coffee.” As the waiter moved away from our table, I addressed my lovely slave sternly: “Take them off.” “What, Sir?” “You know what I’m talking about, my love. Take your panties off and put them on the table,” I answered her matter-of-factly. “Right here?” she asked, wide-eyed. I nodded, and she looked around the room again before discreetly slipping them down her long legs and off her high heels. She dropped them in the middle of the table, and we both sat back and sipped our coffee, as we stared at the obviously soaked pair of blue panties.

“It would appear that you have no self-control, my love,” I concluded gravely. “You were told to hold your orgasms in check until you had my permission to cum.” I admonished. “Yes, Sir,” she offered in response, looking down at her lap. “I’m sure you know what you will be having for dessert, my dear,” I told her, my voice dripping with disappointment. Without another word, she picked the panties up, and slowly fed them into her mouth, pushing them inside until she could close her mouth tightly.

“Check, please,” I told the waiter. As we waited for his return, I turned the remote up high, and instructed her to play with her clit under the table. When she appeared as if the top of her head might explode, I nodded to her, and she lurched and jerked and came with such f***e, I thought she might slip off her chair. She threw her head back and moaned, no longer concerned if any of the other diners knew what was happening. After a long minute, she finally rested her head on the table, exhausted. I turned the remote off, and gave her another minute to catch her breath and collect herself. 

She sat up when the waiter arrived with our bill. As he left again with my credit card, I shook my head slowly back and forth, disapprovingly. She questioned me with her eyes, as her mouth was still stuffed with her panties. “You have made a mess of your chair, I’m afraid, and you’ll have to clean it off,” I told her, motioning for her to spit out her panties. “Wipe it clean with your panties, my love,” I directed. Without another word, she swirled her wet panties around on the chair, then pushed them back into her mouth where they belonged.

The waiter returned with my card and receipt. “How was everything?” he inquired. “My dinner was superb, how was yours, my dear?” I asked. She blushed, and shook her head affirmatively, and tried to smile without showing off her panties behind her teeth. We strode back to the elevator slowly, as she tried to manage her cunt full of goodies, and her mouth full of her panties. Once we were on our way up the empty cab, I turned the vibrating egg up full blast, and the loud hum coming from her crotch made her blush and dance around like she had to go to the bathroom in a hurry. She looked at me with a pained expression, which melted away as she was overcome by wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

Back in the room, I led her into the bathroom and made her stoop on the tile floor. She hiked up her blue gown, and I proceeded to jam several fingers into her hot, flowing love canal in an effort to retrieve the love egg, and all those cum-covered olives. “You’ve made quite a spectacle of yourself tonight, my young slut, and you disobeyed me as well,” I said, frowning, as I led her by the hand to the bed. “You will need to be punished, I’m afraid. “Yes, Master.” “Lie down on your back, and pull your dress up, wench,” I ordered, as I removed my suit coat, and pulled my belt off. “Bend your knees, and hold your legs tight to your chest, that’s it.”

With her glistening pink pussy in proper position, I proceeded to thrash her with my thin leather belt, stinging her vulnerable cunt lips mercilessly….slapping, slapping, again and again, until her ass and pussy were glowing red. She squealed in protest, but I could see that she was on fire in more ways than one, as her love juices flowed freely from her loins. My cock was throbbing by now, and I stripped off the rest of my clothes in between swings of my belt. I grabbed her by the hips, and pulled her body towards the edge of the bed. I mounted her like a stud stallion, and she responded like a dog in heat. I fucked her pussy long and hard, and I could feel my cock tingle from the olive juice that still lingered inside her. She groaned without shame or modesty, as I filled her love tunnel with my spurting jolts of cum.