"Erotic Stories" The End of a Quiet Day

Erotic Stories The End of a Quiet Day
I lay with my head in Tim’s lap softly caressing his hardening penis. I let my tongue wander and trace the veins on the shaft of his delicious cock.

Richard was alternately sucking on the lips of my pussy and pushing open my slit with his warm wet tongue.

The soft wet slurping and sucking noises filled my ears making my pussy wetter by the moment. I had promised the two boys that they could fuck me again tonight after the movie.

Timmy’s only concern was that he got to fuck me in my ass as well as my hot slippery cunt. The joy of young hard cocks had my heart racing as I knew each of the boys could fuck me two or three times at least tonight.

I looked up at Timmy and smiled my evil little grin and told him not to worry he could fuck my tight little shitter and fill it with his scalding hot sperm. Then I’d lick him clean and suck him hard again and he could really give my pussy a hard pounding with his hot hard cock.(Porn Stories)

Richard mumbled well don’t worry while he’s fucking your shitter mom I’m going to be plowing that soaking wet tight cunt of yours with my cock. I laughed and said promises, promises.

All I knew was that I was one very happy woman at the moment as I took Timmy in my mouth and let my tongue dance around his swollen cock.

Richard had found my clit and was flicking his tongue like a butterfly on it and my pussy really started flowing like a river as my cunt went into spasms. He had two fingers in my warm wet pussy and one in my dark damp shitter.

He was finger fucking me at a hard fast pace as I pushed back onto his fingers hoping he’d soon be pounding my hot tight cunt.

Timmy held my mouth to his cock as he started to grunt little noises and his cock began pulsing and throbbing in my mouth. I bit down on him and pulled my head away.

I said you want to come in my mouth or in my ass. He smiled and said both as he guided my head back to his purple bl**d engorged cock.

I sighed to myself and thought how nice it was to have the boys to myself as I knew Timmy would do just what he said. First he’d fill my mouth full of his hot stringy sperm. Then he’d fuck my tight puckered shitter and fill it with his steaming hot cum.

I started shaking and my pussy began quivering and little spasms shot from my clit to my tummy as Richard flicked his tongue over my hard clit and finger fucked me hard and fast . His fingers slid in and out of my hot creamy pussy and asshole with increasing speed as I moaned out a long spastic orgasm.

I wrapped my lips around the head of Timmy’s cock as my hand pumped up and down on the shaft of his cock coaxing the sperm out of his hot throbbing steel hard cock.

His sperm came out in hot spurts filling my mouth with gobs of his stringy cum as I greedily swallowed every last drop his cock offered. 

Richard took me from behind and slammed his hard cock into my willing wet cunt. I gasped out as his cock drove deeper and deeper into my vaginal sheath. Splitting my pussy lips apart and ripping them open with each hard pounding thrust into me.

I screamed his name and urged him to come for mommy to fill mommies hot wet cunt full of his scalding hot cum. He held my hips and pounded his hard thick cock into my creamy wet tight pussy. My pussy clenched and tried to hold his cock tightly in my slippery hot cunt hole. 

I looked over my shoulder and told him to fuck me to fuck me really hard and deep with his magnificent thick hard cock, to give it to mommy to fuck mommies hot dripping wet cunt. 

He grunted and smiled and through clenched teeth said oh yeah oh fuck yeah. I’m going to bust all up inside your sweet little pussy.

Then I’m going to tear your shitter up when I fuck the shit out of your tight little poop hole, oh yeah mom don’t worry we’re going to fuck the shit out of you and fill you up with our sweet ass cum.

I laid my head down and gripped the sheets with my hands until my knuckles turned white
As Richard slammed his cock so deep and so very hard into my hot wet pussy as it oozed cream around his hard cock.

I stiffened as I felt his cock poking my puckered shit hole. I threw my head back and screamed as he entered my shitter with one hard deep thrust. I bit my forearm as he drove his cock deep into my bowels.

Richard told Timmy he was going to open my shit hole and fill it with cum so Timmy could really pound my ass. Timmy said yeah dude pound that asshole oh fuck yeah man this is so sweet. Tear that ass up dude. Oh fuck man you’re fucking the shit out of your mom, way sick.

Their words had my head swimming and my heart racing as Richard and Timmy talked about me as if I wasn’t there. The things they were saying had my pussy gushing out hot creamy pussy juices.

I reached back and found my clit and that was enough to send me over the edge and plunge me into an orgasm that ripped through out my body.

I collapsed onto my tummy and Richard fell forward with me and continued to fuck my shitter with hard deep f***eful strokes that split my asshole wide open.

I was a moaning sweaty mess as I lay there as my son’s cock battered my gaping wide shit hole with thrust after thrust of pleasure inducing pain.

My mouth was open as I gasped for breath as he slammed his cock in and out of my tight little ( pooper ) another of his new terms for my butt hole. Richard grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up and grunted as he thrust his cock into my ass.

I felt his cock beginning to expand and throb as he fucked my shit hole with deep hard thrust that sent his cock into the deepest part of my bowels. I could only moan and hold the bed sheets as he punished my pooper with his hard thick cock.

He pulled my hair even harder and began yelling out oh yes oh god mom oh shit oh fuck I’m bout to bust all up inside your guts oh fuck yeah. I yelled out yes baby that’s it fill mommies pooper with your steaming hot sperm. Oh god yes fuck your slut of a mother, yes fuck me oh god fuck my asshole with your huge thick cock yes baby fill mommy up with your cum.

I was pushing my poop hole back onto his hard cock as I met his every deep hard thrust into my bowels that left me screaming in orgasmic pleasure as another orgasm swept over my entire body.

I could only ram my shit hole back onto his cock and take deep gulps of air into my lungs as he pounded and punished my tight asshole with his steel hard cock. 

Oh god how I loved the way he was fucking me tonight and moaned out in deep long wailing moans as his cock tore into my hot little shit hole.

I cried out my love for him as he pounded my asshole over and over until his cock exploded into my warm moist pooper blasting my bowels with his scalding hot steamy sperm. 

My asshole made farting noises as his cock pushed the air out of my clenching shit hole.
He grunted out and stabbed at my poop hole with his hard thick cock as I moaned and screamed out loud as his sperm splashed deep inside of me.

With one final thrust his cock dribbled out one last spurt of thick stringy cum deep into my butt hole. Richard lay on me for a minute then told Timmy see that Timmy that’s how you fuck a pooper.

I said get off me you jack-ass and laughed and rolled over on my back. Timmy was leering at my pussy so I slowly spread my legs and said as promised, and giggled. He nervously asked if he could fuck me in both places, I smiled and said we’ll see won’t we. 

Richard settled it for both of us as he said man her little pooper is all slippery and waiting for you to fuck it so if I was you I’d tap that shitter first. Timmy smiled and looked at me with puppy dog eyes and I sighed out oh god and rolled over on my tummy. 

There was no need for foreplay on either of our parts. Timmy quickly rubbed his hard cock around and on my butt hole. I sighed out and said nice and slow please as I felt my anus opening to his probing cock.

I reached down between my legs and slowly played with the wet slippery lips of my pussy and slid a finger into me as Timmy buried his cock all the way in me. He moved very slowly and made grinding little circles into my poop hole. 

Richard came around to my head and lay back and I grabbed his cock and took him in my mouth slowly swirling my tongue over the head of his soft cock. Timmy was lost in happiness as he ground away into my shitter.

It wasn’t long before I could hear Timmy’s balls and thighs slapping against my butt cheeks as he drilled away at my asshole. My pooper was full of Richard’s sperm so he slid easily in and out of my gaping shit hole.

Richards cock started responding to my warm wet mouth and soon he was back as hard as ever. I let him fuck my mouth as Timmy gently fucked my asshole. The excitement of having the two boys in me brought another gushing orgasm to flow up and radiate through out my body.

Timmy was kissing my shoulders and the back of my neck and telling me how hot of a mom I was to let them fuck me and how happy he was that I let him fuck me too. 

He started breathing faster and really pounding his cock into my pooper. I got up on my hands and knees to get him deeper into me. 

Richard slid under me and said hey mom sit on my cock that way Timmy can fuck your ass while I tear that pussy up. I smiled and said you think so huh he said oh yeah I know so. 

Timmy reluctantly let his cock slide out of my ass as I straddled Richard and lowered my pussy down onto his thick fat cock. I gasped out and moaned as he deeply pierced my wet slippery pussy with his huge cock.

I leaned forward onto Richard and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with passionate wet kisses as our tongues danced I felt Timmy’s cock once again sliding into my poop hole. 

I held on tight to Richard as Timmy’s cock buried itself into my tight puckered shitter. It wasn’t long before we had a good rhythm going as both boys filled my holes with hot hard young cock. 

I was in a dreamy world as I knew that each would take turns trading and fucking my pooper and my hot wet tight cunt. Timmy began to increase the speed of his thrust into my waiting body as I moaned out long yeses as he fucked deeper and deeper into my shit hole.

My whole body was alive with pleasure as the boys fucked me with youthful enthusiasm.
I was calling out there names and begging them to fuck me to fuck me hard and fast and deep as they possibly could.

My cunt was on fire with desire for Richards hot gooey sperm and my asshole was clenching and squeezing Timmy’s cock as he fucked me with short hard penetrating thrust.

We were all moaning and grunting and my moans were the loudest as I took both boys cocks into my cunt and asshole. I raised my head up and looked down into Richards smiling eyes as I shouted out fuck me Richard fuck me now fuck me hard and fast give mommy that big fat cock.

I looked over my shoulder and said yes Timmy fuck me oh yes just like that uh huh right there just like that oh god you two are going to make me explode. 

I screamed through an orgasm that started deep in my aching cunt and shot into my asshole and then up my spine and exploded into my brain. 

I thought I was going to pass out in pleasure as they pounded me with their hot hard cocks. My pussy was quivering and clutching at Richards cock as he pummeled my hot tight cunt with his massive cock.

Timmy was pounding his cock into my pooper with urgent hard thrusts as I felt his cock begin to pulse and throb as gobs of his hot sperm shot into my asshole filling my bowels with his cum.

I was biting Richards shoulder as his huge cock slammed into me over and over in hard deep shattering cunt stretching thrust that felt as if he was ripping my pussy in two. 

My whole body was shaking and trembling as my hot little pooper clamped down on Timmy’s cock and tried to suck him deeper into my bowels.

Richard soon yelled and grunted out as he held my hips and began thrusting his thick fat cock into my now sloppy dripping wet but happy pussy. His hot burning sperm blasted into my slippery wet creamy cunt. 

I screamed out in agonizing pleasure as he held me tightly and emptied his balls into my happy pussy. We all tumbled into a heap of spent flesh as we tried to catch our breath. I lay on my back and said I’m not sure I can take much more of you two. 

Timmy rolled to my side and kissed my nipple then starting sucking on it as Richard began to kiss my other boob. Timmy reached down and softly caressed my dripping wet cum filled cunt. 

He started kissing me and nipping at my neck and shoulder leaving little love bites as he whispered is it ok if I fuck you right now. He said he’d go real slow if I only let him fuck me.

I sighed and held his face in my hands and spread my legs open and reached over and grabbed his steel hard cock and licked his ear and bit his earlobe and whispered into his ear fuck me now slow and gentle fuck me like only a young boy can.

I reached down and guided his throbbing cock to my pussy and closed my eyes and sighed as his cock slowly pushed it’s way into my hot cum filled cunt. I whispered words of encouragement and sighed out little yeses. Letting him know he was pleasing me with his cock.

Timmy was different than Richard not in size but in technique he was more of a slow grinder. With each thrust he’d bury his cock into me and then grind on my clit.

I brought my legs up and opened them wider and grabbed his hips and helped him fuck my cum filled cunt. I love listening to the sound my pussy makes as I’m getting fucked.

The wet squishy noise as Timmy’s cock burrowed it’s way inside me had my pussy quivering and flowing like a river. He was giving me a nice gentle slow fuck as our lips met and our tongues danced.

He was sucking on my nipples and gently biting down on them as I whispered in his ear yes Timmy uh huh just like that. Keep doing that. Fuck me just like you are. It feels so good to have your cock in my tight slippery pussy.

I told him hold my butt and get up on his knees as he did I arched my back and met his every thrust with my hot wet pussy. I was grinding my cunt onto his cock and listening to the wet popping noises of his cock going in and of me.

My clit was getting direct stimulation and my pussy went into spasm after spasm and began milking Timmy’s sweet cock. 

I was rocking my cunt on his hard cock and moaning out Yes , Yes , Oh god Yes Uh Huh Uh Huh god Yes Fuck My Pussy Uh Huh Oh god Don’t Stop , Don’t Stop , Fuck me , Fuck me , Oh god yes Fuck Me.

Timmy grabbed my hips and pulled me to him and started pounding my cunt with fast hard deep strokes. I was yelling out and moaning like a woman possessed as his hard cock slammed into my hot wet pussy.

He made a deep rumbling noise as he grunted and held my to him as his cock burst out stream after stream of scalding hot sperm that splattered my cunt with powerful shot after shot of cum that splashed into my pussy.

My own orgasm hit me like a bolt of lightening as my pussy clenched and held his cock inside of me as he poured his hot sperm into my quivering cunt. 

I felt our combined juices running down onto my butt hole and sighed out and lay back with a huge smile.

We all fell to sl**p in my bed Timmy snuggled up to me in the spoon position while Richard lay facing me. I thought I was dreaming as I felt a hand fondling my breast and a nice warm cock probing my pussy lips.

I pushed back on the cock and sighed out as it slid up between my cum soaked pussy lips. I felt warm wet kisses on my neck and shoulders. I sighed out and whispered as I felt a cock piercing my vagina.

Timmy’s voice whispered in my ear I wish you were my mom , so I could fuck you all the time like Richie does. I whispered back mm just fuck me the way you are nice and slow.

Your cock feels so good in me. Go slow and easy I said as I pushed back on his cock getting him deeper inside of me.

He kept telling me how hot and tight and wet my pussy was and it felt so good to fuck me.

I told him I liked his cock fucking me as I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of his cock sliding in and out of my soaking wet cum drenched cunt. 

I was laying on my side with my ass stuck out and was caressing and fondling my sensitive breast and nipple.

It was like I was in a dream world as I felt myself open up and take his cock deep inside my pussy. Quiet moans and sighs were coming from both of us as Timmy fucked me with slow deliberate deep penetrating strokes.

My pussy was quivering and having spasms as his hot cock sliced open my pussy lips as it slid deeper and deeper into my sloppy wet pussy. I reached back and held him to me as yet another orgasm curled my toes and sent me into another world. 

I moaned out over and over for Timmy to fuck me, to do me harder to fuck my cunt with his big hard cock. He responded by driving his cock hard and deep into my already cum filled cunt.

My orgasm exploded in rivulets of pleasure coursing through my veins as I went limp and listened to his thighs slapping my butt cheeks. Timmy pulled me closer and rolled my on my tummy, my heart leaped hoping it meant what I thought it meant.

Timmy kept his steel hard cock in my cunt, but also ran his finger around my dripping pussy and spread the juices around my pooper and I knew he was going to fuck me anally.

He whispered as he got on top of me I just can’t help it Mrs. X can I please fuck you in your shitter just one more time. I only raised my ass up and slid a pillow under me and lay my head on my forearms.

Timmy took the hint and surprised me by going down and holding my butt cheeks open as his warm wet tongue probed the opening of my shit hole.

His actions were met by a chorus of my ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh’s as his tongue pushed my shit hole open and swirled around in slow tiny circles

I pushed my ass up as he probed me with his tongue. I felt the shift in weight and closed my eyes as I knew he would be fucking my poop hole with his hard throbbing cock.

He gently rubbed his hot hard cock over my butt hole. I reached back and held myself open to him. He stuck his cock in my wet juicy cunt smearing his cock with the mingled juices and cum from my pussy.

I gasped in my breath and slowly sighed it out as his cock found my shit hole and slid past my sphincter and slowly went deeper and deeper in my shitter.

I held the bed sheets and pushed back onto his cock as he began fucking me with slow deep strokes.

I knew this was going to be a slow sweet gentle fuck of my ass as he would reach up and caress my back and sides with feather like caresses. Timmy was proving to be quite the lover. He was gentle and slow and deliberate with his easy thrust into my pooper.

I looked back at him and smiled and said uh huh, just like that Timmy, do my poop hole just like that uh huh oh yeah it feels so good when you do it so slow 

you keep this up and I’m going to have to keep you around. He smiled a big smile and said it just feels so good and you’re just so hot and tight down there. 

I smiled and said mm thank you now fuck my shitter with those nice slow stokes. I reached down and found my hot swollen clit and made soft tiny circles around it.

Soon I was heaving my hips up to meet Timmy’s cock as he sensed my approaching orgasm and started slamming his steel hard cock into my shit hole.

We both screamed out together as my orgasm exploded around my fingers and shot like lightning into my butt and spread though out my body as I felt Timmy’s scalding hot sperm
Shooting into my shitter and filling my bowels with more cum.

I got up after a few minutes to go clean up and then went to the fridge and got a couple of beers and came back and Timmy was passed out asl**p I held his penis to my lips and kissed it and murmured good night sweet prince….Until next time…Mrs. X