"Erotic Stories" Elevator

Erotic Stories Elevator
We walked into the elevator with a crowd of other people heading to the theater on the fifth floor. You stood in front of me, and I could smell your hair. I moved my face closer, noticing your luscious bare shoulder, and neck, and had to bite my tongue to stop from sinking my teeth into your flesh. I breathed the scent of your hair in deeply, and my cock surged and began to press against my jeans hard. 

Everyone's eyes were glued to the numbers as we went up floor by floor, and I said to myself, 'Fuck it,' and slid my hand up over the waist band of your jeans, and slowly down towards your ass. You stiffened, and gasped—but quickly muffled it so that no one would notice. My fingers moved down into the groove of your ass, and I slid my little finger into you, and you pressed back against me hard so that I was pinned to the wall.

You grabbed my cock through my jeans with an iron grip, and I pushed my fingers further into the back of your jeans almost up to my elbow. I pushed my thumb steadily into your wet crack . . . and then the doors of the elevator opened . . . (Adult Stories)

The elevator quickly emptied out, and I yanked my hand out of your pants. You began to walk towards the opening of the elevator, but I put my left hand, my thumb still hot and slick with your juice, on your shoulder and stopped you, and I pressed the button for the twelfth floor with my right.

Some people tried to enter the elevator, but I shook my head and shut the doors on them. Before the doors were fully closed my lips were crushing yours, and our tongues furiously slapping each other. Our breath came in short sharp gasps, and you grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my mouth harder into yours, your tongue thrusting so far into my mouth that I felt like you were fucking my face over and over . . .

I shoved my hands up your shirt, and wrenched your bra up off your tits, and grabbed them roughly, squeezing them hard. I spun you around to face the mirrored wall of the elevator, and glanced up at the lights of the floors going by as we headed to the top floor . . . we only had seconds left before the doors would open again, and someone might get on . . . 

I grabbed the front of your jeans, and practically ripped off the button getting it undone, and only half unzipped you before I was yanking your pants and g-string down. I looked up to see your eyes in the wall mirror staring at me intensely, and I spit in the palm of my hand and lubed up the head of my cock.

"Fuck me, fuck my pussy!" you said in a half-strangled voice. 

"No." I said, and your eyes bulged as I spread your ass wide open, and slid the head of my cock into the opening of your ass, the tight ring of muscle yielding to the slow f***e of my entry.

"Do it, fuck my ass! Fuck it!" You said violently, and I rammed my cock all the way past the ring of muscle that guarded the entrance, burying my cock deep inside you.

I began thrusting my hips so hard that the sounds of my hips striking your ass echoed around the elevator. Your ass sucked greedily at my cock, swallowing it to the hilt with every thrust. The slick smooth pressure of your ass gripping my cock pushed me to the brink of coming, and I grabbed one of your tits with my left hand, while my right hand rubbed your soaking clit in vicious circles—

And you came. Hard. The second your ass started pulsing around my cock with the power of your orgasm, I took my soaking wet fingers from your clit and shoved two of them into your mouth, making you suck on your juices as I pulled your head back to my face.

I thrust even harder into your ass, as another orgasm wracked your entire body with a violent shuddering release, my mouth sucking furiously on your neck, my fingers fucking your mouth as you sucked on them, lost in the moment—and then I was cumming inside your ass. I could feel my cum jetting deep inside you, and you began whimpering incoherently as I moaned hard into the flesh of your neck, biting and sucking at the same time, lost in the taste of your flesh . . . 

And then the bell rang, and the doors opened—to an empty hallway. Shocked, we quickly separated, my cock slipping out of your ass, cum sliding out to make a pool on the floor.

We began giggling a little hysterically, completely overwhelmed with the lust of what had just happened in the span of ninety seconds . . . and we zipped up, buttoned up, and arranged ourselves as the elevator headed back to the floor of the theater, where we exited the elevator faces flushed and sweaty, grinning like fools, and you turned to me and said, 

"Let's sit in the back row . . ." And you licked your lips slowly . . . and my cock twitched, and began to get hard again . . .