"Erotic Stories" Football and two naughty

Erotic Stories Football and two naughty
The football team i supported since a k** had made it to a final at Wembley for the first time in there long history, so i arrived at Cleethorpes station to catch a train to London to watch the final, i had a hotel booked for over night in London, and a few beers to make the 4 hour journey not seem so long, once on the train i found a seat with table and sat down, got out the papers and started to read, suddenly a very quiet voice asked if she could sit with me, i looked up and it was a very petite girl called Diane who i had known for sometime, she was very small, 4'6" with long blonde hair and a very nice figure, i had known her through football but we had only chatted once before, i told her to sit down and offered her a drink, she took a can of lager from me, took of her jacket and sat opposite me. 

We chatted for a while about the footy and she told me she was hoping to catch the last train back that evening after the game, i told her i had an hotel booked and was planning to have a look round London's night life after the afternoon match, that's great she replied i would have loved to have done that but i'm only a student and don't have the money, i told her she could stay with me if she wanted, she went very red and declined the offer, well it was worth a try i thought, so we chatted some more, i asked her if she had a boyfriend and she told me they had split up the week before after 2 years and she was still upset about it, so i told her she was gorgeous and that there was always plenty of other men who would love to go out with her, she smiled politely and said thanks. I then decide i was getting hungry and asked her if she wanted anything bringing back from the buffet car, she asked for some chocolate and so i went and fetched some food for us both, when i arrived back she was down to just her small t-shirt and jeans, her lovely shaped boobs looking lovely in the tight white top, we hate our food and had another can of lager, she then said she was feeling sl**py and asked if she could come and sit next to me and lean on me to go to sl**p, i moved the papers from the seat next to me and she sat close to me leaning her head on my side and went to sl**p, after about half an hour she woke up and put her hand on my thigh and slowly moved it towards my groin area, i moved my arm over and around her shoulder and she now rested her head on my thigh rubbing her head along my upper leg and into my groin, she then started to giggle, i asked her what was wrong she sat up and said she had felt my cock move, i said it was her fault for looking so sexy and the fact her head was rubbing itself very close to it, she giggled again and put her hand right on my cock which was now semi hard, she rubbed her fingers along the outline of it making it grow bigger and bigger, i pulled her toward me and whispered "I hope you have plans for my cock and are not just teasing him" she gripped my now almost fully hard cock through my jeans, i made a quiet murmur and lifted myself slightly from the seat to readjust my boxers and hard cock, i sat back down and she kissed me first on the cheek and them we had a long lingering kiss on the lips that lasted about 5 minutes "How long before we get to your hotel andy" she asked, i looked at my watch and we was still 90 minutes from London, so i told her, she then asked if i could wait until then for it to be released, i smiled and said probably not. (Sex Stories)

I started to read my paper to take my mind off Diane and my hard cock, the time passed and we slowly pulled into Kings Cross station, London, i got my holdall from the luggage rack, Diane then asked how far away the hotel was, so i looked at her and said "are you coming with me then or just teasing me again" she quickly replied "Cummin with you, i want to see what's in your pants" i was shocked by her openness, so we came out of Kings Cross station and turned to our left towards the hotel, we started to pass a store, i asked Diane if there was anything she needed like underwear for tomorrow, tooth brush, she giggled at me, do you mean i can stay with you tonight, of course you can was my reply, so we went inside and she bought some knickers , toiletries and a tooth brush, we then made our way to the Hotel, we arrived and i checked in. We was up on the 3rd floor, i opened the door and they had given me a f****y room, double bed, single bed a couple of chairs, tea and coffee facilities, tv and a bathroom, Diane stood in the door probably having second thoughts, so i told her she could have the single bed if she wanted, she walked across to it and sat down with a huge smile on her face, i started takeing my things out the luggage bag and hanging them on the hangers provided, she came across and started looking at each item like she was inspecting them, i gently smacked her on her ass and told her to get back to her bed, so she walked back across the room and laid on her bed.

It was now about 11.30am, so i asked her if she wanted a drink from the bar list, she had a look and said she would like a glass of lager, so i rang down and got two pints of lager sent up to the room, within ten minutes they arrived, i then decided to have a shower after sitting on a hot stuffy train for nearly four hours, so i got a clean pair of boxers from my bag and along with my toiletry bag went into the bathroom for a shower, i stripped off, got the shower running and stepped in with my shower gel, i got a quick shower, once finished i pulled the curtain back to find Diane stood there with the towels and my boxers in her hand "towel first" i demanded, she backed away from me, so i stepped from the shower dripping wet and shouted "towel please Diane", she giggled and moved into the living area, so i marched in and took the towel off her and in the struggle we fell onto the double bed, her white t-shirt now slightly wet from my wet body, i rolled her onto her back and kissed her on the lips, i took hold of her head and kissed passionately for a couple of minutes, i managed to move one hand onto her loverly tits and rubbed and squeezed them, she just lay there motionless except for the kissing, i managed to get one hand behind her and unhooked her bra, i lifted her t-shirt up a little to pull the bra away and slowly started to kiss her tummy , she sat up slightly and took of her t-shirt off, i now got my mouth around her dark brown nipples and licked and sucked on them, my hand now unfastening the top of her jeans, i asked her to stand up, so she did and i slowly pulled her jeans to her ankles, she kicked off her shoes and stood just in her panties, i pulled her to the edge of the bed and kissed her through her knickers, then started rubbing the outline of her pussy lips with my right hand, she slowly lifted one leg on to the bed, her legs now well apart, i managed to slide one finger inside her knickers and started rubbing her now wet pussy lips, my cock was now becoming semi-hard, i then slipped another finger inside her knickers and slowly pushed them into her wet pussy, i could smell her sweet juices, i took my fingers away and licked her juices from them, then pulled her knickers away from her pussy, she put her leg down and off they came, i pulled her onto the bed and laid her down the centre of the king size double bed her small frame almost lost, i lifted her ass up a few inches and placed a couple of pillows under it and then moved between her legs and started to lick her pussy, i held her by the hips and lifted her to feed her pussy to my mouth, my tongue was soon deep into her pussy licking her juices, pulled my tongue out and started to lick and play with her clit, within minutes she was moaning loudly and thrusting her pussy towards me, i got the tip of my tongue right on her button and flicked it for a bout five minutes she was going crazy, her head thrashing from side to side her whole body shakeing, she had a huge orgasm but told me not to stop, so i carried on licking and flicking her clit with my tongue only stopping to lick her juices running from her pussy, again she started to thrash about from side to side "I'm cummin again" she shouted, this time i pulled away and got my self between her legs on my knees and with my thick rock hard cock in my left hand i slowly guided it between her pussy lips with just my knob inside her "fuck me Andy, i need a good fucking" muttered Diane, well i needed no second invitation, so i slowly f***ed my cock into her a little at a time, a few times she winced and groaned, she was very petite and i didn't want to do any damage to her, so i started fucking her with slow thrust giving her about 6 inches of my cock, "I wanna feel your balls slapping me" she demanded so i quickly built up a quicker rytham and finally she had the whole of my thick cock ramming into her pussy with my balls slapping against her ass, after about 10 minutes of fucking to a quick rytham i could fell myself getting close to cummin and with one last deep thrust i shot a huge load of cream deep into her, i slowly puled my shaft from her and stood next to the bed, she looked gorgeous laid there her long blonde hair spread around her pretty face, her lovely pert breast and hard brown nipples and a lovely shaved pussy, she was well tanned and had a gorgeous fit body, she told me on the train she did gymnastics for a long while and could get into all sorts of positions, i just stood looking at her for a while longer getting my breath back.

I then laid next to her and slowly found her clit with my fingers, my cum was all around the lips to her pussy, so i got a tissue and wiped them away, i then asked her if she liked sucking cock, and she said she was not bothered either way, so i then decided that she was a bit of a lazy lover, so i climbed from the bed, and went to the bathroom for another shower, i stood getting showered wondering if she would stay or go home after the match and was unsure which was best for me, suddenly the shower curtain opened and there she stood, "room for a little one" and she stept in, poured some gel into her hand and started rubbing and washing herself between the legs, she then grabbed my cock and started washing it with her soapy hands, she bent down and kissed the tip and tickled it with her tongue, then she jumped from the shower, got a towel and stood drying herself, i climbed out and stood behind her just looking at her very cute ass, i bent down and kissed her on her left buttock, she them bent double with the backs of her hands on the floor in front of her and slightly parted her legs, her lovely pussy lips slightly open right in front of me, i bent down again and licked her pussy lips, i held her tight round the waist so i didn't knock her off balance and started pushing my tongue into her lapping at her juices, my cock was now starting to get hard again and was quickly to full erect size, she was moaning and groaning loudly her juices running from her pussy, she slowly lifted her head up and grabbed the sink, "fuck me hard from behind, i'm soo close to cummin" i quickly pushed my cock into her, she was rubbing her clit with her left hand whilst holding the sink with the right, i held her tight around the waist and fucked her hard, she quickly started shouting she was cummin, her whole body twitching and shakeing, carried on pumping into her "I cant take anymore andy" and she slowly pulled away from me, she sank to her knees faceing me and took a grip of my cock, she then put the tip into her mouth and started to wank me flicking her tongue around my knob, i was getting close to shooting my load, i told her i was close, she just put my cock further into her mouth, i shot my cum down her throat, she looked up at me with a huge grin on her face and let my cock go "does that mean i can stay tonight then Andy" she asked, i looked down at her "what do you think", we both had another quick shower, got dressed and made our way to Wembley to watch our footy team. 

We arrived in the wembley area at about 2.00pm the kick-off was at 3.00pm, we walked around outside, me wearing my teams colours (black and white) , we walked into a bar near the ground and got another drink and was chatting with other Grimsby fans, we had our drink and made our way into the stadium, Diane was sat a few rows in front of me with her s****r Christine, who had made her way to London with some friends on a later train, the matched kicked on and after some extra time Grimsby won the match 2-1, i met Diane and her s****r after the match outside in an area called wembley way, Christine asked Diane what she was doing, going home with her or staying in London to celebrate, Diane was undecided, so i suggested that we went to some bars i knew in an area called Bayswater and decide a little later, they decide it was a good idea so i stopped a taxi and after about twenty minutes we arrived at the Frog and Parrot public house which was a large bar run by some people from Grimsby, the atmosphere was superb every body singing and drinking, once inside we got the beer and managed to find some seats in the corner, we sat and chatted about the match with hundreds of others from Grimsby, in no time at all it was 7.30 and 40 minutes before the last train back to Grimsby and Cleethorpes, i asked the two girls if they wanted me to get them back to the station or was they going to stay with me, i said they could have the double bed and i would have the single, after a few minutes they decided they would stay and would catch a train the following morning so we carried on the celebration moving from pub to pub in the area, at around 11.00 pm and with both the girls getting rather d***k we found a small cafe and had some food and made our way toward my hotel, once at the hotel we had another drink in the bar with Diane almost falling asl**p, i suggested we take her to my room and if we wanted me and Christine could have a few more drinks either in the room or at the bar so we got her in the lift and went to my room, once inside she said she was fine and colapsed onto the single bed, me and Christine both laughing at her, she was fast asl**p within minutes.

I ordered some more beer to be brought to the room which arrived a few minutes later, me and Christine sat in the chairs and chatted quietly, Christine was a two year older version of her s****r but with larger breasts and not quiet as small, we finished our drink and i asked her if she would like another, she giggled at me and said no, i asked if she was sure "Andy i am very d***k and don't want to do anything silly" i smiled at her and asked her what she could possibly do that i would think was silly, she never gave an answer but made her way to the bathroom, she came out the bathroom a few minutes later with the white bathrobe that the hotel supply wrapped around her and her jeans and top in her hand, "am i ok to sl**p in this" she enquired, i looked at her and said that's fine but i have a t-shirt you can wear it will be like a night shirt to you, she said ok that sounds better so i passed her my cream and black t-shirt, she stood with her back to me and dropped the robe and put on my t-shirt, she had a lovely cute ass with very firm buttocks, once the t-shirt was on she unclipped her bra and took it off, and then walked towards her s****r and gave the bed a little shake to wake her, nothing happened Diane was dead to the world deep into an alcohol induced sl**p, Christine turned towards me " you sl**p on the left of the double bed and i will sl**p on the right and i promise not to do anything naughty" i told her, she giggled at me and said ok, so i went to the bathroom and had a wash and came back through just in my boxers, i could see Christine was watching me as i walked around the bed and climbed in, she turned her back to me and said good night, i climbed in and laid close to the edge on my side leaving a large gap between us, i pulled the cord and the room was in darkness. 

I laid there thinking what am i doing, i have a gorgeous young lady next to me in the same bed, but i have given my promise not to touch, i was starting to drift into sl**p when a very quiet voice asked if i was still awake, i rolled on to my back and said yes but only just, Christine turned over and laid right next to me i could smell her perfume and her arm was touching mine, then to my suprise a hand landed on my leg just above the knee and slowly moved a little higher until just below my boxers, then it slowly crept inside the leg of my boxers and found my limp cock, i said nothing, the hand then cupped my balls, i could feel myself starting to grow, still i said nothing and just laid very still, the only thing moveing was my now quickly growing cock, Christines hand now wrapped around my shaft, i grew to my full hard length in her hand, she released him and suddenly she turned toward me, i rolled over and she kissed me on the lips, we kissed for a few minutes our tongues entwined, i rolled her onto her back and my fingers rubbed her inner thighs, her soft flesh feeling silk like, i moved my hand a little higher to find her knickers, she lifted her ass from the bed and i pulled them down and away from her pussy, my fingers now found her lovely warm and damp pussy lips, i slowly moved my fingers along them before slowly slipping a finger inside her, she softly moaned keeping the noise to a minimun so as not to wake her s****r across the room, she was becoming nice and wet, i slipped a second finger into her tight pussy whilst gently rubbing her clit with my thumb, i carried on doing this for a few minutes her juices running from her now very wet pussy, she was starting to moan a little louder "Your going to make me cum Andy" she whispered to me, i moved my fingers and thumb a little quicker, she strarted to quiver and twitch pushing her pussy hard towards my hand "I'm cummin, fucking hell i'm cumming, yes, yes !" her breathing becoming shallow, she gave one last twitch and a short burst of little breaths, she pushed my hand away from her "that was great" she muttered, i laid back on my back with my rock hard cock looking through the openeing in my boxers and pointing towards the ceiling, suddenly Christine moved below the cover and located my hard cock, she took it in her left hand and slowly lowered her mouth to the tip, her tongue licking at my knob, then she took a couple of inches inside her mouth and started to wank my cock with her left hand, she sucked hard on my cock constantly flicking the tip with her tongue, i could feel my cum starting to rise after a few minutes, i wispered to her i was getting close, she sucked hard and harder still wanking me, i could hold back no more and spurt after spurt shot into her mouth, she never stopped, swallowing my cum she carried on wanking me dry getting every last bit, she slowly let go of me and rolled back next to me, she asked me if i had enjoyed, of course i told her, then i asked her if she would like me to fuck her very slowly and gently so we didn't wake her s****r, she giggled a little before agreeing telling me it felt good fucking in a room with her s****r asl**p only yards from us, i didn't mention i had fucked her s****r earlier although i suspected she probably knew, my cock was slowly regaining its hardness, so i moved between Christines legs an slowly slipped a couple of inches into her tight wet pussy, she was very tight and i was not sure if she would be able to take me so i slowly pushed a little deeper into her, her hands now held onto my buttocks, her long nails cutting into my skin, she kept whispering to fuck her hard and pulled me in deep with every thrust, she was starting to moan a little loud, i told her to be quiet as i rammed my cock into her, her nails digging into my skin, we fucked like this for at least twenty minutes until my cum could wait no longer, she was shakeing and moveing her lower body around she was haveing a huge orgasm and she yelled out, i put my hand over her mouth and with one last push my cum shot into her wet tight pussy, i let go of her mouth "that was fucking unbelievable, i have never cum like that before" she told me, i slowly pulled my cock from her, and rolled onto my back next to her, she rolled over and kissed me on the lips, her hand holding my wet semi hard cock which was covered in her juices and my cum "I don't think she heared us do you" she asked me, i told her i didn't think so although i did suspect i heared a movement from over there, so Christine laid back down and then shouted "Diane are you awake" a very quiet voice said yes! 

Christine asked her how she was feeling "a bit hungover was the reply", how long you been awake Christine then asked "about 15 minutes" was the reply, Christines hand grabbed my thigh and squeezed, she whispered into my ear "do you think she knew what we was doing" probably i replied. Christine then sat up and put the light on and climbed out of bed and dashed to the bathroom, Diane asked if i was ok, i told her i was fine "so you have fucked us both in that bed" she pointed out, i laughed and said yes "I knew you would have Christine shes always horny when shes had a drink" Diane told me, Christine came back from the bathroom and i offered them the double bed, i sat up and noticed small spots of bl**d on the sheets which had come from my buttocks, i stood up with my cock now back in my boxers and made my way to the single bed, Diane jumped off it and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed, she was still wearing her jeans and top, Christine looked at me and smiled, i told her Diane knew we was fucking and she just giggled, we all went to bed me on my own and woke up the next morning in time to catch the train back home. It had been a great day i had watched my team play and win at Wembley, plus i had fucked two gorgeous s****rs.....could life get any better?