"Erotic Stories" Going underground

Erotic Stories Going underground
She always made sure that tommy would never loose out with not having a Dad, Tommy became a bit of a mommy’s boy as he got older Becky knew she would always have to protect him,The k**s at school always thought he was a bit of geek and would tease him about him being a mommy’s boy,

As Tommy got older he became aware that his mom was still a good-looking woman and that she still turned heads if they were out together,
It became apparent that some of the older boys in his school thought his mom was really hot and would tease him which would wind him up,

Becky in her early days was known for her very sexy looks and long sexy legs she was one of the most photograph girls in college.(Sex Stories)

As Tommy grew up Becky wanted to make sure that he would take up a hobby or an interest in something,
Tommy loved to go out to the country; he loved nature so much,
At the age of 10 Becky brought Tommy a camera she even enrolled him in to an amateur photo club that was run by an ex tutor of Becky in her early college days,

Tommy was doing well at school he never thought about girls as he loved his mom too much and always thought she would be the only woman in his life,
Becky didn’t date she had been asked on numerous occasions but Tommy was too important than going out,
Perhaps when Tommy was older and decides to settle down with someone 
Then maybe she could think about it but for now there was no need,

One morning on her way to work she learnt on the way to work that her Boss had been taken ill and had passed away sudden,
The shop where she had been since her college days was now closed the Boss’s wife said she would not run the business without her husband,
Becky was going to loose her job which would mean there would be no money,
Not working would mean she would have to make decision about there future together,

With the little savings she had and no money coming in to pay the rent she would have to get another a job,
Becky knew that she could get some part time work at the local bar waitressing but that was going to be hard for her as the guys who use the bar would always try and grope you as you served them it was expected as part of the job, S
She had worked there before many years ago the tips were good if you could put up with this type of abuse,

When Tommy found out his mom had lost her job he offered to sell his camera, 
But His mom was having none of it, so Tommy needed to find away of helping his mom out with money,

That week Tommy was at the club he asked around the guys if they knew of a way he could get some money for his mom, 
Most were unable to help except one guy named Jim Evans he told Tommy that after the club he would try and help,

Jim Evans was a man in his mid forties he had a wife and two daughters one 16, and the other 18,

Tommy had never bothered with girls so meeting them was not an issue; people would say that they were really nice girls,
Jim liked to keep an eye on both of them as the boys were always hitting them on, 
His wife had been a carnival queen in her early days and I think the daughters must have followed their mom for their looks, as Jim’s wife was very attractive,

Jim invited Tommy back to his house after the club,
On the way Jim started to tell Tommy about how he might be able to help,

When they arrived Jim took Tommy down to the basement Jim had fixed his basement as a make shift photo studio it had lighting and looked very professional it must have cost him a fortune,
Jim started to tell Tommy that he was a member of a special club and that you could only access by being invite,

“What does this club do Tommy asked”
Well you see you take photos and you send them to a post box address if they like them they contact you,

“What sort of photos are we talking about”?

Well that’s may be the difficult part for you to understand but I will explain as best I can,
But you must promise me that you will never speak to anyone about what I’m going to tell you,

I promise I will not speak to anyone,

Well you see this site use’s a special IP address and you have to wait for an invite before using the site, 
If they like what you send them they will contact you for more with an offer of money for each photo,

If you agree to there terms you can earn quite a lot of money,
Let me show you an example of some that I took myself,
Jim took a large box from the shelf and took out a photo book;
Inside was a picture of a woman in a state of undress; the woman was wearing an eye mask to hide her identity,

Tommy felt a sensation between his legs something he has never felt before, it seemed that the photo of the woman was making him more interested than he thought,
As Jim was showing Tommy more photos he started to feel his penis growing Tommy seemed to be having his first ever erection and didn’t realized why it was happening,

Jim noticed that Tommy was getting excited by the photos of the woman and said I see my wife not only makes me hard she also doing it for you too,

“Oh my god tommy said”
I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was your wife please forgive me,

Look Tommy I’m proud of my wife she has always posed for me and I like taking her photo so you see this is what they are after this is where the money can be made but remember they tell you what pictures they want you to take,
Then he pulled out another photo book this time it was two young girls posing in their bikini swimwear,
There are my girls I have just started to get them involved and they love posing they look great don’t they,
I must admit seeing his daughters posing gave me an idea on how to get my mom to pose,

“Are you interested in making some money?

“Yes but how do I find someone like your wife to take a photo’s

Well You could ask your mom to model for you after all she still has her good looks and a great body for a woman of her age,

Are you k**ding me she’s my mom she would never allow me to take photos of her like that,

Well you won’t know unless you ask after all she needs the money and this is the easiest way of making some serious money for a few minutes work
Its up to you I’ve given you a way to make some money the rest is up to you remember not a word to anyone what you have seen or told he’s the box number,

Tommy left Jims and he was trying to think of a way he could get him mom to pose for him,

That night he couldn’t sl**p he kept thinking about Jim’s wife and daughters it was making him hard between his legs as he put his hand down onto his erection it felt really good but as a virgin he wasn’t sure what he needed to do so he did nothing,
The next day was spent wondering how he was going to approach his Mom in away that she would listen and not dismiss his idea,
He thought why not be honest and upfront after all she could always say no what was there to loose so he waited for the right opportunity,

When Becky came in he asked if she was ok?
“No luck on the job front she told him and my savings are not going to keep us going forever,

Tommy then asked his mom to sit down to speak about an idea he had to make some money if she would give him a chance to explain,

“Sure if you think it might help but you’re not selling your camera?

No mom I will need that with my idea”

Well tell me more young man?

You see mom I have been told about a web site by someone from the club its a site that you can send in your personal Photos into if they like them they will contact you and then pay you for every photo you send them,

That sounds really good what sort of money are we talking?

Not too sure as you have to send them a few sample photos first,

Well you have loads of photos so why don’t we sort through them tonight after tea and find your best work I’m sure they will love you r work?

“Err you see Mom” they are not interested in that type of photo that I take they want something different,

“Like What”

Well photos of women in different Poses in there bikinis (there I’ve said it now)

You mean you want to take photos of Women in just their bikini like catalogue work for fashion,
Sort of?

“How an earth are you going to find someone to pose for you let alone taking this type of picture “

Well I was hoping you would help me there, Mom?

After all mom you are still young and you would look amazing in a bikini you would make the perfect model and don’t forget the money we could make,

You’re want me to stand in front of a camera in my bikini 

“You seem to have it all worked out”

Mom please say you will think about it pleassssss?

Ok I will think about it,

At that they never said another word the rest of the night,

That night Becky did nothing but think about what her son had suggested
After all if he had already seen her in her bikini what harm could it do?
It would be easy money just posing and it wasn’t like standing in front of a stranger,
He’s my son and would I feel right in front of him posing,
At that Becky fell asl**p,

Tommy on the other hand was already planning how he would set up his own studio he could use the basement like Jim had done,
He was really excited and hoped his mom would agree,

The next morning as Tommy came down stairs his mom was tidying up 
He sat at the table and his mom handed him some breakfast without saying a word as tommy started to eat his breakfast his mom sat down by him and put her hand on his, Tommy stopped eating as his mom said,

I have given your idea a great deal of thought I’m willing to pose for you in my bikini and we will see if they accept your pictures 
Tommy got up from the table and threw his arms around her neck and kissed her on the cheek, 
You will not regret this mom I will start getting my studio prepared?

Hold on buster what studio are you talking about,
I thought I would clear the basement out and set up my equipment in there,
Do you know how long I have been asking you to clear the basement and at long last your going to clear it out if nothing else it will be worth posing to get the basement tidy,
The next couple of days when tommy was not at school he would be down in the basement setting to work on his studio.

He managed to borrow some old studio lights from his club not the best but would do the job he erected some old white sheets of his moms around the room he painted a wall in black paint, that he had asked the local paint shop if they were throwing out any old paint,

It started to look like a photo studio all that was needed was his mom,

That night Tommy asked his mom to give his photo studio the once over as she walked down the stairs she was so surprised as to how much work he had done and how tidy the basement was it was very bright with lights on 

When do you want to start?

“How about now”

Let me go back up to my room and get changed,

I need to find my bikini first and then I will come back down give me some time, as I want to look my best for you,

As Becky walked back up the stairs Tommy started to get ready he was so excited he could not believe this was really happening for real,
Becky started to go through her wardrobe looking for her bikini but was unable to find the she wanted to use there was only the white one which showed a little more than she had wished to show,

It was tied at the sides and the bottom part was more like a thong than normal bikini bottoms,

As Becky tried the top on she had notice her boobs were quite big and looked like they were trying to escape from the front and sides 
She also noticed her pubic hair was showing from the crouch area, she decided she needed to shave that area she couldn’t let Tommy take photos of her pubic area,

As she was in the bathroom shaving she started to feel wet shaving her pussy always made her feel this way 

All these thoughts were making her very horny and with Tommy waiting for her she needed to get a move on,
She applied her make up on and said to herself if they do not love my picture then I must make sure they do,
I put my white heels on to finish the look put on my housecoat and walked back to where Tommy was waiting for me,
As I walked down the stairs my heels made a noise and alerted Tommy that was on my way down he meet me part way down his face was a picture,

“Wow mom you look amazing those heels make your legs look so sexy?

Well that’s the idea son so where do you want me to pose?

Do you think we could start with you lying on you stomach for me?
As Becky removed her house coat Tommy couldn’t take his eyes from his mothers breasts he had never seen his mom look so sexy he felt himself starting to get hard how was this possible he had never had feeling like this before,

As Becky lay on her stomach Tommy couldn’t help but notice that his moms bottom half was exposing a lot of flesh the bikini had disappeared between her bottom cheeks is was such a sexy site she tried to adjust the bottom but to no avail,

Tommy started to take picture’s he would ask his mom to pose in different ways putting her arms under her bust which pushed them further up making them look bigger then onto her back while she arch he back raising her one leg slightly,

He got her to stand posing from the side’s against the black wall then sitting on a chair with her legs spread apart posing front then with her back to the camera looking over her shoulder the last one was standing facing forward with her leg’s slightly apart to show her amazing sexy rear with the thong being almost invisible between her bare flesh,
All this posing was making Becky feel really horny and she could feel herself getting wet she hadn’t noticed that Tommy was sporting a large tent in his pants

As Becky got dresses and walked back to her room Tommy was downloading the photos on the computer to print them off,

Becky was now so turned on posing almost naked she lay on the bed and began rubbing her very wet pussy until she had an orgasm,

As for Tommy he was unaware of what his mom was doing he was busy trying to get the photos printed,
He looked at each photo as they were printed he was so please with his work and his mom looked so good, if they didn’t like them he could always sell them to the boys at school for a price,
When that was complete he put them into an envelope and would post them the next day to post box address Jim had given him.

It was some weeks before Tommy received a reply back they loved the pictures and would be happy to purchase some of the photos that had been sent,
But what they really wanted was pictures of a taboo act,
It was made quite clear what was required if they were to pay money for my work 
They wanted mother and son pictures together simulating having sex,

How was I going to tell my mom what they wanted I needed a plan to try and convince her that we would not be having sex just making it look like we were?

That night when mom got home after looking for work

Any good finding a job?

No I’m afraid not anyway have you got any news’s, as it seems ages since we sent those photos in don’t like my pictures, as you haven’t heard anything for weeks,

Well mom yes I have today and they loved your pictures and what me to take more,

Oh love that is fantastic and are they going to pay for them?
In fact they liked them so much they are willing to pay big bucks if we send them pictures of you and me,

“There was a slight pause then mom asked”

You and me what do you mean by that?

Well they want me to take photos of you and me together it’s like acting a mom who would do anything for her son,

Hold on buster what do you mean about a mother who would do anything for her son are we talking sex here,

No mom we would only be acting?

No way will I do anything like that you can forget it,
Do you realize what you have just asked me to do I could get arrested 

Mom please listen you will not be having sex with me we would just be roleplaying for the camera we wouldn’t be actually having sex, they said they would pay us $2000 to start and there would be more if we do this you know we need the money now,

Becky didn’t say another word and nothing more was said that evening,
In bed Becky couldn’t believe that her son was willing to have sex with her to make money even if it was acting it didn’t somehow feel right yes money was now tight and she hadn’t paid this months rent it was only a matter of time before she would have to find a way to get some money, $2000 would pay the rent and put food on the table for a least two moths buts its what I would have to do to get it,

The next couple of day Becky never mentioned to Tommy it was if she was hurt what he asked her to do,

Tommy felt he had gone too far with his effort to get some money for his mom and excepted she was angry with him and hoped she would forgive him in time,

Becky didn’t have any luck finding a job even at the bar so she was now desperate and considered moving to another area to look for work the rent was overdue and was given notice to quit,

That evening she had decided that the only way out of this mess was to do the photo shoot use the money to pay her way and move on and look for work there was now no choice now,

The next day she sat Tommy down and told him she would do the photo shoot as a one off to pay her way then they would move on to another town, where no one would know what they had done,

Tommy agreed, as his mom was sad that it had come to this in her life selling herself for money,

Lets do this now before I change my mind so how are we going to do this Becky asked?

Well mom I thought the story could be that you are giving your son a massage due to a injury to his back when he asks you to help him out when he gets an erection as he tell you he’s still a virgin and has never been with a girl,

Are you still a virgin?

“Err yes mom”
You have never been with a girl?

Oh Tommy I didn’t realize?
You poor thing all these years and your still a virgin I didn’t know?

Ok that sounds just fine remember we are not having sex for real we are just role playing (Yes)

“Yes mom”

I’ll go and get ready you get things ready,

Becky went to her room and tommy got the studio ready,

Tommy went up to his room and decided to put on his shorts and tea shirt

As for Becky she was having a shower and had got her black bra matching black thong with suspender belt and black stocking and to finish black high heels,

After showering and getting dressed she looked at herself in the mirror she was one sexy lady she had to do this she kept telling herself even though it was wrong she had to detach herself from Tommy being her son and imagine it was someone else,

The stage was now set as she made her way to the basement she had a feel of excitement inside her,
Tommy could hear his moms heels as she started to decened the stairs to the basement he was shocked when he saw his mom he felt his cock twitch ever step she took and when she stopped he could only admire her body 

“Wow mom you look amazing I can’t believe I have such a sexy mom like you”

“Shall we get on with it before I change my mind”

Becky knew she couldn’t change her mind this had to be done at any cost?

Ok Mom I’m going to l lay down on the table and I want you to take some of the baby oil and start to rub it on my legs, I will take photos of you doing this to me,

Becky grabbed the oil put some onto her hands rubbing the oil into her son’s legs working her way up and down it wasn’t long before she got into the role,

Tommy was taking photo after photo especially his moms bare rear the thong had disappeared between her butt check and as she move they would slightly wobble it was such a sexy site, he then asked his mom to face forward so he could get photos from the front asking her to look into the camera smiling as if she was enjoying helping her son which Becky did,

As Becky put more oil into her hand’s Tommy removed his tea shirt and ask his mom to concentrate on his chest this way he would get a good shot of her breasts swaying as she rubbed the oil into his chest 

As she moved down his chest and by his waistband of his shorts she couldn’t help but notice the tent in his pants she worked her hands inside his waistband poor Tommy nearly dropped the camera,

Ok mom now for the first scene I’m going to remove my shorts when you turn round to get some more oil I want the look of shock on your face as if you wasn’t expecting that just need to put the camera on a stand so we get both of us in the picture,

Becky turned away Tommy sporting a really hard cock as his mom turned back she had the look of horror on her face, it was perfect she grabbed his cock and started to rub the oil up and down his cock there was a moan from Tommy as she worked his cock Becky herself was now getting wet just looking at her son’s cock as her hand moved up and down,

Tommy was now getting really turned on he had never experienced a feeling like this before it made him confident as he asked his mom if she would put her tong by the tip as if she was liking his cock,

Becky leaned forward and pushed her tong out over the tip and down the side without making contact Tommy was clicking away with the camera,
He asked his mom if she would remove her top to show off her breasts,
She hesitated at first but she did and Tommy almost cum there and then 

When he saw his moms huge breasts hanging down he leaned forward touching his moms breasts she carried on working his cock without any prompting Becky put Tommy cock between her breasts and worked his cock the site was all too much for Tommy as he exploded cum all over his moms face and breasts,

I hope you got a picture of that,

Yes mom I’m so sorry I couldn’t hold out any longer,

Its ok “

Becky was now really turned on by all the cum on her breasts and face in fact the taste was a turn on as she licked the cum on her lips,

Poor Tommy it was very first taste of sex he looked drained,

Becky cleaned herself up and then back to work again she worked on Tommy with her breasts and hand to make him hard again it wasn’t long before he was ready for round two,

Ok mom I need you to remove you thong so we can get a shot of me near your pussy can you get onto the table for me with your legs open,

Becky had put any thought out of her mind that this was her son 
She was carrying out the request without question,

Becky removed her thong sat on the table opened her legs wide exposing her pussy lips,

Tommy had never seen a woman’s pussy before let alone his mom ‘s
Becky pulled her pussy lips apart she was well and truly enjoying exposing herself to her son she even inserted two fingers into her wet pussy and moaned out loud as her juices were flowing not even worrying that her son was watching her,

Tommy asked his mom to hold the camera facing down as he pretended to lick him mom’s pussy,
Becky leaned back and waited for the perfect shot as Tommy tried to put his tong as near to her entrance as he could with out touching,
At one stage his tong came into contact on two occasions making Becky moan with pleasure,

Tommy then took the camera and held it as he tried to get a shot of his cock near to the entrance of his Moms pussy,

Becky just leaned back not a care she was well and truly gone in the moment as Tommy started to take more photos he managed to get as close as he could without touching he didn’t want to upset his mom,

He could see his moms eyes closed as if she was away in the clouds 
Somewhere so he decided to go a little further by pushing the tip of his cock into her pussy entrance,
As he did his mom let out a loud moan so he pushed further in and again each time his mom would moan but not open her eyes until he was fully in her the feeling was just amazing he could feel her pussy grabbing his cock tight and when he started in withdraw it was like she was holding on to him with out letting go,

Becky opened her eyes looked at her son put her arms around his neck pulled him to her pushed her lips onto his kissing him and only breaking away to tell him?


“Oh Tommy I want you to fuck me anytime you want I’m always going to be yours and no one else’s I want your baby I love you Tommy Mommy loves you”

As she continued to kiss him Tommy fucked his mom taking every stroke on camera Tommy was no longer a virgin and had found the woman of his dreams for life and making money doing it,